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Full Summary: Arthur Kirkland was born to the name of the Queen in the Kingdom of Spades. With no born King to hold the proper title, the queen stepped in, hiding all identity of the story tale Queen, to be king and rule the Kingdom. Magic encircles the kingdom of spades, brining happiness yet misfortune to it's citizens while thay struggle under the rule of one 'Wrong born' king. But when a Prince of Stars is introduced to him shall the Kingdom still be doomed? Or will Arthur's cold heart finally warm up?

"We have a visitor." Forest green eyes glance up from his book, quite uninterested before glancing back down to continue reading. "We have visitors every day." He responded shortly, a bit perturbed that his reading had been interrupted for such a thing. Suddenly the King's book was taken away and snapped shut. His view focused on the Lord Alasdair, who was staring at him rather coldly.

"Be on your best behaviour, Your Majesty. This guest is an important soon to be King. We need him in out good graces." Frowning thinly, Arthur yanked his book back and flipped it open again.

"Aye.. I will be a good little pawn for this game."

"Good I'll send him here."

"Not in here!" Not his sanctuary, his library, but the man had already left to inform their visitor. The King slumped back in his chair with his book and grumbled.

Alfred frowned as he arrived, the King wasn't there to greet him and the place was filled with luxurious items. I can see we will get along swimmingly. Alfred thought sarcastically. Although his first impressions weren't good to start with he will hope by the end of this trip, everything will be sorted and he would have a grand ally. He noticed his own advisor walking off to greet the other and Alfred smiled a grand fake smile. After all he had many years of practicing it.

"Good Afternoon, Prince. Our King is in his Library, may I show you where that is?" The male greeted with a bow.

Alfred bows back in respect and shook his head. "I would rather meet him out here, the way you said that it was his Library, felt like that is his own space and I would rather not intrude" He stated kindly.

Short greetings between advisers, then Alasdair nodded his head curtly. "That would sit well with the King, I shall inform him that your meeting shall take place in the audience hall instead." The Prince's politeness was a win for the Lord, he called over a stand by guard, requesting their guests be escorted to the hall spoken of. "He should be shortly, but until then, please wait there." The red haired man bowed his head, hand over his chest much like he would do to his own King before turning to seek out his own King.

The guard informed them that they would be going around the grand stair case to the luxurious room behind them. Large wooden doors with golden knobs lead way into the room, wide and vast with many windows matching the grand doors. A large hanging crystal chandelier adorned the ceiling above, shedding light upon the velvet chairs and blue rugs across the marble floor. An alter stood in the centre, against the wall with long blue curtains, tied back with golden coloured sashes and of course the grand chair, golden trimmed with blue velvet cushions where the King sat.

Alasdair pushed the library's doors open, their King had not moved, except to take an occasion sip of tea from his cup. "You shall meet in the audience room instead. The young prince requested a different place of meeting." A thick brow quirked up, what kind of person was this Alfred? He pushed up from his spot, setting down his book and took long prideful strides out of his library and down to the audience hall, the guards pushing the door to open for him.

"Good day."

Alfred huffed as he began to become impatient with the King. Thankfully though he didn't have to wait ;ong anyway before Arthur finally arrived. Blond hair but Alfred was a golden colour. Venom green eyes, now that surprised the Prince, he wasn't expecting the Queen of Spades to look so… Different and interesting. Alfred noticed that Arthur would take long strides, and he could also tell they were full of pride of the position he was in which Alfred wasn't really keen on but he could look past that. Also he wasn't expecting the Queen to be male and slightly wondered how that had come about, after all queens were generally women, unless Arthur was really female and rather flat chested. He did prefer flat chested women but with the way things are going, he wasn't sure if he would impress this queen with his way of thinking.

"Good Afternoon, my Queen" He stated with a proud fake smile and knelt down to one knee, head held down and gently reached out to kiss the knuckles of the Spade's left hand. "And how are you?" He questioned before he stood up trying to show that he was the batter man without saying it.

