Someone asked me to write a story with as many crossovers as I could put in and this is the product. As you can imagine it is going to be crazy but bear with the story. It might be scattered at first but I promise the story is definitely going somewhere. Btw some of the crossovers are HP, NCIS, Scrubs, White Collar, Burn Notice, Mummy, Warehouse 13, Inception, Covert Affairs, Incredible H ...

So this story will be a bit slow in the first few chapters before it will pick up. In contrast with Ties that Bind. H.J.P. will not be dark Harry but at the same time it won't be light Harry either. Gray Harry the whole way. Now it will become obvious fast who HJP is but remember, he has no idea! This story also will not have as many OCs as Ties that Bind but the few that are there are important – Kate, Elle and Eve!

Have fun reading, REVIEW but absolutely NO FLAMES!

Chapter 1

"Kate!" Lily Potter called from the kitchen, "An owl has come for you!"

Just then another official looking brown owl swooped into the room. Lily glanced at the name on the letter before calling out again, "Elle, there's an owl here for you too!"

Seeing no response, Lily rolled her eyes, wiped her hands on her apron and walked out of her kitchen. She looked up the stairwell and shouted "KATE, ELLE! YOU HAVE MAIL!"

This seemed to get her daughters' attention as the two girls ran down the stairs, still in their pajamas. They looked at their mother wide eyed. Lily smiled a little as they literally shoved her aside in favor of running to the kitchen. There was a pause before a bleary eyed man walked down the stairs in pajamas, a small child asleep on his shoulder.

"Whats all the noise about?" James Potter asked, rubbing his eyes. Lily smiled at him, "It was your wake up call. Its almost ten!"

James groaned as the form on his shoulder woke up suddenly and looked around, "Daddy? Whats going on?"

James put the child down, "Nothing honey. Just your mum causing a ruckus."

The girl looked at her father funny, "Watz a ruck...ruckiiss?"

Lily shot James a look, "Nothing baby. Now go with daddy to brush your teeth. I made chocolate chip pancakes!"

The kid's face lit up, "really?" Lily nodded at the eager face and the girl squealed, grabbing James's hand and dragging him up the stairs.

James shot Lily a look as he was dragged up the stairs and Lily smirked at him. "Daddy, hurry up!"

Lily laughed a little as she headed back into the kitchen to see what her other two daughters were up to. She found them with their heads in the kitchen fireplace talking, undoubtedly with the Weasleys.

"Honestly, they don't tell their own mother their scores!" Lily muttered as she placed a plate laden with pancakes on the kitchen table. She looked at the two girls again before shaking her head. He girls were growing up fast and she didn't like it.

She was still muttering when James entered the kitchen being excitedly pulled along by the small child. They headed straight to the table where James lifted the kid up and placed her on the white and red high chair. Lily placed a pancake on the plate and waved her wand cutting the pancake into little pieces.

The girl clapped excitedly as James poured syrup as smiley faces on the small pieces. She was about to stick her fingers on them when Lily tutted, "Nope Evie honey use a fork."

The little redhead pouted a little before grabbing the little fork her mum was handing her. It had a little pink rubber grip on the end that she grasped when sticking the fork into the pancake piece.

James Potter was more interested in the two girls pulling out of the fireplace at the same time. He watched in amusement as they looked at him.

"So girls, whats going on?"

They both grinned identically before rushing up to the table and sitting down next to Eve. Lily sat down as well, "So you want to tell your parents your scores now?"

They looked at each other a bit sheepishly, "Sorry mum."

"Yah sorry we were..."

James raised a hand, "No problem girls, so how did you do?"

They looked at each other again nervously and instantly James and Lily assumed the worst. Lily said hesitantly, "Its alright if you didn't do well girls. The OWLs are difficult."

James nodded in agreement, "Perfectly alright... I mean you are under a lot of stress especially with the war going on... Its perfectly alright whatever you got girls."

The girls looked at each other again before sliding their scores face down across the table – Kate to James and Elle to Lily. It was the two parents' turn to look at each other a tad nervously before they opened it an once.

They barely glanced at it before looking at the twins in shock. James was the first to leap from his chair and run to them, grabbing them both in a huge hug, "You kids got 10 OWLs! What are you whining about!"

Lily too was on her feet and she hurried to grab the girls in a hug. Not to be left out Eve shouted, "Me too! Huggie! Huggie!"

