By Lady Lunastar

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Follow up to The World is Silent.


"I can't believe you found her," said Daniel. His hands were shaking holding the photo of his daughter. "She looks like her mother...god she's pretty." Daniel couldn't stop smiling, he hadn't seen her in over two years and it was amazing how much she had changed, she was getting all A's and was going to college.

"Here's hoping that she's smarter than me," laughed Daniel and he raised his glass in mock toast. He hadn't had a real drink in over eight months, it was one of the many reasons the marriage had ended.

"She's a good girl you know..." said Daniel softly. She was so different than what he and his ex wife had been when they were in high school. Looking back down he could see just how horrible they had been to people, if anyone did the things to his daughter that they did to other kids when he was younger he would be tearing the heads off her bullies.

"You know it's funny huh...I can't believe he got married. Ryan said she would get hot and he was right. The geek got a hottie." Daniel stood up and started pacing. He really wanted to go and talk to his daughter, but what would he say. Sorry that he walked out on her. Sorry that he was a selfish dickhead. It was a sad state that the guy he tormented without mercy in high school was more involved in his daughter's life than he had been. Daniel was so busy pacing that he forgot about his guest. His guest stood up quietly and came up behind him. Daniel was crying like a little bitch, something about how he didn't deserve to even have his daughter.

"You're right you don't." Daniel went to turn around and that's when he felt a knife go right through his chest and into his lungs. Daniel fell to the floor and tried to draw a breath and found he couldn't, he was choking to death. He tried to crawl and he felt the knife go in his back. Things were starting to go gray and his whole body felt like it was underwater. He couldn't understand why this was was happening to him. Daniel closed his eyes and he saw his daughter, a small smile came to him and he hoped that she would be happy. Something he had never really been in his life.

Clean up was quick, there would be no prints or anything to lead them back. People would question why this happened. The reason was carved into the wall.


Three weeks later

Spencer couldn't wait to get home, this case had been one that got under this skin and was most likely the cause of the nightmare he had back at the hotel in California. He was almost tempted to text Catherine after waking up at two am in a cold sweat from the nightmare where he walked into Abby's room and found it was covered in blood. The room of Mackenzie Lewis was burned into his brain, she was only seven. Cases with children always got under his skin, the youngest victim at the Lewis household was only six months old and the mother had tried to shield the baby with her own body. Abby had just turned four months a few days ago and he knew that Catherine would mostly likely do the same thing if she was in the same situation. The plane ride home felt even longer than normal, but they actually got home around 6 pm.

"Happy Valentine's day my fine friends," said Garcia sitting some candies on Emily's desk. Emily's arm was in a sling, she had been grazed by the Un-sub's bullet.

"Ah yes...Happy Single's Awareness Day," teased Emily.

"Oh shut up. You are no longer single and can't get in on our holidays," said Morgan. Emily shrugged. She had unofficial been seeing Kyle Jackson, one of Catherine's teacher friends for a few weeks now and it seemed to be going alright for the most part. Emily was mum on the subject and if Kyle was telling Catherine anything she was keeping it to herself.

"You know that early Christian martyrs were named Valentine and the romantic elements of Valentine's day didn't start until the 14th century," said Spencer taking a piece of candy.

"Now it's bad chocolates and overpriced roses," said Rossi.

"Well aren't we bitter," teased JJ. "I'm off to enjoy my overpriced roses and bad chocolate. Night." JJ packed up her bag and left.

"Drinks?" asked Rossi.

"I'm in," said Morgan.

"Can't with the pain killers," said Emily. She waved goodbye and left the bull pen.

"Kevin promised me homemade sushi so I will see you all in the morning," said Garcia and she took off. Spencer sorted through his office mail and sat the request aside to be dealt with in the morning, a small box addressed to him was there. Normally, he and Catherine didn't celebrate Valentine's day since they both agreed it was a lame holiday. Why should I love you more one day out of the year, was the question Catherine asked so they never gave this holiday much thought. However, it had been a very long year to say they least. Spencer opened the box and Morgan leaned over and whistled.

