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Chapter 136

The group arrived on the grounds of Hogwarts around midnight they noticed that Yugi and Professor Hopkins were already waiting for them. The Court agreed that it would be best if the Professor took Rebecca's body back to America with him. They told Hopkins that they would make sure to get Rebecca's stuff to him. The old professor was too distraught to argue as Sirius levitated Rebecca and Yugi conjured a shadow portal to take Rebecca's body back to America.

Everyone spent the night trying to deal with their grief. Kaiba got to work making funeral plans.

After he was done making the funeral arrangement Seto tried to comfort his little brother, but Mokaba didn't want anything to do with anyone, he just wanted to be left alone. Krista spent the entire night in a depressed state; she didn't want to feel anything anymore. She couldn't help but feel responsible if only her Necklace had shown her Rebecca's death she could have done something to prevent it.

Kaiba noticed his woman's tears and put his arm around her in an attempt to comfort her. "Imzadi, you aren't to blame even if you had foreseen the death of Rebecca and done something to prevent it. Someone else would have taken her place to keep balance you know that."

Tears started to pour down the cheeks of the Royal Sorceress as she spoke. "I can't help but feel responsible, poor Mokie he has been crying all night and throwing things out grief I heard his X-Box crashing into the wall a few moments ago."

Seto sighed he hated seeing the ones he cared about in so much pain. However being who he was his outward appearance didn't show his grief. "Mokaba never really has had to grieve before. He was too young to really remember our father's death and he was a newborn when our mom died. Even when Ishizu died it wasn't too hard on him, he really didn't know her well." The CEO explained.

"Mokie considered Rebecca his best friend and even though he is only 12..." Krista said.

"He turns 13 the beginning of July." Kaiba interrupted.

"He really did love Rebecca. Some would say it is weird to be in love at such a young age." Krista stated.

"I'm just glad today is the last day of school and we can all get out of here." Hermione said. Her eyes were red from crying as she leaned her head on Atem's shoulder for support.

The portrait door swung open and Harry came stomping into the common room. "I can't believe Dumbledore kept me in his office for over four hours."

"What did the old man want?" Atem asked.

"Well first I had to make is seem like I can't control my emotions so while he made me wait in his office I trashed the joint. I picked up and threw everything I could get my hands on. I wanted it to look like I completely lost my temper." Harry said.

"Understandable since the old man thinks you can't use Occlumency. It was brilliant of Sensei to tell you that he told Dumbledore how you saw Serenity kidnapped and held hostage, to help reinforce your failures at Occlumency." Krista said.

"After I spent a good hour trashing the joint, Dumbledore spent the next half hour apologizing left and right for Rebecca's death and said it was his fault because he didn't show me the prophecy sooner so that I would be a wear of my role in bringing down Voldemort something about thinking I was too young to understand or some such shit. He did conveniently leave out the little detail that I have a piece of Voldemort's soul in me!" Harry yelled out in frustration.

"He showed you Trelawney's prophecy?" Hermione asked.

"Yeah, like I really needed to see it again." Harry stated sarcastically. "But before he did that he spent about an hour trying to convince me to go to the Dursleys this summer. He still thinks I don't know that he lied to me about blood wards. Finally I convinced him that the Dursleys aren't my guardians since the moment Sirius became a free man he became my legal guardian by magical law. I told Dumbledore if he wants to take it up with Sirius that I'm spending the summer with you guys then that was his right."

"What happened next?" The Pharaoh asked.

"Well he is concerned we won't come back next year even though we said we would. If I going to take down Voldemort I need more magical training, somehow he does just not understand that concept." Harry said.

"Correction Harry, he doesn't understand the concept that you want to do it your way, not his way." Krista stated.

Harry rolled his eyes before speaking. "Whatever, so after I convinced him that we would be back next year but to expect the same kind of behavior as this year since no one in this dorm wants to be a puppet for him he showed me Trelawney's prophecy and gave me his interpretation of it."