James laughed jubilantly as he picked the child up from the high chair and twirled her around before he set her down. Instantly, the kid ran over to the twins and hugged their feet, "Congraaatulationzz!"

Kate giggled, "Thanks Evie." Elle laughed too as she picked up the kid and swung her on her hip.

James clapped, "We must celebrate! What do you kids want to do?"

Lily grinned as James's arm snaked around her waist and they looked at their kids proudly. The girls for their part were huddling as they whispered to each other. Kate had lush black hair that was currently in a loose bun on her head, strands falling about everywhere. She looked like a mini version of Lily Potter. Both girls had James's chocolate brown eyes. On the other side, Elle looked like a mini version of James Potter except for the red hair that she also had in a bun on her head. As for the four year old, Eve, she had maroon hair, a shade in between red and black and aquamarine eyes which seemed to skip a generation.

Lily whispered to James, "You know what they are going to ask for right?"

James rolled his eyes, "Yep. Hey have been wanting to go to America for a while."

Lily nodded grinning knowingly as the girls parted an turned to them. Both Kate and Elle pushed their younger sister to the front and she said solemnly, "We have come to a decizion."

James resisted the urge to laugh, "Ok Ms. Evelyn. What is it?"

Eve continued solemnly, "We wanna go to Hershshey Chocolate factoriie and Disneeyland and...!"

They couldnt take it anymore and James and Lily erupted in gales of laughter at the serous expression on the four year old's face. Kate and Elle laughed too making Eve drop her act and fall to the floor in laughs.

In fact thats exactly how Sirius Black found them as he entered through the floo. A second later, Remus Lupin tumbled in looking just as surprised to see the entire Potter family on the floor of the kitchen laughing.

"Er... watz going on?" Sirius asked, rubbing a hand through his hair and oddly imitating the four year old from earlier in the day. This seemed to send the family into laughs again. Remus rolled his eyes as Sirius grabbed a pancake with his hands and instead chose to grab the papers on the table.

"My word! Padfoot look at this!"

Sirius's mouth fell open as he looked at the OWL results and he closed it hurriedly before jumping into the mess on the floor and tackling Kate. Not to be left out, Elle dragged Remus down to the floor as well making everyone laugh again as they congratulated the twins.

Finally, Lily decided to take charge as she untangled herself from the group and stood. She dusted herself off a little before she swatted Sirius's hand which was reaching towards her suddenly empty stack of pancakes.

"None of that Sirius! If you want food, you will all sit at the table like humans!"

"But Liiiiiilyyyy!"

Lily rolled her eyes at her husband's best friend, a smile playing on her lips as she headed to make more pancakes. Deciding to escape his wife's ire, James too stood up, picking Eve up as he did. Kate dragged Sirius to his feet and Remus, Elle before they all were seated at the suddenly expanded table.

Lily walked back with two more plates laden with pancakes – got to love magic before sitting down.

Remus grinned, "I am guessing we walked in on an impromptu celebration?"

James nodded, placing a few pancakes on his plate, "Yep. The kids want to go to the US to celebrate and I am thinking its a good idea. After all, we all have a month of leave coming up."

The three marauders nodded and Lily commented, "You two are coming as well, right?"

They nodded and Sirius stuck his arm around Kate and Elle, "Of course, miss having fun with our darling goddaughters? You must be out of your mind!"

Lily rolled her eyes again and James smirked, "Dont worry Lils, I will pack a bone ad a doggy kernel for him."

"Hey!" Remus laughed with the table as he cut up another pancake onto Eve's plate. There was some silence as everyone ate before James said, "If we are going to America, we should talk to Dumbledore. He might have some suggestions on places to visit."

The adults exchanged significant looks, knowing James was referring to Order business. Kate and Elle rolled their eyes at each other, knowing full well they wouldn't be told anything but keeping quiet all the same.


The moment was broken and James turned to Eve, a smile on his face, "Yah princess?"

Eve grinned, "Can we go to the zoo?"

James blinked a little before glancing at the clock. It was a weekend and still early in the day, "Sure if mummy is ok with it."

Lily nodded, "Sure." Sirius grinned happily, clapping his hands, "Oh! The zoo! You know they have a new display of these spider monkeys?"

Remus rolled his eyes, "You can join the display Sirius, mate."

Sirius pouted at Remus before getting into an eager conversation with Eve.

