Digimon Tamers Equestria

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Prologue: Creation of Goldmon

A human with brown hair was in a library in the peaceful town Ponyville. He was enjoying life in the beautiful land of Equestria. It was a magical land of ponies. He as he knew of was the only human on Equestria as he somehow had wandered into it at a young age. He never really knew his parents and lived with a purple Unicorn with a violet mane and tail. On her flank was her Cutie Mark, a huge pink star. Her name was Twilight Sparkle.

Right now, the young boy wore a Jedi like robe and now was playing a card game against a yellow filly with a red mane and tail. All she wore was a red bow tie around her head. She was sitting in front of the boy. He had already defeated a white grayish Unicorn filly whose mane and tail was a mixture of purple and pink. Alongside an orange Pegasus filly with a purple mane and tail. Neither of the three Fillies had a Cutie Mark. They were hoping to have one by defeating the best player in Equestria in the Digimon Card game.

For a while the yellow Earth Pony filly and the boy went at it. After ten minutes had passed the yellow Earth Pony slammed her face into the desk "You win again Takuma..."

"So much of the idea being the Cutie Mark Crusaders Digimon Card Game Players" the orange Pegasus Pony spoke "We were all clobbered by you."

"There, there Scootaloo" Takuma spoke to the orange Pegasus Filly in a gentle tone "You girls just need more practice. This Digimon Battle Card game will take some time to get used too."

Sweetie Belle smiles "Thanks for the tip but it didn't help us much with some newer cards like those magic type Digimon Cards really take us all by surprise!"

"I'm sure they do" Takuma said to the three Fillies. Suddenly the school bell rang indicting class to begin for the three fillies. Takuma stands up "Well girls, have fun in class."

"Oh, it's great that you are the only human here Takuma" Applebloom said "You help out where ever you are needed mostly with my older sister Applejack."

"Well even I have to have to make money somehow" Takuma said to them "In fact I like helping Twilight Sparkle or Applejack...Not so much Pinkie Pie though."

"Ah, Takuma" Applebloom said to him smiling "Pinkie Pie may talk a lot but she's a good friend."

The three Cutie Mark Crusaders went to the schoolyard. Takuma gathered up the cards and headed back to Twilight Sparkle's library where once he got there, Twilight wasn't around, which wasn't odd, he figured she was out practicing spells with a purple baby Dragon known as Spike. Twilight Sparkle often brought the baby Dragon or him along to practice her spells. Which was why he could change his size to talk to other ponies and to get into his bed in the library. Of course when he entered one of Ponyville's buildings.

He then took a sketch book out of his pocket remembering the certain drawing. In addition to be a good player in the Digimon Card Game, he had also watched the Digimon show. He enjoyed this show and sometimes wondered at night if Digimon truly existed. As he was drawing he didn't notice Spike walk in until he spoke up to Takuma "Hey there Takuma!"

Hearing his name called caused Takuma to look at Spike "Oh so there you are Spike! I thought you were with Twilight helping her on her spells."

"Well, that is a fair assumption" Spike explained "But she's with Princess Celestia, something about learning a special lesson that Celestia wanted to make sure Twilight got the lesson in...She won't be back till tomorrow. So it just leaves you and me to watch over the library."

"Sounds good" Takuma spoke then went back to his drawing and Spike couldn't help but watch the human "So what are you drawing?"

Takuma paused showing Spike his favorite Digimon from the Digimon Game a Gatomon "A Digimon."

Spike swore that he should've seen this coming as he spoke "Man, you still believe Digimon exist."

"I actually do Spike" Takuma answered "I mean, I've checked out some books I had somehow brought with me when I got here...There is a world where Humans like myself exist, so why can't a Digimon exist?"

"Good point there" Spike admitted "But you know what Twilight's gonna say about it even though she likes your drawing-"

"I know, I know, that I maybe free to believe to believe in whatever but you can't always trust cartoons, it's just made for entertainment."

Spike just nods "Well I'll leave you be!"

