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Bonus Chapter!

"Okay, have fun then!" Ichigo waved to the Spirits. The little creatures waved back before turning away.

"So... I'll be going with Hanabusa now," Andou told Kashino and Ichigo.

"See you two!" Hanabusa and he started for a store nearby.

"Bye!" Ichigo called cheerfully after them. She turned to Kashino. "Let's get going, too!"

The blond nodded. "Where do you want to go first?"

The brunette's eyes began to sparkle. "To the food court!"

"The... Wha?"

"Let's go!" Ichigo grabbed ahold of Kashino's hand and began to drag him towards the said destination.

"Oi, wait-" The poor guy had no choice but to be directed by the girl.

When the two arrived at the joint of restaurant booths, Ichigo immediately headed for the longest line of people.

"Hey... Why are you getting in the line for Italian food?" Kashino asked as he joined her.

"Because they have a special on ravioli today!" she replied gleefully.

"Ravioli? You like that?" Kashino's eyes widened in surprise.

"Yup! Italian food rules!"

"And I thought you only had an eye for sweets..." Kashino sighed.

"Salty's fine, too," she stated. "Do you like ravioli, Kashino?"

He shrugged. "I'm not a big fan of pasta, but it's not too bad."

"Then you can get into another line for something else, if you want," Ichigo suggested.

"Nah. I'm not that hungry, but I'll stick with you anyway. There are enough people here to get lost easily."

"Are you sure? It's lunchtime..."

"Yeah, I'm fine," Kashino insisted.

"Okay..." Ichigo turned and faced the person standing in front of her. "Oh, we're almost there!"

After the next customer paid, Ichigo stepped up to the cashier and ordered her meal. She handed the money over, took her tray, and gestured for Kashino to follow her.

The two sat at table nearby. Ichigo grinned as she announced, "Itadakimasu!" Following that, she began to dig into her pasta.

Kashino stared at the brunette. She was scarfing her meal down awfully fast...

"Hey, you've got tomato sauce on your face," he pointed to an area on Ichigo's chin.

"Huh? Where?" Ichigo put her fork down and reached up to mouth.


"I don't have a mirror... Could you please point it out for me?"

Kashino exhaled loudly before leaning across the table. He then wiped the sauce off with a finger.

The brunette flushed slightly as she felt his touch. "Y-you could have used a napkin or something..."

"We don't have any," he reminded her.

"Ah... I must have forgotten to grab some back there..." Ichigo laughed nervously.

"Whatever." Kashino stood from his chair. "I'll go wash this off." He walked towards the restrooms.

Ichigo ate the rest of her pasta in silence. When Kashino came back, she'd already finished the whole platter and thrown the trash away.

"Should we get going?" Kashino asked.

"Not quite yet." Ichigo answered. "I need some of that French food!" She jumped up from her seat to run over to the line. "Pot-au-feu~!"

"Oi! But you just ate a whole..." Kashino chased after the brunette. That girl...


"Andou, I'm going to check something out at a different store." Hanabusa put his book back on the shelf.

"Okay, I'll keep reading here," the raven-haired boy answered.

The narcissist walked out of the bookstore and turned left. I'm pretty sure that it's near here... If I remember correctly, the directory said that it should be right around the corner...

Hanabusa soon came before the store he'd sought for. Aha, I was right! "Behold, here it is!"

A huge, bright smile formed on his lips. "Bath & Body Works, here I come!" he happily hooted.


"Hm... I wonder what she'll like..." Andou muttered under his breath. He flipped through book after book. He'd been searching for ten minutes straight now, and none of the novels seemed to fit the image he had in mind.

"It's got to be the perfect present..." The male frowned as he scanned the remaining titles on the shelf. "For her birthday..."

He walked over to the manga section and picked up a graphic novel that seemed girlish. He opened it up and stared at the drawings of school girls eyeing a group of guys. Hm, she might like a romantic-

"Andou-kun? Is that you?" A voice called from behind the guy.

