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Bel panted heavily as he sank to his knees, knives useless by his side. His trademark grin was nowhere to be found and instead, his crown was gone, his close tattered, and himself a bloody mess. Blood dripped from his chin and Bel lifted his head slightly, staring at the white haired man with blurry vision.

"VOOOIII! What's wrong, Bel? Don't you always brag about your knives? What's with you now?"

Squalo shouted, a triumphant grin on his face as he waved his sword around.

The blond haired assassin managed a weak smile as he struggled to stand up. He swayed, but finally managed to succeed.

The two Varia assassins were standing on the rooftop of Namimori High School, having the biggest battle between the members of Varia. Usually, the two got along just fine, well, Squalo ignored Bel and Bel teased Squalo. Perfectly normal. But this time, Xanxus had been "bored" and demanded the members to have a fight amongst them to test who was the strongest.

Leviathan, Lussuria and Mammon had been illuminated in the first round and those who were left were Belphegor and Squalo.

Bel pulled out one of his knives, coated with his own blood and threw it at the shark-like man. It landed two feet away and Squalo laughed.

"VOOOOIIII! Do you want to fight or not?"

Their fight had gone on for more than 2 hours and Squalo was in the lead. Swinging his sword around, he ran at top speed towards the blonde.

I will defeat the tensai, I'll become the strongest, stronger than anyone, stronger than Xanxus!


The blade slashed across Bel and he fell to the ground, into a puddle of crimson blood. He was barely breathing and could no longer stand.

"This will be the final strike, Vraiihh!"

Squalo grinned widely and began to swing his sword towards the fallen prince.

"Squ-squ? Can you read me a story?" 8-year-old Bel asked a teenage Squalo. Bel sat, cross legged, in his pajamas on Squalo's bed, while the teen was doing his best to ignore the younger child.

"Voii! I'm trying to get some sleep, go bug someone else!"

He shouted and turned away from the small boy.

"B…but Squ-squ…" Bel whimpered, lower lip trembling slightly.

Squalo turned around and stared at Belphegor, finally, he sighed slightly and sat up, pulling a thin book from the bedside table.

Bel immediately beamed and crawled closer towards the shark, resting his blonde head on his shoulder.

Minutes later, after the story had ended, Bel was fast asleep and Squalo tucked him in, laying down himself and staring at the ceiling. He couldn't help but smile slightly.

Squalo stopped dead in his track, staring at the boy lying on the ground in front of him. This was the same kid, 8 years ago. He thought, suddenly, as if he had never made the connection.

Slowly, his sword was lowered. The others had already gone back to the mansion after the 2-hour mark; there was no one but himself and Bel.

Bel was currently unconscious and badly hurt, Squalo stared hard. I… done that to him… Flashbacks of when he was a teen, before Xanxus had been frozen, flooded back through his head; the grin had disappeared long ago.

Kneeling down, he gathered the prince in his arms and jumped off the roof, landing on the grass below. Sprinting, he hurried towards the Namimori Hospital.