Chapter 8

An Attack of Conscience

It's been a week since Kyle's accident, and it's all Whitney has been able to think about. Since some time has passed, Whitney decides she wants to visit Kyle. She knows that Olivia told her to stay away but she has to know how he is doing, the guilt she is feeling is eating her up inside.

Once she gets home from school, she takes a shower and works on her homework. After she finishes her homework, she goes into the kitchen to get something to eat. While looking for something to eat, she sees a note left by her mother on the kitchen table. She picks it up and reads it.

Whitney, your father and I are both getting off work early tonight, we are bringing home dinner so please don't cook anything. I will see you when I get home. Love, Mom

Whitney finishes reading the letter and places it back on the table. Since she doesn't have to cook dinner, she gets a soda out of the fridge and heads to the living room to watch television till her parents get home.


Melinda finishes up some last minute things in the morgue before she calls it a night. She is looking forward to spending an evening with her husband and daughter, something she hasn't done in quite some time.

Once she is done, she grabs her things and turns out the light. She makes sure the door to the morgue is locked as she leaves to find her husband. She is glad his workload has lightened, so he can spend more time at home with his family. With the baby coming, she is going to need him more than ever, she doesn't want to depend on Whitney too much because she has school. Melinda hopes Whitney warms up more to the baby as time goes on. The way she has been acting lately doesn't leave Melinda too hopeful. Whitney has always been a good girl, and Melinda hopes she doesn't become an alcoholic. She has seen what it has done to people and doesn't want to see her daughter end up like them. Drinking alcohol is never the solution to any problem.

Melinda finally makes it to Rick's floor and heads to the nurses station to ask them where Rick is, but as soon as she gets there, Rick shows up.

He gets her attention by tapping her on the shoulder. Melinda turns around to see who it is, and looks up at the face of her husband. Her expression changes from frustration to happiness as she grabs Rick and hugs him fiercely.

"Did you really miss me that much?" Rick asks.

Melinda nods.

"Yes, I hardly ever see you anymore. I love when I get to see you and am happy that I will be able to spend more time with you."

Rick pulls out of the hug as he answers.

"I feel the same way, honey. I am so looking forward to spending time with you and our daughter and our little one when it arrives."

As he says that he places his hand on Melinda's stomach where their baby resides. Melinda looks down and places her and over Rick's.

"I feel the same way." Melinda replies as a tear rolls down her cheek.

She never thought she could be this happy. She wipes the tear from her cheek and looks up.

"Well we better get going, Whitney is at home waiting on us. I left her a note letting her know that we would be bringing dinner home."

Rick nods as he puts his arm around his wife's shoulder.

"Where do you want to go? You want pizza, chinese, mexican?"

"Those all sound good, but let me call Whitney and ask her what she wants."

Rick nods.

Melinda takes her cell phone out of her purse and dials the house phone.

Whitney fell asleep watching television and is woken up by the phone ringing. She shakes the cobwebs from her brain as she gets up to answer the phone.


"Hi Whitney, it's mom."

"Oh hi, mom."

"I was calling to ask what you wanted for dinner. Your father and are headed out to get the food and we didn't know what you preferred."

"It doesn't matter to me, mom. I'm starving so anything will be fine."

"Okay then, your dad and I will be home soon. See you then."

"Okay, see you soon. Bye."

Whitney hangs up the phone and heads back over to the couch to sit down. She didn't realize how tired she was, but then again she has been studying hard lately to make up for all the time she missed after Kyle's accident. After she has dinner she will leave to go to the hospital to see Kyle. She hopes she will be allowed to see him since Olivia told her to stay away. She still remembers the slap she received from Olivia the morning after Kyle's accident. She wants Olivia to know that she is truly sorry, she has had to come to grips with what she has done. It will take some time for Olivia to forgive her. Whitney doesn't realize is that seeing Kyle will be easier said than done. She has no idea what's in store for her.

To be continued...