Food and drink was brought around and shared for everyone. Arthur shook hands with people that gathered the courage to come and express their congratulations to the couple, he offered calm blessings of safe travels to the ones that arrived to their table, knowing that many of the royals present had come a long journey to be there that day. However, although people were moving about, no one danced. That was for them; Arthur stood up and held his hand out to Alfred, his cheeks a bit flushed again. "Care for the first dance, love?"

Alfred just shook his head and smiled. "It's nothing love, it's the least I could do after what both you and Yao have done" He stated before he started to catch up on his well needed food. He chuckled as he finally felt nice and full but not the full where you feel rather bloated and don't want to move. He was just nicely having a good time to himself before he was greet with Royals from far and near as they came to congratulate on their success. He gently lifted his hand to grasp hold of the ring and started to play around with it until his attention was snapped up to Arthur who was blushing and offering his to take the first dance so then everyone could join.

He took hold of Arthur's hand and smiled brightly. He rose up and gracefully walked with Arthur to the dancing floor and before he knew it his body had carried both him and Arthur into a rather soft pacing waltz as the music had suited the mood. "Thanks… for everything Arthur…" He stated as they continued to dance as couples cheered and joined them but he pay no heed as all that mattered to him right now was Arthur as the real world had started to melt away around them.

The royals all let Alfred and Arthur stand up, the Queen grasped his King's hand tightly as they anxiously moved to the centre of the room. Everyone stood up as the music stopped then played a softer and gently flowing tune for them to dance to. While they were together and apart, Arthur had been practicing dancing again so that they would be able to dance correctly and that Arthur wouldn't trip this time. He straightened his back and easily floated around with Alfred and the music, making their own space and their own little world. "Why are you… thanking me, Alfred?" They practically didn't even notice anyone else joining them. "You are the only reason... I can smile for real… my happiness for myself." They spun a quarter turn gracefully.

"Alfred. The roses have almost completely bloomed… I wish to show you. I have been staying in the garden since early this morning..." His hand squeezed Alfred's a bit, the Queen staring at his ring then the one around Alfred's neck, watching it jingle against the tags there. "It's thanks to you..." Arthur twitched a light smile on his lips and looked back up at Alfred, to his King. "It reminds me of you. You helped me to bloom."

Their dance soon slowed to a light sway as Arthur had begun to speak. Arthur held Arthur close as he admitted. "I thank you… for… bringing me out of my childish ways… And for being you… because without you I would not be the man I am today" He stated and as they sway he continued to hug Arthur. He still backed away though as he nodded and smiled. "Please do show me this rose garden you are so fond of… I have yet to see it" he stated and grasped Arthur's hand, and interlocking their fingers together.

Arthur wrapped his arms around Alfred's neck while they talked, completing their little world. "You're still silly... But I enjoy that part of you. You've become a fine man and a wonderful King for our nation." He leaned up and nuzzled their noses together before allowing the two of them to be parted for dancing. Watching their fingers intertwine like lovers. He smiled contently and brushed his fingers across the back of Alfred's hand. "You're right... I would love to show you it. The roses are so beautiful right now, and it's because of you." Arthur moved closer again, resting his head in the crook of Alfred's shoulder, stopping their movement. "You are my blessing, and so important to me."

Alfred couldn't help but start to blush as they walked to Arthur's… well their rose garden to have a look at the roses. "Please stop… you're going to make me go rather red" He asked and he couldn't help just hum his nation tune. Would it still be theirs? Or was his kingdom under Spades now? They had grown so used to being an independent Kingdom with their own laws and customs which would now could be erased as they would have to follow the Spade's orders. With this though lurking in his mind he continued to face forward as they walked though their home. "H-Hey Arthur… Would the Kingdom of Stars still have its own laws and traditions? Or would they now have to follow Spades' rule?" he questioned seriously as he squeezed Arthur's hand lovingly.

Arthur chuckled slightly. So he was able to make the great Prin— sorry, King blush still? That was a benefit. They walked down the hall together, the music fading as they walked further away, nodding to Knights that stood tall as they passed; maids bowed their heads respectfully then scampered off giggling. Well it was only to be expected. "Hmm?" He looked up to Alfred and shook his head. "No, here in Spades we offer unbreakable bonds without lands... and the ones outside of the Royal Capital of Spades, will be able to keep as they are living, shall they be successful. However, those taken by war or have been taken to relief them of terrible events say a bad leader or they have collapsed on themselves... that is the only time that we implement our own standard laws and traditions on them. Lands from gift, trade, treaty or our case... marriage are allowed to keep as they were. We however stake claim over every action they take of their standings... if a war breaks with them, we must protect our people with out fail. The only thing that will change is that we would watch the Land of Stars more, taking in account of how many people are there and if they are accommodated for. It also allows for travel and for young people to come here for learning's." Arthur rattled, intelligently, he was proud of this fact of his country. He always found that old traditions were to be kept, and not lost. They stood outside the door to the garden and Arthur turned the handle to push it open, a blast of muggy heat hitting their faces.

