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Chapter I: My Cat and I

Rating: T

Genre: Friendship/Romance

Characters: Lightning and Noctis

Pair: Lightis

Notes: His mother handed her down to him as a present when he was young. Their friendship was like no other; they both knew they were different from others, that was what made them close.

Noctis sighed as he sat back comfortably on his couch in the living room. Today was the weekend so there was nothing for him to do but to kick back and relax at home, unless the gang decided to call up suddenly and invite him to a party of some sort.

As he flipped through the channels, he felt something silky and soft brush against his bare foot.

Noctis looked down and grinned lightly at the white cat at on the floor. He bent over to pick her up and stroked her head. The cat was pure white all over except for her left paw which was pure black. The cat's sharp blue eyes stared back at Noctis' dark ones.
The feline purred and slipped out of her owner's grip to sit on the armrest of the couch. Noctis chuckled at how dignified she looked.

"You've always acted like a queen, haven't you Lightning?" He said to the cat.

The feline looked at him and blinked, her tail swishing slightly. "Come here, kitty." Noctis coaxed, patting his lap. Lightning meowed stubbornly and licked her paw, intending to reject the young man's invitation. Pouting, Noctis scratched her favorite spot behind her ear. "Come on now, be good."

Lightning meowed again and locked her other paw.

Noctis shook his head and just sat back, turning his attention back to the television. After a while, he felt a small weight on his legs and looked down to see Lightning settling down on his lap; she was purring as well. He grinned and scratched her head affectionately. "I knew you would not be able to resist for long." The cat on his lap growled in a warning tone, making Noctis laugh a bit. "No need to get grumpy. You're a good girl…" He scratched her chin.

The cat grumbled and nipped his hand gently in retaliation then hopped down onto the floor.

"Shut it, Noctis."

"What? I was just playing with you, Light."

Noctis shifted until he was lying down on the couch. He picked Lightning up and placed her on his stomach. The cat purred as she circled around a bit then lay down, earning a smile from her human friend.
"You know…we're at home. You don't have to stay in that form all day." He stroked the cat's head lovingly, making her purr louder. "Change back." Noctis said quietly. Lightning huffed and pawed at Noctis' chest stubbornly. "Come on. What will it take for you to change back?" "I don't feel like it today…"

"Why not? No one can see you transform." Noctis insisted.

Lightning meowed. "Not right now…" "Please? I'll double your servings of wet cat food." Noctis coaxed with a grin; he knew Lightning would not be able to resist that kind of offer, she just loved to eat when she felt like it.

"Crafty aren't you?" Lightning said with a knowing smirk.

Noctis chuckled. "So, will you change back?" "… Fine. Only because you're offering to double the amount of dinner I get tonight." The cat hopped off his torso and landed gracefully on the floor. Noctis sat up and watched as the cat went to stand on her hind legs was instantly replaced with the image of a young woman about Noctis' age.

Her hair was smooth and soft-looking with the color of strawberry-blonde. Her eyes were a light blue and were just as sharp as the cat's. She was tall and her body was slim and well-built, toned to perfection. Her arms sported strong biceps and her legs were long and just as built as the rest of her body.

Noctis grinned and got up from the couch to move closer to the woman and wrapped his arms around her waist. "That's better."

Lightning rolled her eyes and nuzzled her cheek against Noctis'. He groaned in content at the affection. "Hopefully doubling your servings of wet cat food will keep you away from the caviar for today." He joked.

Lightning raised an eyebrow at him. "Did you bribe me to make me transform or just to keep me away from the caviar?" "To make you transform, of course. I just find it funny whenever you somehow managed to get into the caviar collection as a cat."
"Those delicately salted and seasoned fish eggs are hard to resist, especially for a cat. You should know that." "Yes, but you're not really a cat, are you?" Noctis smirked.

"Fine," Lightning groaned, "A cat who isn't really a cat."

Noctis laughed, the sound was like music to Lightning's keen and sensitive ears. She blushed at how he sounded surprisingly melodious to her. "Okay then, how about this. Stay this way for the whole weekend, join me for dinner tomorrow night, and in return I'll add in caviar into your food, but just for this weekend." Noctis offered.

The strawberry-blonde chuckled.

"Are you that desperate to keep me in human form?" "I like it when you're in human form. You look…amazing." Noctis blushed, realizing what he had just said and cleared this throat awkwardly. "I…have to remember to thank Mom for giving you to me as a birthday present when I was a kid. I have to admit, you were cute as a little white kitten."

This time, Lightning was the one who blushed. "Tch. Right. Whatever you say…" "No really, you were. You looked adorable rolling around on the floor while playing with that ball of yarn Mom threw at you when you got the chance to hop out of your box. Plus your rose-shaped ribbon made you look…cuddly." Noctis admitted with a little laugh.

"… I'm not cuddly." Lightning said seriously.

Noctis tightened his embrace and nuzzled her neck and shoulder. "No, you're like that when you're with me. I'm grateful…" Lightning flushed and swallowed as Noctis laid gentle kisses on her shoulder before he laid his head there. "So, what do you say about that dinner tomorrow night?"

"You are a sneak bastard, aren't you, Caelum?" Lightning half-joked, earning a laugh from her partner. "Is that a yes or a no?" "… Yes." Lightning sighed.
Noctis leaned in even more with a teasing smirk on his mouth. "Yes what?" His lips brushed against her ear, making her shiver. She still rolled her eyes at him. "Yes, I will go to dinner with you tomorrow night."

"Good. I'm looking forward to it." Noctis smiled at her charmingly, taking Lightning's breath away; not that she would even show it in her face. Lightning smiled back gently, making Noctis blush in return. It was funny how they both had this strange effect on each other. Nevertheless, this was what made them grow closer as time went by.

They had no intention of changing that for anything in the world.

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