Chapter 21: Duel with the Deva

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It was another morning in Equestria. It was a Saturday which meant no school. Takuma and Goldmon were up discussing the Deva problem Ponyville could face. Takuma and Godlmon were going to make sure the Devas didn't get there way. They still didn't understand why the Devas were attacking Ponyville. Twilight Sparkle and Spike were just getting up and had just gotten onto the room where Goldmon and Takuma were speaking.

"I just don't get it Goldmon" Takuma told his Digimon partner.

Twilight Sparkle and Spike listen to their conversation.

"What don't you get?" Goldmon asked.

"I don't get why or what these Devas are" Takuma answers "Plus why are they attacking ponies, if they don't like humans."

"Good point" Goldmon admitted.

Suddenly Applejack knocked on the door of Twilight's library "Any pony home?"

Takuma and Goldmon answer the door and Applejack sighs "We'll howdy do Takuma and Goldmon, just the two ponies I needed to see."

"I'm not a-" Goldmon began but Takuma silenced him with a look that Goldmon easily read was It's a term all ponies use around here.

Applejack continues "Hey listen, my sister Applebloom received a mysterious card you and Goldmon might want to check it out."

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"What sort of card?" Twilight Sparkle asked for Takuma.

Applejack answers "Well some mysterious Digimon Battle Card, she says she has no clue what it does."

"Goldmon and I will meet her at the schoolyard." Takuma said taking out his cell "With the other Tamers."

"Good idea" Twilight admitted with Applejack joining in her "Takato, Guilmon are on their way with Henry and Terriermon. I made sure to stop buy Fluttershy's to tell Henry.

Takuma, and Goldmon smile at Applejack as Takuma explain "Then while Goldmon and I join the others, I'll call Rika."

Applejack nods "Alright then, that's where the other Tamers are meeting good luck!"

Takuma with Goldmon on his shoulder ran out towards the schoolyard.

Twilight Sparkle walks over toward Applejack whom looks at her "Sorry to call Takuma into action so early."

"No worries" Twilight said "It gets his mind off of the Deva problem."

"Hey these Devas are a serious threat, Takuma knows it, he doesn't want any pony to get hurt" Applejack admits.

Twilight nods "He's becoming heroic day by day."

"He certainly is" Applejack admitted "If these Deva's want to harm us they will have to get past our Tamer friends."

Spike is still wondering the same things as Takuma was "But why harm us? We have nothing to do what humans might've done that these Devas are angry."

"I'm sure the answer will come out eventually, every answer does" Applejack admits.

"Good point" Spike admits.

The four Tamers with their Digimon met up with the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Terriermon had been resting on a ladder while Guilmon was looking around, with Renamon calmly standing on top of the school building and Goldmon standing at Takuma's side.

"We ain't sure what this card does" Applebloom explained to the four Tamers she shows them the card which did seem strange.

"Takuma" Rika asked Takuma "You are from around here and your cards do have something to do with magic but got any idea what that is?"

"For once no" Takuma said "I have no idea what that card does."

"Could it be a fake?" Sweetie Belle asked.

"If so" Scootaloo spoke "Give it to Henry."

"Wha?" Henry asked.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders uniamously gave Henry the card.

"No thanks?" Applebloom asked.

Henry was puzzled "No, just trying to find out what it is."

"Swipe it already!" Terriermon suggested.

Henry thinks about it but does "Here goes nothing."

He swipes it and it then glows as it turns into a blue card.

"What the hay?" the Cutie Mark Crusaders asked with Applebloom asking "What card is that?"

"See Henry?" Terrierrmon asked sliding down the slide "You should listen to me more often."

"A Blue Card?" Takato asked "Is that similar to yours Takuma?"

"Might be" Takuma admitted "But that wasn't how I got mine."

"We got ours during Takuma's first date with Fluttershy" Goldmon said.

Takuma turns "Actually I was trying to help Fluttershy adjust to being human. Sure she took us to the meadow but I doubt she and I think of it as a date."

"You two should!" Terriermon joked "You two are in love and are a couple."

"But at that time, they weren't" Takato points out.

"Good point, Takatomon" Guilmon speaks.

"But what does the Blue Card do?" Renamon asked.

Henry looks at the card puzzled "I have no idea, at the moment, my father would but..."

"He's not here right now" Takuma caught on.

