Chapter 7

"You are eighteen?" Dumbledore's eyes twinkled as he looked at the man seated in front of him.

Mike's face was pale and his hands were shaking as he nodded. He was sitting with the entire Potter family, Claire and Alex in Dumbledore's office. The reactions to his birthday had been interesting. Claire had mentioned that James's jaw had tightened and Lily had fainted. As soon as she was recovered, she had insisted that everyone go to Dumbledore's office so he could sort it out.

"You were born on July 31st?"

Claire held Mike 's hand as he nodded, "Thats what the limited records I have say."

Dumbledore rubbed his beard thoughtfully before saying, "You look a lot like what young Harry did – identical to James except for Lily's green eyes. You say a heritage potion did not reveal to you your birth?"

Mike shook his head, "No it didn't. In fact, it said No Parentage, whatever that means."

Dumbledore continued to rub his beard for a few more moments before he stood suddenly and pulled a book from his bookshelf. He flipped through it before, "Ah ha!"

"What is it Albus?" James asked curiously.

"There is a spell that was invented in America before their civil war to test slaves' children to check if a master was their father. I think we could use that to verify Mike's parentage."

James and Lily looked at each other and nodded and Mike shrugged.

Dumbledore smiled, "Alright can the three of you sit in a triangle formation."

Claire moved back as James and Lily rearranged themselves so Mike was the point of the triangle. In the back, the four girls watched silently. Even the little Eve had the sense to stay silent.

Dumbledore stood near Mike and began chanting a complicated spell. It took almost two minutes to finish saying the incantation before a light blue spell came out like a ribbon from his wand and swirled around the three. It kept on swirling around the three faster and faster before it suddenly turned golden and disappeared in a fit of sparks.

Dumbledore clapped his hands in glee, "Congratulations Mike, you are the son of James and Lily Potter and your real name is Harry James Potter."

there was absolute silence for a second before James and Lily rushed to Mike or rather Harry and grabbed him in a giant hug, making him jump. Not to be left out, Eve hopped off her seat and ran to the group, "Huuuggggie!" and joined in the group hug. Kate and Elle looked at each other before hurrying over too, leaving Dumbledore, Claire and Alex to look on in amusement.

After what seemed like forever, they all withdrew from the hug. Lily's eyes were red from crying and James was looking at Mike in wonder. Finally Mike commented quietly, "You thought I was dead?"

this seemed to set Lily off in tears and James nodded, "We buried you as a baby. Albus... Dumbledore verified it was my sssson and we buried you."

Dumbledore nodded in agreement, "I did – the child we buried was definitely Henry Potter. I don't know how you ended up alive."

Mike shrugged, "I don't know either. I do know that I ended up in an orphanage in New York when I was one."

Lily butted in, "We didn't know you were alive or we would have looked for you!"

Mike smiled the same half-smile as usual, "It isn't a problem, uh..."

Lily smiled, "Lily is fine."

"I can't believe my son is alive let alone so grown up!" James exclaimed.

Kate and Elle looked at each other, joy in their faces. They had always hated that their brother died trying to protect them."

just then Mike's phone went off startling the room and he turned on his earpiece, "Hello?'

"Mike, there is an issue."

Mike frowned and raised a hand to stop the others from asking questions, "What happened Gibbs?"

"Trent Kort is here interfering with my investigation. Says that the CIA is running an operation on the arms dealer La Granuille and therefore will not let me save Tony who is being framed for the death of a former naval captain currently working for the dealer."

Mike frowned, "I cannot confirm or deny that. What do you want Gibbs?"

"We need to get him. Because of the arms dealer, Tony is currently in investigation by the FBI. What can you tell me?"

Mike rubbed his head, "Give me two minutes. I shall call you back."


He hung up and ignoring the people around him dialed a number on his phone.


"Kort, this is Mike."

"I assume this is about La Granuille, I heard you had a sweet spot for NCIS."

Mike growled, "What the hell are you doing interfering with the NCIS case? They have jurisdiction over naval crimes and the one currently gone is putting an agent, a special agent of the United States government at risk. What are you up to?"

"Look I have been running this operation on La Granuille for ten years – there is no way it is going to get sidelined by some NCIS punk because you are supporting them."

James and Lily exchanged startled looks as Mike stood suddenly, "Look Kort, I have the authority to shut down your entire operation right now and get you transferred to guarding the embassy in Siberia. Would you like me to do that or will get your face out of Gibbs' investigation? I will not have a special agent being framed for murder just so that your mission is not compromised."