Lily rolled her eyes and stood to clean the table with Kate and Elle instantly also deciding to help. It was going to be a long weekend with lots of planning and talking.

Dumbledore smiled as he watched some of his favorite order members – the Potters, enter with Sirius Black and Remus Lupin.

They smiled at him before sitting around his desk. Dumbledore steepled his fingers and asked, "So what do I owe the pleasure?"

James smiled, "As a present to our girls for doing so well on their OWLs, we are all planning to go to America for a month."

Dumbledore's eyes twinkled brightly, "Yes, yes young Kathryn and Elizabeth certainly did well on their OWLs – got more OWLs than even you Lily."

Lily blushed a little at that, smiling proudly and James continued, "Well, since we were going there anyways, we were wondering if you had any Order business we could take care of there?"

Dumbledore's eyes twinkled even more brightly as he grabbed an envelope from the corner of his desk, "Your timing is impeccable James. I happened to just receive this correspondence with a friend in the US government. You know that we are trying to receive aid from them against Voldemort, right?"

the four looked at each other before nodding and Dumbledore continued, "Well there is also another matter we are having some difficulty with. The werewolves."

Remus instantly looked uncomfortable and Dumbledore said, "Nothing against you Remus, but unfortunately we have nothing to offer the werewolves to side with us in the war. Voldemort is giving them freedom to live and infect anyone which unfortunately we cannot offer. Obviously we can promise better rights but free prey is something we cannot."

"Unfortunately they are not listening to me Albus. I have tried everything." Remus looked very uncomfortable.

Dumbledore smiled a little, "I understand Remus. No one is blaming you – under Greyback's thumb, they are untouchable. Anyways, what I was about to say is that I have been talking to an individual in the US government who has recently discovered something like a cure. I havent met with her yet but I would like you too. Maybe she can also lead us to someone who can grant us aid as well."

The four nodded faintly and Lily spoke, "Of course Albus. We will make time for this but who would we talk to?"

Dumbledore tapped his chin thoughtfully, "When are you all leaving?"

Sirius said, "This Monday actually. We will be back on August 1st."

Dumbledore nodded, "Very well. Wait here for a moment gentleman and woman. I will be back soon."

They nodded politely as they watched Dumbledore disappear through the flames. They didn't have to wait for more than fifteen minutes before Dumbledore appeared back, a big smile on his face.


"Hm... yes. So I talked with my contact. She told me she will meet you at Disney World in three days at these coordinates at noon."

James took the piece of paper from Dumbledore's hands and stared at the three numbers on it. There was a pause as noone said anything before Lily asked, "What do you want us to tell her?"

Dumbledore shook her head, "Just get to know her and at the very end, make sure that she is willing to come with you with the cure."

Lily pursed her lips a little but nodded, "Alright Albus. We will meet her in three days there."

Dumbledore smiled as they all stood up. "Thank you for doing this during your vacation."

James waved him off, "Not a problem Albus. We should go – the kids are alone at home."

Dumbledore nodded in dismissal and they all left.

Three days passed quickly and Wednesday found the Potter family, Sirius and Remus sitting in a small cafe in Disney World near the cartoon characters. Kate and Elle were wearing sunglasses and were eating cotton candy as they talked. Next to them Eve was wearing a Minnie mouse headband on her head and eating cotton candy as she played with a whizzing Buzz Light Year in her hand. Lily was sitting next to Eve, making sure her dress wasnt getting dirty. James, Remus and Sirius were talking with each other quietly about where they should go next.

"Dad, why are we waiting here again?" Kate asked.

James looked up, "Well, we are meeting Dumbledore's friend who is going to join our little vacation, Kate."

Kate frowned at him and Elle crossed her hands in front of her, "But we want to go to Space Mountain before the line gets really big!"

James didn't reply as he saw two forms walking towards them, "Hang on Elle, I think those are the people we are waiting for."

Elle turned to look at who her father was looking at and found two forms coming closer. She looked curious at the woman. She had dark red hair, like Eve, that fell in ringlets around her face. She was wearing sunglasses and a strange black thing on her ear. Other than that, she was wearing formfitting black jeans, a pearl white blouse and a black blazer on top of it. To finish the ensemble, she was carrying a large pearl white handbag and wearing white boots.

But Elle was more interested in the man next to her. He had messy black hair and a pair of sunglasses on his face. He too was wearing black jeans with a fitting emerald green shirt. But what was more interesting is that he had a white and red stick in his left hand and the woman had her hand wrapped in his other elbow.