Andou nearly jumped a mile. Heart thudding furiously, he turned to face a familiar girl. "K-Kana-chan?"

"It's such a coincidence to find you here," Kana smiled. She studied the male's facial expression. "Are you okay? And why are you reading a shoujo manga?"

Andou turned pale as he realized he was still grasping the book. "O-oh! I was just... Er... Checking out what girls read! Yeah! Something like that!" he laughed sheepishly.

"Eh...?" The female was confused. "That's... interesting..."

"N-never mind anything!" Andou hurriedly shoved the manga back onto the shelf. "Anyway, are you... uh... free right now?"

"Huh? Oh, yes!" Kana snapped back to attention.

"Since I've got nothing either, do want to... hang out?" Andou asked hesitantly.

Kana's heart flooded with joy. "Sure!"

Andou, reassured, smiled gently. "What do you want to do, then?"

"Hm... I need some new clothes..."

"Let's go find you some!" Andou led her out of the bookstore.


"The Luscious Lavender Collection - on sale!" Hanabusa exclaimed. He took a whiff of the perfumes and sighed. "Ah, such a beautiful scent..."

The male continued on to another display. "Rose-scented perfume! Just perfect~!" He examined the bottles of pinkish liquid.

Taking one, he sprayed a sample of the perfume onto his hand. He inhaled deeply. "Extremely extravagant..."

Nearby girls shifted their gazes toward him and their mouths curled into smiles of admiration. They eagerly sauntered over to Hanabusa.

"Hey, hottie... How ya doing?" The girls asked him.

"Ah, I'm so blessed to have elegant fragrances surrounding me... And now I have such dazzling princesses here..." Hanabusa flicked his bangs swiftly.

The females squealed in delight and continued to chat. As time passed, more and more girls gathered around to fawn over him.

"The essence of pure beauty... is located wherever I go," Hanabusa murmured to himself.


"Mm! So yummy! You should really try some, Kashino!" Ichigo gulped down spoonful after spoonful of her dish.

"No." Kashino wearily gazed at the brunette. "Seriously, when are you going to stop eating?"

"What do you mean? I've only eaten-"

"Ravioli, pot-au-feu, fish and chips, satay, a taco, and now fried rice!" Kashino threw his hands up, frustrated. "What's next? Sushi?"

"Nope, I eat that pretty often," Ichigo stated.

The blond sighed in relief. "Good. Then-"

"I want udon~!" Ichigo suddenly rose from her seat and raced to the line of people.

Kashino groaned loudly. Why do I ever put up with her...?

Ichigo came back a few minutes later with a tray; it contained udon, yakisoba, okonomiyaki and teriyaki chicken.

Kashino almost fainted at the sight. "A-Amano, what..."

"They looked so good; I HAD to buy them!" She licked her lips before partaking.

"You just had to, huh?" The male sighed for the umpteenth time that day. "Well, I should have guessed..."

The food was completely gobbled up within five minutes.

"Amano, we really should spend our time at the mall somewhere else... Not at the food court," Kashino remarked.

"Hm, I guess you're right. I've already tried each category, anyway..." Ichigo threw her trash away and dashed back to Kashino. "What should we do now?"

"I don't need to buy anything... Do you?" Kashino asked.

"Actually... No..." Ichigo muttered.

"You only wanted to eat here, right?" Kashino smirked.

"How did you know?" she replied innocently.

The blond shook his head. "Never mind, let's just look around."

The duo walked down one of the wide halls. They rounded a few corners and looked into the display windows of stores they passed.

"Ooh, look! They have chocolate samples over there!" Ichigo yelped as she grabbed two bon-bons from a booth.

"I don't need one," Kashino told her.

"You should eat it! You haven't eaten anything at all today..." Ichigo insisted.

"No, I'm serious. You have it," he said.

"...I'm saving it for you later." Ichigo wrapped the sweet with a napkin and placed it carefully into her purse. She popped her own into her mouth and savored the flavor.

