Hi! I'm ProjectSonizard! I'm a bit new here so please don't be as harsh, but helpful criticism is welcomed. Now I did try and right a Yu-Gi-Oh! fanfic before... But it really didn't go all that well and honestly I couldn't think where I could go. So here I am about a year later trying again. This time I chose Persona rather than Yu-Gi-Oh! because I just recently got into it like a few months ago and the way the games are set up, there is just so much fanfic material to work with. (Also, I am by no means Japanese and know very little about their culture so if I use wrong names or some information is wrong just tell me and I'll fix it... Hopefully...)

Well I hope you enjoy, this is my take on what I hope will happen in Persona 5!

Chapter 1 – A Cold Night in Chichibu

February 3, 2018 - Thursday [Chichibu Station, Late Night]

The air was cold, a full moon shining above on a clear night. The station was silent, nothing but the chirps of crickets in the distant. As the night drew on, close to midnight, a rumble grew from deep within the tunnel. Soon, a large bullet train stopped. The doors slid open, and out came two teenagers. One was male with brown hair hidden beneath a backwards baseball cap; he wore an open black jacket with a white t-shirt underneath and a pair of blue jeans. The female had short, brown hair as well that had a pink hair clip in it, and was half a foot shorter than the male; she wore a black sweater with a white blouse underneath and she had a black skirt and knee high stockings on. They both had large backpacks and duffle bags, but the male was enveloped in his hand-held PSV gaming system.

"Jeez, what a pain…" The young woman complained. "Why couldn't we just stay at the home?"

The other simply ignored the remark and continued to play his games with earphones attached.

"You could at least answer…"

*Ding-Dong* A recorded voice came over the intercom. "The train will now be leaving for Iwatodai Station. Please all riders enter the train now."

"I guess that's our cue to leave…" As soon as the young woman said that, the young man began walking toward the exit gate. "Oh, so you were listening!" She huffed off after.

About two hours later, the duo arrived at an apartment complex. The rooms were ratty and probably not sanitary, but cheap at least.

The young woman walked to the clerk at the counter. "Hello, sorry for us being so late, but we arranged a room to stay at while we study abroad."

"Ah, you're the two kids my boss made me stay up late for. 'Kay well, names please?" The clerk asked.

"Aimi Fujihara, and this is my brother Ryo Fujihara" She pointed to the slightly taller brother.

Ryo glanced at the clerk for a second, "…Hello" His eyes then receded back to the glowing screen of his PSV.

"Huh… Okay well follow me, I'll show you to your room." The clerk guided the siblings to a small room on the second floor if the building. When he left, the two sat in darkness.

"Well… He said we wouldn't have electricity, cable, or water until we started paying…" Aimi began, but her brother only continued to play his game. "*Sigh* Well it's pretty late I' going to bed…"

"'Night." Ryo quickly said without looking up. Aimi was startled for a second hearing the voice of her brother.

"…Yeah, you too…" Aimi smiled and quickly went into a vacant room.

Ryo finally looked away and shut off his PSV. He went into the other vacant and slept on a small bed in there. As he lay down he could feel his eyes getting heavier and heavier until finally he drifted into the warm darkness of sleep.

Ryo woke in a velvet blue room, with him already in a chair. The walls had hundreds of TV's on them and in front of him was a businessman's desk, an old, balding man with an extremely large nose sitting in it. He wore a wrinkled black suit with a withered white flower on it. Behind him were three windows showing a dark city with flashing lights and advertisements Ryo couldn't quite make out, there was also a heavy downpour outside that seemed it would never let up.

Suddenly, the windows changed its picture to the old man as he extended his arms outward. "Welcome to the Velvet Room!" Was all he said.

Sorry for the small chapter... I had more but I'm still tweaking it and trying not to make Igor sound too much like the games.