"Another piece of the puzzle" Rika said.

"This just gets weirder and weirder" Takato said.

"For once Google Head is right" Rika admitted.

Takuma and Goldmon thanked the Cutie Mark Crusaders for the Blue Card. The three girls left leaving the Tamers in the schoolyard with the blue card in Henry's hands. They were now looking at the Blue Card. If it was something that could help the Tamers out against the Devas they'll graciously accept the help. While the four Tamers and their Digimon partners were still discussing the situation and wondering what the card meant when Fluttershy decided to show up.

"Is every thing okay Takuma?" she asked she sees Takuma, with his friends and their Digimon and slides on her feet gracefully "Uh, I'm sorry, am I interrupting something?"

"No, Fluttershy" Takuma told Fluttershy with Rika nodding "Yeah, we were just really thinking on the events on the Deva problem and this new card Henry got from swiping it threw his D-Arch."

"Really?" Fluttershy asked.

Takato nods "Yeah, please come and sit with us. Well sit besides Takuma if you'd like."

"I'd love to!" Fluttershy shouted then she blushed "If you all wouldn't mind that is."

"Of course not" was the reply and it was Henry whom scooted over to make a seat for Fluttershy.

Fluttershy smiles and makes her way over to her friends and sits besides Henry and her boyfriend "So what did you all fine?"

"The Crusaders gave me this" Henry responds showing Fluttershy the Blue Card.

"A Blue Card?" Fluttershy asked "What does it do?"

"We are unsure" Renamon responded to her "Not even Takuma knows what it could do."

"Not right now" Takuma began then he got an idea "Unless,"

"Unless what?" Takato asked.

"Unless it may have the same capabilities as my Matrix Digivolution Card" Takuma told him "But it's only a guess."

"Interesting" Fluttershy spoke "Oh, I almost forgot, Rainbow Dash says that it's going to be sunny all day so-"

"So if you need a scout to see where a Deva is at I'll come to you all" Rainbow Dash announces as she flies down from the sky.

"Actually that's a good idea" Rika admitted.

"We could use all the help we can get" Takuma agrees.

Rainbow Dash stretches "Also I've asked Christmas Gift to help as well and she will once she gets her deliveries in."

"Thank you Rainbow" Takato told her "We could use the assist."

"Especially when we won't know where the Devas will appear" Takuma agreed he even paused a moment "But Rainbow, when Christmas Gift does get off, be careful."

"What for?" Rainbow asked.

Henry explains "I believe I speak not only for Takuma but for all of us on this, we don't want you to get hurt, no telling what the Devas are after."

"Oh yeah, forgot about that for a little bit" Rainbow Dash admitted.

"You must be careful Rainbow" Fluttershy warns "Because it is unclear of the reason why the Deva's are attacking Equestria."

"Or when they will attack again" Rika added on.

"Don't worry about me and Christmas Gift" Rainbow Dash said "We'll just scout and be really quick to vanish, and before these Devas know we were there!"

This caused a smile to come from Takuma as he respected Rainbow Dash to be like this, she loyal and a great friend. The loyalty Rainbow Dash possessed always helped his mother and her friends out, heck even Rainbow Dash would be able to help him and his group of friends out. Rainbow Dash nods then as quickly as she appeared she disappeared into the sky.

"Rainbow Dashmon is fast" Guilmon admitted.

"The fastest Pony in Equestria" Takuma reminded everyone "That is what Rainbow Dash is."

"If I wasn't here to see for my own eyes" Rika muttered while blinking "I would not believe it."

"You'd have problems believing anything" Takato told her which earned him a smack to his head from Rika herself.

"Ouch!" Takato muttered as his head met the table.

The rest of the Tamers with their Digimon and Fluttershy sweatdropped as Henry mutters "Saw this coming."

Trixie was reviewing the latest failure to defeat the Tamers. She didn't like the fact she failed to defeat them again. She was sure the Tamers would've all been defeated that time but once again Takuma outsmarted them. Right now she was pacing back and forward as the raging flames noticed her panicky state.

"There is no question about it!" Trixie spoke angrily "That Takuma boy has his adopted mother's brains!"


Trixie stopped then sighed nodding her head "I suppose for the Great and Powerful Trixie's sake, you are right."