"So tasty..." she cooed.

Kashino scoffed. "I thought you'd be too full by now to think about food."

"No way! I still have to eat dessert!"

This... annoying... girl... Kashino was starting to lose his patience.

Ichigo stuffed her mouth with confections throughout the entire hour. She bought some cakes and devoured them in a flash. Kashino watched it all in disbelief.

Every time they passed by a booth offering samples, Ichigo eagerly took some.

"AMANO! Stop eating already! You'll get even fatter!" Kashino finally burst into anger. "You've eaten twice the amount of food you're supposed to have daily..."

"But I'm still hungry," she whined.

"What kind of stomach do you have?" Kashino's eye began to twitch.

"I have two, remember? One for salty, one for sweet. The one for sweets is bigger, of course." The brunette skipped towards another booth. "Whoa, cheesecake samples!"

She's not human... Kashino thought in utter disbelief.


"So... What kind of clothes do you want?" Andou inquired.

"Hm... I like skirts and stuff, but I need more pants... Maybe jeans?"

"Okay, we should go over there, then..." Andou gestured toward a store. He and Kana started for it.

"Hey, isn't that Kashino-kun?" Kana pointed to a blond guy who was lecturing a certain brunette.

"And he's with Amano-san," Andou added.

"Let's go see what they're up to," Kana ran up to the two with Andou close behind. "Hi, you guys!"

"Oh, hi." Kashino refrained from the process of scolding Ichigo.

"Kana-chan!" The brunette ran up to her friend and hugged her tightly. "Why are you here?"

"I bumped into Andou-kun at the bookstore," she explained. "And we just thought we'd might as well spend the day together."

"That's good to hear," Ichigo replied.

"So, what were you two doing?" Andou asked Kashino and Ichigo.

"I'm just telling this girl about self-control, after what she did for the past three hours..." Kashino glared at Ichigo.

"What? My belly is never satisfied," the brunette declared.

"You really are..." The blond face-palmed himself.

"Ichigo-chan, what's with your clothes?" Kana exclaimed suddenly.

"Huh? What do you mean?" Ichigo looked down at her attire.

"Your shirt is too short! Are you outgrowing it?"

"Yeah, actually..." she admitted. "My clothes are getting small, but I don't care. I'm not about what I wear anyway, I just care about sweets..."

"Truth to be told, you're just getting fatter from eating too much," Kashino snickered.

"N-no!" Ichigo protested.

"You still shouldn't be forcing yourself to fit in that, though! We need to replace those outgrown clothes of yours!" Kana exclaimed.

"...Okay, fine."

Kana grabbed Ichigo's hand and led her into a clothing store. "Since you agreed to this, I'll pay for you," she told the brunette.

"Ah... Thank you, Kana-chan." Ichigo looked around at the many racks of stylish clothes.

Andou and Kashino walked up from behind. Feeling awkward to be in such a girlish section, they kept their gazes straight on the two females.

"W-we'll wait for you girls over there..." Andou gestured over at the seats outside the dressing rooms. He and Kashino awkwardly sat down there.

Kana and Ichigo went through shelves and racks of tops and bottoms, trying to find anything that seemed appealing and suitable. After ten minutes, Kana put down the pair of jeans she was holding and sighed.

"None of these seem to match my style. I want something more simple and plain..." Kana turned to Ichigo, who was carrying a few outfits. "I'm going to try another store."

"Okay." Ichigo joined Kana in returning to the guys.

When they arrived at the changing rooms, Kashino immediately jumped from his seat at the sight of them. "You're done? Okay, let's get outta here!"

"I can't find what I want here, so I'm going somewhere else with Andou-kun," Kana explained. "Ichigo-chan needs to try on those clothes, so stay here with her and give her feedback on how they look," she told Kashino.


"Ichigo-chan, when you're finished, call me. I'll still pay for you, because you've done so much for me in the past."

