Epilogue-Fight and forgiveness

Gin slammed Lucy into a tree, "You killed my mate and my son! You don't deserve to be here! EVER!" he screamed. Yukimura watched in awe, "I have to go get my brothers!" he thought floating to where they were.

"Stop!" yelled Redfang. She was hesitant to help. Should she help her mother or the one she saw as her father?

"Shiro help us please! Stop your grandson…" she said, praying to the great bearhound…

' ' ' ' ' ' ' '

"Weed! Joe!" yelled Yukimura as he floated toward them. The pair ran over to their brother, "What's wrong!" asked Weed. Yukimura looked behind him and smirked, "Dad just found Lucy, and he's pissed! Wanna help him?" Weed and Joe looked at one another and they nodded.

"Sure…I guess." said Weed. Joe sighed, "We had to punish her sometime." he said. The three ran back to their father…

' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '

"Lucy…you know the laws of Ohu. You have to be punished for your crimes." Gin said sternly, glaring at her. Lucy glared back at him, blood pouring from her wounds.

"…Never, you fool." she breathed. "I will never bow to you…Sniper would never have bowed down to your rules." she said, referring to her second mate. Gin snarled, "Don't mention his name." he spat.

"Dad!" yelled Yukimura as he and his living brothers arrived. Gin looked behind him, "Ah, my sons. You got here just in time…" he said turning his focus back to Lucy. "Would you help me with dealing with her?" he asked.

The three boys looked at one another, "Well, she did hurt our mother…" began Joe. "And she did inadvertently cause my death…" added Yukimura. Weed sighed, "And she did fall in love with an asshole…" said Weed. His brothers stared at him weirdly, "What…? I was just…" he began. "Let's just get this over with…" said Gin…

Lucy looked at the four dogs, "…You're not going to do that, are we? Cause well…" she began. The four grinned evilly, "…Fuck…" she said as they brought out the mushrooms…

Hours later…

"Pah, look at her now…we really did a number on her…didn't we?" said Joe looking at Lucy's dead body. Yukimura rolled over laughing hysterically, "Oh god that was so much fun!" he said between laughing fits. Weed sighed, "That was a good stress reliever." he said.

Gin walked up, "Well, what should we do with her body? Leave it with Sniper's bones?" he asked.

Weed nodded, "Sure." he said dragging Lucy's dead body.

' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '

Lucy's body lay next to Sniper's scattered bones. Her spirit appeared next to them, looking pissed. Hougen appeared next to her.

"…They killed you too, huh?" he asked. Lucy nodded, "…With the mushrooms, I take it?" he asked. Lucy nodded again. Genba appeared, "Those damn Ohu soldiers, always with the shrooms! I swear they are so high!" he groaned.