"Of course, just am frustrated as well, Three Devas have fallen to these Tamers but no more!" the Raging Flames shouted.

"You have a plan?" Trixie asked.

"Two Devas will make an appearance this time" The Raging Flames told her "It'll require lots of magical energy for you."

"TWO?" Trixie asked.

The Raging Flames seem to answer her "Yes, the ones I'm sending fight together!"

"Very well" Trixie said "But where will they be attacking Ponyville?"

"That isn't your concern, they know where they will attack" the Raging Flames answers her.

"Well alright" Trixie admitted.

The Raging Flames seem to sigh "We must be careful, the Sun Goddess maybe onto us."

"Sun Goddess?" Trixie asked "Who is she? Is she like Princess Celestia?"

"In a way, however the Sun Goddess I'm speaking about is stronger then your Princess Celestia by a slight margin if she wanted to get to that strength. She has the power to just doesn't usually use it like that unless she has to." the Raging Flames answered.

"Right" Trixie admitted imagining such a Goddess that could be stronger then Princess Celestia if she wanted to go to that mode of power.

The Raging Flames then warns her "For a while now I've been able to tell her nothing is wrong but she's starting to sense a conflict. If she gets totally involved we could be in big trouble."

Trixie now understands why her boss was able to get away until now and he was right, if this Sun Goddess got involved, they'd be in big trouble and she was sure Princess Celestia and Princess Luna would be onto her and if the Sun Goddess got involved, that spelled a triple threat to her.

"However, at this time the Sun Goddess is keeping an eye on a bigger threat in here, so it's nothing to worry about, at the moment, we should be able to accomplish our mission without her knowing."

"Alright..." Trixie agrees "If you say so."

Trixie focuses her powers trying to be able to send two Devas wherever they might appear.

In Hypnos, they were detecting the Wild Ones emerging.

"Sir!" one of Yamaki's asssistants shouted "We are picking up two very power signatures coming...Locating right in Canterlot!"

"Canterlot?" Yamaki asked then he remembers "No way! The Capital of Equestria!"

"Apparently so sir" the second assistant reported "What should we do?"

"Try to contact the two Princesses tell them something is coming up-"

Hypnos tries to make a good call and alert Princess Celestia of approaching danger.

In Canterlot, Rainbow Dash had been flying everywhere. So far nothing however her expert years in serving Ponyville as Weather Manager was able to catch something appearing, a strange fog.

"Fog? In Canterlot?" Rainbow Dash asked herself "From what I've gathered by other Pegasi, there was no fog in Canterlot. It can only mean one thing!"

"Deva?" Christmas Gift asked as she flew up.

"Christmas Gift!" Rainbow Dash said with a smile "How's it been?"

"Fine!" Christmas Gift respond "Still making deliveries but I too discovered the Fog while making my last one."

"You watch over the fog" Rainbow Dash ordered and she saluted as Rainbow Dash continues the order "I'll get the Tamers!"

Christmas Gift watches the fog carefully as Rainbow Dash flew towards the Tamers "Takuma!"

Takuma, Goldmon, Takato, Guilmon, Henry, Terriermon, Rika, Renamon, and Fluttershy turn towards the Blue Pegasus Pony whom lands "We might have trouble."

"Where?" Terriermon asked.

Rainbow Dash answers "In Canterlot! Christmas Gift is monitoring the fog as we know Fog wasn't scheduled in Canterlot."

"It has to be a Digimon emerging!" Rika announces.

"We've gotta move then!" Takato said "No telling what the Digimon is."

"Or how many!" Rainbow Dash reports causing the Tamers to look at her questioningly and she responds "I mean I've seen Digimon fields that the Fog makes but it wasn't compared to that, this fog seemed denser."

"Two Digimon at once?" Takato asked "That has never happened."

"Doesn't mean it can't happen" Takuma told him he turns to Fluttershy "Fluttershy, stay here honey."

Fluttershy nods "Alright."

Takuma turns to her taking her hands in his "I'll be back, but right now Canterlot may need saving."

Fluttershy nods giving Takuma a kiss on his cheek "Alright, you go and do what you need to do, I'll be waiting right here."

Takuma nods, turning to Takato for orders. Rika and Henry with the Digimon waited for his orders as well. Takato turns "Alright Tamers! To Canterlot!"

The Tamers with their Digimon go to the train station to take it to get to Canterlot.