"A-are you sure, Kana-chan?"

"Yes. Have fun with Kashino-kun!" Kana waved goodbye before heading out the store with Andou.

Blond and brunette stood in an awkward silence.

"So... uh..." Kashino looked off to the side. "You need to try those clothes on, right?"

"Y-yeah..." Ichigo stared at the collection of clothing in her hands.

"Go in and see how they fit. Surely, you don't need my advice..." Kashino sat back down onto the chair.

Ichigo walked into one of the stalls and clicked the door shut behind her. Kashino sighed as he crossed his arms and waited.

Five minutes later, Ichigo hadn't come out yet. Patience wearing thin, Kashino called, "Are you done yet, Amano?"

"I-I don't know if I should get this or not..." she replied.

"Well, does it fit?"

"Yes, but... It looks sorta weird..."

"What do you mean? Come out and show me!"

"Okay..." Ichigo swung the door open and stepped out. Kashino gasped as he scanned the outfit she was wearing.

The brunette had on a light pink blouse and a creamy white skirt. She looked really mature in the outfit and cute at the same time. Her hair was let down, too. The blond stared in awe at how pretty she looked.

"What's that look for? I look weird, don't I?" Ichigo frowned in dismay.

"N-no! Not at all! I think you look..."

"Look what?"

"You're..." Kashino bit his lip, slightly blushing. She's so adorable... "You're b-beautiful..."

"R-really?" Ichigo's cheeks turned pink. "You think so?" She stared at her reflection in the mirror.

"Yes..." Kashino reassured her.

"Then I'll buy this set." Ichigo cheerfully went back in the changing room. A few minutes later, she came back out in a different outfit. "How does this one look?"

She was wearing short designer jeans. For the top, she wore a teal t-shirt and a black cropped jacket. Kashino was taken aback by the contrast from the last outfit. "Since when did you wear black?"

"It was worth a shot..."

"I don't think it suits you. You'd look better in something with a brighter color."

"I guess you're right..." Ichigo zoomed into the stall once again and stepped back out minutes later. "This one?"

It was a long sleeved shirt with lavender and gray stripes. Her jeans were almond-colored. Kashino nodded in approval, giving her a thumbs-up. "The colors go well with each other."

This process went on for a while, with Ichigo changing into outfit after outfit and Kashino giving her feedback about each one.

After all the clothes had been sorted out, Ichigo grabbed the ones that she wanted and dialed Kana's number.

"Kana-chan, we're done! You can come now... Okay... Uh, huh... Bye!" She hung up.

"Well?" Kashino asked.

"She's on her way from around the corner. Let's just sit down and wait."

"Okay." Kashino sat down on a chair; Ichigo did also. The two looked down on the floor, not speaking to one another.

Why is the atmosphere so tense? I'm suddenly feeling really nervous... Kashino gulped. "Hey, what do want to do later?" he asked the girl.

"Hm... I want a smoothie!" she exclaimed.

The blond almost smacked her in the head. "Baka! Stop thinking about eating all the time!"

"S-sorry..." Ichigo whimpered. She glanced at him. "Nee... What do YOU want to do, Kashino?"

"Huh? Me? I don't know... I just tagged along because you guys wanted to come to the mall," he shrugged.

"Come on! There must be something you want to do!" Ichigo coaxed.

"Well... I heard that they were doing this jazz performance over on the other side," he murmured.

"Then let's go there!" Ichigo smiled. "We'll have a blast listening to your favorite music!"

Kashino grinned back at her. "I guess that'll be fun." This girl is always looking out for others. She's so caring towards me...

"Hey, look at that cute couple over there!" A girl squealed from nearby as she pointed to Kashino and Ichigo.

"Aw, they look so great together!" her friend cooed.

"I know, right?" Another girl added. "They're like, totally perfect for each other!"

"E-eh?" Ichigo blushed madly as her eyes widened in surprise. "W-we're not dating!"

