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Meli J Nightly

Chapter 1: Immortal Melancholia

The handsome blond stared blankly at the ceiling. His caramel colored eyes were devoid of any possible emotion. Kyohei Takano was known for his unruly ways, at least by the few people he considered friends. If his friends would see him now, however, they wouldn't recognize him in the least bit. Physically he remained as handsome as he always was. Beautiful blond hair, a built to-die-for body and his caramel distinctive eyes were the trademark of his model like features. Yet, there was one thing amiss in him: his competitiveness and will to fight. It was no longer there, it had slowly but surely disappeared. At his twenty-five years of existence his life had become such a bore after High School and after her.He hated thinking about her. He knew he messed up big time and there was no need to relive the past. But the past just kept on taunting him in his time of leisure. Life would have been perfect at one point, but now he had to live with the choices he had made and with the consequences of his mistakes.

Kyohei's life was now reduced to a mere routine: Monday thru Saturday work and after work the couch awaited his return. He was exactly where he was every Saturday at the same time, laying in a couch that didn't belong to him in a house that also did not belong to him. His life had become so predictable that he knew that in precisely five seconds his current girlfriend would come inside the room to let him know what a disappointment he was...

'Three... two... one...'

"Damn it Kyohei! When are you going to get up your ass and do something productive for a change?" The girl with fiery red hair screamed as she entered the room. "All the time... there you are lying in that couch like a bum." Her green eyes burned with annoyance, her tattoos showed from the small amount of clothing covering her petite body.

Kyohei proceeded to ignore the girl's remarks. She wasn't the first one to tell him things like that. After he left Auntie's house he found himself living with women like her. They all fell for his looks so they didn't even bother to get to know him before they asked him to move in with them. But, just like clockwork at his lack of interest and carelessness he had for everything in his life, they all ended up growing tired of him. All he cared about was having a place to live in, with comfortable rent he could afford; after all for him all women were the same, shallow and a waste of time. All the women in the world except 'Sunako'... he silently cursed at himself for thinking of her whenever he needed an escape from his irritable reality.

Gina, his girlfriend of three whole months (a new record for him by the way) continued to scold him. Her arms flailing frantically to get his attention, but to her dismay, she only received an apathetic grunt and glare. The sudden distinguished sound of a message that chimed through his cell phone gave him an opportunity to continue ignoring his outraged companion. His fingers pressed a few buttons to unlock his cell phone (he could never trust any girl to let him have any privacy). As soon as he unlocked it a small pop-up appeared notifying him he had a message, he cocked his left eyebrow as the name revealed to be an old friend. He quickly arose from the couch and decided he needed to read it alone. "I'm going to throw out the trash," he declared ignoring whatever rant Gina had going on.

"What is your problem?" She followed him to the kitchen, "Why do you always leave me talking to myself? Do you know how messed up that is? I'm your girlfriend, Kyohei! I might as well be just your fuck buddy, because that is how you treat me! Ugh!" She gave up following him around and decided to stomp her way into their bedroom.

Kyohei cringed at the loud bang of the swung bedroom door. "Crazy wench," he muttered. He pushed down the trash that was overflowing in the trash bag making some of it spill. His nose wrinkled at the smell. The annoyed blond quickly tied a knot and carried out the trash bag that seemed ready to burst. Inhaling finally a wisp of the fresh autumn air he anxiously looked about making sure no one would interrupt him while he checked on his phone. Unlocking it once more, he was somewhat curious as to why after two years his friend Yuki decided to text him out of the blue. He knew that he was busy now, working with many famous designers and whatnot. But Yuki was the only one out of the four trying to catch up with each and every one of them. He didn't want to forwardly admit it, but he was happy to get a message from his friend...

until he read the message that is...

Yuki: Hey Kyohei! Long time no see.

How are ya?

You won't believe it, have I got news for you!

Our Sunako is getting married! n_n

She's inviting us all to the wedding.

I'm making her dress, isn't that cool? ^_^

I hope you decide to come.

Don't make me come and get you u_u

See ya soon!

'Sunako is getting married...'

His mind was trying to comprehend those words. Sunako was getting married to someone that wasn't him. Yuki said our, that bastard, he knew very well Sunako was no longer his. He had lost her five years ago and now he was about to lose her for good. At first he thought that if he could get his life back together he could win her back eventually, but what a fool was he to think that Sunako would be waiting forever. His beautiful and dark Sunako would be marrying some punk he didn't even know. Those mesmerizing violet eyes would no longer shine for his presence, her smile would no longer be due to him, her warmth would no longer be graced upon his body.

"Damn it!" He growled and punched the tree he was under. The few red and yellow colored leaves that lingered on the tree fell with the force of his blow. He could feel his eyes begin to water, but he was not about to cry. He was supposed to be over her already, she clearly was. But how? How after five years the one mention of her name make him long for her so much?

A stubborn tear trickled down his cheek which he roughly rubbed off his sleeve. Full of discontentment and anger he made his way back inside the house, not fully inside he could already hear Gina's persistent obscenities. At reaching the living room he gazed upon Gina who stood over the fireplace, a medium sized shoebox in her hands.

"I'm tired of your shit, Kyohei!" She stared him down, rage was imminent in her eyes. Gina had finally had it with him. "Why the hell do you keep these pictures? Who is she?" She pulled up a few pictures of him and Sunako. Kyohei's eye widened in shock, he thought he had hid them well, but once again his privacy had been trampled over.

"Gina, what the hell?" He dashed to her side and clutched her wrists but it was too late she had thrown the pictures into the burning fireplace. Kyohei desperately took out whatever remained of his memories from the fire, thankfully most of the pictures were only burned by the sides and the faces were still visible. Sunako's pictures was the only thing remaining for him. It was the only way he could see her again and Gina just tried to ruin it for him. He was beyond pissed and Gina was still shocked at his reaction.

"So... that's it isn't it? This is all I needed to do to get something out of you?" She asked. Her eyes burned and tears beckoning to come out of her green eyes.

Kyohei stood quiet and finally realized that even the pictures he held so dear to his heart were more important than a meaningless relationship. He was tired of running away from everything, he was tired of not caring. He needed to put an end to his miserable existence and start living again. Even if he didn't want to go, he was sure Yuki would find some way to hunt him down. He decided at that moment it was time to ask Sunako for her forgiveness.

"I'm leaving," he said bluntly and without saying anything else he turned to leave carrying with him burnt memories.


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