I can't - what the hell am I doing? This isn't good. Starting new stories. No. That's really not good at all. -.-'

I couldn't resist. NamiKai, it's a pairing that must be acknowledged more. Come on, where have all the yuri writers gone?

Pairings: Namine/Kairi, Namine/Roxas, Sora/Kairi

Rating: T+ (For quite a bit of profanity and then some)





I've been sitting here in this same spot, eyes glued to the computer screen for over half an hour. The small black words, read like billboards. They burn into the rims of my eyes. I'm not sure if it's staring unblinkingly at the screen that's causing my eyes to water, or the actual statement. I don't ponder on it, considering this disaster is occupying my thought process.

It's at this moment I officially hate Facebook. Not that I didn't hold any ill-will for this particular social network prior to the newfound hate. All the time-line shit and stupid apps they've been trying to shove down my throat were contributing factors to the hate. But those were tolerable. At least it wasn't this.

My eyes reread the notification on the newsfeed, absorbing the names, and each word. I don't exactly know why I've been staring at it for this long. Perhaps, my poor melted mass-induced brain believes that the words will magically alter this supposed error appearing on my laptop screen.

Kairi Lockhart went from being "single" to "in a relationship".

Facebook is the epitome of shittiness and stupidity and… and just stupid. My fingers scratch the smooth keyboard of the computer, as I finally let my eyes tear away from the statement. I don't even count the number of likes that are already forming beneath that headline news.

This is stupid. It's so stupid I'm tempted to log into my Myspace account that I've lied about deleting, because apparently that's the most embarrassing thing in the world to have. At least Myspace wouldn't have screamed this calamity ON MY HOMEPAGE!

My hand moves over the mouse pad. I tell myself to log out, and not to troll around little miss perfect's profile because that's just pathetic. But a few seconds in, I don't even realize what I'm doing until I'm seeing said girl's face smiling at me. Stupid pictures. Stupid likes. Stupid Facebook.

And then I see my own face smiling back at me, reeking of deception of my current feelings. The stupid girl doesn't even have the decency to get rid of this disgusting proof of what we once were. I'm smiling, my arm interlocked with… hers. She's looking at me and the sight makes me want to yell at my computer. Idiot, as if she were really there. I fidget in my seat, nearly chucking the laptop in the process.

Instead, I exit out of her albums, disgruntled by the fact that she still has a fucking album called Me and My Bestie. I scoff. We were hardly besties. I move the mouse towards the logout box, but something catches my eye.

Kairi Lockhart is now in a relationship with Sora Highwind.


"-Naminé, dear are you out of the shower yet?" The sound of my mom's voice coming closer makes me scramble to snap my lap top shut, and tuck it neatly beneath my pillow. I sprawl across my bed, and pat around for a book. It's not like my mother doesn't understand my predicament.

She knows.

She just doesn't know the full extent of it all. And I don't need her finding out any time soon. Her face pops around the doorway, a small sympathetic smile adorning her face.

"Oh, your hair's dry." She comments. I clear my throat uncomfortably, giving her a cheery, fake smile.

"Yeah, sorry, I should've told Cloud as soon as I got out." I apologize quickly, knowing that was a load of bullshit. But I'm not too preoccupied with the lie, I'm more worried about maintaining that smile. I look away, shifting my eyes to the book pretending to read.

"Right, well dinner's ready." She says softly, as if speaking too loudly would break me. I glance at her, noticing that she was staring sadly at my closet door… which was open! Holy crap!

A wave of embarrassment hits me as I stare at my picture adorned closet door. Each picture is of (oh guess who?) her, and each of the pictures has big X's over them. Occasionally a few of them have derogatory names like, bitch, slut, whorebag, etc…

My mom coughs, turning around and walking out the door. A sigh of relief escapes my lips as I rise from my position. I pause at the door, examining each crossed out picture. Some were just of her. And to my disdain, a lot of them had me – or some part of this pathetic idiot– in the picture. And to my complete and utter annoyance, few of them had Sora in it… That little bitch is going next on the X-ing out.

My eyes narrow, when I notice one of the pictures is unmarked. It's of her (obviously) with her arms wrapped around me, lips pressed against my cheek. That ridiculously flushed face on the photo!Naminé makes me growl. I reach for the red marker, uncapping it with my teeth. Rage is already boiling in the pit of my stomach. However, I stop short a few inches from the picture.

A stupidly miniscule part of me has casted a force field over this dinky little picture. It's saying "Halt!"and for the life of me I can't move past those few inches. Frustrated, I opt to desecrating the biggest picture I have of Sora. The buck teeth offer little comfort.

Stupid Sora. He has to be the biggest fool out of the three of us.

Kairi Lockhart is now in a relationship with Sora Highwind.

The words burn beneath my eyelids. This is so stupid. She must be doing this on purpose. If only he knew she's as gay as fucking window. I roll my eyes, tossing the red marker back on the desk. With a huff and a last look at the unmarked picture, I slam the closet door shut, locking her back inside. I feel a humorless chuckle peel from my lips as I think of the irony. Well, she can stay locked in there if she wants because I DON'T CARE.

I crawl back into my bed, pulling the laptop from beneath the pillows. Before I do something stupid, like posting hate comments all over that fire-crotch bitch's wall, I sign out. The Facebook login screen stares at me for a few seconds, before I quickly type an address on the browser.

The Myspace home screen welcomes me. I type in my login, waiting as the page loads. It's been years since the last time I logged in. When the page finally loads, I understand why.

Myspace became too mindfucking for my pathetic brain to comprehend.



Shall it be continued? Shall it be obliterated? The world may never know. Except me, of course. Reviews are exceptionally encouraging, and loved, and adored.