One look at the man and Arthur was already set off. He could see something in his eyes, he just couldn't pin point it. It was like a cross between knowing he had power and knowing that he could use that power... like he was greater than the other male! No one was better than him; Arthur was quite pleased with his known position as 'King'. Pushing his shoulders back and standing back on his heels, the well dressed Arthur gazed over Alfred as he knelt and kissed his hand in what should be respect, but made this royalty feel like he was making a mockery of his title. Remembering that he was to be on his best, Arthur smiled kindly in return.

"Welcome to our Kingdom, young sir Alfred. I am feeling quite well today, I do hope your travel was easy and that our home can be of a comfort to you." He bowed his head politely but used the chance to glare at Alasdair, this man; this unknown blue eyed blonde had called him 'Queen'. It was only known among the royals in his castle of the title given to him at birth, but with no King to also hold the title, it fell that he was to stand in as king until one was found, a day that Arthur thought not to come, since he was male! Lifting his head with that same calm smile he had practiced for years as well, Arthur gestured to some chairs. "Shall we sit and converse? Oh, perhaps you are feeling tired from such a travel." He continued to stand tall, folding his hands in front of him while he stared up at the tall visitor. "Forgive me for my rudeness; it has been some time since a royal visitor has graced us with company. My name is Arthur Kirkland. I rule this land of Spades."

Alfred chuckled to himself as Arthur knew what he was trying to get across. He noticed that the male had pushed his shoulder back and stood up straight on his heels before licked his lips, slightly wondering if they would get a treaty at the end of this. Although Alfred knew they had to be on their best behaviour he couldn't help but in his eyes show a hint of excitement as they tried to make the other back down.

Alfred though chuckled again but slightly out loud at the face that he obviously knew of a special secret within the kingdom that he was able to find out on his own. "Yes the ride was quite pleasant thank you" He replied as he tried to think of other facts that people shouldn't know but do as of his own investigation. "And to sit down would be wonderful! Anywhere private we could sit?" He asked hopefully as he wanted to see what the queen was like on his own with no one else to influence him or Alfred, and no one else to impress or keep high standards too. "Do not worry about it I should have introduced myself after all I am but a mere prince after all" He stated slightly voicing his mockery of the Queen. "My name is Alfred F. Jones, Prince of the Land of Stars" He stated.

"So, where may we sit and talk in Private?" He asked once again with a proud stance.

Everything about this man, the way he stood, talked and looked at Arthur. Even the Queen had to admit that he was of some sort of higher standing somewhere. It made him uneasy and a but put off by him. They were to make better relations with this man, to set trade treaties, share spoils of wars and to protect citizens. He couldn't back down, it was unheard of, he had to keep his standing as 'king' currently. It was only made harder when Alfred began to laugh, was it about his birthright as a queen? Was it that funny to be male, then again, among the four main Kingdoms (Hearts, Spades, Clubs and Diamond) he was the second male to be set as queen. It was under certain circumstances that they had both happened. Mothers whom had bore only a male child to the thrones of name.

"Somewhere private…" He glanced to his adviser, whom nodded in the positive. Wonderful, now he had to deal with this obviously pompous man all by himself. Wasn't it bad enough that just introducing himself and he's practically calling out the queen with just his words! This guy really saw himself as higher than Arthur! "It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, dear prince." He said rather calmly, but with a hint of ice in his voice. Arthur bowed his head to him then straightened up, narrowing his eyes to show his dominance. "Yes, Prince Alfred of Stars. I can lead you to a private room, please forgive us if it is rather small." Arthur nodded to Alasdair who walked to the doors of the room, pulling them to open. "If you'll follow me, please." He said calmly, turning on his heel, proceeding to walk first only to prove the point that he was of higher standing.

The room they sought out was only across from the audience hall. It was cosy. A fire place, large window with long draperies, a couch, two comfortable chairs and the walls were littered with books. "Please relax here." Arthur waves off his adviser, Alasdair, who took Alfred's own adviser to tour the castle.