Alfred smiled and gave a sigh of relief as he was able to keep his old way back in his home land though he couldn't help but feel proud that he would be able to help his people even more and then he would also have to get used to some of the people in the Spades kingdom like the blacksmiths in the area but he couldn't help but be taken back by the humid air outside. He grinned brightly and looked up to the sky. "Wow! It's so clear tonight!" he stated as he pointed to the night sky to gaze at all the wonderful stars. "Arthur… would you call me crazy if I saw a new star tonight? The one that is meant for us?" He questioned as he took in a deep breath and started to look over all of the growing flowers and such a wonderful sight it was too.

"Hm?" Arthur blinked and looked up as they went outside, a smile growing on his face. "You're right; it's quite lovely out here." Murmured the Queen. He led Alfred over to the roses, both of them focused on the sky though. "A new star, just for us you say…" His eyes trailed over to Alfred, "It would be... lovely to think so…" He murmured softly. To think that a star was up there for them, marking their place in the universe… it almost made him think that they were made for each other— maybe they really were, after all, they seemed to mesh perfectly together. Arthur moved away slightly and walked over to the blue roses lining the garden, his fingers touching the velvet ones, no longer afraid that they would die at his touch.

He nodded as he began to explain. "Our Kingdom was founded by men, I forget their names even though Yao tried very hard to try and drill it into my mind" he chuckled as he remember the not so fond times in which Yao would hit him over the head with his book when he forget the names. "And they followed the few stars in hope of finding a new place to settle. Then they found the clearing… and they started it up ever since each time someone of high standing passes a milestone in their life a star appears. And so because marriage is a milestone there is a star up there for us" he stated with fact and explained the history behind the birth of his kingdom but still he couldn't help but wonder which one it was. Still though he followed Arthur to the roses and bent down next to him with a bright smile. "I don't think so, I know so" He then wrapped his arms around Arthur and cuddled into him. "How about we go to our bedroom soon? I really just… want to cuddle you for a while… I've missed you quite a bit, I was bored out of my mind!" he then laughed before he leaned over to stroke the might night blue petals. "Although none can match to your beauty my Queen"

Being polite, Arthur held onto Alfred's hand and listened to his story. Arthur always did enjoy learning about new places, after all, that was why his library was always so full of books and such. He tilted his head some, remembering that when they were there the stars clung to the sky like a security blanket, delicately protecting the land and the people there. He smiled lightly and moved away to the roses. "I'm honoured to be a part of such a beautiful story for your Kingdom. It's… lovely." It really was an honour for him. To know that something amazing like that was believed and that they were marked upon the stars, it was romantic really. Laughing lightly as those large arms wrapped around him, he leaned back slightly against Alfred's chest, smiling contently. "Aye. I missed you terribly as well." Turning around in his arms, the Queen leaned up and kissed his husband's cheek. "Strange man, I'm not that interesting to be around you know, and the roses are much more beautiful because you brought them to bloom." He stated factually.

"You're rather strange…" He pouted but smiled he couldn't help the fact that Arthur continued to display small affections to the King he couldn't help but love it. "I mean" he then started to recover quickly. "If you were not strange I would not want to be with you and try to figure you out but then again… I don't think I could ever figure you out…" He smiled and stood up and offered a hand to Arthur. "We worked together to make them all bloom, because I need you and you need me" He stated with a bright smile. "Now, how about we go and cuddle… or something else?" He smiled and winked.

"I'm... not that strange." He murmured and stood up with Alfred, placing his hand in Alfred's. "There is not much about me to know... nor is is important." He muttered, shaking his head as they walked out of the garden together. "Aye, you are correct I suppose. We did bring them to bloom together…" Although he didn't say what he was truly thinking, that the Queen- that Arthur needed Alfred more than the King needed him. He frowned slightly, cheeks flushing instantly. "D-don't... I mean... Aye… l-lets go up stairs then…" He blushed and stared down to his feet as he led Alfred up the hall and to their chambers to be alone.

Alfred smiles and sighed happily as he walked though the castle. "Tomorrow we will have to see to other Kingdoms, so tonight will be just for us and so… can you relax tonight? I'll do all the work" He smiled and suggested as he walked into Arthur's… well their new room. There was a few candles lit and some rose petals scattered for a more romantic atmosphere. He gently shut the door behind him before he licked his lips nervously. "Um Arthur…" he mumbled awkwardly not really know how to start.

"Yes we have much to do tomorrow..." The Queen murmured, turning red as he looked about the dressed up room. Somehow everything seemed to be so real now, they were married, and this is their room, that they were married. He slipped away from his husband and brushed a finger over a flame from a candle then the petals before turning to Alfred and nibbled his lips nervously. "Oh uhm… Yes?" He shifted slightly, glancing side to side a bit. After a few moments stepped towards Alfred.

