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"I don't feel so much like eating anymore. Are you still hungry?" she asks, her voice still somewhat breathless.

"No. Not at all."

She blushes and lifts her chin to peek up at him from where she rests against his chest.

He smiles and strokes the skin behind her ear tenderly before pressing a tiny kiss to her nose. "Are you going to be all right?"

She nods quickly. "Mm-hmm, I'm sorry I freaked out on you."

"I'm not. I think it needed to happen, you know? You needed to let all that out. And I needed to hear it."

Bella blinks away a rush of emotion and overwhelming gratitude. He gets it. He knows.

"Thank you," she says, kissing him tentatively at first and then with more fervor.

Before they can get too carried away, voices coming from outside the car remind them that they're not really alone. One glance at the windshield also reminds them how long they've been sitting in the parking lot. Bella is unable to keep from smiling when she sees the glass is almost completely fogged up. From the corner of her eye she sees Edward fighting a grin as well.

She meets his gaze then and he chuckles softly, his cheeks flushing ever so slightly. "I guess we should get out of here if we're not going to go eat."

Bella feels a rush of heat as her own cheeks flood with color in response. "Yeah, probably."

Edward nods and kisses her forehead before sitting back in his seat. Bella follows suit and reaches her for her seatbelt. As soon as she's settled, Edward reaches for her hand again and raises it to his lips. He presses a swift kiss to her knuckles and then starts the engine.

"Where to, love?"

Smiling, she gazes into his eyes and shrugs. It honestly doesn't matter to her where they go from here. Just as long as they go together.

So, just a snippet tonight. I actually have no idea how many more snippets there will be of this little story, but right now I've made notes for the next 6. I'll do my best to update at least semi-regularly. And thank you in advance for all your support! :-)

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