Mario and co in the Land of Stars and Fields

The Temple of Breath loomed overhead, resting atop the hill like a crown. It's circular shape and high towers even gave it a sort of regal sense on approach. It was still about a half a mile away, and the glistening of the stars in the sky lit Mario's way, the grassy path soft beneath his feet.

Mario shivered. The wind had been picking up the closer they got to the temple. The plumber glanced behind him to see if his travelling companions were alright. Following him was Koop, a turtle soldier of King Bowser's Koopa troop, and his old friend Yoshi the dinosaur.

They both seemed a bit chilled, so Mario spoke up.

"If you two want, we can make camp until the wind dies down a bit, then continue."

Koop shook his head, his Emerald shell shaking from the movement.

"We're almost there," the Koopa stated, "Besides, the Wind Constellation will be in alignment with the temple soon." He pointed up at the star lit sky. "We can't stop now or we'll miss it."

Mario gazed up at the stars, seeing the wavy lines forming the Wind constellation. The temple would only open when the combination of stars was directly above it, leaving a one hour window to get in and get out before the constellation falls out of alignment.

Still, Mario had to look out for the well being of his party. The moustached hero could see the way Koop was shaking in the icy cold gust, and he knew from experience Yoshi didn't enjoy the cold too much. He thought maybe he should tell the pair to head back, and let him handle this.

However, he begrudgingly reminded himself of what peach had told him when she, Yoshi and himself were travelling around LoFaS; Peach's world.

"We all know you want to take the brunt of the work for everyone," She had said to him, almost scolding, "But you need to let other people help. That's what we're here for."

She was right, of course. It was annoying how persuasive she could be sometimes.

So the trio pressed on, the stone towers of the temple seeming to rock in the wind. The motion was hypnotic, and that along with the rushing of the wind could almost lull someone to sleep.

After about ten more minutes of walking, Mario felt Yoshi nudge his side. He looked over, and the Dino motioned up. The Breath Constellation had begun shining brighter, and suddenly a beam shot down from the heavens, striking the central tower of the temple. A loud rumbling could be heard from the temple, and then all was quiet again, save for the rushing of the wind. The beam of light stayed, bridge from the ground to space, infinitely rising into space.

"Clock's ticking," Koop breathed, and swooshed past Mario's ear, breaking into a run. "Let's get moving."

Mario chuckled. Though he had only met the Koopa a few days ago, he had proven to be quite energetic and resourceful. A "Perfect Candidate for the Hero of Breath" Toadsworth sprite had told him.

Mario whistled, bringing Yoshi to his side. He hopped on, and the trio took off into the windy night. Mario knew not what they would find upon arriving at the Temple of Breath. In fact, he didn't know much of anything anymore. He did know one thing though; As long as he had Hope, he would make it through this game; and he would make sure no harm would come to his friends. They may not like it, but he would be their Knight if he needed to be.

He would keep every last one of them safe.