"Oh you shouldn't have." It was silver charm bracelet with a few hanging charms: a small round charm with Abby's birthstone, a music note, a chess piece, a kanji character and the Eiffel tower. Spencer simply rolled his eyes at Morgan.

"Catherine always wanted one of these when we were kids. She had one once, but she lost it somewhere." Spencer put the bracelet back in the box and into this bag they went. "Night." Spencer caught the train home and headed up to the apartment. He let himself into the apartment and saw Catherine was sitting in front of Abby and was signing her a song.

Even now when I'm alone/I've always known with you/I am home

For me it's a glance and the smile on your face the touch of your hands/And an honest embrace/ For where I lay it's you I keep/This changing world I fall asleep/With you all I know is I'm coming home,
Coming home

Spencer put his hand on Catherine's shoulder and she looked up at him and smiled, he had already texted her that he was on his way home. Abby was clearly dressed for the holiday and was wearing a pair of pink sweats and a pink and white stripped shirt.

"Hey, welcome home," signed Catherine and she kissed him on the cheek.

"It's nice to be home," he signed. He sat down next to Catherine and Abby open and closed her fists and lifted her arms up.

"She got on?" asked Spencer watching as Abby repeated the motion.

"Yep, she wants picked up," signed Catherine, They had been working on Sign Language with her and this was one that Catherine had come up with to make it easier for Abby to communicate with them. It was a Home sign-something that would only make sense to them. Abby lifted her arms up again and started to fuss.

"Alright" signed Catherine. She picked Abby up and hugged her. Abby let out a small coo and she stopped fussing. Catherine went to put Abby back in her seat and she grabbed a section of Catherine's hair. "This means 'No'," said Catherine taking back her hair and she put Abby back in the chair. Abby looked at her annoyed and she lifted her arms up again and she started to whine.

"You try it," signed Catherine. Spencer picked Abby up and she relaxed, he went to put her back in the seat and since she couldn't get his hair she went for his vest. Spencer put her back in her chair and she looked even more annoyed. She lifted her arms back up again and Catherine picked her back up and rubbed Abby's back to soothe her.

"I didn't think she would catch on this quickly," signed Spencer.

"She's your daughter and I would expect nothing less. You ok...I saw your case on the news," said Catherine quietly. Spencer wasn't surprised that the case had made the news or that Catherine had sensed his mood so quickly.

"I'll be fine. It looks like someone is getting hungry," signed Spencer. Abby was rubbing her face into Catherine's shirt and was fussy. She sat down, picked up a blanket to cover them up with and started feeding the baby.

"So how was work?" asked Spencer. Catherine had gone back to work this week and they really hadn't had a chance to talk since he had been sent out of town.

"It was ok. The kids seemed more interested in asking about Abby instead of the topic at hand." Abby finished her feeding and Catherine started burping her. "She was a little upset about going to daycare and well...I wasn't much better. I kept having baby withdrawal." Spencer gave her a smile, he too had issues of withdrawal when he first went back to work.

"My first case back, I woke up at like three am freaked out that Abby hadn't woken me up yet. Than I realized I was in a hotel room in the middle of nowhere." Catherine handed Abby over to him.

"You wanna give her a bath and I'll make us some dinner?" asked Catherine.

"Ok." Spencer took Abby into the bathroom and got her bath things around before running the water. Abby was a squrimer so getting her undressed was always a challenge for him. Spencer got her into the sink and started bathing her. Abby looked up at him and she smiled up at him, it was still a bit surreal to him that he was somewhat responsible for this small person who trusted him completely. Spencer finished her bath and quickly wrapped her up in a towel before she got cold. He got Abby diapered and dressed in her pajamas before she could start to fuss. He felt her grab a hold of his shirt and she yawned.

"You sleepy honey? Yeah...you wanna go to bed?" Spencer took Abby to her room and sat down in the rocking chair with her and started rocking her to sleep."I missed you. Did you miss me?" Abby yawned again and he watched her drifted off to sleep. "Good night to you too." Spencer placed Abby in her crib and watched her sleep. He reached into the crib and brushed back her hair. Spencer felt Catherine wrap her arms around his waist, he turned around and hugged her.

