"I'm fine."

"Everything's okay."

"I'm alright."

It's amazing how two words could fool a mass of people.

When everything seems to be a mess and you want people to see you're still holding up, just pop up a fake smile and respond those two words to anyone who asks.

They wouldn't even know you were in pain in the first place.

It's a full proof deceiving plan, I tell ya.

Most people would come to believe you're fine, alright, good, or whatever you tell them you are; but some people, and I mean only a number of people would see through you and know you're pretty much lying.

Those are people who I call "Nosy, business-minding people."

They could be very persistent into asking you "what's wrong" and wouldn't budge nor believe your "I'm fine" lie no matter how good or believable you appear to be.

They can be very annoying but really, from my experience, people like them only wants to help out. Not because it would benefit them, they just want to solely help out. And yes, good hearted people like them exist in this cruel world.

Without people like them, the people living in this world would probably be fake as hell.

So I guess what I'm trying to say here is they need to be appreciated.

Because you'll never know when they would stop caring, and just walk out of your life for good..

Wednesday; December 23 ; 8:10 AM ; Hyuuga's Residence


It was a cold winter morning as I stood in front of the front door of the Hyuuga's Mansion, waiting for someone to answer the doorbell that I just rang. I shifted my eyes from the door to the little toddler holding my hand beside me. She looked back at me and gave a slight smile back.

"Onii-chan, Yuna is shy." She said as she wrapped her arms around my right leg and buried her shy face on it. Seeing my little sister being so cute, I couldn't help but kneel down and give her a tight embrace.

Yuna Zaoldyeck, my cute little sister. She's 4 years old, turning 5 next month. She has long wavy silver hair, and royal blue eyes. We both have the same hair and eye colour. Well, she is my sister, I mean, it would be impossible if she would have a different hair and eye colour than me. She's very, very cute and really nice and polite. She's delicate and fragile that's why I always do everything to protect her. Well, she's all I have left actually..

"Don't worry Yuna, you'll be fine! They'll feed you lots and you can play in their play room! And plus they have an unlimited supply of marshmallows!" I replied trying to relieve the anxious expression on her face.

Hearing the word marshmallows made her face light up. It's her favourite, you see.

"Marshmallows?" She asked cutely as her cute little face slowly tilted from the scarf on her neck.

"Yup, lots of it!" I replied with a cheerful smile.

"Onii-chan will come back for Yuna?" She continued, the anxious expression came back.

"I'll never leave you, yuna." I reassured my little sister. I can't leave her. I wouldn't be able to live without this little cutie!

The door slowly opened as a maid from inside opened it. I stood up and held Yuna's hand, gripping it tightly.

"Ohayou Gozaimasu!" I said giving a cheerful smile once again.

"Why, Master Killua! Good morning to you too! You're always so polite. Are you looking for Master Kouichi?" She replied with a smile as well.

"Nah, I'm just dropping off my little sister here to play with Kaoru while I'm at school." I replied.

"Oh, yes. Master Kouichi mentioned that before he left this morning. Don't worry Master Killua, we will take good care of her until you come pick her up." She said with a smile. I pretty much trust the maids here in the Hyuuga residence cause they took good care of me when I came for sleepovers.

The maid reached out for Yuna's hand gently. Yuna slowly let go of mine and held onto the maid's. I sighed.

"Thanks again!" I said as I began to walk away from the mansion doors.

"Take care Master Killua!" She replied waving her hand goodbye, I looked back and saw Yuna waving her hand as well. I turned around and went on my way to school.

I'm Killua Zaoldyeck, 17 years old, and already on my third year in high school. Both my parents are deceased and I have a little sister. I work a full time job everyday after school so I could pay for the bills and food for my little sister.

I reached out for my skateboard in my bag. It's pretty worn out cause I had this baby ever since I was in middle school. It was a gift from my girlfriend. It's not a fancy board, I'm not into those shiny colourful, overly designed ones. I just like it plain and simple. My board is green with a yellow arrow in the middle pointing north, and the wheels are orange. Told you it was simple. But I love it. Me and my baby have so much memories and scars together.

I rode and balanced on it with my right foot as my left foot paddled on the ground for me to move.

I wonder what we're doing in class today.. I hope it wouldn't be boring like yesterday. *Sigh. Since Morooka's our homeroom teacher I would expect a lot of reprimanding. Seriously, he complains about everything. And he bitches at anyone and anything he sees. Like this one time, when he saw me walking in the hallway drinking my juice box, he stopped me and bitched about my hair colour. Saying that it's inappropriate to have a hair colour that's not a normal black or brown colour like his. It's not my fault my dad has silver hair -_- And this one time when he actually brought black hair dye to class and actually forced the dye on me. I had to freaking hide from him the whole day. -_- Seriously if he ever pulls that again, I'm telling the principal. It's not a very manly thing to do, but it's better than getting expelled for punching a teacher. But I guess punching him would pretty much satisfy my frustrations.. But then again..-




I snapped out of thought and looked at the person who yelled. It was a lady with grocery bags, looking back at me. I raised a brow at her and looked at where she was pointing to. By then it was too late...

C R A S H !

Next thing I know, my face was on a garbage bag.

