"Goodnight, mom, night, Dad."

"Goodnight, sweetie."

Aria and Ezra walked downstairs and into the kitchen to finish washing the dishes from dinner. It was 8:00 on Friday night and they had just finished putting the girls to bed. They normally let them stay up until 9 on the weekends, but they had a busy day tomorrow. Aria was taking Olivia and Alexa to Hanna's studio for the photo shoot and Ezra was taking Elizabeth with him and Toby to the movies and the park.

"So, what movie did you and Toby decide on taking Liz to see?" Aria asked as Ezra handed her a fork to put into the dishwasher

"Well, Toby voted for Chernobyl Diaries and I actually thought it was a good idea," Ezra stated silently laughing at the incredulous look Aria gave him.

"You are definitely not talking my 2 and a half year old to see that."

"Relax, baby. I was just kidding. Probably Madagascar 3 or something along those kid-friendly lines," He smiled down at her as he handed her the final plate and turned off the faucet. "What time do you need to get Liv and Lex up tomorrow?"

"Well, Hanna said the photo shoot starts at 9:30, so probably about 8. They already took a bath and Hanna said they can just go in pajamas since she has all the clothes for them at the studio."

Ezra nodded, "I still don't see how we got roped into this. Couldn't Hanna just find actual child models?"

"Probably, but what could I say? The girls got on their hands and knees and begged me."

Ezra shook his head playfully as he led Aria into the living room and sat on the couch, pulling her into his lap. "They have you wrapped around their fingers."

Aria scoffed, "Oh, like you're any better? No matter what they ask you the answer's always 'Yes.' You do realize they're going to run all over you when they're teenagers, right?"

"That's probably true, but if one of them does something crazy like sleeping with their teacher, at least we'll know all the signs." Ezra smirked as Aria picked up a throw pillow from the couch and smacked him over the head with it. "Hey, that wasn't very nice," Ezra said, rubbing his head with a mock hurt expression

"Yeah, well, neither was that comment."

"You know I was just kidding. I happen to very happy with outcome of the relationship with a certain former student of mine," Ezra stated cheekily which elicited a giggle from Aria.

"I love you," she said as she leaned her back into his chest, laying her head back on his shoulder.

"I love you too." He kissed the top of her head gently and wrapped his hands around her stomach, rubbing his thumbs over it in circles. "I can't wait until there's another little Fitz in here."

Aria smiled, "Me either, we make beautiful babies."

"That we do, my love, that we do."

They both sighed in contentment. They cherished moments like this. These days, they were both always on the go. Raising three young girls all under the age of ten kept them on their toes for the majority of the day. That along with their jobs which required them to be up relatively early and grading papers late into the night made for very little time to just relax with each other.

"Your dad and I had an interesting encounter with someone the other day." Ezra stated after a few moments of comfortable silence.

"Really? With who?"

Ezra hesitated for a moment before he spoke. "Um, Noel Kahn." He winced as Aria shot up from his embrace and spun around in his lap.

"Noel? Where? Why?"

"Relax, honey I –"

"You tell me that you were talking to an insane creep a couple of days ago and you expect me to relax? What happened?"

"Okay, well, remember the other day when your dad's car wouldn't start when he was about to leave Hollis?"

Aria nodded indicating that she remembered and Ezra continued. "Well, he went with me and Lizzie to pick up Livi and Lexi before we dropped him off at your parents house. We went into the playground area to get them and as we were about to leave, Noel stopped us."

"Wait, he was around my children? You let him be around my children?" She got up from his lap completely and started pacing around the living room. "Why would you let that happen, Ezra?"
"I didn't let anything happen, Aria. I don't want our children around that asshole anymore than you do." Ezra was getting upset that Aria was seeming to blame the whole encounter on him and that she was referring to the girls as just hers.

"Well then why the hell was he?" Aria threw her hands up exasperatedly

"Look, he came up to me while the girls were with your father and me. I didn't want him to be there. I didn't want to hear his snide remarks about you. I didn't want to hear him insult our parenting skills. I didn't want to be around the jerk at all. He initiated the damn conversation, if you could even call it that. So don't go blaming all of this on me when I didn't even want it to happen in the first place."

Aria shook her head at him, scoffed, and walked away towards the stair case.

"Where are you going?"

"To bed."

"Aria, you can't honestly be mad at me for something that wasn't even my fault."

Aria turned on her heel and put her hands on her hips. "You should have gotten out of the school faster. You should have ignored him when he tried to stop you. You shouldn't have engaged him in a conversation at all, but most importantly, you should have told me right after it happened. Goodnight."

Ezra watched as she began to walk up the stairs. "Well where am I supposed to sleep?"

"We have an extra bedroom. The couch is also open." Aria stated simply before she closed their bedroom door.

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