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by cold summer night




When the Ikebukuro Gal Rules




Up. Down. There's no sideways. Life turns. Or does it? If it does, then why am I always down? When was the last time I've been happy? I cannot remember. I simply can't. Actually, I do remember. It hasn't been a long time. But happiness is temporary. It never lasts. Why am I doing what I am doing right now? Who am I anyway? Why is it that I feel as if the world suddenly stopped? Or am I just the one who stopped? All I could do is look back and look ahead, somehow dream of what I've been wanting – what I have been wishing for. Is it right to do whatever it takes to obtain someone's love - to get what I want? I do not know what is right and what is wrong now. I just want him to love me back. Will I ever have his heart by what I did? The answer is, no. I never had his heart when I thought I would.

"Why are you still here? Looking for me, perhaps? Or waiting for me? Wishing I'd be running after you?"

I wish I could speak of what I should. I wish I could control my heart not to reveal what is inside of me. Am I being foolish? Why do you have to be so mean when I love you so much?

I only realized that there's an envelope on top of my study table when my mother coughs. Have I been staring into space? Did she notice that I am not studying? Oh, gee! I'm so doomed! I pretended to be reading my notes. I glanced at the envelope, it's my allowance for sure. "Thanks, mom!" I smiled at her, surprisingly she is staring at me with a distressed look upon her white face. Is there something wrong?

"This is the last straw. If he still didn't like you, I don't know what else to do. Ah, he might as well be gay." Yuuya touches his chin while choosing from the dress rack of the Honda heiress named Mami.

"I think we still have more time, come here." After Mami arrives, a bunch of people comes in. Who are they? "I believe you know who is with me, luckily he stops by to say hi to me. Well, just so you know my friend here is the top fashion designer here in Japan!" She laughs as if she just won a beauty contest.

"You shouldn't have-" I blink my eyes when they pull me closer and check my measurements. "I-"

"Please stay still, missy." The fashion designer looks at me, I thought every inch of me. "This is gonna be great! I love this! Ahuh, you would be the queen of the night-"

"The queen of his night, more likely-" Mami raises her eyebrows with a teasing look.

"What do you mean?" I really don't understand.

"Come on, I was asked by my boyfriend for help. Well, what can I do? I can't leave her friend be hopeless. I am wiling to help you. Don't underestimate the power of Mami Honda."

"I really don't get this at all. I thought we'll just attend a party?"

"Yeah!" she runs her hand through her shiny blonde hair. "I mean, no. We won't. Only you would be attending this party."

"What? I thought you will be finding me someone who could you know, someone I could get to know and that you know-um-ah to make Otohata-kun jealous?"

"Yes, but if we rely on that it'll just take long. This is the best way, really."

"If that's not what we will be doing, then what? What's the other plan? What is the best way?"

"Plain and simple. Seduce him right away, own him."

I shook my head. "I still don't understand – honestly."

"Seriously? When were you born?" Mami massages her head. "Really?"


"I've got this all covered. He will be yours" she walks near me then whispers to my ear "believe me, didn't I just get Yuuya-kun?"

I have nothing to say about that so I kept quiet.

"Trust me, this is what you have to do."

We will see you at the study room, your father is already there. Get there quickly after seeing what's-" she pointed the envelope.

Study room? We have a family meeting? No, we never had a family meeting. That room is more like a confession room where I would be placed at the hot seat for interrogation. This is bad. Could this be about my failure in school? Oh, no! What am I going to do? Am I to be thrown out of the country? I don't want to go anywhere else, but here. This is where my friends are. This is where he is. I thought of his chocolate brown hair and the way it sways with the wind. I smell his ocean scent just by thinking of him. I need to be strong, I've got to promise them that I would study harder. I swear! Just so they would allow me to stay! When I entered the study, I clutched the envelope on my chest. "Mom, dad? I swear I would study harder-" my mother is sitting near the fireplace, while my father is standing at the window, with a goblet on his right hand. What is he looking at from the outside? There's just darkness out there, as if h can see through it. There are no stars either. I believe it's going to rain in a minute. And why is he drinking? This is bad! Totally! Mom motioned me to sit down in front of her, I did. I want to question her, but I can't. At this moment, I can feel that something is bound to happen. What is going on? What did I do to make them this silent and hesitant? No, they're not hesitant. There's anger, I can sense it. But why? What is this about? I'm sure this is something 'very' serious. I jumped when my father spoke after a long moment of silence.

