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Thin green eyes moved over the majestic house in front of him, before turning to take in the profile of Jasper Hale. Harry wondered what this man, this vampire, was to him. He couldn't help but ponder on what Dumbledore had been thinking, introducing him to Hale only to take away the opportunity when present to him. The young human readjusted the bag on his shoulder, filled with the few belonging he had taken with him before speaking.

"Are we the only ones here?" Harry asked, not hearing or spotting anything that indicated that the house was currently lived in. If anything, the house was beginning to look neglected and forgotten, flowers wilting slightly around the entrance.

The vampire shrugged before drawling, "Yeah, just us." He'd been here a few weeks at most, not having bothered to care for things they had once taken pride in. He knew the rest of his family would not like the idea of him letting the grass grow so unruly, not like the idea of him letting their precious flowers wilt, but right now he couldn't be bothered caring.

He opened the heavy door, letting the smaller human step inside the house they'd be living in until he had to return to England. Harry immediately noticed the thin layer of dust over everything in sight, painfully highlighting the emptiness of the house. The low hum of a distant fridge was the only sound besides his slow breathing. He looked over the corridor slowly as he walked through it, feeling as if he was a tourist in an ancient manor with his bag slung over his shoulders.

"Where will I be staying?" he asked softly, not wanting to break the silence that permeated the large house. "I have got a room, right?" he added doubtfully as he turned back to look at the vampire. He didn't know why Dumbledore had brought Hale to the Burrow, especially since he had no real intention of letting Harry stay with him, but hopefully that hadn't meant that Hale wouldn't have a room ready for him.

"This way," Jasper said, somewhat stiffly as he led the younger across the house. He figured he could put the kid in Edward's room for now, the younger vampire surely would not be returning anytime soon. "This is my brother's room." He gestured slowly at the wall of CD's and sheets of music. "Feel free to listen to whatever you want." It didn't really matter anymore.

"Where is your brother?" Harry asked, taking in the titles with interest. "If your, coven, family aren't here, that is." The British boy found it odd, the single vampire living in such a large house, surely it would get lonely?


Sensing not to say anymore on the matter, Harry dropped his bag on the bed – which seemed too out of place – before turning to look around some more. Realising he was now alone, Harry's eyes drifted shut for a moment, revelling in the silence, in the cool sunshine that streamed through the large windows. He was too far from home to worry now, he didn't need to think about more than the pressure of Homework given before school had ended. Perhaps now, he could lift the stress of Voldemort from his mind.

The pale fifteen year old caught his reflection in the mirror, noting how tired he looked in the grey Forks light. The unearthly glare he had gained from his brief stint in the hospital waiting rooms had faded, making him washed out against the CD's and books that surrounded him.

"Harry Potter, welcome to your life."

He sat up slowly, twisting away from his reflection to look out the window for a moment as he imagined his life locked into the large house this Hale had brought him to. Would this be like the Dursley household? Allowing him to do as he pleased as long as he 'behaved'? Or would he be locked into it, never leaving until someone came to get him?

Had he been better when he had been in the Burrow? In Hogwarts? The male knew that Dumbledore wanted him to stay, wanted him to remain in England, rather than travel to Forks. That much had been obvious to the young boy. But Harry needed out. England was too dangerous, too stifling for him, too many pitying looks from people who said that they were his friends. Kept away from the ones who were.

The sound of a car pulling up against the gravel of the driveway roused him from his thoughts. Harry rose from the bed properly, looking down at the battered truck that seemed too out of place in comparison to the majestic house. Waiting for Jasper to open the door for whoever this was, Harry played with the sleeves of his sweater.

Realising that the man was likely not going to do anything, Harry slowly made his way to the front door in the hope that whoever was there would go away or something. He swung it opened to be greeted by a slim woman who was just about to head towards her truck.

"Can I help you?" he asked haltingly, accent pulling in the thick air. The brunette looked slightly dumbstruck as she took in the reedy form in front of her, obviously surprised to see someone standing at the entrance.

"I'm fine," the older girl said, casting a look at the house then at him before heading towards her car. "I'll, er, see you around."