"Yeah..." Kashino's cheeks were red also.

"Really? Oh. You two look like an item, though." The girls walked off.

Ichigo snuck a peek at the blond. Kashino's just a friend. He's nothing exceptionally special to me... He's just a good friend of mine... right?


"The high quality perfumes in this store can never compare to the beauty of you, my dear princesses." Hanabusa blew a kiss and caused several nosebleeds.

"GAH! Hanabusa-sama!" The girls squealed from the Rose Prince's action. There was a whole crowd of them now; many females passing by had been attracted into the store by him.

"Ah, my little flowers of beauty... Each and every one of you is beautiful and sweet; don't ever forget that." Hanabusa took the hand of a nearby girl and kissed it.

The lucky girl burst in delight and fainted. All the others started screaming wildly and begging Hanabusa to kiss them also.

"Oi, what is going on here?" The store manager came out from the storage room. Her mouth fell open in shock as she faced the harem before her.

Hanabusa turned from the girls to meet the gaze of the manager. "Ah, greetings, my dear. Shall I entertain you, too?" he winked.

"You, get out of my store! You're causing such a disruptive commotion! Go!" The lady ordered.

"Ah, if you insist..." Hanabusa sauntered over toward the woman and flashed an irresistible smile. "...cutie."

"O-oh!" The lady immediately dropped the stern expression and wore a love-struck one instead. "Forget what I said; you must stay~! Such a kind, young handsome..." She grinned at him cheekily.

Hanabusa beamed triumphantly to himself. "Ah, I am truly a professional at this."


"I think these will do, Andou-kun. Thanks for waiting." Kana smiled at the male.

"Ah, no problem," he responded. "I'll take them to the cashier, if you want."

"Oh, that's so kind of you! Thank you!" Kana handed the pants over to Andou before he settled in the back of the line.

Not long afterward, a ringtone rang out from Kana's purse. She reached in and pulled out her cellphone, unlocking the screen. "Hello?"

'Kana-chan, we're done! You can come now,' Ichigo announced from the other end of the line.

"Oh, that's good! We'll be there soon. We're just around the corner..."


"Thanks. How was trying on your clothes? Good?"

'Uh, huh.'

"Okay, we'll see you then. Bye!"


As Kana hung up on Ichigo, Andou came back from the check-out counter. "Andou-kun, Ichigo-chan said that she's done, so we'd better get going."

"Sure." Andou walked out the store with her.

The two walked side-by-side. Chemistry was going through the air; however, the two were silent about their personal feelings.

They turned the corner and walked into the store where Ichigo and Kashino were. Kana spotted the familiar brunette and called, "Ichigo-chan!"

"She's here, Kashino!" Ichigo stood up and dashed over to her friend. Kashino followed her. The brunette gave Kana the clothes and watched her pay for them at the cashier.

"So what are you two planning to do after?" Andou turned to Kashino and Ichigo.

"We're heading to the other side to hear the jazz band," Ichigo informed him.

"And you, Andou?" Kashino asked.

"I'll see what Kana-chan wants to do," the raven-haired boy replied.

"Here, Ichigo-chan!" Kana handed the bag of clothes to Ichigo while she trotted back from the cashier.

"Thanks, Kana-chan!" Ichigo gladly took the bag from her hands.

"What do you want to do now?" Andou asked Kana.

"Hm... I have to leave in half an hour, so my options are limited. Maybe... just a walk around?"

"Sure, I'll go with you, then." Andou stepped towards her.

"That's fine with me." Kana smiled cheerfully and took Andou's hand, causing him to blush. The two waved goodbye to Ichigo and Kashino before walking slowly out the store.

"Jazz time?" Ichigo shifted her gaze on Kashino.

"Yup, let's go!" He led Ichigo out the entrance and headed for the performance with her.

The brunette walked at Kashino's side. She stole a few glances at him, studying his facial expression. He seemed emotionless, but she could see that his eyes contained a bit excitement.