"Can you atleast make sure that La Granuille's name is kept out? I may be able to atleast preserve parts of the operation."

Mike nodded, "Done. Goodbye Kort."

He hung up before dialing Gibbs again, "Hi Gibbs, Kort is taken care of. He will not interfere anymore. However, you must keep La Granuille's name out of everything."


"Great, wheres Tony right now?"

"FBI has him in a holding facility."

"Get him out of there Gibbs."

"Working on it."

Mike turned of the phone again before taking a breath to cool himself down. Claire was the first to ask, "Everything ok?"

Mike frowned, "Tony is being framed for murder. Gibbs needed help getting a nosy agent out of the way."

Claire gaped, "Are you serious? Tony would never kill anybody!"

Mike smirked, "I know that. Don't worry about it – McGee, Ziva and Abby will take care of it."

Claire nodded as she bit her lower lip in consternation. Lily decided to speak, "Harry..."

Mike turned like a lightning bolt at the name, "You called me Harry."

Lily nodded before realizng foolishly he couldnt see, "Does that bother you?"

Mike frowned, "No it doesnt but I understand the Potters are really famous here in Britain?"

Kate said, "We are. Ever since Voldemort killed you, Elle and I have been called the twins who lived. Its been really annoying."

"Well, I would appreciate it then if you didn't leak to the media that I am your son. I like staying our of the limelght and I cannot do my job if people know who I am."

"Sensible suggestion, Harry."

Mike half smiled before Dumbledore said, "It is almost 9:00 Mike. Your team is coming to Order Headquarters, correct?"

Mike nodded, "Yes, They will be there. Perhaps we can go talk there."

James and Lily nodded and stood as well.

Fifteen minutes later found the Potter family including the newly discovered Potter sitting in the dining hall of Grimauld place. Sirius and Remus had also joined in and were now sitting in the room, looking at Mike.

There was absolute silence that was broken only by the soft sounds coming as Mike kneaded his forehead with his fingers.

"Headache?" Remus finally interrupted.

Mike nodded, "yes, a huge one."

Sirius stood instantly, "let me get a headache relief potion."

but Mike stopped him, "No its alright. Nothing works on my headaches – I have tried everything from muggle to magical medications."

Sirius frowned but sat back down. Instead, James asked, "Do you play Quidditch, h-Harry?"

Mike smiled genuinely – a full smile on his face as he said, "Of course! It is one of the few enjoyable memories I have as a child. Flying through the skies lost in thought. Do you play?"

"James was the chaser for the Hogwarts Quidditch team."

"And I was beater!" Sirius announced proudly.

"Do you guys play? Elle and Kate?"

They nodded, "Yep, we are the Gryffindor chasers."

The door opened right then and Sirius, who had slipped away, entered followed by four men and a woman, all carrying large packs on their shoulders.

It was the big built man with brownish blond hair and a tropical shirt that walked over first. He clapped Mike on the back, "Good to see you Mike. You and I should get a mojito together sometime."

Mike rolled his eyes, "Good to see you too Sam. Come on guys, sit down."

They all sat down at the table before Mike spoke again, "Everyone meet Michael Westen, a former burned special forces and spy, Fiona Glennene, former IRA and Westen's girlfriend, Sam Axe, former SEAL and spy, Neal Caffrey, famous con man and Mozzie who would prefer not to be identified."

The little bald man sitting next to a handsome suited man nodded sagely at that.

A second passed before Mike said, "And these are Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, you all know Claire, Kate and Elle Potter, Alex Turner and well... my parents."

James and Lily positively beamed at that while the newly arrived group looked surprised.

"You found your family?"

Mike smirked at Fiona, "Yep only a few hours ago actually."

There was some silence before Mozzie broke it, "Sorry for interrupting but you are President Turner's daughter, right?"

Now everyone turned to Alex who rolled her eyes and nodded.

"Alex is here undercover as Alexandra Black, Mr. Black's daughter. She will attend Hogwarts and part of our job is to act as her bodyguards" Claire explained.

At that Mozzie commented lightly, "You know, I have always wanted to see the Hogwarts castle. I have heard its quite impressive."

Kate nodded, "It is, Elle and I are students there and we find something new there all the time even after six years."

"Really?" Mozzie stood up and walked over to the girls, engaging them in conversation. Mike shook his head in amusement before turning to look at the other Mike, "Westen, how is our little project going?"