Harry raised a confused hand as he waved the truck off, wondering what on earth the brunette had wanted. He turned back to the house, sparring one final look at the truck before heading inside. "Who the hell was that?" he murmured, walking back through the corridor towards the stairs.

The male sighed as he made his way through the house, confusion marring his face.


The door to the small castle's ballroom ripped open as the strong blonde stormed through the, eyes flashing in anger directed at no one in particular. She stalked over to where a petite black haired woman leant over a map, assessing her with heavy, unnecessary breaths. The smaller woman stiffened slightly in aggravation before ducking back down in frustration.

"Rosalie, please," Alice begged at the stewing woman, turning to look at the enraged vampire. "I'm trying to use the map." Her fingers drifted lightly over it, trying to pinpoint something before unconsciously pulling it into her fist. "I can't concentrate!"

"Alice, Alice," Edward said as he looked up from where he was sitting, tired eyes drifting between his two sisters. "Calm, please." There was a dead tone to his voice, a resignation after having had to listen to them for so long already. His own anguish had been pushed aside in desperation, in worry. He rose slightly, cool hand resting on Alice's shoulder before looking across at the angry vampire. "Rose."

"We just have to –"

"We can't 'just' remain calm!" Rosalie cut of Carlisle angrily as she stormed towards a window, looking out at the bleak landscape with her desperation covered by irritation. "Jasper is missing, and all we're doing is waiting for a spot on a map to magically be present to Alice. It's been weeks, why aren't we looking?" she raged.

She let out an angry shriek moments before she was gathered up in the strong arms of her husband. Emmett's soothing voice did nothing to calm her as she struggled to control the desperation that was lacing through her. Beating her hands against his chest in frustration, she pulled out of them with a heavy sigh.

"Calm down, Alice will find him."

Her eyes narrowed.

"You're not even going to go out and look?" she spat, eyes cooly running over he husband. "We're just going to stay locked up in here as we wait for Alice to find him? For God's sake! She's not even glimpsed him since he disappeared, nothing at all! And you all are just going to sit here?"

None could even look her in her eye, turning away towards Alice's map in the hope that something would show them where Jasper was.

"I'm not going to sit around anymore." Her tone was bleak as she looked at the others in the room with her. "Come find me when you've found Jasper," she said angrily as she headed back towards the entrance. Her brow was furrowed in determination as she walked out, knowing that they would come to their senses before she heard the unmistakable voice of her husband, the words provoking an ugly anger that egged her on.

"Don't worry, she'll come back soon."


Harry was going through the cupboards of the house when Jasper returned. The vampire walked into the room, eyes focussed on the young male and glittering an amber-like colour. He stiffened slightly before settling down on a stool, watching Harry in interest.

"Swan was here, wasn't she?" he asked, glad he had just come back from feeding.

"If Swan is a teenage girl, then yes." Harry studied the obviously fed vampire with interest, taking in the more relaxed posture of the other male. "I see you've, well, snacked," he said tentatively as he closed another cupboard in frustration.

"I see you haven't," Jasper said, sensing the hunger on the edge of the boy's emotions. "I'll take you to the shop then, shall I?" He was surprised to see just how grateful Harry seemed to be for that option, grabbing the keys to one of the cars – Edward's – from a bowl that he had place on the counter.

Following the taller vampire in interest, Harry couldn't fight the niggling wonder about just who this Hale person was. He obviously was a vampire, didn't like to drink from humans if the eyes were evidence. He just couldn't help but wonder why the vampire would have drank now rather than before he had met the Weasley family.

"They were scared of me," the Southern vampire drawled, sensing the other's confusion. "Perhaps it's a reflex, but the moment I sense fear…" he trailed off, lips curled up into a slight smile. "I'd like to say it's instinctual, the hunger that overwhelms me when I sense fear, but I can't be sure." He'd never seen his family shatter into an animalistic hunger when they sense fear, but he himself had been trying to control it for many years. "You're not scared of me."

Harry wasn't, if anything he was intrigued by the fact he had a vampire as a relative. "What is there to be scared about?" he said rather bleakly. "I've already got one psychotic murderer after me who wants to kill me. What's one that needs to?" he half-joked as he got into the car. "Besides, if you were going to kill me, you already would have. Now, where're we headed?"

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