Akita family centric


Canon universe

Summary: Gin tries to get Yukimura to forgive him, but will Yukimura forgive his famous father?

Chapter 1-Anger

"I've told you a thousand times, brother…but I…can't forgive him." said Yukimura. Weed's ears dropped, "But why?" he asked.

Yukimura sighed, "He left mother, that's why!" he spat as he left the area. As he was leaving, he brushed into Ken. Ken looked at Yukimura before speaking.

"What's his deal, Leader?" asked Ken puzzled. Weed sighed, "He hates father. He says he left mother alone, but that's not what I've heard around the army." he said. Ken raised an eyebrow, "And what exactly have you heard?" he asked.

"That someone named Lucy tricked Sakura." said Gin walking inside. "Father! Gin-dono!" they said in unison. Gin looked at his lastborn son, "I've asked someone, and they said that Lucy told Sakura-chan that I was in the forest at the base of the Northern Alps." he said lying down.

"It was her daughter, Redfang." he finished.

' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '

"Hello, brother!" said Joe has he brought a bird to him and set down in front of him. Yukimura looked at him, "Are you trying to tell me to forgive him?" he asked. Joe sighed, "Mother wouldn't like it if you hated father for the rest of your life. She'd be heartbroken." he said.

"I forgave him, why can't you?" he asked.

Chapter 2-Sadness