Alfred grinned on the inside as they were allowed to speak privately. In truth Alfred wasn't really all high and mighty but he did like to feel like it sometimes in front of other royalties. He came from an average background after all. He took a quick look around and sighed. Again, all expensive and high quality. "Don't worry I will" he smiled and sighed as he looked out the window but when the door was shut his smile faced and he sighed. "Sorry Arthur… But I must say you are an interesting person… you're not like other royalty, you actually have a back bone" He chuckled but complemented Arthur on that fact.

The formalities dropped, Arthur felt a bit relieved that he didn't have to keep up a total act with this man. He moved around the room, grabbing a book before setting on the couch by the fire place. "Interesting? I do say that the interest is to be held on you." Although he held a book, he did not read a page. Instead he shifted his green eyes over to the Prince with a light chuckle. "You are quite rounded on the ideals of royalty. That is good." He shifted in his spot a bit uncomfortably before asking what was truly bothering him.

"How do you know of the Queen title I hold?"

Alfred then stood up and started to circle Arthur wanting a full look on what he looked like and what he was reading. "Wonderful book, although it is rather sad" He stated before sitting on the arm of the chair that Arthur was sitting on before leaning in close. "I'm smarter than you think… I have people on the inside everywhere…" He purred with silk like voice. "I know you like no one else does…" He stated.

Tilting the book so he could read the title, Arthur sighed and set it beside him. He had also read it before, a tragic romance, rather a guilty pleasure of the Queen. Green eyes trail the Prince as he moved around the sat near him on the arm rest. Arthur didn't move away when he drew nearer and spoke with such a velveteen voice in his ear. It did send shivers down his spine. "What is it that you are seeking, Prince?" He spilled out the last word as if it was distasteful now. Someone who held ways of knowing all their secrets, this was dangerous.

Alfred smiled brightly as he sent shivers down the male's back which was what the reaction he wanted. He then got off and then started to massage at Arthur's shoulder in hopes to seem like a kind man he was and also to relieve some tension in the shoulders for Arthur. "What I am seeking? Not only a Queen but peace for the people of our Kingdoms…" He admitted with a nervous lick of his lips, he couldn't help it. He had information on all of the Kings and Queens of the four major lands but in honestly none took an interest in him like Arthur did. "I want to make you my Queen Arthur…

I have been waiting for a moment like this for a long time now… I have been a Prince for several years, but only just gained the power of it… and now that I have the power I have been travelling in hopes I might find a suited Queen and you have caught my eye… You are not like the others… you don't stand down to my threats… and it interests me greatly" he stated.

The touch from the other made Arthur jump and squirm just a bit. Was it really okay to relax with such a talk going on? From what this Prince was saying, it did seem like the Queen had the upper hand, he was the wanted party in this, so it was his decision right? Taking in a deep breath, Arthur leaned back into the man's arms, allowing him to massage away the tension of holding the Kingdom on his shoulders. Green eyes slowly close as Arthur rolled his head to the side while listening; this was rather interesting about how he was wanted to bring a greater good to two Kingdoms. His long eyelashes fluttered as he opened his eyes to stare forward. "You do... realize that I am a male Queen. If you were to, as you are suggesting, join our kingdoms in ceremony.. Don't you think that you will be looked down upon for taking on such a Queen at your side?" Sure he was of the four main Kingdoms and was well after by certain people, but only the greatest of people held the power to be the King of Spades. For some reason the way Alfred spoke and looked, it was full of power and pride, like he knew exactly what he was doing, what he wanted and how he was going to get it done.