Michael Westen who was an impressive spy on his own ground replied, "Well I think. Fi and I have been scouting the area occasionally and all the targets are in position."

Mike removed his sunglasses and began rubbing his forehead, "Great. There is an Order meeting bound to start soon. You can all join if you would like but Claire and I are in it."

"It is a group to defend against Voldemort right?" Fiona asked.


"Great I am in. You remember my sister? She was killed by him."

Mike looked surprised at that, as did others at the table.

"You are from Britain?" Lily asked.

Fiona shook her, "No Ireland."

Lily nodded, comprehension in her eyes. Suddenly James said, "Wow, its nearly eleven. Girls, go watch your sister with your friends somewhere else in the house. An order meeting is to start soon."

Kate and Elle groaned identically but they stood immediately. Alex too stood and three were about to leave when Mike said, "Fiona, Mozzie would you mind?"

Instantly they both understood and left with Alex. As soon as they left, more people began coming inside the room. But Mike ignored them as his phone rang, "hello?"

"Mike, its Gibbs."

Mike frowned, "Whats going on Gibbs? I really hope it isn't about Kort."

At that word, Sam made a disgusted sound. Mike sent him a smirk, "No Dinozzo is cleared. I want to see why Kort was attempting to interfere. I want his file Mike."

Mike rubbed his forehead, "Gibbs, I am afraid I can't hand over that file no matter how much I want to."

"Mike" the glare on Gibbs' face was heard clearly. Order members looked at the newcomers curiously as they began entering into the room.

"Gibbs, believe me, I would LOVE to hand over Kort's file to you. However, there are multiple protocols attached to it and with the man;s position in the organization, there is no way I can hand over his file. However, I could perhaps try to get someone else to do it"

"Thanks Mike."

"Bye Gibbs."

That seemed to be the cue for Dumbledore to begin talking as he stood, "Hello everyone and welcome to another Order of the Phoenix meeting. We have some new members today. Meet Claire Williams who has recently discovered the cure for the werewolf curse."

Claire smiled slightly and waved at the group.

"Mike." Dumbledore frowned when he realized he had no idea what his title was.

Mike smirked and waved at the group.

"Michael Westen, Neal Caffrey, Sam Axe" The three men nodded to the group before Dumbledore began the meeting.

A few hours later found Mike sitting in the kitchen of the Potter household, smoking and running his hand over a specialized laptop for blind people.


Mike paused, "Hm?"

Lily smiled as she sat down next to her son. She ran a hand over his hair, "I can't believe you are alive."

Mike felt a strange feeling, "Er..."

Lily grabbed the cigarette from Mike's mouth and put it out, "Why do you smoke?"

Mike shrugged, "Habit I guess. I started many years ago."

"Oh?" James entered, sitting down across from Harry and Lily.

Mike typed something in his computer before closing it, "Yes."

"Um Harry? How many years did you go back in time?"

"You know I havent kept track but I know its more than ten years."

"Wow, I can't believe my son is alive, let alone so old!"

Mike cracked a smile at his father before he commented lightly, "I can't believe my parents are alive let alone that I have siblings. I just wish I could see you guys."

James and Lily looked at each other, "Harry, we want you to show your eyes to Madam Pomfrey, our friend healer. Maybe, just maybe something could be done."

Mike looked skeptical but shrugged, "Sure I guess."

Lily smiled brightly just as Neal Caffrey entered, "sir?"

Mike looked at Caffrey, "Neal, we need to put that tracking anklet on you."

Neal rolled his eyes, "I was rather hoping you forgot."

Mike laughed, "Unfortunately, no. Whats his name, Peter Burke has sent me atleast ten emails and twenty texts telling me to put that anklet on you."

"A tracking anklet?"

Mike turned to James, "Yes. Neal here happens to be a criminal who has been loaned to me."

James looked surprised at that before Mike pulled a thin band out of his pocket. Neal groaned as he stuck his leg on a chair. Mike leaned forward, groping a bit before finding the leg and attaching the anklet. He locked it with a small key before saying, "It is currently set to three locations – Hogwarts, Order headquarters and this house."

Neal nodded and left before Mike turned to look at James and Lily again. Lily asked softly, "You said you would see Madam Pompfrey?"

Mike shrugged, "I am pretty sure nothing can be done about my sight but I also know that you won't belive it until I see a healer so sure."

Lily smiled happily and grabbed Mike's arm pulling him to his feet, "Great! Lets go now."