I worry about him sometimes... Is he having fun? He never shows it clearly when he's anticipating something... He's the total opposite from me and yet I feel this special bond between me and him. It's not friendship, but more like true care and-



"Why are you holding onto my hand so suddenly?" Kashino asked, flustered.

Ichigo snapped back to attention and pulled her hand away. "I'm sorry! I just... I don't know."

Kashino inhaled deeply. "Forget it. We're almost there, anyway."

Ichigo looked up to see a huge area set up with several chairs. A few people sat there, watching the band before them perform. The music they played sounded throughout that section of the mall. She gasped as she listened to the catchy tune.

"Want to sit down?" Kashino asked her. She nodded in response and followed him to two seats.

The two sat and watched the small group play for about fifteen minutes. Sweet tones emitted from the instruments and flowed gracefully into everyone's ears.

Kashino's expression seemed more lively, causing Ichigo to grin. Yes, he's enjoying it! Finally, he smiles that hugely!

After the performance, the two walked to a stand close by. "Hey, do you want a shake? My treat," Kashino told Ichigo.

"Huh? Oh... Sure..." Ichigo raised an eyebrow. This is the guy who scolded me about overeating... And now he's buying us a shake? Oh, whatever. Must have been the jazz that cheered him up. She joined Kashino in the line.

"One strawberry milkshake, please," Kashino told the lady behind the counter. He then reached into his pocket, but felt nothing there. "Oh, no!"

"What?" Ichigo asked, panicked.

"My wallet - it's gone! That's strange..." Kashino felt all his pockets to double-check.

"Urm... Kashino? I, um, kind of borrowed your money for the food earlier..." Ichigo confessed, laughing nervously.

"WHAT?" Kashino glared at her scarily.

"H-here..." Ichigo handed him his wallet from her purse.

Kashino looked inside and sighed. "You really did waste a lot... At least I still have enough for the shake." He put the money on the counter before turning to Ichigo with a stern frown. "You'd better explain this later."

"Of course!" Ichigo forcefully beamed.

After the shake was ready, the two sat down at a table. Ichigo immediately grabbed the treat and started to consume it. Kashino looked off to the side at some plants nearby.

He peered at his watch. "We have to meet back up in twenty minutes..." The blond glanced at her. "So did you have fun today, Amano?"

"You bet! How about you, Kashino?"

"It was fine," he shrugged.

"But how could it have been fun if you didn't even eat anything?" Ichigo wondered.

"I wasn't hungry-"

A growl from Kashino's stomach sounded. He blushed as he bit his lip. "Fine, maybe now I am just a little..."

Ichigo giggled. "Here, have some of the milkshake. It's really good!"

"Okay." Kashino took the cup from her and began to sip up its contents through the straw.

"NO!" Ichigo yelled loudly, which almost scared Kashino to death.

"Wh-what?" He asked in alarm. Her outburst had been so abrupt.

"Th-that straw..." she moaned.

"What about it?"

"I-I used it..." she whispered.


"Andou-kun, look! It's so pretty!" Kana pointed to an aquamarine pearl necklace in the glass cabinet.

"Oh, it is! It would look great on you," Andou smiled.

"Y-you think?" The female blushed slightly.

"Absolutely. Do you want to try it on?"

"Sure." Kana then asked the manager to take the accessory out. Andou helped her put the piece of jewelry around her neck.

She stared at her reflection in the mirror. "Oh!"

"It looks beautiful, Kana-chan," Andou complimented.

"It's so cute! And it matches the new outfit I bought today." Kana remarked. "I'm buying it!"

She took out her wallet from her purse and went through the money she had. "Aw... I don't have enough money!"

"You don't?" Andou asked.

"No! I used most of it for Ichigo's clothes. Oh, well."

"You did a good deed, Kana-chan. I think it was really nice of you to pay for Amano-san."

"You think? I just had to." Kana sighed as she turned back to the necklace. "If I can't buy this, never mind. I'll just come back another time."