Alfred couldn't help but smile as Arthur had relaxed and accepted his invitation to let him relax for a few moments. "Yes, I know you are a male queen but I was born from the Land of Stars it's self, not the blood of royalty, I know what my people want and they want a queen that could make the king happy, they want peace and protection. I give my wealth to them because as I came from nothing… I don't want my people to suffer like I did…" He smiled at the true fact and pride swelled from within him as he knew he was making other lives better. "You might find it hard to believe but I do not care… for I know what I am doing is right, and although I might not be as rich or have such grand items as many other people, I have one thing that many do not have… I have my people's support, and I know that they will help me in whatever way I need it"

Once those words left Alfred's lips, which he was born of the land it's self, Arthur's eyes widened. It was a rare occurrence and the ones to represent their kingdoms in such ways are blessed with powers of the heavens to rule. Swallowing thickly, the Queen slowly pulled away from this man and turned his head to look up at him. "You are… willing to connect your life with someone else's for the sake of your people?" The idea seemed to awe him. It was no surprise since whenever royalty used to visit the Spade's, they would be after the wealth, power and knowledge of the land, thinking none about the citizens within his walls. The fact that Arthur and Alfred were on in the same, able to feel and understand the needs and want of their people, to flourish as their own Kingdoms did… somehow it made something click in the Queen's mind. He pushed away again, standing up from the sofa and walked proudly around to face the Prince. After a moment of him staring down the man, to see any hint of a lie, all he could find was the ability to hold great power and to become of a great King. His green eyes slid closed as he dropped to one knee, right hand over his chest and heart, and the left holding out to Alfred.

"It would be of a great honour to accept your offer." He did not see this as a loss, no it was a great win for them both. "My land is cursed under my solo rule. I fear of great tragedy to befall my people if I am to continue as I am." Slowly his eyes opened again, his fierce green eyes stared up at Alfred. "I shall become your Queen."

Alfred smiled brightly as Alfred was obviously surprised to hear that he had taken the throne as he wasn't born of royalty but within the land of Stars, things work differently, if there was no son or daughter to take the throne then the people elect a king they wanted Alfred but the advisor stood in until Alfred became old enough. Alfred though simply nodded and kept quiet that he might in fact love Arthur. If he was to admit that then Arthur could use him to his advantage for that but he too was willing to do it for their people, he hated wealth after all. Alfred carefully watched the Queen's actions and rather intrigued by the fact he had dropped to one knee and holding out his hand. Alfred smiled brightly at this fact, things couldn't have gotten along any better than he had planned.

Alfred looked into Arthur's eyes directly as he pulled out a sapphire and emerald ring. He stood up and took Arthur's left hand and slipped the ring on the allotted finger before kissing the ring then the knuckle. "Thank you Arthur, you've made me a happy man and my people will be please too when I shall return" He stated before he gestured for Arthur to stand up and hoped for a hug too.

The idea of marriage without love scared him some. Arthur's fingers clenched at his chest while he knelt there, a million things running through his mind. Was this the right thing? Will his people understand and accept? Would he have to lie..? His heart was off racing with fear. This was for his people, his kingdom. Arthur would hold a brave face, but he would never be looked down upon, this was a grand step, one that he was always told that he would have to take, to bow down in front of the rightful King. When he was younger he was told that when the heir showed, he would know fully. For some strange reason, Arthur was convinced that the power and pride this man stood with, he could move mountains with a single word, he must have been it. His hand trembled a bit when their eyes locked and Alfred stepped forward with a ring, a beautiful one in fact. It seemed like he was expecting one way or another for the Queen to accept his offer on this first visit.

Once placed on, Arthur looked away immediately and pulled his hand back. Slowly he stood up and glanced up at what was now his privately married partner. Marvellous brows furrowed but he did not move closer to the man, nor move away. "My Kingdom knows not of this. I have to inform my adviser right away so that we can prepare for… joining and to crown you." He said quietly before clearing his throat. Arthur didn't quite know what to do from that point, but he was not about to allow this man to have poser over him. This was an important feat, yes, but somewhat of a sacrifice, so that his people can be freed from his cursed single ruling. His green eyes glance down at the ring before suddenly feeling embarrassed, what just happened, did he really go through with that?