"Let me guess it was a good as Draco's lie to Voldemort regarding Luna's prophecy." Krista teased.

"Actually, Dumbledore came to the same conclusions we had. Although he thinks he knows the power I have that Voldemort doesn't." Harry said with skepticisms dripping from his voice.

"So what is the old man's idea for the power you have that Voldemort doesn't?" Atem asked.

"Okay brace yourselves according to Dumbledore the power I have that Voldemort doesn't is love." Harry said.

"Actually, Harry, that isn't too farfetched of an interpretation. Only an English Magician's egocentric arrogance would think that the word power had to mean a magical power. And we know for a fact that Voldemort doesn't love anyone because he doesn't value his soul he foolishly split it and love lives in the very soul." Krista explained.

"Love is considered by most as the most powerful of all emotions." Hermione added.

"Dumbledore did say in my first year that the reason Voldemort couldn't kill me was because my mum died for me, causing me to be protected from him. He also was in physical pain when he tried to physically lay a hand on me. However he found a way around it when he used my blood to resurrect his body, now my mum's sacrifice runs though his blood as well as mine. Still doesn't mean I trust what he says." Harry said.

"None of us trust him. But only a fool would disregard everything that man says since he does know things, he just doesn't tell anyone what he knows." Kaiba remarked.

"So do you think Dumbledore is correct?" Harry asked.

"Who knows and who really cares. If you do have a magical power that Voldemort doesn't have you'll find out when it reveals itself. If you don't you don't it won't matter you have us, and as a group we will help you complete your destiny." Krista stated.

"I better start packing." Harry said.

"That is right we are secluded to head out right after the end of term feast. Roland should be landing on the grounds in the KC chopper by dinner time then we will take it to my luxury jet to head to America for Rebecca's funeral." Kaiba said.

"Why are we taking your chopper and jet, instead of just a portal?" Harry asked.

Kaiba smirked. "We are taking the chopper because Hogwarts doesn't have a runway otherwise I'd have my luxury jet land here. I'm going to spend sometime this summer after the tournament to rectify that. I want to arrive in September on my luxury jet."

"Interpretation Seto wants to make a grand exit this year and a grand entrance in September." Krista teased.

"That and we do have everyone's luggage. Marik, Bakura and Yugi took everyone to Professor Hopkins's home for safety that way they would have three trained sorcerers incase the Death Eaters want some revenge. So that means all their stuff is here." Hermione added.

"I'm not packing the Tomb Robbers stuff he probably has it rigged to explode." The High Priest belted out.

"Actually he said none of his stuff is booby trapped. He did take the Sword of Gryffindor with him. He was starting to get worried that the old man might try to get if from him so he wanted to start carrying it with him. I just hope he doesn't try to cut the wedding cake with it." Krista stated.

"Okay people let's start to get things packed up. My Queen, I want you to do our stuff, High Priest do yours and the Royal Sorceresses. Chosen One, you do yours and Yugi's. I'll help Mokaba do his, since I'm not sure he will be able to get his done. He has been upset since Rebecca was killed. Royal Sorceress do the Tomb Keepers and Rebecca's."

Krista started to have tears run down her cheeks. "I'm not sure I can do Rebecca's and not spend the whole time crying." She said as a popping sound entered the common room.

They gang found themselves staring at Dobby. "Dobby has brought some coffee, tea and crumpets for Harry Potter and his friends. Dobby heard about Rebecca Hopkins and Dobby is very sad. Dobby liked Rebecca Hopkins." Dobby said as he placed the tray filled with goodies on the table.

Kaiba was looking at the elf when he got an idea. "Dobby are you busy, if you aren't I have a favor to ask. I will pay you with the coolest article of clothing if you do it." Kaiba said.

"What can Dobby do for Seto Kaiba CEO of Kaiba Corp?" Dobby asked.