Alfred shuffled as he blushed towards Arthur. He licked his lips before slowly and nervously wrapping his arms around Arthur and leaned in close. "How should I start? O-On the lips? Or somewhere else?" He asked as he didn't really know how to start and he felt rather awkward as he knew what he wanted to do but he didn't know how to go about it.

With Alfred close, he leaned up and wrapped his arms around his neck. "Do what you feel like you want to. Everyone is different, just do what you feel." He murmured softly, kissing his lower jaw line then lower lip softly. "It's okay to go at your own pace…" He reassured him gently, and then smiled. He reached up and slipped Alfred's crown off then his own, setting them down on a nearby table.

With that Alfred remained quiet for a moment before following Arthur and gently taking off his cape and boots before working on Arthur's own cape and tossing them aside as he knew Arthur would want to go and tidy them up but Alfred would not allow that, not tonight. Tonight he then leaned down to give a slow but passionate kiss on Arthur's lips as he tried to gently lean Arthur down against the bed with his tags and ring creating all of the noise in the room because besides that, you could hear a pin drop.

Seeing their capes tossed aside, the Queen shifted to reach for it but Alfred held him from doing so. B-but they needed to be tidy, everything ship shape. He looked to Alfred to retort but was taken by a slow and passionate kiss, melting him to the core and instantly forgetting the 'mess'. His arms wrapped around the King again, kissing him back softy and moving to his will, leaning back against the soft mattress, feeling the cool tags and ring fall onto his chest as Alfred followed in their silence. Running his hand down the man's back, he gripped Alfred's clothing with a very soft happy sigh breaking their silence.

Alfred couldn't help but smile as his wonderful and beautiful Queen. At that moment everything just felt so safe, perfect he would hate to ruin the moment but he knew if he didn't continue the act then he would not be able to feel the wonderful muscles below him. He then gently guided his hand down Arthur's chest and started to undress the man below him. He would take everything nice and slow if that was what he Queen wished for, but if the Queen would request the wilder and rougher Alfred that he would get that wish. Anything his Queen would ask for, his precious Arthur would get.

Arthur pulled back slightly, letting Alfred run his hands down his chest and undress him, his pale skin shine in the dull candle light. He was more than willing to let Alfred take things as he wished, whether be it faster or slow, it would be alright with him. With his top bare, it would be normal to be chilly, but with Alfred there he was warm, no hot, almost as if he couldn't wait for his clothing to be shed, and was thankful when his shirt slipped off of him. He pulled his arms back and unbuttoned Alfred's shirt as well, pushing the fabric away and exploring that chest he already loved so much, every nook and scar. It explained Alfred and who he was. Handsome and bold.

Alfred looked to Arthur's chest and though that he couldn't picture anything more perfect. Now that a month or so had passed Arthur's skin finally returned to its normal porcelain white stated without one trace of a hickey on it. Now Alfred was free to claim his Arthur with as many hickeys as he could so he started on Arthur's neck and leaving one on each side before trailing down Arthur's chest and nipping at the rather perked buds and though that it would be rather fun to get Arthur to bed to be released from his pants but then again, Alfred was on a mission to go at least three round that night if their bodies would let them. With this new goal in mind he started to rub his free hand against Arthur's slowly growing bulge in his trousers and waited for the begging to come flying out of Arthur's mouth, maybe letting his cum in his pants would be a rather fun idea… Yeah, let's do that He thought.

Arthur squirmed slightly and murmured happily as Alfred kissed his neck, leaving marks on his neck, knowing that he was going to have to wear high collars again, although he had just been able to get out of them since his bruises and marks had healed finally. He didn't complain though, enjoying the fact that his husband was the one to leave these marks from love and possessiveness over someone he really loved. He groaned softly as his sensitive nubs were touched, his chest rising a bit from the bed, bringing him to be aroused. He thought that Alfred had forgotten about the three times, that Alfred wanted to experiment with their bodies like that. Being touched, even though through clothing, brought a sharp gasp from Arthur. He moaned lightly, rocking his hips with Alfred's hand, unknowing of his King's intentions of keeping him contained until he came from his touches. With a light moan, he dropped his arms away from Alfred, letting them entangle above him, staring up at Alfred longingly. "A-Al…More."

Alfred smiled bright as his love was so response and the fact that he was able to get so hard so quickly, it did boost his pride somewhat at the fact he was able to do such a thing. He gently kissed at Arthur's cheeks before backing away and giving him a loving but with a teasing smile. "Soon enough my love, I want to make sure you are fully satisfied first" He stated before his attention went back to making Arthur feel good all over his chest before he grinded their crotches together in a vain attempt to let the newly free hand to rise up and gently pull back Arthur's head wondering if that would do anything besides making him topple over with the loss of balance.