Alfred hopes that not only his people but Arthur's people will also accept his as the new king. He wasn't looking for the wealth but he was slightly concerned that he wouldn't have as much freedom as he does now. Alfred knew he did have a infatuation with the queen but he wasn't sure if he loved his but he did hope that Arthur might come to love him in the future. Although Alfred wished that Arthur wouldn't tremble so much, was marriage going to worry him that much?

Alfred sighed as Arthur didn't take his invitation for the hug, shaking his head. He let go of Arthur's hand before sighing. "Would it be too much to wish that we will wait for a small time before we confirm this? I mean, I would like to make sure this is right… and that you're happy with this" He smiled as he found that he became rather embarrassed. "A-All so, we will be equals in this… if we got married of course…" He added as he rubbed the back of his head. He didn't know why things just felt so much more awkward at that moment. He leaned over to Arthur and leaned down to tilt Arthur's eyes up to look at him. "You do have such beautiful eyes Arthur… I do hope you will come to love me like I know I will to you…" He muttered.

Why was he getting embarrassed like this, he was no girl. Arthur kept a stern look on his face while looking away, although his pinkish cheeks and ears gave away his embarrassment. Now he was thinking about how they were supposed to tell what had happened, to their advisers, to their Kingdoms— Kingdom.. Arthur swallowed thickly, hearing Alfred speak again. Yes, waiting some time would be a good thing. Arthur needed to confirm that his suspicion was correct and he also wanted to learn about this man and the land of Stars. Not many reports came from them, or if they did he just didn't pay any attention since it was not of the four major. He cleared his throat slightly and nodded. "Yes, waiting sometime would be… appreciated and appropriate." Damn, his voice came out softer than he was trying, he was trying to sound like his proud self, why was he so nervous now?

Quietly he listened to Alfred speak of them being equals. That would mean someone treating him different than he was raised really. Everyone spoke up to him as he spoke down to them. Being like this was awkward for him, having someone of equal stature and standing, being seen almost as human. It felt naked. Maybe that was why he was nervous around this man. Once again he nodded but he noticed the large shadow of Alfred loom closer before his chin was captured to look up at him. Deep blue eyes like the sky, endless like a dream. They sort of made him feel small and s bit insignificant for a moment. The man spoke of love. Would it be possible for the cold hearted Queen to love someone like this? It was warm, being looked at by him; Arthur parted his lips slightly before closing them and pulling back from the man. "Sorry. You won't come to love someone like myself."

Alfred couldn't help but smile a little bit more as he had heard that the Queen would wait until they would announce their union. Now he would not only have a few months of peace and protection but he would also have time to get to know Arthur. He would have the time to get to know the land of the Spades although vast beautiful landscape there was a few busy towns in which he would have to disguise himself so he could know what Arthur's people wanted. Alfred's land however was a few small villages though out a landscape which stretched to sometimes cross borders with the Spades which he knew of by heart. And everyone knew of their king. Arthur though started to show his true side to Alfred, the more human side in which his feelings were starting to show, instead of the appearance which he too knew off… slightly as he had to keep up appearances of a Prince while in other's royalty besides from his own kingdom and Arthur it seems.

Although Arthur's wasn't as they were supposed to be, at the moment they seems dull, there wasn't a shine to them… the green seemed to be more of a venom green instead of a bright lush grass green which was hidden behind the mask. Alfred knew what he must do now. He must slowly and surely break that mask that Arthur is wearing, after all being a king meant he was a hero even if it is to save others from their selves. Alfred couldn't help but be a little down heartened as Arthur broke the contact but he reached out to grasp Arthur's hand gently to make sure that his new queen didn't walk away. "But Arthur, you are not you… you have a mask on and I can see that… of course I won't come to love the person with the mask… I'll be able to love the person without the mask" He stated and walked around Arthur to brush the few stray hairs from his face.