"I need you to pack up Rebecca's stuff in her room so that we can take it to Rebecca's grandfather." Kaiba said.

Big tears formed in the elf's eyes. "Dobby would be glad to help. Rebecca Hopkins was always so nice to Dobby sometimes she and Mokaba Kaiba would sneak into the kitchens to see Dobby and Dobby would give them Chocolate Parfaits." Dobby explained.

"I was wondering who had been sneaking sweets to Mokaba, when he would show up on a sugar high." Krista teased.

"Hey Dobby, can you bring Mokie a Chocolate Parfait?" Kaiba asked. "I think it would help him feel a little better, he is really grieving over losing Rebecca."

"Dobby will be right back, does Seto Kaiba want one too?" Dobby asked.

"I don't really like sweets but thanks for asking." Kaiba replied.

Dobby popped out of the common room. While he was gone Kaiba went to his room and brought out his favorite trench coat. Krista looked at it before speaking. "What is with the trench coat lover, you can't get out of your robes yet. You'll fall victim to the contract if you do."

"Watch and lean, Royal Sorceress." Kaiba said as he pulled out his wand and made a duplicate copy of his trench coat.

"Now you have two." Harry said.

"I actually have extras at the manor, but only one here." Kaiba said as he cast a shrinking charm on the duplicate trench.

Krista started to laugh as she looked at the miniature copy. "You never cease to amaze me, lover."

Dobby popped back into the common room with the chocolate parfait. "Dobby is back with the sweet for Mokaba Kaiba." Dobby said as he handed the parfait to Kaiba.

"Thanks Dobby." Kaiba said as he went over to Mokaba's room and knocked on the door.

"I don't want to be disturbed just leave me alone!" Mokaba yelled as a huge crash was heard radiating from the room. Apparently Mokie had just thrown his portable TV/DVD player at the door.

"Mokie, it isn't good for you to be alone. Please come out of your room. I have a chocolate parfait for you." Kaiba said. He really hoped the chocolate would coax his little brother out of the room.

The door slowly opened. Mokaba's eyes were blood shot from crying all night. "Really big brother, you will let me have chocolate right now."

"You need to deal with your loss and I believe the chocolate might help." Seto said as he held the desert out to Mokie. "You don't have to grieve alone. You have me, and Krista and your friends we want to help you."

Mokaba took the parfait, walked over and sat down on the couch. He spent several minutes just staring at it before taking a bite. "It sure is yummy." He said as he continued to eat his desert in silence.

"You must be feeling generous to risk getting Mokaba on a sugar high." Atem said.

"He is my brother and I want to help him, I think having his favorite sweet might help him with is grief." Kaiba reasoned.

"I highly doubt even the sugar would make Mokie hyper right now he is too full of grief." Krista added.

When Mokaba was done with his chocolate he walked over to Seto and gave him a big hug. "Thanks, big brother I needed that. Will you help me fix my stuff? I've never cast a repairing charm." He said.

"As soon as I'm done packing my stuff I'll help you fix your stuff." Kaiba said.

"Seto, I know that you most likely have already taken care of funeral arrangements, but make sure Becky is wearing pink. Pink was her favorite color." Mokie said.

"It's already taken care of Mokaba." Kaiba said.

"I'll go start packing now." Mokaba said as tears started to flow from his eyes again. He felt like his heart was broken and it would never be repaired. He swore to himself that the next time he crossed paths with Pettigrew that the guy would pay for what he did.

Seto walked over to the elf. "Thanks, for bringing my brother the chocolate and here is the article of clothing I promised you for helping us pack Rebecca's stuff." Kaiba said as he held out the miniature replica of his white trench coat.

Dobby's eyes filled with tears of happiness as he took the trench coat from Kaiba. "Thank you Sir, no one has given Dobby a cloak before." The elf said as he put it on and headed to Rebecca's room to pack up her stuff.