"Your dinner is ready...you wanna eat with me?"

"I'm starving." He followed Catherine out of the bedroom and into the kitchen. Catherine had made grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.

"I have something for you," signed Spencer once they finished dinner. He reached into his bag and pulled out the small box for her. Catherine took the box from him and he watched her turn a bit pink and she gave him a shy smile.

"You already got me flowers, you didn't have to get me anything else. I'm still working on your gift," signed Catherine before opening the box. She took the bracelet out of the box and he watched her face light up. "This is so pretty...thank you." Catherine hugged him, but he was distracted by what she had told him before opening the gift. You already got me flowers.

"You got flowers?" asked Spencer.

"They were waiting for me at my office this morning. Sorry I didn't get to thank you for them earlier."

"I didn't send you flowers," signed Spencer and he felt the hair on the back of his neck stand up for some unknown reason. The last time Catherine had gotten flowers that weren't from him, they were from Ian Doyle. A warning to Emily that he knew who she was close too. Catherine gave him a look as she put the bracelet on.

"Maybe they were from a student or a delivery mix up. I should have known they weren't from you, they were pink roses." She fingered the charms and smiled. "I used to have one of these."

"I remember," signed Spencer.

"Of course you do," teased Catherine. She leaned over and kissed him. "So do you want to finish what we started before you were called away?"

Spencer grinned and they headed into the office where the keyboard was set up. Before Abby was born, Spencer had been trying to teach Catherine how to play. She couldn't hear what she was playing, but she could feel how different each key was. Over the past few months since Abby's birth they hadn't had the time or energy. They had tried earlier this week after Abby had gone to bed, but he had been called in before they could get started

Catherine sat down and Spencer sat down behind her so he could guide her hands on the keys. The piece was called the Glasgow Love Theme and it was a short and beautiful piece from one of the few romantic comedies he had watched with Catherine and liked a little. Catherine watched him play through it first and than he took her hands and walked her through which keys to play. Spencer watched her try to feel the vibrations on the keys. This was one of the many reasons he was so in love with her, she always pushed herself to try and learn things that people just assumed were beyond her. She did always love the challenge. Catherine yawned and it was only than that they realized it was getting close to eleven and that both of them had work in the morning.

"You're getting better at this," signed Spencer and Catherine turned a bit pink again.

"Well it helps if the teacher is good at his job." They got ready for bed and checked in on Abby.

"How can she sleep like that?" asked Spencer. Abby had both arms over her head and one of her legs was bent at an odd angle.

"It's comfortable for her."

"So what did you get me for the greeting card holiday? You said you were working on it?" Catherine just grinned.

"You just have to wait and see." They went to bed and Spencer felt Catherine curl up next to him and he took his hand and held it tightly in his.


Emily sat at a table in the club watching Kyle play the drums. He played in band that normally only performed on the weekends for fun, but they agreed to play on Valentine's day since the owner was a friend. He spotted Emily and gave her a small nod, she smiled back and waved with her good hand. She really liked Kyle, he was a sweet guy that was just easy to be around. After all the crazy that was the last year of her life it was nice to have something normal and honest for a change.

Where you are seems to be/As far as an eternity/Outstretched arms open hearts/And if it never ends then when do we start?/I'll never leave you behind/Or treat you unkind/I know you/ understand/And with a tear in my eye/Give me the sweetest goodbye/That I ever did receive

Emily sipped her soda and almost choked on an ice cube when she saw Hotch walk into the club with woman with long dark hair. Hotch gave the woman a huge smile and they sat down at the bar together. She must be Beth...why do I feel the sudden impulse to just smack her senseless? I don't know her.

"Hey," said Kyle sitting down across from her. "So how does the other guy look?" He motioned her arm in the sling and Emily shrugged.

"He looks bad...like in the morgue bad."

"Does it make me a terrible person that I'm not sad that he's in morgue?" asked Kyle.

"Well...the girlfriend in me says not really and the profiler in me is debating if you are a sociopath."