Suddenly, her phone rang. She picked it up and said a few lines before hanging up.

"Rumi-chan is picking me up right now! I have to go; sorry, Andou-kun."

"It's okay. At least we had time together today. I'm glad we did."

"Me too," she grinned. "Goodbye!" Kana then scurried towards the mall entrance. The male waved to her.

Andou focused his gaze on the necklace. He thought for a moment before smiling to himself. "I've found the perfect birthday present for her!"


Kashino almost spat out the creamy mixture in his mouth. "What?"

"That was my straw! And you just used it!" Ichigo wailed.

"Seriously? I thought you were using the spoon!" Kashino's eyes widened.

"No, I was using the straw! And now I gave you an indirect kiss!"

That caused Kashino to fall over in his chair. He quickly got back up and slammed his hands down on the table. "I-indirect k-kiss? What?" He was madly blushing.

Ichigo was also a brilliant shade of red. She turned away from him and whispered, "Um... You can have the rest of the shake. I don't want it anymore."

"I-I don't want it either!" Kashino carried the cup like it was haunted and threw it in the trash bin. He sat back down afterwards.

Silence took place for a full minute.

"Um... We should probably go back to our meeting place," Kashino told Ichigo softly.

"Y-yeah..." Ichigo stood and followed Kashino.

As they walked next to each other, Kashino said, "Um, Amano? Could you... not tell anyone about that incident from before?"

"Why would I? I think it's embarrassing myself," Ichigo answered.

"Thanks," he smiled.

"Do you still want your chocolate sample?" Ichigo pulled out the wrapped treat from her purse.

"Naw, it's okay. Give it to Natsume or someone else."

"I saved it for you, though!" Ichigo pouted.

"Fine, fine..." Kashino took the chocolate from her and popped the piece into his mouth. His eyes immediately flickered open in surprise. "Wow, this flavor is impressive! Whoever made it has some skill."

"You think? I like it too, but I prefer the chocolate you make, Kashino." Ichigo flashed a gentle smile.

"R-really? Thanks." Kashino scratched his head, face reddened. "But I still need to work on my technique. I'll strive to make you the best chocolate one day!"

"For me?" Ichigo gasped.

"Yup." Kashino stared into her dark eyes, nodding. "No matter what I encounter on the way there, I promise that I'll make it someday."

"You promise, huh?" Ichigo brightened. "Then I'll do my best too!"

The two soon came to the huge directory sign. No one was there yet, so they just waited.

"Kashino..." Ichigo fidgeted.


"Thanks for letting me drag you around today. I was being pretty selfish."

"No, it's alright. I have to say that it was fun hanging out with you." Kashino grinned.

"Seriously?" Ichigo looked down. "Even though I used your money?"

"I'm still a bit annoyed about that, but it's nothing, really," he replied.

"And what about the... the k-kiss?"

"Whoa, what kiss?" Hanabusa's head suddenly popped up between the blond and brunette.

"AAH!" Ichigo and Kashino jumped back, both startled and scarlet in the face.

"Man, you two were awfully close. Sorry if I was interrupting something..." Hanabusa smirked.

"W-we weren't doing anything..." Ichigo sputtered.

"But what was the kiss you were talking about?" Hanabusa asked curiously.

"A kiss took place? Did I miss it?" Andou came up from behind Hanabusa.

"N-nothing happened, Andou!" Kashino hissed through his gritted teeth. "Now be quiet, guys! The Spirits are coming our way!"

"Okay." Andou turned to Hanabusa and whispered quietly into his ear. "Did they really do that?"

Before Hanabusa could reply, Kashino shot him a warning glare, causing him to zip his lips.

"Let's see what our little friends did!" Ichigo remarked cheerily.

As the Spirits approached the humans, the brunette gave Kashino a quick wink - one that no one else noticed. He blushed and smiled in return.

What the two did that day would just be a secret between them only. No one else would ever find out.

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