The rest of the group got to work packing up everything. The entire dorm was packed up in less than an hour. Everyone had pulled the trunks from the bedrooms and placed them in an organized fashion in the common room. They made sure all the pets were secured in their traveling cases before heading to the great hall for the end of term feast.

While walking to the Great Hall the gang bumped into Luna. Her eyes were filled with sadness. "I am so sorry about Rebecca." She said as she posted a poster on the wall.

"What are you doing Luna?" Krista asked.

"All of my things have mysteriously disappeared, but since today is the last day I do need them back. So I'm posting a list of the things that are missing." Luna replied airily.

"Do you want some help looking?" Harry asked.

"No need, my mum always said that things you lose find their way back. I think I'll go to the feast now, I sure hope they have pudding there." Luna said airily as she left the corridor and headed to the Great Hall.

When the gang arrived at the great hall they noticed it was decorated in green and silver. "It looks like Slytherin won the House Cup this year." Harry said.

"Are you really surprised, Harry? With the Inquisitorial Squad being able to deduct house points no other house stood a chance?" Hermione stated.

They gang sat down at the Gryffindor table when they were approached by Professor Snape. "Sensei, what brings you to our table this evening?" Atem asked.

Snape not wanting to be overheard by the whole table cast a muffling charm around the group of duelists before speaking. "I've just been informed about Bellatrix and I need complete answers."

Kaiba smirked. "You won't get the full answers; you should know that by now. However you are good at deducing things, so ask your questions and use your brain."

"How long will she be like that?" Snape asked.

"She will be seeing her visions for a year, after the year is up her soul will be fully extracted from her. She will never harm another human again. I want you to inform Draco of it. I think he can use this information to his advantage." Krista said.

"Can the spell be broken?" Snape asked.

"Nope it is the judgment from a Shadow Game!" Atem said.

"Who is responsible for it?" Snape asked.

"Who do you think?" Krista said.

Snape noticed the tone in Krista's voice and knew she was the one who had punished Bellatrix. However he would do what she asked and relay the information to Draco. What she thought Draco would do with it Snape had no idea and right at the moment he didn't care. He just really wanted to have a week off without having to deal with the strain of being a three way spy. "I'll see you all later." Snape said as he left the table and headed for the staff table.

Once the entire school was in the Great Hall the four house tables filled with food. They student were mostly eating in silence. What little talking that was done was all bickering about how Slytherin shouldn't have won the House Cup. Krista couldn't help but shake her head at this. She knew that she and the court still had their work cut out for them. It seemed that some things wouldn't change. It is one thing to have healthy competition it is another to use that competition to promote segregation and prejudice.

Kaiba leaned over and whispered to Krista. "Is it just me or are two students missing this feast."

Krista snickered. "Ginny texted me earlier today and said she and the Black Dragon found that the Room of Requirement makes a really great hotel room. And if anyone asks where she is tell them she was too depressed to eat, I'm not sure what lie the Black Dragon came up with but knowing his style it convinced his entire house."

"I say once we are on my luxury jet we follow that example." Kaiba suggested.

"I'll meet you in the on board conference room once we take flight, Mr. Kaiba." Krista said flirtatiously causing Seto to squirm in his chair as he felt his desire for his woman increasing.

When everyone was finished eating Dumbledore walked up to the podium. "This year has finally come to an end. With it we have had a great loss. One of our students was killed at the Ministry last night by a Death Eater named Peter Pettigrew. My heart goes out to the family and friends of Rebecca Hopkins. Her presence will be missed next year. I want all of you to be safe this summer and I'll see you all in September. Now off to bed the train leaves in the morning, for those taking the train. For those who are leaving here tonight by other means, have a safe holiday."

The members of the duelist dorm went to their dorm grabbed their trunks. They levitated them out of the castle. They were waiting on the grounds when Kaiba's chopper landed and they started boarding. Everyone was ready to head off so they could deal with saying goodbye to their friend and starting their summer away from the magic of Hogwarts.

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