Takuma lets Spike go and begins drawing a new idea. An idea to create his own Digimon. So, he began to draw it. He started off drawing the Digimon. Giving it a half the size of a human child scorpion "I'm going to call him Goldmon!" He was still drawing it when a light appeared from the back of Twilight Sparkle's home. This brings him out of coloring the Digimon he was making. He then sees the light shoot at him and he holds out his hand! When the light touched his hand he saw a strange device.

"This looks like a Digivice" He spoke silently to himself he looks up around making sure Spike wasn't around to hear him speak up "Does this mean they do exist?" he then saw the Digivice's circle was gold and seemed to have a card slot "And what does this card slot do?"

He then looked at his drawing of Goldmon. Then made up his mind "Well let's see if they do exist...It's worth the risk, so I hope."

He then takes the completed drawing threw the card slot. He then felt the drawing somehow stick to the Digivice "WHAT THE HAY?" he asked a common quote from Applejack close enough for a human asking 'what the heck?'

He then watched as light seemed to scan from the card slot. It seemed to scan the paper and guide the item threw. When it ended he saw a light flash from the Digivice and shoot straight outward and out of the library. He gives chase to the light shouting to Spike as Spike asked "WHAT WAS THAT?" Takuma answers "Don't know what that truly was SPIKE, BUT I'M GOING TO CHECK SOMETHING OUT!"

He is out of the library following the light as fast as his two legs could let him. He pauses as he sees the light go into a tall forest. He knew it as the Everfree Forest. It was a forest of danger, a danger to ponies he thought to himself gaining the courage to try to go into it or not And perhaps not a danger to a human... He then looked around hiding in a gulp "Hopefully,... I don't regret this!"

He makes his decision to go into the forest. He follows the single from the Digivice and stopped as he got to an area which he assumed was half way threw the forest. There a fog appeared and he saw what appeared to be a gold scorpion about half the size of him. He blinked his eyes rubbing them trying to see if his mine wasn't playing with him. Sure enough it was the Digimon he created Goldmon! He then hears howls and sees that he is surrounded by the Timber Wolves and they looked hungry enough to hunt even a human "Oh great...This wasn't a good idea."

The Digimon or whatever it was saw that Takuma was in danger and rushed to his aide. "Tail Stinger!" It swings it's tail catching a Timber Wolf off guard and stinging it right in it's chest. The wolf howled and fell backwards fainted. Takuma was worried about this as Goldmon went into action quickly seeing the leading Timber Wolf it aims it's tail at the wolf's eyes then shouts it's first attack the one attack Takuma decided to give it before Tail Stinger " Venom Spray!"

The Scorpion's tail sent out venom into the wolf's eye. It howls and gives the order for the others to retreat. Goldmon turns to Takuma whom is quite worried at what had happened "You okay?"

"Y-Y-Y-yes, I am" Takuma said "So, are you real?"

Goldmon pauses as Takuma touches the Digimon and answers his own question "YOU ARE REAL!"

"Yes, who are you?" Goldmon said.

Takuma looks around knowing the Timber Wolves were only started "Uh the name is Takuma! We'll talk latter, come on let's get out of here before those Timber Wolves come back...Goldmon."

The gold scorpion nods and Takuma leads out of the way excited and scared at what had happened. He was lucky he was able to escape from the Everfree Forest alive.

Unaware that somewhere on Earth, an organization detected Goldmon's appearence. In it a man in a black suit was informed about it immediately when they detected it. He had brown hair and also wore black sun glasses over his eyes "Strange..." the man spoke to himself "Whereever that Digimon was...It was well out of our range to do anything about." He looks at the picture of what appeared to be Takuma at a young age "That Digimon that took you away from me...I will find it and you hopefully you."

This was why he joined the government organization of Hypnos, in hopes of finding Takuma. So far he had no luck but perhaps his luck was changing all he needed now was another single then he could be able to see where the first Digimon had emerged.

End of Prolouge. Goldmon and Takuma are introduced. How will Takuma introduce Goldmon to the world of ponies and why is Yamaki trying to find Takuma? Read to Find out. Also reviews are appreciated.