Well, this took way too long, but I wasn't happy with it at first. Actually, it's still kinda floofy and filler-y, but eh... it's B & E. Are we really going to complain about that? ;-)

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Reaquaint. . .


She blinks slowly, fighting fatigue as his lips press firmly against hers once more. He caresses the skin behind her ear with his thumb and she responds with a delicate sigh. The subtle opening of her mouth is all the invitation he needs. His tongue teases hers again and again while his arms tighten around her. Her insides quake. Warmth and pleasure course through her, the feeling so sublime that she all but goes limp in his arms as her eyes close in contentment.

"I should go. You're falling asleep on me," he murmurs, pulling back from her mouth only to kiss her eyelids.

She smiles lazily, not bothering to contradict him by opening her eyes. "You should go, but not because of that."

He hums and nuzzles her nose. "Yeah, you're probably right. I doubt the Chief would take too kindly to finding us tangled up like this."

She laughs softly as he wiggles his sock-covered feet against hers. They're both still fully clothed. Nothing at all untoward has happened between, and yet, there's something hauntingly familiar and completely improper about the way their huddled under a blanket on Charlie Swan's faded old couch.

Bella wonders if Edward feels the same. Does he remember the way she does? She's not sure if she even wants to know, but then suddenly, she doesn't have to ask.

"At least we're both fully clothed this time."

A breath she didn't know she was holding escapes her and she smiles against the skin of his neck. "True, but that's still not why you need to go."

"It's not?"

She pulls back to gaze at him with tired, but happy eyes. "No, you have family in town for the holidays, silly."

He smiles. "You don't have a selfish bone in your body, do you?"

She laughs a little. "Of course I do. I kept you to myself all day, didn't I?"

"Well... not exactly. You did have to share me earlier." He frowns as soon as the words are out, not certain he should have brought up their visit to the rehab center.

She strokes his cheek. "I didn't mind. Despite everything, I'm glad you took me."

"Yeah?" he asks.


Pulling her tighter against him, he kisses her forehead. "Thank you, love. For everything."

She sighs and snuggles against him. "Thank you."

He's quiet a moment. "For what?"

"For living."