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They had first been introduced to each other as children.

Vinny and Modo had been pulled from their homes on a school day and were taken to a military base by some of the adults where they were then taken to a holding cell, located on the far side of the base and had been stopped outside of a cell with a small russet furred mouse with nearly waist length long light brown hair, laying on a cot on it's side.

Facing away from them.

The small body had been missing fur in some places and was covered in bruises and wounds with dry blood on them. The little shirt and pants the small form had been wearing were tattered almost beyond repair and also stained with dried blood.

Vinny had started to walk up to the bars of the cell when a heavy hand on his shoulder stopped him as one of the adults said, "Careful son. That kid has gone through a severe trauma and no longer knows friend from foe. He's ripped out three soldiers throats already. And killed four more during transport for getting too close to him and trying to touch him."

Modo peered into the cell at the huddled little figure with a frown as he wondered, Then why are we here?

What reason could the military have for bringing them, mere children, here? "We brought you two here because we thought you might be of some comfort to him. Maybe bring him out of his funk and restore his mind to semi functioning order."

"How exactly are we supposed to do that?" Modo asked in a dark tone. Not liking the fact that the little one's wounds had obviously gone untreated.

Such cruelty was prohibited among their kind because there were so few of them scattered here and there all over the planet. Allowing even one person who was wounded to suffer, was considered a mortal sin. And was punishable by death.

Yet something about the little one had the adults severely rattled. And somehow Modo got the feeling that it wasn't the fact that the kid had already killed some of their men.

No it was something else. Something that the adults weren't telling them. Modo made a tsking sound as his tail gave an irritated flick as he turned to the pair of soldiers that had brought them to the base and growled. "Get me a first aid kit and stay the hell out of our way." If he and his brother were supposed to help the little one then they could be the most helpful away from the men with guns.

The soldiers looked a bit pissed at being told what to do by some snotty little kid. Even if said kid was big enough to pass as a teenager at the age of ten.

But after Modo lost his patience and kicked them both in the head a few times the two all but scrambled to do as he asked while Vinny knelt down at the bars and made soft cooing sounds. While Modo took up a protective position behind his younger brother and waited to see what would happen.

At first nothing happened. The little one didn't even awknowledge their presence. But Vinny was a persistant little fella when he wanted to be and as it so happened now was one of those times. He kept speaking in low tones and cooing at the little one even as the soldiers returned and dropped the first aid kit on top of one of Modo's feet then ran away as if they were scared.

The grey furred youngling narrowed his eyes at the adult's retreating backs, and made a low almost growling sound then turned his attention back to the little one in the cell at the same time Vinny yelped and fell back against his legs.

Modo blinked down at his younger brother then glanced at the little figure crouched down on the other side of the bars, staring at them as a thin brown colored tail snaked out from between the bars, and wrapped around the first aid kit's handle a second before it was jerked through the bars and the little one retreated back to the cot.

"Uh-huh." Modo said as if something had just clicked in his mind. Vinny looked up at his older brother with a funny expression as Modo tapped him on the shoulder and then motioned for him to get back out of the way. Vinny moved and got back up onto his feet as Modo knelt down and started talking. "You look like you've had a rough time of it."

The little one paused in opening the first aid kit and looked at him warily before reaching into the kit and starting to pull out some stuff. "You lost your family didn't you?" Modo asked. Again he got nothing but a wary look from the little one before it went back to work on pulling things out of the kit.

"And on top of that you were probably marked for experimentation by the soldiers here..." Which was entirely possible since the martian government was always looking for new potential soldiers. However the only draw back to this fact was that the ones brought in for experimentation usually suffered phychotic breaks, attacked their own kind, or even died while being experimented on.

This time Modo got a reaction. A low feral sounding growl escaped the little one as it peeled it's lips back from it's teeth. "They probably marked you as expendable because you have no family left..." The growling got a little louder and a little more angry. Of course you'd be upset. Anyone marked as expendable would feel the same. Especially when their life would be thrown away as if it were nothing.

"There's a way around that. If you were adopted that is." The growling stopped abruptly and Modo had to bite the inside of his cheek to keep from smirking. He'd always wanted a little brother/sister to balance things out at home. However he'd given up that dream ever since his and Vinny's fathers had died. "Our mom has an extra few rooms at home. We could talk to her and see if you can stay with us... You could be my little brother-" A soft growl was the little one's response and Modo chuckled softly.

"Sorry. Or my sister." The growling stopped again and Modo sensed movement more than he saw.

Whatever experiments had been done on the waif, it had sure made him/her fast. And he/she moved so stealthily, not even the tattered clothing he/she was wearing seemed to rustle. Modo looked down as the little one stood on the other side of the bars looking at him. The expression blank though Modo got the sense that the waif was somewhat hopeful.

After all who wanted to live and die in a cell? He slipped one of his hands through the bars, despite the fact that common sense told him that he might have it ripped off and thrown back at him, but even so he wasn't afraid. Something in the waif tugged at his protective instincts in a similar fashion to Vinny. "Would you like to come home with me and my brother? We could tell our mom that we found you and decided to keep you." He said half jokingly.

Surprisingly the waif's lips quirked a little bit as he/she reached out and took his hand in it's own for a moment. The touch was astonishingly gentle for one so unstable. I guess that's a yes then. "Vinny, think you can pick the lock on this cell?"

Vinny looked from him to the waif and looked a bit uncomfortable but nodded his head as he said hesitantly. "Yeah. Sure. No problem."

"Then do it." Modo said in an impatient tone as his tail flicked again.

The waif looked up at him from under it's long shaggy looking light brown bangs and Modo caught the smallest glimpse of cerulean blue that was so dark it bordered on violet just before the waif lowered it's head and broke eye contact. Probably to make himself/herself appear more timid than he/she actually was.

A tactic that probably helped the waif get the drop on the soldiers. But it wouldn't work on Modo or Vinny. There was a clicking sound, and the lock on the cell fell away and Modo felt the waif start to slip it's hand from his and made a low warning sound and tightened his grip on the smaller hand a fraction and said, "Don't even think about it."

The waif gave him a quick wide eyed look. As if silently asking how he knew it was planning something and Modo just gave his new sibling a knowing grin as he bent down a little bit so that he and the waif were eye to eye. "You can't get the drop on me kiddo. I've been ambushed far too many times not to be paranoid. But if you want to try your luck sometime then I'm more than up to the challenge... Now, are you ready to go home?"

The waif was silent maybe a little too long which Modo took as a green light to haul the kid outside of the cell and pick him/her up and grab Vinny and run. There was no way in hell he was letting the military take this kid again.