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As the Tamers got to Canterlot, Christmas Gift flew down towards them as Takato asks her "Christmas! How bad is it? How many?"

"Two" Christmas Gift said she takes them to the area and sure enough two Digimon had emerged there was a red armored ox like Deva and a Deva that looked like a sheep.

Just as if it was Ponyville they were attacking, Canterlot ponies ran around. Strange thing was the Devas were eating stuff.

"Terriermon!" Henry orders "See what they are."

Terriermon does as the two Devas race around comunicating to each other threw their thoughts followed by the sheep one 'Time to wreck a little havoc.' Followed up with the ox one's 'Beautiful day for a stampede!'

"I don't think Terriermon can handle them alone" Henry admitted but Takuma stands up "He's not alone but you're right this might be harder then it looks."

Terriermon focuses on the Devas first to come out was the sheep one " Pajiramon, Deva Beast Digimon, Ultimate level."

Then it was immediately followed by Henry explaining a bit of the ox one "Vajramon, same nasty type, same nasty level."

"Two Devas?" Rika and Henry asked each other.

"I hate it when I'm right" Takuma admitted.

Terrified ponies ran as Vajramon speaks "It begins here!"

Pajiramon stops then turns "It ends here!"

Vajramon starts to eat a buisness pony's store "Why are you eating my store?"

When Vajramon turns towards him the pony followed by three others ran out "Never mind! Enjoy your meal!"

Pajiramon gave out a loud continuous baa until power went out and some ponies collapsed.

"And I thought my singing was bad" Takato muttered as the Tamers with their Digimon, Rainbow Dash and Christmas Gift covered their ears and didn't seem to collapse.

"They just biomerged so they are unstabilized! That is why they are attacking" Henry points out as Takuma nods the scene.

"Then we better clear the table, before they finish they're meal" Rika warns.

"Good idea" Takuma said.

"Alright, so which one do you want?" Henry asked.

Rika turns "I'll take the glutton with the horns."

"And I'll help her out" Takuma said to Henry whom nods "Then Takato and I got the sheep."

Rika, Takuma, and Henry picked out their cards sliding them threw the D-archs "Digi-Modify!"

"Thor's Hammer activate!" Henry announces.

"Crystal Fire Activate!" Rika announces.

"Telekinesis Activate!" Takuma announces.

Goldmon channels up his energy into his eyes and seems to freeze Vajramon while Terriermon gains a hammer and Renamon gains blue fire in her claws. The two attack the two Devas but these had very little or no effect at all well with the only effect having the Deva's attention towards them now.

"No way!" Takato shouts.

"Maybe I didn't make myself clear!" Terriermon shouts trying to use the hammer again on Pajiramon but she just rams him in the head causing him to fall onto the ground.

"So you are the little Digimon that sides with humans..." Pajiramon spoke "What is your name traitor?"

"None of your business!" Terriermon responds.

"And the two of yours?" Vajramon asked.

"You won't remember it" Renamon countered.

"Certainly won't tell rampaging beasts like you" Goldmon admitted.

"Let him go right now!" Henry ordered.

"I'm afraid I can't do that" Pajiramon said.

"Were waiting time here" Vajramon shouted "Our orders are to vanquish them and load their data. Or have you forgotten your orders?"

"That proves my theory" Takuma muttered with Rika nodding adding on "Then their boss must be a Mega."

"I haven't forgotten anything" Pajiramon told her friend she throws Terriermon up into the air and takes aim with a crossbow "You should feel honored to be loaded by me!"

"No look out!" Henry shouts he was unaware Calumon was in the area and was now covering his eyes which caused a beam to go towards Terriermon.

"Terriermon Digivolve too...Gargomon!" Terriermon shouted as he Digivolved.

Gargomon starts shouting bullets down onto Pajiramon whom wasn't much damaged while shouting towards her "Still Hungry? How about desert?"

Vajramon looks at Renamon and Goldmon while Guilmon went to help Gargomon "Aren't you two going to Digivolve? I'd hate to just take you two's data without seeing that?"

Vajramon takes out one of his swords as Renamon counters "Pig."

"What did you say?" Vajramon asked swinging his sword but Renamon jumps into the air "Diamond Storm!"

Vajramon uses his sword to spinning it around to avoid any damage but on doing so it gave Goldmon the opertunity to try to strike him "Venom Spray!"