The woman smiled when she saw them and stretched her hand, "Hello, Claire Williams."

James Potter smiled as he stood, "James Potter."

"Lily Potter" Lily shook her hand and everyone introduced themselves before the other man with Claire said, "Mike."

James nodded to as he shook his hand, "Thanks for meeting us here."

the man smirked a little, not removing his glasses. Claire rolled her eyes at him and said, "No problem Mr. Potter. I was talking to Mr. Dumbledore and when he said you were coming here on vacation, I suggested that Mike and I join you as well."

James smiled, "Well thank you anyways. These are my kids, Kate, Elle and Eve."

Claire smiled as she shook the girls' hands. When it came to Eve she grinned, "oh and how old might you be?"

Instantly Eve grinned as she spread her hands wide, "I am FOUR!"

Claire laughed, "Four eh? Thats a big age."

Eve nodded her head solemnly as Remus lifted her into the stroller. Claire smiled at her before asking, "So what have you guys seen so far at magic kingdom?"

That was Elle's cue as she said, "Ooh, we went to all the kiddie areas and we are going to go to Space Mountain now. Kate and I want to get there before the line."

Claire laughed a little, "Sounds like a plan. Oi Mike, do you remember the last time we were here?"

the man shrugged, "Yah, I remember you riding on my shoulders through the entire Haunted mansion."

Claire swatted his arm before turning to the grinning group, "Ignore him. Come on! I want to get in line at Space Mountain too!"

That spurred everyone on as they hurried off behind the twins who were holding the map. Claire grinned as she grabbed Mike's elbow and walked with them. They ended up walking with James and Lily pushing the stroller next to Claire and Mike who were in turn next to Sirius and Remus.

Deciding to break the sudden silence, Sirius said, "So what do you both do? James, Remus and I are aurors."

Claire smiled, "I work for the Naval Criminal Investigative Service or NCIS and research part time for the ICW."

Sirius looked at her in surprise and Lily asked, "My word! Thats a lot to accomplish at such a young age!"

Claire looked momentarily surprised at Lily, "Oh um thank you."

Lily smiled at her before James asked, "And you Mike?"

Mike shrugged, "I do a variety of things, mostly freelance. I work with NCIS occasionally as well."

James nodded, not quite understanding but they reached Space Mountain just then.

But just as they were about to stand in line, Claire pulled out a pass, "Wait, I have a pass. Come with me guys."

Remus looked curious, "What pass? We were told the Fast pass queue was closed this entire week due to problems?"

Claire smiled at Remus, still hanging onto Mike's arm, "Its a disabled pass. Come on quickly. I can't wait to get on the ride."

Kate and Elle seemed to share her sentiment as they all literally ran through the winding side passage that bypassed the entire line. Lily looked a bit sorry at the angry looks they were getting from the people standing in line for hours but continued behind her family.

At the gate, a stern looking woman looked at the group, "Sorry but the Fast Pass line is not open."

Claire rolled her eyes, "Good, Mike has a disabled pass."

The woman lost a few creases on her forehead as Mike pulled out a wallet from his pocket. He flipped it open to reveal his government badge on one side and ID on the other. The woman's eyes widened when she saw the ID and flickered to the white and red stick in Mike's arm before she said, "Thank you. I will get you on the next car."

Mike smiled, "Thanks."

The woman nodded to him once before she headed back into the loading dock. The adults looked at each other, wondering whether to ask about the disability but they didn't need to as Mike took off his sunglasses and turned to look at them. But he wasnt looking at them but at a spot above them. Instantly they noticed the glassy look in the eye and comprehension dawned.

Mike put the glasses back on and Sirius asked dryly, "How... how long?"

Mike shrugged as the woman returned, "Three years." They didn't have a chance to reply as they were suddenly ushered into a cart. The lady made sure to check Eve's height before letting them all on.

Ten minutes later, they all exited the coaster and Mike smiled, "I was in a magical explosion three years ago that damaged all my occular nerves – there is no cure. I don't need your pity, I assure you I am quite self sufficient."

They nodded not knowing what to say. Claire decided to break the tension, "Can we head to that cafe for a sec? I want to buy a drink."

Lily smiled, "Sure. Girls, you want anything?"

"Yah an orange soda would be good."

"Lime for me"

Lily smiled as they walked to the little cafe.