I know Author's Notes are not allowed to be used as a chapter, but I think this story will be taken down soon, anyway.

I can only but imagine how many people have already reported it. haha It's fine. I ain't trippin', and I recognize that my writing is far too crazy for this kind of website, in the first place.

Before anything happens, however, I want to make things clear:

I do NOT express my PERSONAL views within the stories that I write.


This should be a rule for all writers. You keep yourself OUT of the story. You are simply creating a picture. You are a fly on every wall, WATCHING what happens, TELLING what happens.

The writer is never a character. The writer is never even the narrator. The writer is simply a speck of dust, an omniscience that tells what is there. Reveals the innermost thoughts of the characters. Nothing more.

My views, your views, is nobody's business within the realms of fictional writing. Nobody cares. You are making characters develop Characters that the reader will care about, that the reader is drawn to. You are making a world, a situation, come to life WITHIN the walls of utter FANTASY. That's IT.

Some people do not understand this. Some people simply do not understand what Creative Writing consists of.

This whole time I've been writing this particular story in the general POV of a twisted, wealthy individual with a disturbing way of thought. To delve inside a devilish cognition; to explore a psyche that is NOT my own.

It is ridiculous that some people actually think that I PROMOTE pedophilia, or try to make it 'cute'. My writing is NEVER cute. I hate cute. I write raw emotion, raw reality; the darker side of the human mind.

Those who cannot handle this should simply not come across my writing, let alone comment on it. It is BEYOND your reasoning, it is beyond what your mind can stretch to and grasp. And I say this only because of how entirely stupid the flames have been. Stick to your fluffy, lovey-dovey shit and leave my ideas alone. You incredible idiots.

It's sad, really. But I don't mind. I am me, and they are them. I thank the people that actually UNDERSTAND what I write, the depth of it, and utter emotion that I put into every line.

Words are a beautiful thing, they're precious to me. I do not plan to stop writing this story even if it is taken down. Once I find a new, second home for ALL of my fics (where none of them will ever be in the danger of being taken down), I will put up the link in my profile for everyone to see.

Let's see what happens from here on out. Feel free to flame me.

Hostile, typed words from a brainless cretin hardly holds any meaning to me. For those who wish to drop a kind word, please, feel free to do so.

For those who are with me, thank you. I love you. (: I am a kind, empathetic person, really. I hate scandal and argument. But this whole situation seriously just ticked me off. I had to speak up.

Until next time.

xx Angelas