Chapter 4: Nerve Wracking Test

Koizumi goes into her class, nervous about the test that will be given in only a few minutes. As anxiety piles up, she grabs her textbook, so she may study her material for a few more minutes.

"Man, I hope I can get a good grade on this test." Koizumi mutters to herself.

Unfortunately for Koizumi time is up for her to study, and her teacher has handed out the tests. Koizumi puts her book away, and looks at the test.

"Huh? When did we go over this?" Koizumi wonders as she looks through the other questions. She looks though them over and over but she could only find a couple that she knew the answers to.

"AHHHHH! WHY CAN'T I FIGURE THESE OUT?" Koizumi accidentally yells out.

"Shhhh" Koizumi's classmates said.

Feeling angry and confused, Koizumi finishes the test, but with most of the answers being guesses. Before she knew it, all of her classes were over and Koizumi headed to her dorm room. She puts her backpack on the floor and lays down on her bed.

"Man, now I wish me and Otani didn't have this stupid bet." Koizumi mutters angrily.

She knew that there was no way that she could possibly win this bet, so she made a list of the things that Otani might want her to do. However the longer the list got, the more furious she got, she didn't want to do any of these things that Otani might have her do, but she knew that she had no way of scoring higher on this test.

"Ah, might as well tell Otani that he won." Koizumi says as she goes to pick up her phone, when she gets a knock at the door.

"Huh, I wonder who it is?" Koizumi questions as she answers the door.

And who is at her door but Otani, smiles and all. He seemed very cheerful, which was unusual for Otani, because he hates Mondays.

"Hey Koizumi how did you do on that test of yours?" Otani asks her.

"T-the test, I did uh, you know fine, I guess." Koizumi stutters out.

Otani stares at her for a bit, then he bursts out in laughter.

"Aw man, you totally failed it didn't you!" Otani manages to say as he continues to laugh.

"Stop it Otani, and remember I always got the higher tests scores out of the two of us back at Maido Academy." Koizumi says with a smirk.

This stops Otani from laughing all at once. It was true that Koizumi did get higher test scores than he did, but it was only by only a couple of points.

"Like any of that matters now, that was back in high school. And besides, I'm gonna ace my test no matter what!" Otani yells with confidence as he points at her.

With that being said Otani leaves to go to work, and they say their good-byes, Koizumi closes her door and sits back on her bed.

"Ah, I just hope that I get the higher score like I used to." Koizumi wishes as she begins to pull out her homework. As Otani leaves her campus to go to work, something now worries him. Otani has been having wet dreams of Koizumi for the past couple of weeks. As Otani began to decide of what he wants Koizumi to do, he could only think of one thing. And it was that he wanted to have sex with her.

That's the end of Chapter 4. Hope you like this. Sorry if I haven't updated in a while, I had school work to do and stuff like that. I hope you enjoy this.