AN: Ya I know I got a lot of unfinished fanfics but I want to have a lot its fun so enjoy this 3rd person story "Slashers Hope"

"Well its official since we beat Akron there has been nothing to kill then eat so I am BORED!" Said Matt. "You know Matt I've been thinking we haven't done much together recently so why not we just separate for now and meet some time later k?" Said Natalie. No they are not dating she's just talking from going there own separate ways as friends not Bf/Gf. "Ya that might be best well I guess this is goodbye for now Nat." Said Matt before starting to leave. "Yah uh bye Matt." Said Natalie before leaving in opposite direction.

"I wonder if that was really the best of ideas… oh well we will meet again if fate wants us to I just wish I had the courage to tell him how I felt before he left." Said Natalie to herself. "Hey what's this?" Matt said while finding two wanted posters on one shown a girl with cat ears and a scythe it explained her as an albino with white hair and red eyes her scythe is the only known weapon the scythe was overheard as called fostered hope and was last seen with the male that's also wanted while the two were leaving a murder scene. Her name was unknown and her estimated age was 16 also she wore a tight white leotard like outfit.

On the other poster it warned of a male with jet-black hair and eyes with solid red gauntlets that can make long blades extrude from them which the blades can unlink to become like a bladed chain still attacked to the gauntlet that were also over heard to be known as bloods revenge he was last seen wearing a black mages cloak. Seeing the chance to start at the least a short adventure Matt went after the last place they were seen which was really close by.

Lance just goes buys a gun and looks for the next… ya he ain't gonna be doin much for a bit. Natalie was wandering in a town adjacent to the one where the murderers were last seen and she stopped for a bit to rest due to walking near a corner and overheard what seemed like two people talking. "Please Lucas we need to stop with this senseless killing it's starting to get to far." Said some female voice. "It's not Lucas anymore since my life was destroyed so will my name its now Blade remember. I'm sorry Sy but these people are trying to bring this Ankor back to life and I won't hear another took a fate like mine you can stop but I'm truly sorry it's now my job to put an end to these people." Said as Nat guessed Blade. "I can't keep killing people no matter the intentions so I-I have to leave goodbye Lucas." Said Sy before she left the alley noticeable crying and accidentally bumping into Natalie.

"Oh I'm so-." Said Sy before she noticed Natalie had her staff pointed at her and had backed away a bit. "St-stay away from me. I'm w-warning you." Said Natalie. "What but I'm not gonna hurt you." Said Sy. With that Natalie lowered her staff "But you were just talking to your friend about killing." Said Natalie. "He's not my friend anymore he's changed become obsessed about fixing what he thinks was a person who wronged him." Sy said with a sigh. "Well why not go with him and try to stop him not just gi-" Natalie was about to say before there was a loud clash. "What was that?" Said Sy. "I think it's an idiot I know come on." Said Natalie.

"Who the hell are you." Said Blade While grabbing onto some big golden sword with his chain blade. "I am Matt and you are dead." Said Matt while randomly attempting to slash even though Blade had his sword wrapped. "What is wrong with you, psychopath!" Said Blade. "MATT YOU IDIOT!" Yelled Natalie. "Oh hey Natz I kind of got this." Said Matt who unfortunately was winning "Reverse time." Blade said before whipping his blade disarming Matt. "Ooooooh crap." Said Matt. "Gotta save him now ugh idiot." Said Natalie. "Prepare to lose." Said Blade then almost slashed but some star looking thing smashed him.

"BLADE!" Sy had yelled before running over to him. "Wait that's Blade?" Said Natalie to nobody. "Blade are you ok?" Said Sy in a worried tone. "Freaking magic hurt but I'm ok. WATCH IT." Yelled Blade before pushing Sy and barely guarding from a slash. "Alright you almost hurt my friend, prepare to die." Blade said before charging at Matt. "Be careful Blade." Said Sy before going back over to Natalie.

"So he's your friend?" Natalie asked. "Ya he's my thick headed friend he never takes my advice." Said Sy. "Ok he's kind of cute though." Said Natalie. "W-What." Said Sy. "Just kidding but maybe you aren't." Natalie hinted. "I uh um your friends dieing." Said Sy. "Oh god YOU IDIOT I ALWAYS HAVE TO SAVE YOUR BUTT!" Yelled Natalie.

About 5 hours of Blade and Matt fighting while Sy and Natalie were talking supporting the other every now and then Both guys collapsed not out of blood loss but they are just dead beat. "AAAAAAND LADIES AND UNCONCIOS GENTLEMEN IT'S A TIEEEEEEE!" Yelled Lance. "Oh what's up Lance?" Asked Natalie. "Not much who's the new girl?" Noted Lance. "This girl has a name and it's Sy." Noted Sy.

That's enough for now people come back next time in "Slashers hope".