"I'll be able to love you for who you are in time… you need to trust me and be able to drop the mask before I can fully love you and when that times comes, I'll marry you" He stated.

That's right, he was often told that he was too cold to be able to show love and to be loved in return. Well it was okay, after all if he loved his people that was all that he truly needed right? The love of a single person did not interest him any more than the idea of walking out in the snow (He rather dislikes cold things). In a way he felt bad for Alfred, giving up a chance to find true love for his people and right, and to marry this Queen. If he held a mask then he would be untouchable, no one would be able to hurt him any. All he needed was his sanity and knowledge to be a good ruler. Arthur had pulled back to move away but Alfred reached out and gripped his hand, causing him to jump a bit from surprise.

Some how this person can see that he was wearing a mask over his emotions. He stood still and quiet. Alfred was bold about his feelings declaring that he would love the Queen without fail, and truly marry him. Silence fell between them, and then Arthur chuckled slightly, looking up at him. He smiled lightly and pulled his hand away, only to reach up and cup the taller man's cheeks gently between his cool fingertips. "You are so ready to love without fail. Dignified in your statements and positive." Tilting his head to the side slightly, his smile fell to a more melancholy look. "Such potential, surely you have left many of young women heartbroken with this decision you have taken under wing." He tipped up on his toes, kissing his new King's lips softly. "You will make a fine King, Alfred. Do not lose your radiance because of me." Pulling back once more Arthur moved away and walked to the window to look out at his vast Kingdom which he adored. "Perhaps you can make the flowers bloom for them."

Alfred couldn't help but look rather disappointed as Arthur broke contact with him. Was Arthur not taking him seriously? Because if that was the case then Alfred would make sure that he would show Arthur in due time. But he was suddenly surprised as Arthur turned to face him and Arthur raised his hand to Alfred' cheek. The queen felt so cold and soft against his skin. He could feel the icy finger tips and he added another goal to his growing list. He would make sure that he could always keep his Queen warm and safe with all the power that he could off. It was true, he has denied every woman in his land for Arthur and he wouldn't hesitate to, to refuse another 100 women for Arthur. All thoughts stopped though as Arthur gently and willingly places a soft kiss to his lips, he wasn't expecting that from such a person like Arthur though. He let his cheek go to a faint shade of pink as he wanted to kiss back but as he closed his eyes and leaned forward Arthur had already pulled away from the act to continue speaking. Alfred turned as Arthur walked up to the window and gazed out of it. "What flowers-"He was cut off as their advisors walked in both bowing, Alfred's own was the first one to speak.

"Sorry to disturb you gentlemen, but the knight and the food is ready for this evening, care to grace us with your presence Prince and King?" He asked.

Arthur had made quick to pull back after making such close contact. He was not one for such close encounters like that. His own cheeks had filled with a flushed colour as he looked out the window, barely gazing at the outside, more on his own reflection. Quietly he questioned himself on his actions, why did he accept, why did he suddenly feel a change just from this man's words. Pretty words and just hopeful sayings, it was obvious that his way of thinking was rather pure. Maybe it spurred something from inside, Arthur didn't know. From his spot he could tell that Alfred had moved closer, questioning about the flowers, but a knock interrupted them. Arthur pressed a hand against the glass and turned towards the advisers as they entered. Green eyes shift from Alfred's adviser to his own before he nodded slowly.

"Dear Prince, please join me for dinner." He said calmly, turning back to look at Alfred just as calmly as he had when they had first met in the other hall. "We can further discuss your stay here in Spades..." Offering his best practiced smile, his eyes fell dull again before he stepped towards the door with his adviser, the red headed man looking at Arthur's hand.

"Sire—" He cut off his brother with a simple explanation.

"A gift, Alasdair." They walked calmly towards the dining hall, Arthur leading of course to show his higher place, although currently conflicted upon that idea, he did not show it though. They entered the room though large wooden doors, it was huge with tall ceilings, mimicking the grand audience hall earlier.

To be Continued~