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Chapter 1

"What's Kaiba doing here?" asked Joey while staring at the CEO.

"He is here for the same reason we all are, to see the Pharaoh off." Ishizu replied.

"So he does believe." Joey stated with a great amount of astonishment in his voice, while scratching his blonde head.

"Yes he does." Said Ishizu with a matter a fact tone, as if it was nothing. The rest of the gang where all having mixed feelings about the ceremonial duel that was about to take place. They were all standing outside of the tomb waiting to enter. Just the group of spectators were entering the tomb, a loud jet was heard overhead. The entire group looked up to see what had caused the interruption.

"Hey Kaiba, isn't that one of your Blue Eyes White Jets?" Tea said while pointing to the sky.

"I only have one," The CEO replied with annoyance in his voice, "but yes it is my jet."

"Big brother, I thought Krista took the Blues Eyes White Jet to her meeting with Pegasus?" Mokaba said as he was shielding his eyes from the bright sun and watching the jet land.

"She did, Mokaba" Snapped Seto as he crossed his arms over his chest, "apparently she finished negotiations early." If the appearance of the jet surprised the gang, the appearance of the driver was even a bigger shock.

As the jet opened a girl with white skin, long legs and more curves than a race track stood up and exited the jet. Her hair was waist long and mostly white with a few blue highlights that glistened in the Egyptian sun.

"Atem," Yugi asked, "Do you see what I see?"

"If you are referring to the girl dressed like an Egyptian Vail Dancer with a twist, than yes." Atem replied.

Krista was wearing a white and blue top that looked like a bikini top, with a long flowing blue skirt. She was wearing gold earrings that touched her shoulders and two necklaces that settled directly between her breasts. One necklace was gold with several gems on it, the other didn't seem to match her outfit at all, but any duelist could tell that it was a holder for a Duel Monster's deck and on her left arm was a Duel Disk.

Kaiba walked up to Krista looked at her and stated, "Imzadi, what are you doing here? I figured you would have gone back to KC headquarters when you were done pitching project DA to Pegasus?"

"I am confused," stated Joey.

"Wouldn't be the first time, Mutt." Kaiba interrupted.

Joey just glared at Kaiba, and continued while staring at the new comer "Who exactly are you? I mean are you're a duelist? I don't remember you being in any tournaments."

Krista raised her left arm in the air showing off her duel disk. "No I just like wearing a Duel Disk on my arm because I think it makes a cool accessory." Snapped Krista and Seto smirked. "Of course I'm a duelist, My name is Krista Klearity and as far as tournaments go, they are not really my thing so I don't participate in them much and to answer your question, Seto," She turned back facing Kaiba. "I was originally going to do back to Kaiba Corp headquarter, but then changed my mind. Or should I say it was changed for me." Krista stated while glaring at Ishizu. "Ishizu blackmailed me; she said that she wanted a rematch with me and if I refused to come to Egypt right this second than she would take it as declining a challenge and take away my title as Queen of the Underground, by default. Naturally I won't let that happen so here I am to see her finish her so called Tomb Keeper duties and then show her just why I'm known as the queen."

"If your name is Krista Klearity, why did Kaiba call you Imzadi?" Tristan asked. Both Krista and Kaiba looked at each other trying to figure out a lie to cover up the term of endearment that Seto had slipped up saying.

Finally Krista said, "Imzadi is French for Personal Assistant. You see as a negotiator for Kaiba Corp I need to speak many languages and Seto likes to keep me on my toes so that I can speak whatever language is necessary for the tasks at hand, and my next assignment is in France so he wanted to make sure I could understand French."

"That makes since." Tea replied. Both Krista and Seto let out the breaths they were holding, however no one noticed.

Mokaba said, "But Krista, you haven't dueled underground in over two years. You aren't really planning on dueling Ishizu with underground rules are you?" with a lot of concern in his voice.

"Hey Mokaba, what is an underground duel?" Duke asked in a whisper.

"The rules are the same, except you have special chokers that are worn around the neck and as you lose life points the chokers administer an electric shock, the bigger the point loss the stronger the shock." Mokaba replied. Duke just stared wide eyed at this news.

"A title is still a title no matter what, I'll defend it until my dyeing day." Krista stated bluntly while stretching her arms in the air.

"Damn, girl your ego is as big as Kaiba's." Joey stated, "I bet I could beat you in a couple of turns, I came in second at Duelist Kingdom.

"And fourth in Battle City." Smirked Kaiba "Trust me, Mutt, you are no match for Krista, she would cream you, not that I wouldn't get some perverse pleasure watching her kick your ass."

At Kaiba"s remark Joey got in his face ready to start a fight. "Okay Rich Boy let's go." Joey stuck in fists in Kaiba's face. Yugi decided he better intervene and got between the two by extending his arms out and push on their chests.

"Guys, we didn't come here to fight, we came here to see Atem off into the afterlife." Yugi pleaded with Joey and Kaiba. They both finally turned around with their backs facing each other.

Mokaba who had been watching what was going on just sighed as Ishizu walked over to Mokaba and said, "To answer your question, Mokaba, No Krista and I won't be dueling with underground rules, I just was playing to her vanity to get her to this event, she needs to be here to understand her past and her destiny." Mokaba looked relieved to hear this piece of news.

"Not more destiny shit, I figured that after we see Yugi, duel his imaginary friend that this hocus pocus nonsense would be over." Stated Kaiba sarcastically.

"Kaiba," Atem said, "Destiny is always with us and isn't nonsense. You of all people should know that," Kaiba was glaring at Atem pondering what he had meant by that comment. "Just look at Krista; doesn't she look familiar to you?"

"Of course she does, she has been my personal assistant and the best business negotiator for Kaiba Corp for over two years," growled Kaiba "However, I think I know where you are going with this Atem, and I don't want to hear it." Kaiba knew that Atem was about to reveal the fact that Krista was the reincarnation of Kisara the peasant girl who died in the arms of the High Priest Seth, which just happened to be Seto's past life, and he really wasn't ready for the geek squad to know about it, after all only he and the Pharaoh knew about that particular event and for now he wanted it to stay that way.

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