Arthur frowned slightly at how needed he had just sounded, but it didn't seem to bother Alfred, in fact if anything it made Alfred even happier. He wanted to retort and give a snide remark about how it was a torturous teasing, but he decided to let his new husband have some fun. Having Alfred touch him was something different for him, he really enjoyed it. Really. When their hips collided and rounded, he gasped out softly— soft at first. When his hair was grabbed and head pulled back, he let out a louder and needier gasp with a short 'Alfred' mixed in as his arms latched on around Alfred's neck so he couldn't fall, or if he did, the King was going with him.

Alfred though for a moment before he grinned. He slowly let go of his 'wife' and kissed him before he fully leaned back to take in the current picture of his love half naked and by Ace he looked wonderful! His chest was raising slightly faster than it should be and his hair was even wilder then it was on his best days. His eyes though shone like the jewels they are and he couldn't help but say as he let a hand gently run though Arthur's slightly toned chest. "Please… never change… your beautiful as you are my love… my wife, my Arthur" He stated before he continued to experiment with Arthur's body after all it was still new to him and he was fascinated by it, He continued to lick, nip and suck to leave hickey where he could and maybe some not where he should as he knew people would see them tomorrow, but he smirked at the thought of this. He then decided to let Arthur have a little more pleasure and began to rub against his growing erection even if he was slightly hesitant he still did it as he wanted it hear him. "Be as loud as you want babe~ I want to hear you all night long" he started off by saying.

His face flushed and heart pounding through his chest, Arthur gazed at his husband longingly while he was looked over. Feeling Alfred run a hand over his chest, he couldn't help but to sigh softly, even the slightest touches were like electricity to his body, leaving him to want more, but he bit his lip slightly as Alfred spoke to him. He was used to being called beautiful, but this was different and possessive, it meant everything to him. Alfred's eyes reflected the sky, bright and calming, shimmering for him, Arthur could be lost in that gaze forever. "My... King..." He managed, groaning lightly from the nips and kisses. Once he was touched though, a lustful gasp left his lips before he clamped down with his hand to not make noise. His hand slipped though then the Queen leaned forward to his King, moving his hips to help Alfred's touch. "Mmnh, it feels good…"

Alfred smiled and continued to move his hips with Arthur, to hear him that he was able to please Arthur by doing so much. Granted every male was weak down there but it felt good that Arthur was enjoying it with him. "Good to know~" He purred and gently kissed Arthur's lips. He nervously swallowed though ash e wondered if he should continue further. It was silly, they were both guys and yet Alfred was afraid to remove Arthur's trousers. He smiled a little before slowing placing his hands on the buckle before looking and silently asking for permission.

He wrapped one arm around Alfred's neck to hold him close, kissing him back longingly. Then he rested his head in the crook of the King's neck and shoulder, panting softly from their closeness. Although he was nervous, he still was willing to help a bit. Arthur trailed his hand down Alfred's arm then to his hand, his fingers trembling slightly, not from fear, but from excitement really. "Go ahead, love…" Murmured softly against Alfred's ear, letting his free hand trail down Alfred's perfectly shaped chest to his lower abdomen, waiting there.

Alfred smiled and took in a deep breath before he slow started to un-do the buckle of his Queen's pants and his trousers a long with that. He couldn't help but shake slightly at the thought that he was going to go all the way tonight and he was rather scared that he would mess up rather badly, as it was Arthur who topped last night and not him. Although he quickly pushed those thought back when he gently tried to remove Arthur's trousers.

The Queen let go of Alfred's hand, reaching up to brush it through those sunny blond locks. He could sense the nervousness of his King, he wanted to relax him somehow, but he knew that it would come with time. Wriggling his hips some to help his trousers and undergarments to slip off his slim frame. Although Alfred thought he would mess up, Arthur was confident he would be fine, and even if something happened, it would be alright in the end. Gently his dainty fingers worked Alfred's belt then slipped his fingers inside the lip of Alfred's pants, pushing them down some.

The King grinned but he couldn't help but blush as Arthur started to undo his own belt. Because of this he leaned back and helped Arthur with his rather annoying pants. Once those were off he chuckled and kissed Arthur's cheek sweetly. "I know I'm sexy and all but make sure not to cum in your pants old man" He chuckled as the then started to rub at the rather wet patch in Arthur's boxers. He then continued to nip at Arthur's chest and he couldn't help but feel as he had to leave more marks up and around his chest and neck feeling rather possessive at that moment.

Biting his lip, the Queen couldn't help but to stare at all that was his King. He blinked his emerald eyes then turned his cheek away, "Hmph, I'm not that easy. Nor am I old." Huffed as he puffed his cheek out in distaste. However he couldn't keep that up, for his facade broke with a needy gasp as he was touched. He tilted his head back slightly moaning quietly at each nip and suckle. This man was being possessive over him, and to be Frank, it felt nice to be wanted kept near and not for others to take. In truth, he just wanted Alfred to need and want him. "Nnh... Heh, that tickles... Al..."