The venom was aimed at Vajramon's eyes but the Digimon used his sword to counter his venom spray as well. Despite this the two continued to try to attack Vajramon. Gargomon continues to fire bullets at Pajiramon and Guilmon is even attacking with Pyro Sphere but she is dodging them and growing impatient "This is getting tiredsome. Vajramon finish those two off!"

The ox Deva replies while laughing "Why? This is fun!"

"He's toying with them!" Rika said.

Takato tries to help Henry by giving Henry a card "This may give Gargomon the edge."

Henry tries it and it is Hyperspeed which gives Gargomon some speed "I'm coming to get you, you big bully!"

"Enough of this!" Pajiramon shouts "Thunder Stomp!"

She stomps on the ground and Gargomon falls onto his back and she aims her crossbow at him. Gargomon tries to get up but she pins him to the ground with her arrows as Renamon and Goldmon try once again to attack Vajramon "Diamond Storm!" "Venom Spray!"

"No don't!" Henry shouted.

"It's my job!" Pajiramon told him.

"Well it's not too late to change your career!" Gargomon announces.

Takuma agrees debating to use his own Digivolution Card but Rika stops him "I know you'd want to help but perhaps this could help us discover what that Blue Card of Henry's can do."

Takuma was about to argue with her but she had a point a good one, what better off to discover what the blue card could do. Vajramon swings his sword but Goldmon and Renamon manage to jump onto the sword with Vajramon going "Oh! Fiesty?"

"You have no idea!" Renamon told him.

"Then let's find out!" Vajramon announces with Goldmon agreeing with Renamon "We won't quit until you Devas stop attacking Equestria."

Pajiramon stops her charge "What?"

Takuma nods "What did these ponies do to you? Nothing and your attacking peaceful loving ponies.

Pajiramon slightly ignores this "True but any place with humans on it is worth attacking."

She then charges Gargomon "Don't do it!"

"Pyro Sphere!" Guilmon announces but Pajiramon easily avoids it and starts trying to trample Gargomon.

Takato tries to help Henry again "Try this?"

"That last one almost killed him!" Henry said.

"Just trying to help" Takato admitted.

Henry searched his own pocket "Hey I got one!"

He swipes it "Digi-Modify-Stone Armor Activate!"

Gargomon's body turns to stone but Pajiramon continues to stomp with "Thunder Stomp!"

"Gargomon!" Henry shouts he tries Takato's card again but this doesn't help.

"None of my other cards look useful" Takato said.

Takuma turns "Try to the Blue Card, Henry."

"What?" Henry asked "We don't even know what that does!"

"But we're about to lose him!" Takato points out.

Henry turns horrified as Pajiramon aims her crossbow again "Time to say good-bye."

"We'll" Henry said taking the card "Here goes nothing."

He then slides the card threw shouting "Digi-Modify! Matrix Digivolution!"

The card lets loose it's energy into the air and nothing seems to happen with Takuma sweat dropping "Okay, that's odd."

"Seemed like a good idea at the time" Takato spoke.

Suddenly he catches Calumon feeling something and his triangle on his head glows sending a red beam up into the sky. Then the Digivolution rays fell onto Gargomon whom then glows himself and Pajiramon asked "What's happening?"

The words Maxtrix Digivolution appears on Henry's D-Arch and it begins the process "Gargomon, Digivolution too...Rapidmon!"

Gargomon seems to disappear and Pajiramon notices this "He's disappeared!"

"He shoots!" Rapidmon shouted then he kicks her "He scores!"

"Oh yeah!" Rainbow Dash shouted "That was awesome!"

Rika takes her time to anaylze the new Digimon and announces it "That's Rapidmon, Warrior Digimon, Ultimate level, his special attacks are, Rapid Fire, Miracle Missile and Tri-Beam. Glad he's on our side!"

"Stop this!" Pajiramon shouted she fires her arrows but Rapidmon dodges them all "Right here! No, Right here!"

"We're back in the game!" Henry announces.

"Hey Henry, like the new look? Check this out! Rapid Fire!" Rapidmon shouted he fires two blasts out of his cannon hands.

The blasts seem to strike Pajiramon and cause Vajramon to charge towards his comrade.