"Well...I've never wet the bed, the only fires I've started are from burning things in my kitchen and I might have killed some goldfish when I was five because I wanted to take them for a walk." Emily couldn't help but laugh, he was funny and just so easy going. Unlike other people we know, so uptight that it was unreal at times.

"So if you're free on Saturday, I can get a sitter for Jody and maybe we could go out and see a movie that is rated PG-13."

"Oh wow...PG-13! You are a wild man."

"You know it we were back in Ohio I would take you cow tipping if you wanted some real fun. Or maybe TP-ing...it's like a national sport."

"So you grew up in Ohio?" asked Emily. They were still in the getting to know you phase of the relationship.

"Well...my dad was in the Air Force so I was born in Germany on the base there. After he finished his tour of duty in the Gulf War he got stationed at Wright Patterson Air Force Base and so I did grow up in Ohio. And what about you...you have the military brat vibe. We know our own, so which branch were you in?"

"I wish it was military. My parents were US Ambassadors to a lot of different countries. Some in Europe and some in the Middle East." Kyle grinned and took a sip of his drink.

"So does this make me the boy your parents warned you about? Single dad, public high school teacher and a band drummer...you're dating me to piss your parents off. Nice," joked Kyle. Emily shook her head, her father had passed away when she was little and well her mother...they hadn't really spoken since she had come back and Emily wasn't in the mood to poke that with a stick. Besides, her mother wouldn't see Kyle the way she saw him.

"Well I always wanted to be band groupie," teased Emily.

"Glad I could help." Emily went to say something else when one of Kyle's band mates came up him looking worried.

"Hey...she witch is here and she wants to talk to you." Kyle frowned and looked at Emily worried.

"I'm sorry. I'll be right back." Kyle stood up and he walked over to the bar and Emily watched him walk over to a tall blonde woman and gesture that they needed to go outside. They were gone for ten minutes and than Kyle came back in to the club and the woman came in behind him yelling.

"SHE'S MY DAUGHTER AND YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO KEEP ME FROM HER!" A bouncer came over and pulled her our of the club and Kyle sat back down across from her and looked embarrassed.

"So...that was my crazy ex girlfriend and from her half drunken screaming I guess you figured out that's Jody's mother...and she wonders why I don't let her see Jody. I'm really sorry about that...she just moved into the area like a month ago I think just to piss me off and...I'm sorry I'm just dumping on you and..." Emiy cut him off.

"Kyle...my last ex...well in a manor of speaking my last ex was part of a terrorist organization and he tried to kill me and I had to play dead for almost a year. You having a crazy ex is a drop in the bucket. Catherine told you that right?"

"She might have mentioned you coming back from the dead and not as a zombie."

"Everything ok?" Emily looked up and there stood Hotch and Beth wearing a curve hugging red dress and looking amazing. Emily on the other hand was wearing just jeans and tee shirt coming off a grueling case.

"Um...yeah. Kyle, this is my boss Aaron Hotchner. Hotch, this is a Kyle." Kyle stood up and shook his hand.

"Hi. Sorry about the scene, but everything is cool now."

"Yeah, everything is fine," said Emily.

"Oh...Emily this is Beth. Beth, I'm sure you've figured out that Emily and I work together at the BAU."

"It's nice to meet you," said Beth.

"Well...it's getting late and I need to get Jack up for school. I'll see you in the morning. Nice to meet you Kyle," said Hotch. He and Beth left and Kyle went to go call Jody's sitter. Emily sat there and stired her drink. She liked Kyle she really did...she just wasn't sure if what she felt for him would be what she felt for Hotch.


Unbelievable...after all the work I put in to find Jody for her she's drinking again. The woman was sitting at a bar pounding back shots like they were going to run out and bitching about her ex. Worthless bitch, I wouldn't let you be anywhere near her if I was your ex...I'll fix her. Right after I fix the other bitch. They have no idea...no idea how lucky they are to have such wonderful daughters. I miss you so much honey.

Notes-I know Closing Time took place during Valentine's day and A Thin Line happened after, but I really didn't like Closing Time...other than JJ the Un-sub slayer it was not a good ep. Might use some of the cannon from the rest of the season, but we'll see.