Alfred grinned. "Admit it, if I continued like this then you would~" He purred before nuzzling into Arthur's neck. He then backed away for a moment and bit his lips in thought. A grin broke out before he leaned down and started to using his fingers to tickle at Arthur's side childishly being unable to take the situation seriously. "Oohh~ someone's ticklish" He giggled and continued to try and play around with Arthur.

"That! That's just…" Arthur blabbered flustered by the situation and Alfred's nuzzling. As if he would so easily admit something so embarrassing, even if it was true. He watched his lover back away, his heart puling for a moment when he grinned, but the Queen's stern and flustered face broke out to a childish laugh as he pushed Alfred's hand to get him to stop. "T-that tickle— Alfred!" He couldn't help but to laugh, even though they were in such a situation. Arthur turned away and tried to claw away but couldn't, laughing too hard from the tickling.

Alfred grinned and continued to tickle Arthur for a few more moments before he backed off and quickly removed his underwear so that not only could he free himself but let the moment take him away as he used the fit of giggles as a ice-breaker so that he could remove his underwear without too much tension. "So, what do you think?" He grinned and winks before shuffling down Arthur's body and to his underwear. "So... may I?" He blushed hard before cupping Arthur though the fabric.

Breathing hard from the fit of laughter he had been reduced to, Arthur turned back to his husband and smirked to him. "My thoughts? Oh my… You wouldn't want such sullied things to be said and to taint you~" Purred the Queen, licking his lips slightly while the red blush tainted his pale cheeks. His eyes trailed Alfred all the way down, the colour in his cheeks worsening, biting down on his lip once cupped like that. "A-aye…" Said with a nod of his head.

"My Queen I have already been tainted by your love" He smiled and nuzzled into Arthur's stomach before he grinned. "As I continue on why not taint me even more~ I would love that~" He purred before slowly removing the underwear and throwing them to the side. He looked lovingly over the whole of Arthur's body before sighing quietly with a smile. His head then dipped down to take the head of Arthur whole before slowly working his way down. He wanted Arthur to feel the wonderful pleasure first before he could get to the grand finish. He wanted Arthur to feel loved, safe and owned in a why where he would be loved for all his life. He allowed Arthur to do as he wished and did not withhold Arthur's hips and or would he stop Arthur's hand if he wanted to thrust against his mouth for more pleasure.

"Taint thee more…" The Queen murmured softly, dropping his hands down to run his fingers through his King's hair gently. "Taint… Mm... You're doing that my love." Chuckled as he shifted to help his underpants slide off his body. He shuddered slightly when the warmth cloaked over his member, tilting his head back slightly. Sighing lightly with need, Arthur blinked and looked forward again then down to Alfred. "You feel so good… so... uhn..." Arthur wriggled his hips some to take in the entire feeling of Alfred's love. "Ah... Alfred… Alfred..." He rocked his hips back and forth slightly, cheeks even more flushed. The feeling filled Arthur, letting the nervousness slip away slowly as he whimpered softly from the feelings.

Alfred blushed but he couldn't help but groan as Arthur continued to praise him and as much as he would not like to admit it, he rather enjoyed the rough treatment at the moment. He soon though backed away as he could tell that Arthur was reaching his limit before he grabbed his oils and then tried to slick up his fingers. He gazed into Arthur's eyes and sighed. "You know… since I first met you… your eyes have became so much clearer" He smiled brightly and slowly stuck in one finger within Arthur. "They were so clouded and guarded... but now… they can not lie to me… I feel… I just… they are so much more beautiful" He sighed as he then stuck in his second finger and waited for Arthur to relax before starting to stretch him.

His finger tips pressed against Alfred's head, his nails digging slightly into his scalp at the same time. Feeling his stomach tighten, Arthur twitched under Alfred as the King pulled away. He gazed lovingly to his husband, bracing his hands on the broader man's shoulders; he felt his ears turn red from the other speaking about his eyes. "Have they... I guess I didn't—" His words caught when the man's digit entered, it took him about a second to breath out and continue. "I didn't notice..." It was true. Arthur hadn't noticed it but when Alfred was there, his guard seemed to melt away. He was so much more at ease with the young Prince- the King, then anyone else. Even more than when he was alone. Having a second one enter, Arthur winced slightly, his body tightening up instantly. It took him a few moments, but he took calming breaths to relax his body to the feeling, the stinging pain slowly starting to subside. "I still... enjoy your gaze... only y-yours though..." He breathed out softly, giving a light wince and twitch of his body upward.

Alfred smiled and continued to talk to his Queen, although he felt that he was still a noble King in his eyes too as he was so strong, handsome and he could of picked anyone, he didn't have to allow the Prince advance on him but he was rather grateful that he had allowed it in which lead them to this. Their wedding night and everything running so smoothly. He gently leaned over to kiss Arthur's cheeks before gazing into his eyes and not hiding one emotion within him. "Hmm~ I am rather fond of your gaze too my love, a-and I'm sorry if I am hurting you" He mumbled and before he added the third finger he captured Arthur's lips hoping that would be enough to distracted him.

