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I wake up sweating in the middle of the night. I wish he was here to help me. But no, he's in the Capitol, probably thrashing at a photo of me. And Gale is in District 2 with some fancy job and another pair of lips to kiss.

Tip-toeing down the stairs, I'm about to enter the kitchen when I bang my head on the wall in the darkness and slide down onto the ground. Before I realise it, tears are escaping from my eyes and I'm curled up in a tight ball. I fall into a world of nightmares…again.

"You killed my family. They loved me." Peeta screams. I step back and fall into what is left of the bakery. He spits in disgust at my swollen eyes, and kicks the dust in my face.

"You love me." I whisper weakly, wishing he would open his arms and let me crawl into them.

"But you don't. My mother was right. You are filth from the Seam, disgusting and selfish. You should've died that day. And I would be living happily with my family." He snarls.

I can't take it anymore, I break down into tears and run back to my house, well what I thought was my house. I run into the living room and there is Gale holding a baby smiling up at another lady whom I assume is his wife.

He looks at me, "Katniss! Didn't think you'd ever stop by. What? Does Peeta hate you? I wouldn't be surprised. I was so blind I couldn't see who you really were. Violent. Distrustful. Manipulative. Deadly. The worst person ever."

I wince and scream at every insult. How could my best friend say that? The taste of blood from biting my mouth makes throw my arms around him, sobbing into his shirt. His wife pulls me off in disgust and slaps me, telling me to stay away from Gale. I want to slap her too, but I don't have enough energy. Feeling defeated, I slump away back to the streets. I'm greeted by Peeta.

"PEETA!" I shout delightedly but stop when I see his eyes that are full of hatred and pain as he holds a knife. Standing still, I wait for the knife to pierce through me. It doesn't, I open my eyes and see Finnick's head getting ripped off by the mutts.

I'm screaming. It's true because I feel someone shaking me, soft warm hands. The person's moaning my name.

"Katniss, wake up. It's not real." I shoot my eyes open and I see a boy with blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. I rub my eyes and clear my vision. It's the boy with the bread. I wrap my arms around him shakily while he pats me on the back and drags me to the couch.

"You're back, Peeta." I state stupidly. He nods slowly and strokes my face. "I was lonely. I had to deal with my nightmares alone." Peeta bends down and kisses me on the cheek.

"I'm sorry, Katniss. They didn't let me come home. I'm truly sorry." He apologises. Why did I even blame him? It's not even his fault, he was in Capitol, recovering, so he wouldn't kill me. Gathering all my energy to sit up, I collapse on him. "Katniss, sleep. It's going to be okay now."

Real or not real? Peeta came back to twelve. Real. He's baking cheese buns for me now. Guessing from the sunlight streaming through the windows, it's noon. The sleep I just had was the best I've had in ages. Using the wall as a guide, I make my way to the kitchen and slump on a chair. Peeta sets a tray of cheese buns on the table, sitting next to me.

"I was thinking we could go to the Meadow today." I look up at Peeta to see if he's joking. His eyes change back to sad ones. "I guess I'll be leaving now."

Watching him leave drains the life out of me. I have no idea why. I mean, I didn't love him. Oh no. That thought makes me swallow down the guilt.

"Wait, Peeta." I mumble. He turns around.

"Did you say something?" Peeta's eyes stare at me as I walk over to him. "Katniss, you really need to eat your breakfast and re-" I crash my lips onto his and I sort of smile as he wraps his arms around me.

"I'll visit you later." I grin for the first time in ages and watch him go. As soon as he closes the door, I see the mountain of unopened letters. Were they there the whole time? Without thinking I open the first one from my mother.

Dear Katniss,

How have you been doing? I've sent a few letters but you haven't replied to any of them. Are you okay?

Those words were stupid. Of course I wasn't okay, Prim's dead and everyone left me. I was about to scrunch up the letter until I read the next few lines.

You're probably going to scrunch this up. Of course you're not okay. I'm not either. I miss her a lot. We even have a memorial spot for her on the side of one of the beaches. I've been there every day.

Annie is broken beyond repair…

I didn't need to read the rest. The fire flickered when it caught the piece of paper. Tears streamed down my face as I leaned back on the wall. It was all my fault. Annie hates me, I'm sure. Finnick died for me, even when he knew his wonderful wife was waiting for him back at District 13.

Fatigue took over the tears. My eyelids were drooping even though the sun was still up. No. I had to get up and visit Peeta. He would be waiting for me. Crawling out the door to get to Peeta's house, something hit me hard on the head. All I remember was someone screaming my name desperately as I landed on the stiff pavement...

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