"Who the hell would understand what that lady said? Instead of avoiding the garbage cans, anyone would look at her amazed on how she could talk so fast without even taking a breath." I mumbled as I used both of my hands to cover my embarrassed face to ease the pain.

"Didn't your mother teach you to watch where you're going?" A cold voice came from behind.

I slowly opened my eyes to look at the person, but ended up squinting since he's standing where the sun is.

"..Who-" I was cut off as he extended his hand to help me stand up. By then, I already knew who it was.

"You just love being loud early in the morning." He said as he sighed. He has dark purple hair and cold looking light blue eyes. Taller than me by an inch, lean and fair skinned.

Kouichi Hyukagi, the school's Mr. Popular, he's also my best friend ever since we were in grade school. He has 2 half siblings; he's the oldest. Their family is very wealthy, the wealthiest in Japan, in my opinion of course. He's always the cool, calm and collected guy in our school and is pretty much second to none. He's cold hearted, could be harsh and rude just when he's in front of someone he doesn't like. Like that son of a bitch Morooka. They always argue and it always ends up with Kouichi getting kicked out of homeroom. Of course, being Kou's best friend, I always go with him. Anyway, He never joined any clubs in school cause he's too lazy although there are a lot of clubs recruiting him cause he's pretty much good at everything. An honour student even though he ditches school most of the time. I have always admired this guy cause even if he doesn't show he cares, he actually does. A lot.

"Shut up. I'm still in pain you know." I barked, still covering my face.

"You'll live." He said coldly and just continued to walk. I regained my composure, grabbed my skateboard, looked back at the lady and saw her still looking at me with the same pose from when I saw her before I fell.

"Uhh, thanks! ..I guess." I said forcing a smile on my face as I hesitatingly raised up my hand to wave at her. She smiled, like nothing happened, and waved back. With that, I hurriedly ran to catch up to Kou.

"Did you drop Yuna off to my place?" He asked as he heard my footsteps come closer.

"Yup, I'll pick her up after my work. If that's alright." I relied trying to catch my breath. This guy walks fast.

"Of course." He said as he read a message from his phone. A girl texted him, that I could tell since he deleted the message and kept his phone immediately. This guy has a lot of admirers from school and other schools.

We reached the Central Bus Transit Station, which means we're halfway to school. School starts at 9, and its only 8:20 AM.

I always wake up early and leave my house early cause before school I always wanna see my precious girl-

"What took you so long?"

Kou and I looked back at the person who said that.

Wavy shoulder length red hair, tantalizing deep pinkish purple eyes, soft pinkish red lips, the natural beauty of a goddess-like girl..


At the sight of her, I smiled cheerfully.

The left side of her hair is pinned up nicely, the right side is down and wavy. No make up but still gorgeous as usual. She's wearing her school uniform: white polo, black blazer that fits her body perfectly showing her lady curves, black skirt that's not too high above the knee and not too low below the knee, just the right length showing off her long flawless legs. White knee-socks and wearing cute black school shoes flats that she bought online a few weeks ago.

Mickea Minami, I am proud to say she's my girlfriend. One word to describe her: PERFECT. No bias on that judgement.. Well, maybe a little. A dream girl for any other guy, too bad for them she's already taken. She's hot, very pretty and cute. She's also one of the top ten in the honour roll in their school. Beauty and Brains I tell ya. I'm a lucky guy to have her.. She's a busy girl since she's the vice president of the student council, the team captain of their school's soccer team, a basketball player and a swimmer. You can tell she's into sports. We've been dating for 3 years already and never have I regretted a single moment with her. We went to the same middle school together along with Kou and his brother, Natsume.

You can tell, I'm very much deeply, madly in love with her.

"Sorry, I had a little accident back there." I said as I scratched the back of my head lightly.

"You always get a new bruise or wound every day before you go to school. Seriously Killua, you never cease to amaze me on how clumsy you can be." She said as she took out her small handy rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball. She poured some rubbing alcohol on the cotton ball and kept the bottle back in her bag. She also grabbed a piece of band-aid from the front pocket of her bag and went near me.

She took my arms and flipped it over, with my elbow facing her. I didn't even notice a small wound just inches below my elbow. She gently mended the cotton ball on my wound and tore the band-aid wrapper open and put it gently over the wound.

"There." She said as she threw the cotton ball in the garbage can near us. I looked at the band aid and then looked back at her.

"What would I do without you?" I said as I smiled at her intently. She gave back a sweet smile and planted a kiss on my cheek.

"Just be careful next time." She said smiling. I nodded in satisfaction from the kiss on the cheek.

A blue colored bus stopped in front of the bus stop near us. People in the bus started to get off from it, and people in the transit started lining up in front of it.

"That's my bus. I'll see you later when you get home from work!" She said as she kissed me on the lips and started to walk away.

"Bye Kou." She said as she waved goodbye. He smiled back at her.

"Is she finally moving in with you now?" Kou asked sighing.

"Yup, her mom asked me to take care of her for the time being. And she chose to move in with me. Not my idea." I replied as I sweat-dropped. Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty psyched and all but knowing Kouichi, he would've had dirty thoughts running through his mind right now.

"If you can't fight the urge, make sure its safe." He blurted out.

Hearing that from him made the hair at the back of my neck stand up.

"S-sure." I answered laughing nervously.