Francis meanwhile, which all of the guard were distracted with the celebrations within the Kingdom and making sure that all ran smoothly found that there was none beneath the castle and grinned and face splitting grin, things couldn't of gone more his way. He walked over to the special cell and sighed mockingly. "My, my The Royal King of Spades' advisor reduced to a snivelling dog, how pitiful… then, again have you heard? He's taken back the rightful title now… He's married and became the Queen of Spades" He looked over to the man to see how he would react before smirking and pulling out a fresh loaf of bread. "Would you like this my dear advisor?" He questioned the staving man.

Without Alfred, Arthur probably would have ended up unhappy. Unhappy and either alone or forced to marry someone else, such like that adviser. Yes. He was none happier then when he was with Alfred, no matter what happened, maybe that's why his expression had softened and his heart warmed. Thanks to the help of this strange King. Even now, he was able to push a smile before tilting his head back some, about to gasp out but his lips were easily captured. Arthur lovingly kissed his husband back, letting his hips shift up to the prodding and stretching, concentrating on relaxing his body to the feeling.

The red haired ex-adviser lifted his head up, cheeks and eyes hollow from being kept away from everything. He knew that something big was happening in the Kingdom, the guards were happier than ever. Alasdair wanted to snap at the new man, but quickly recognized Francis, they had been close at one point. However his expected look fell down to disgust when the news of marriage passed in the air. How could such a thing like this happen, his life was ruined, he had nothing now! His dull gray green eyes looked up then filled with anticipation at the sight of the bread, the man scooting the iron bars of the prison, holding his dirty hand out from behind them. "If thou would be so kind..." He murmured, looking at the food then up to Francis' smirk. "What is it you need of me, sire?"

Alfred couldn't help but smile into the kiss as he could still make Arthur feel so good and wonderful on the inside. He grunted before leaning back and shaking a little. "Do you think… you are stretched enough" He questioned as he started to angle the finger hoping to try and find that one spot in which Arthur would feel pleasure like he had not done before. Alfred had felt it the last time they had came together so intimately and he was determined to do the same to Arthur.

Francis grinned and kneeled down in front of the ex-advisor and passed him the whole fresh loaf into his hands. "How about you work of me? You know Arthur unlike anyone else, you have seen him grow and become who he is today. I need you to come back with me and tell me all that you can… so we can crush this little world of theirs." Francis smirked a deadly smirk as he saw the advisor chomp away at the loaf. "I will be going to war with them in a few years as I know they will start to… create their own family" he spat out sourly. "I want to break them by killing Alfred or Arthur… who ever dies first" He snarled and took out a key from his back pocket and showed Alasdair a copy of the key to his cell. "What do you say my dear friend?" He asked.

Arthur breathed shallowly, swallowing slightly then nodded to Alfred. "I'm ready—ah!" A shock of pleasure shivered across Arthur's body, bringing his eyes to widen and his body to arch up in response. It surprised him, not knowing that Alfred would find that so easily but he did. The Queen licked his lips then rounded his lips against Alfred with a needy whimper. "I need you..." Then he pulled his body to close the gap between them, staring into Alfred's blue eyes, the taste of the pleasure given, nearly drove Arthur crazy. "Please..."

The man greedily grabbed the bread, instantly shoving it to his mouth for a hearty bite of the dry food, but it was food! He ate away hungrily while Francis broke out the deal he was offering. This offered a prize chance for Alasdair to get his revenge on the couple. Before, he wouldn't have taken it, not wanting to hurt or kill his precious King— but now. Alasdair stood up, holding half the loaf of bread in his hand, his other dirty hand rubbing across his lips as a disastrous smirk fell on them. "I want to crush them. I shall be your use to do this." Green eyes, full of venom, determination and malice stared at the key that this King held. "My liege. I shall serve thee."

Alfred was pleased to hear that Arthur felt that he was ready for him but when his arched and moaned rather loudly he couldn't help but grin. He had found that one spot he knew he would drive Arthur insane with. He happily watched as Arthur had admitted that Arthur needed him. He couldn't help but do a small victory dance in his head. He let his hands strike that area a few more times before he withdrew his hands and lined himself up. "Tell me to stop when you want too…but I'm going in" He stated before he moaned and groaned loudly as he slid himself within Arthur after applying oil onto his member.

Francis happily passed over the key as the red head pledged his allegiance to the Diamond's King. He waited for the red haired on to finished his food and open his celled before he started to lead the other to his horse and out of the Kingdom while he did this he explained his plan. "When we get back, you will have your own grand room, all the food you want and if you would like I would love to take care of your hair, it's rather an unfitting style and I would love you fix it" He grinned. "After wards you have had a bath ect, we will discuss on the plans for the future" He gave his evil laugh before hopping onto his horse.

