1 us for the life romantic
When he turns thirteen years old, a girl he's known to be like a younger sister suddenly transforms. Before they know it, she becomes his fiancée.

When he turns thirty-four years old, a woman he's come to fearfully respect suddenly transforms.

Hand resting above her chest, she makes a fizzling out sound and laughs.

2 it's a misty old world
The world used to be a so much more exciting and exotic place when he was younger and still oblivious. Just thinking that makes him withered - older, like Rastan - and he laughs it off, earning a glance from Maria.

Somewhere all around him, unseen to the naked eye, the world is changing. Hozone coats the atmosphere, but it's changing for the better, and from this alone he can suddenly see farther, more clearly than he ever has before.

The world is aged, beaten and raw from its history of warfare and celestial indecisiveness. All the same, it's still a child that's now getting the chance to shine within the next five hundred years.

He must have made a face, because Maria looks at him curiously with her head tipped to the side.

A year has passed since his friend's sacrifice. Less grieved and freer with his sister by his side, Serge is younger than ever.

3 that was a lie, it's true
"Don't worry your pretty head about it."

Later, Ryfia calls him a liar, and he can barely hold back the urge to laugh as he admits to it. It's a sad day, he thinks, when someone innocent and pure like Ryfia has to accuse him of being lousy again. Not like anyone needs to see him being mopey because he's too clingy.

It's a sadder day when she encourages him to be true to himself, and to confront the feelings he's buried away, because fifteen years later, he still can't get over Selena.

It's the most he's been hurt in years.

4 only the unloved hate
Every time he sees her, Dynos clenches his fists and grits his teeth. Always grinning and jumping about, she can't possibly understand what he's been deprived of while she's thrived on her freedoom.

She had - still has - everything he wanted - and wants. Yet she has the gall to claim otherwise, that he has all that she wants as if there's anything his pointless life has to offer besides quiet servitude. A kind of servitude for which she lacks the capacity.

She's too clueless, too unaware of the realities, too busy swimming around in her delusion of grandeur. He can't stand it. He can't stand her. He hates everything she stands for, because he can never have them.

Cecille has always dreamed bigger, dreamed of impossible things, but in the end, she's the one having her dreams come true while his single, modest(?) wish is continually trampled.

He hates the world, hates the neglect it pushes onto him.

8 Don't hope it was a dream
Propped up on his elbows against a growing pool of blood and delirious with grief, Leon's head swims. For a fraction of a second, he tells himself (twice) that this is a dream, nothing but a nightmare he hasn't had in a while.

(Except this time, Rex isn't there to ask if he's okay.)

The disappointing click of his adversary's tongue shatters the short-lived delusion.

He's lying in blood - his and Rex's. His left hand, the forearm cut and still bleeding out, twitches almost violently. He'd have to be sick to dream this.

This is reality.

9 I warn you, if you bore me, I shall take my revenge.
Mid-way, Leslie gets bored. And if Shelly's boredom is enough to stick grown men into pink dresses and curly wigs, then Leslie's brand of boredom is enough to start the apocalypse.

The next day, Serge is sore beyond belief.

(He can't deny that he liked it.)

14 world is full of obvious things
For all their preaching of the end of the world, Dynos is surprised to find that Rafil derives joy from the smallest things. He stares curiously, simultaneously awe-struck, when she caresses a budding flower with a hum as though she were handling a child.

One day, she asks if he knows what the greatest gift in the world is.

" . . . I don't know."

Rafil smiles.

"Life, Dynos."

17 Underground, the story continued
Every corpse he raises has a story, having been alive at some point or another in the past. He was once afraid, but no longer. He drowns the voices out in his mind with his own, with thoughts of death and passing and how he'll be goner than the bones he controls before long.

While Dynos fades away, the undead remain, hidden beneath the soils of Hell.

24 Look to the western sky
Even after all has been settled, Serge never asks Rastan to lift the seal on the church, hiding away horrors that Maria is better off not knowing and which Serge doesn't need to see anymore. But he still visits. Sitting on the steps of the entrance, he fingers his daggers, which are worn at the handles from overuse.

He looks up, straight over the arching cliff and to the blue skies. To the west of the continent lies the Core.

To Serge, he's looking forward, at the preceding skies of the future that await everyone.

26 some truths are probably worse than lies
Cecille must hate him. No, she does hate him. How could she not? She's condemned everything he stands for, reprimanded him for his dark practices, and he's told her time and again that he'd kill her like all the rest.

He's the worst brother, and she must know this by now, but she's also a terrible sister for her ignorance.

Adele praises him whenever he shares his thoughts, of his unwavering loyalty and how he's the ideal guardian, unlike someone. She backs his delusions. Clyde, on the other hand, stares with an all-knowing look that Dynos shoots down with a glare.

He hates Clyde, too, for knowing too much.

(Luckily, Clyde never dares to tell Dynos that Cecille loves him with all her heart.)

31 full of tears and hunger and the fear of death
Dynos fears death. He doesn't fear dying; in fact, he's more than ready to drop dead any second, but he fears that even death won't accept him. He had his chance to die a year ago, by the hands of his father, but Rafil had deemed this end unfit for him.

Sometimes, he wonders if he was "saved." When he gives it a bit more thought, he concludes that he was. Death had rejected him then. With Lady Rafil's guidance, he might know when would be the right time to confront it again.

Two years later, his cue arrives in the form of Adele.

A part of him grieves at his pointless passing, but another part of him celebrates at how he can die, after all.

This is a third of the 31 days prompts I wrote. The other two-thirds are for different canons (Tales of Legendia and The Legend of the Legendary Heroes), so they've been posted in separate categories.