Throttle had known something was going on before anyone else in her family. She had heard the high pitched distant whine of ship engines during her fighting lessons that day. And later on had crawled into bed with Modo with the intention of sneaking out because the whining sounds were getting louder.

She stepped outside of the quiet house and walked a little ways into the yard and stood there for a moment watching the sky. The whining was getting louder, the sound piercing her mind and dragging an old memory to the surface.

Flames. Bodies. Unimaginable pain- followed by the keening wail of a small child as she sat on her knees next to two prone and unmoving bodies, crying.

"Mommy! Daddy!" Small hands reached out tentatively and touched one then were jerked back smeared crimson as someone came running up behind her.

"Get up!" The voice said urgently as one of her upper arms was grabbed and partially dragged up. But her legs refused to work. "Get up!" The voice said again, this time more fiercely.

"Mommy... Daddy..." She sobbed as she strained to get back to where she had been. She heard a disgusted snort and felt something hit her cheek hard enough to sting and force her head to the side as the person holding onto her arm snarled.

"Dammit, youngling, they are dead! You cannot bring them back to life. Now move it. Or do you want to die here? Like they did?" She sniffled and looked back at her parents with tear filled eyes, noting that their bodies were cleaved in half and thought about what the elder had just said to her.

No. She didn't want to die here. Not like they had.

She wanted to live. Become an adult. Have younglings of her own- that had always been her mother and father's dream.

She felt the elder holding her arm tug on it and gritted her teeth and forced herself to her feet. She looked up at the elder for a second and saw him give her a sad smile before saying. "All will be well little one. I'll not let anyone hurt you."

Several months after the attack on her people, the elder had gotten seperated from her in a martian city and she never saw him again after that. Though she did look for him. In fact that was what had brought her to the martian mice's attention in the first place.

But she would never forget the sound of the engines that had brought about the demise of her flesh and blood. Her eyes flashed from blue violet to crimson as she felt her body contorting along her shoulders, and spine. Her fingernails lengthened to talons as the skin of her back split apart and large blue scaled wings ripped free.

A few seconds later she was climbing up a vine that ran along the far side of the house and hoisted herself up onto the roof and spread her wings. If the same people that had killed her family were here- then her new family was in danger.

Driven by an deeper instinct that she didn't understand, she took to the air and headed towards the whining sounds. Ten minutes later she saw three ships armed with blasters, each one seperating and heading into different directions. One of which whizzed by her and headed towards the house. Worried that her family might be in more danger than she had initially thought, she flipped herself around in midair and followed the ship.

It dove and Throttle instinctively folded her wings and let herself free fall through the air. Her sight dimmed for a moment, her hair whipped around her face with so much force that it raised welts along her cheeks, neck and shoulders. The ship pulled up.

And Throttle unfolded her wings to slow her descent as she reached out and used one hand to dig her talons into the side of the vessel as it started to pass her again. Lurching painfully, her shoulder and arm feeling like there were about to be ripped off as she dug her talons form her other hand into the ship's side and started to climb up.

She reached the top of the ship and noted automatically that this wasn't a normal martian ship. It was far too small, and the design was off. It had far too many weapons too. She'd already counted nine different types. Three of which were disintegrators. To her knowledge martians didn't have such weapons.

The technology needed for such weapons was simply far too advanced.

The ship's weapons moved, startling her almost to the point where she let go of the ship. But not before she saw what it was aiming at. A second later a siren blared and Throttle made a low growling sound as she started to rip pannels off of the ship. The ship started to lose a bit of elevation and she paused in the middle of ripping off one of the guns and looked down.

Her family was outside of the house, a good fifty feet away from the house when one of the other guns went off and there was a loud Fwoom as her home went up in red orange flames. Bits and pieces of burnt toys and clothing and glass raining down from the sky over where the house used to be as a purplish mist wafted up from the ground.

She saw Modo herding Vinny and Momma as fast as he could towards the hidden shelter in one of the caves in the hills over a mile or so away from the house. Throttle watched him pull his shirt collar up over his nose and heard the faint sound of his voice barking out the order to try not to breathe too much, that the air in that area was turning toxic, as she ship flew over their heads.

Sniffing at the air, as the ship flew through, Throttle inwardly cringed at the strong smell of oily decay reached her nose. Modifying her body a little bit to give herself lungs that could breathe the posion without being too affected by the fumes and made her way closer to the cockpit. And then lengthened one of her talons into a massive claw the length and width of her forearm and searched the cockpit through foggy glass.

Looking for the pilot.

She caught a slight movement from within and with a grim smile plunged her claw down through the tempered glass and was rewarded by a spray of crimson as her claw sank into flesh, bone, and then the soft tissue of the pilots skull.

Satisfied that the pilot wouldn't be of any further trouble she dislodged herself from the hull of the ship and let herself glide down to safety as the ship crashed.