As that spot was teased, Arthur tilted his head back, letting out gasping moans of pleasure. He panted some, his eyes half lidded with lust as he nodded once again, shifting his hips to be more comfortable, and for better access for Alfred. Fingers gripping Alfred's shoulder, Arthur licked his lips some in anticipation. "Just... don't stop…." He purred softly, not caring if it hurt, since the pain was sure to subside eventually. As his King entered, the Queen's fingers gripped tightly, his body stiffening some, even though he told himself to relax as much as he could. Groaning with his lover, Arthur hung his head some until Alfred was fully inside. He wanted to tell him to wait, so that he could adjust to his size, but then again, he didn't say anything. Even he didn't want to wait. Swallowing thickly, Arthur wriggled his hips some in Alfred's member, moaning lightly. "You're huge, love."

With the key in hand, Alasdair wolfed down the rest of the food and stood up, messing with the lock until the bar doors easily slid free. He followed closely to his new King, nervous eyes glancing everywhere to make sure they weren't seen, which thankfully, they were not. At the mention of his hair, the he reached up and touched a lock of the strikingly red coloured hair. "Yes, I do say it is unfitting..." He replied, swinging up on the horse behind Francis. "Many appreciations, dear lord. I am in your debt." The idea of having clean living was wondrous for him. A true dream at that moment. Linking his arms around Francis' waist, they took off for the Diamond's Kingdom, evil plans ensuing in their minds.

Alfred was grateful for the shift in Arthur's legs as he would have had a hard time thrusting else. He chuckled lightly but nodded as he listened to Arthur's request and continued on. Alfred did wait for a few moments so he could catch his breath and take in this moment that they had. For some reason Arthur just looked so much more… attractive and wild it was just torture just starting at him as his body wanted all the Arthur had to offer and it showed. He panted lightly for a few second before blushing and mumbling a 'thanks' before leaning down to kiss Arthur rather gently but it was filled with all of his emotions he hoped Arthur could feel. "I love you Arthur… my precious Queen…" He said before withdrawing before entering and starting up a slow and even pace for them both.

Biting his lip some, Arthur dropped one hand back, back, gripping the pillow as he gazed to his beloved. The King looked, so much larger, and more adult at that moment, leaving Arthur to want to swoon over him, but he kept his head as much as he could. At the kiss, the Queen smiled against their lips, wrapping his arm around Alfred's neck once again, letting their connection deepen as much as it could at that moment before Alfred pulled away. "And I to you... my beloved King." Said hoarsely before the stinging from below made Arthur's face twist up in pain. He knew it would only be a moment, and that it could have been worse. Relaxing his body to the call, his breathing quickened while his breaths mixed with low moans.

Alfred couldn't help it and after a few of his thrusts he tried his best to try and angle things and he would have to admit, he wasn't the best at this but he continued to try at the slow pace but was finding it rather hard. He took a few deep breath before thrusting in deeper trying to hit that damn prostate so Arthur would not only feel pleasure beyond belief but also so that he wouldn't last as long as Alfred as he was rather scared that he could finish at any moment.

Once Alfred pushed deeper, Arthur gasped out loudly with a slight wince. He knew what his lover was doing, and shifted his hips with him, estimating that it would help, if not, it brought more friction in the least. By now, the pain had shifted and steadied out, leaving Arthur a dull ache for his husband. With another trust, Alfred found it. The Queen's finger tips dug into the King's skin, his head tilting back with a low mewl of pleasure as his body shook. "T-there... hurry!" He moaned out, knowing that he was about to finish before Alfred at this point, especially after earlier.

'Yes I've found it' He thought proudly. He took a deep breath before used all of his power to push into that one spot over and over again hoping Arthur would at least maybe be a little louder to encourage him but he knew Arthur was a quite one anyway. He nodded and grunted out. "Y-Yes Arthur…." Before he snapped his hips as fast as he could. "A-Arthur!" He yelled out as he came from within his lover. He continued to ride it out though hoping he would hear Arthur's own moan too but he would be sad if he missed it.

As Alfred hit that spot powerfully, Arthur's moans only got louder and more desperate. Normally he would try to be quiet, but since he was asked earlier, he removed the restraint he would normally hold to be quiet. His voice mewled out Alfred's name over and over, his voice peaking suddenly with a loud squeak from the back of his throat. He tried to hold himself from finishing off until after Alfred did, once he felt the hot finish invade his body, Arthur's eyes opened widely. More than just the normal heat mixed below and inside him. His body arched against Alfred's sending his white ribbons to coat his abdomen as his body trembled and twitched slightly.

Alfred smiled brightly as he finally made Arthur hit his peak on his own and all by himself with little help from Arthur. Alfred soon calmed down and panted as he tried to calm his racing heart and the cloud of pleasure in his mind. He withdrew himself from Arthur and he gently lied down with what little strength he had. He ran a hand though Arthur's abdomen to scoop up the white thread of semen and thought for a moment before having a testing lick. He hummed happily. "Sweet" He stated before cleaning up the semen on his fingers and then pulled Arthur into his chest. "So my love… how was the night?" He questioned as he ran a hand though Arthur's hair hoping to sooth him too.