"Let's see how he handles this" Renamon said with Goldmon nodding "Can't believe my Venom was easily negated but let's see if he does."

"Lowsy Insect!" Pajiramon shouts "Let's see what you do, when I have a Human-Shield, now which one of you is first?"

Rainbow flies in between the Tamers even lashing out her hooves as if she were going to punch the Deva, "You Deva's want to harm the humans, you have to go threw me first!"

"Rainbow!" the Tamers all shouted.

"That can be arranged!" Pajiramon told Rainbow Dash aiming her arrow.

"NEITHER IS AN OPTION!" Rapidmon shouted "TRI BEAM!"

A Triangle forms around Rapidmon's body and then fires at the Devas wiping both out Pajiramon instantly but Vajramon slowly.

"We did it!" Takato shouted.

Takuma smiles as Rainbow Dash turns towards him and the Pegasus speaks "Hey, your mother Twilight doesn't want you to come back to her dead! Think of what you promised Fluttershy!"

Takuma did and nods "Alright point taken."

"Besides" Rainbow Dash said "I wouldn't want to be the one that told her about you being used as a human shield without me intervening."

"You did a very brave and loyal thing" Princess Celestia said as she with her guards appear.

"Princess Celestia!" Takuma shouted as the Tamers even with their Digimon bow to the Princess.

Princess Celestia smiles at the Tamers "Now need to bow, but I'm grateful you all saved us"

The Tamers all stand up looking at her.

"Even with Yamaki's warning" Princess Celestia said "There was very little we could've done so thank you for helping us."

"No problem Princess Celestia" Takato said.

She turns "Although I just got word that one of the Devas are still alive."

"But who?" Rika asked "Rapidmon thrashed them."

Princess Celestia turns "Hypnos is still detecting the Digimon, however they can't confirm who it maybe. So" She makes sure she's staring at Rika "Be alertive Rika, I sense the Digimon might be after you."

Rika nods "Thanks for the warning Princess Celestia."

The Tamers with their Digimon left back to Ponyville and it is getting night when they arrive. Takuma did indeed with Goldmon went to spend more time with Fluttershy. Takato with Guilmon decided to help Applejack in her orchard and so did Henry and Terriermon. This left Rika in Ponyville and she walked towards Rarity's house where Valjramon makes his appearance.

"Valjramon!" Rika shouts "You're the one still alive!"

Valjramon just looks at Renamon silently and Renamon replies "I understand."

"Renamon! Where are you going?" Rika asked.

"He wants to talk" Renamon said.

"That's correct" Valjramon said.

"If she's to talk to you, you two can do it right here!" Rika shouted as this caused Rarity to poke her own head out.

"Silence you inferior human!"

"INFEROR!" Rarity shouted as she comes out of her house "My dear whatever you are, humans aren't inferor!"

"Rarity" Rika said as Rarity was trying to defend her.

Rarity turns "Like she said if you need to talk to Renamon, do it right here! Because she's not going."

"How can you trust him?" Rika asked "Renamon?"

"I have questions which only he can answer...Trust me" Renamon responds.

Rarity actually sees that this could be the answer the Tamers were all looking for and but she knows that a Deva is bad news "You ruffian!"

Vajramon looks at Rarity whom continues "I may know that this maybe the answer that the Tamers were looking for, but if you lay one finger on Renamon, the Tamers and I will make sure you regret that!"

Renamon thanks Rarity for sticking up for Rika "Don't worry you two, I'll explain when I get back."

The two leave with Rika confused "I guess I just have to trust you this time."

Rarity turns to Rika "Darling, this could be the break you are looking for."

Rika turns as Rarity explains herself "You know how there are unanswered questions, well Renamon might get the answers you Tamers are looking for."

Rika nods "You're right, if this does work out we could possibly know why the Devas are attacking Equestria, and thanks for defending me."

"No, problem darling" Rarity tells her "That Ruffian doesn't know humans well as Twilight does as she has raised one sense he was one year old."

Rika nods as she and Rarity go into her house.

End of Chapter

This chapter is over and Rapidmon makes his debut! Only one of the Tamer's Digimon has yet to Digivolve again. Here is the next chapter. Chapter 22: Digital Beauty: Renamon hasn't returned yet since leaving with Vajramon, causing Rika to worry over her. Meanwhile, Vajramon asks Renamon to join his cause of taking over the humans.