I am stuck on Sonic so don't expect much from this story.

After they fought the two were unconscious for about 3 hours in which Lance, Nat, and Sy talked though not about their pasts. "Ow my head what happened?" Blade asked. "Oh you fought that other dude in till you both passed out. Actually you knocked him out and got hit in the head by a star again. Hey where's your mask?" Sy summarized. "AAAAH I hurt!" Yelled Matt.

Then he walked over to the others forgetting that they went different ways for about 1 hour and getting hit in the head by Natalie's Nirvana while she forgot about it's 'abilities' because after vines almost skewered Matt. "AAHH HELP! NEEDED! NOW!" Matt yelled. "Well you shouldn't have just got in a fight with a random person." Nat had said before helping him out of the vines.

Blade had picked up the front of a carved skull and put it back on his face. "Why did you attack me jerk?" Blade demanded. "I saw a wanted poster one with you on it one with her on it so I thought it would lead to at least a short adventure." Matt explained. "Great now I'm wanted for killing those freaks." Blade complained. "See that's why I attacked you killed people." Matt said. "Ok your starting to annoy me so shut it." Blade said.

So pretty much Nat and Sy talked about stuff. Matt and Blade/Lucas argued and Lance took a nap. It went on for a bit in till Sy and Nat noticed a dragon had appeared and started burning things. The place around Blade and Matt was on fire and they hadn't noticed. Yup they are that dumb at times.

So Natalie hit both of them with a lucky star "Hey idiot's dragon here to kill." Natalie had said angrily. "HOLY CRAP A DRAGON!" Matt had yelled then dashed in slashing it. "Is he always that dumb?" Blade asked. "Unfortunately yes." Natalie said with a sigh then woke up Lance so he could help.

"Hey shouldn't we help them fight the dragon?" Sy mentioned. "Do we have to?" Blade complained. "Yes now get you cursed butt moving." Sy said. "Don't mention that please." Blade said while going over. "Fine grumpy." Sy said then shot a fireball at the dragon.

"I could have sworn dragons were anti magi's and breathed fire." Blade said then Sy face palmed. "I am an idiot." Sy said before going over to slash it. "Well while they do that I will be taking the stairs also known as its tail." Blade had said before climbing onto its head and with his blades taking out its eyes. "NO SIGHT FOR YOU!" Blade yelled while getting the eyes off his blades. "Is he always that cruel?" Natalie asked Sy. "No he just has his own way of taking care of things." Sy said before Blade jumped INTO its mouth. "BLADE!" Sy screamed. Blade got near its stomach before stopping himself. "Now let's see the stomach prevents the food and acid from damaging the organs so if I cut it like so It should kill the drag." Blade said before cutting open its stomach and aciding its organs. "Now to get out before the dragon decides to hurl or something." Blade said then climbed out then got fired out of its mouth. "AAAAAHHHH FIRE BURN FIRE BURN!" Blade yelled as he hit the ground. "FIRE BURN GROUND HARD FIRE BURN GROUND HARD!" Screamed the burning Blade before getting frozen by Natalie. "Oops." She said before getting Blade out of the ice. "Uh we should run because the drag is gonna die soon and we are still next to it." Blade stated before the dragon started falling over. They then moved out of the way of it ya know to avoid getting crushed. "Hey I overheard you say 'get your cursed butt moving.' what do you men by that?" Lance asked. "Uh when I was younger I was hit by a blinding curse but at the same time hit with something to restore my eyesight so I kept the black eyes and left the blinding." Blade explained. "Huh well that doesn't sound that bad" Matt said.

"Well now that we are acquainted can I ask why you are wanted?" Lance asked. "Oh uh I'm going and killing a select few of followers of that Ankor. Their attempt are to revive Ankor and I set it to myself to stop that because when they do he is going to be stronger then he ever has been." Blade summarized. "Um all I heard of that was blah, blah killing blah, blah Ankor so I'm joinin." Matt said. "Who invited you?" Blade asked. "It's either I come with or we go separate close." Mat mocked. "Ugh fine anyone else coming?" Blade asked. "Me and I'm pretty sure Sy are out." Natalie said and Sy nodded. "I get to shoot more stuff so I'm in my tank hasn't been used in forever." Lance said.

"Okay then well be seeing you girls later." Blade said before walking off. "Girls." Lance said before following. "See ya later Nat and Sy." Matt had said then left. "Did we just let three of the most dangerous and stupid people on earth team up and leave?" Sy said. "Um yes, yes we just did. But they can't get into that much trouble right?" Natalie questioned. "Ya they can't." Sy said before they walked away.