It took him a few moments to come down from his high, but Arthur panted for air and fell against the bed once again. His chest rose and fell with every breath as he tried to figure out what exactly his body had done at that moment before. Emerald eyes gazed over to his King, a smile unable to stop growing on his own face, however when Alfred licked his seed, Arthur's cheeks burned bright red. He was speechless by the action and rather embarrassed as well. Not that it was entirely a bad thing. Arthur rolled off his back, sighing in relief as he nestled against Alfred's chest, both men a bit slick with sweat. He said the only word he could even possibly think of. "Heaven. You're... amazing."

Alfred blushed as Arthur praised him he honestly wasn't expecting that good of a reply. He cuddled into Arthur and sighed. "T-Thanks… Um... well… you heavingly to aswell… Would you like to sleep or are you not tired?" He questioned as he yawned and climbed into bed. He knew his arms, back and legs would be rather tired in the morning but it would be worth it right? He wouldn't have to get up early in the morning to sort out his new Kingly duties and Arthur should be able to relax to sleep the pain away in his rear end.

The queen gave off a light squeak, one of pain, but it was also happiness. He knew that he would have trouble sitting the next day and that his very being would be very sore, but it was worth it. Completely. They should have the next day to relax, as a part of their 'after wedding', and he didn't push away the idea of being able to sleep in the next day. In fact he welcomed it warmly. Arthur yawned lightly and snuggled tighter to the warmth of his beloved. "I am rather tired, I have found that it's terribly hard to sleep, practically impossible, when you are not at my side, love." It was strange, normally he preferred to sleep alone, even when Francis was courting him— or rather he always claimed that was what he preferred. Normally he was not one to admit such needs aloud. "I love you, my King." Murmured the sleepy male, letting his green eyes droop shut.

Tired he is then. Alfred thought with a smile as he hummed a tune quietly as he gently let Arthur move from his chest to a pillow and making sure he was asleep before he got up and put on some underwear. He sighed as he could now finally hear the crowds cheering loudly from his window. He stopped and looked to the bedside table for a moment before going into the draw and rooting around in it and sighed. "Just once Alfred… just this once…" He whispered to himself before he grabbed his pip and sat at the window. He lit a spark with his fingers to catch light of the tobacco and opened the window wide as he smoke. He sat there… thinking of what the other king could be doing but then he looked to Arthur and sighed. "I hope I can keep you safe" he mumbled.

It was some time before Alfred returned to bed still smelling like his had smoked but he tried to wash it off with little luck. He then cuddled into the sheets before drifting off to sleep himself. He just hoped Arthur couldn't smell it by morning and hid the pipe back into the bedside table.

As soon as his head hit the cool pillow, the Queen nuzzled it gently, sighing as he fell into a deeper and peaceful sleep. He didn't know that Alfred smoked, nor did he notice while he slept alone in the bed, back rising and falling calmly as he dreamed of silly things, so silly he would never tell. Unicorns it was a blissful and innocent slumber, though he knew once he woke, the fear of war would come back, knowing that things were to be done. Arthur was for his people; he loved them greatly and wanted to ensure their protection. With their joining, Arthur knew that Alfred was in danger as well. Protecting his King was very important, more important than his own life. He knew that Alfred could take him places that Arthur could only dream of.

As soon as his husband came back to bed, the queen crinkled his nose at the scent. Terribly familiar, an old habit of his own, smoking, one he dropped when Francis stopped courting, since he only smoked with the Diamond's king. Sighing out, the queen of spades scooted closer to his King, making sure they touched at least some, so that he could sleep. Almost like an insecure child, needing their security blanket close to them.

Alfred happily cuddled into Arthur though out the night and he smiled once he got up in the morning. He could hear the bird chirping and the sun had already risen. He knew it was all a bit over the top but it was true! He opened his eyes and smiled at his beloved queen. "Morning Arthur" He mumbled and nuzzled into his cheek. "And how are you feeling?" He questioned quietly.

Arthur's only response was a small grunt in his sleep as he curled around his beloved King some. It was comfortable. A nuzzle to his cheek, Arthur stirred slightly, his green eyes fluttering opening slightly to see Alfred's bright blues. "Nngh... Morgnin'…" He muttered then shifted off of his King onto the cooler mattress, looking at him from the side with a sleepy smile. "It doesn't hurt as much as I thought… more than I'm used to though."

Alfred sighed as he was reminded of the fact that he wasn't Arthur's first but he was happy enough to have Arthur now by his side. He smiled back and brushed some hair away from Arthur's face and grinned. "Should I get you some pain killing potions? Or would a small spell work?" he questioned as he sat up and yawned. He couldn't have asked for a better morning.

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