"What did I told you? Did I not teach you to speak only when you're allowed to? Where are your manners? Are you a barbarian? Barging in a room, all the while blabbing something without permission?"

"….." I shook my head as a no. Well, I kind of forgot what they taught me back there.

He looks at me, loathing. "You were taught how to answer properly."

I nod my head. What? What am I nodding for? I shook my head. Why can't I speak? I drop the envelope on the floor because my hands were cold and shaky. Sweats even start to form on my temples. Gee, I'm on a hell seat! Not a hot seat!

"Is that how you should answer?"

No, definitely not. Why am I like this? I've been so sank by all the thoughts in my head. "No."

"No what? Answer in a sentence."

"No, t-this is not how I am s-supposed to answer. I'm sorry, father." From the corner of my eyes, I can see that my mother is just keeping her mouth shut. Is se crying?

"Your grades-" his eyes looked at me before shifting his stare back on the darkness of the outside world, sipping on his drink. How many glass did he drink before I got here? I realized that the bottle is half empty.

Grades? Oh, snap! I knew it. I agree, I admit that I've been careless, but I'm working on it for the past weeks. Please, don't make me go. Father?

"What happened to your grades?" He asks, his other hand is on the air. "You've been imprudent, lately."

"I'm sorry, father." I look at my hands, then at the envelope. I can't pick it up, because I am stuck. I can't make any movement. "I promise you, I will work harder."

"Really?" His stare shocked me, he has never looked at me that way.

Why isn't he believing on me? I faced his stare. "W-why? Why do you have to ask me like this? Why do you always make me feel this way?"

"Why?" He gritted his teeth. "Young lady, you thought we will 'never' know about your doings?"

My doings? What does he mean? I don't understand. "I am not doing anything wrong." Or that's what I think.

"You thought we will never find out what you were doing all this time?" What? What have I been doing? And the he was in front of me, with fire in his eyes. Why are they blazing on me? Am I a criminal for him to be mad at me? Why can't my mother tell him to stop? "You were in subsidized dating for heaven's sake! That's immoral!"

"How can I not when you are not giving me what I need? I have been confined here all my life to study for you. I have never been happy being here with you anyway!" And it landed on my face. His hand was strong, I thought my jaw just broke into pieces. Why? Tears rolled down my cheeks. Or is it blood? I touched my face, hoping it wasn't deformed.

He picks the envelope on the carpeted floor. "And how could you explain this, young lady? You're just sixteen!" What is that? The picture is dark at first, then I realized what it is. I mean, who they are. "Why are you with this stupid person?"

"He is not stupid."

"Oh, yeah. Then who is stupid here? He ran away from his family to live on his own, because he didn't want a bright future. He never wanted to pursue medicine or law school after highschool. And what is he now? A model? A DJ? What kind of jobs does he have? He is no good. Didn't I tell you? Didn't your mother tell you not to see him anymore? And not to be with your circle of friends anymore? They're just a bad influence to you, you know that. I thought you're smart. Where is the Hoshino in you?"

How mad can he be? "….."

"You are not to see him or your friends forever. You will not dishonor me, understood?" He repeats his question.

"Yes father, I do understand."

"Because if you dishonor me, it's either you will go back to your grandmother or I'll forget that I have a daughter."

Granny? No way! She's the strictest person in the world! She's the reason why my father is like this to me. She brought him up to be strong, cold, intelligent and proud.

"Thank goodness that this has never put in the printing press! You know that our clan is connected with politics. What do you think it will cause to our name? How could you be so careless?"

"I'm sorry, father. It won't happen again."

"Prove it."

I stood up then walk to the door.

"You think I'm finish already? Did I dismiss you?"

I shake my head thrice. "No, father."

"You are to meet your future husband tomorrow night. Accommodate him. He is the only one you will see from then on, besides he studies in your school. It'll be a good start. Understand?"

Husband? No, I don't understand. "Yes, I understand father. May I go back to my room now?"


Future husband? I searched for my phone which I found under my bed. On the screen writes, three missed calls, two e-mails and ten text messages. I called Yuuya-kun first.

"You look great, Aya-chan. You're amazing-" Yuuya-kun looks at me with sincerity.

After the operator's spiel I spoke "hey, don't worry about me." I tried to collect my shattering voice and self. "Well, the plan didn't work," yes it didn't. "He didn't-um call me after a week. I guess that's it. He was right." I nodded my head more than twice while wiping my tears. Why is it that when negative things happen, they come in a row? "He was true to his words. But really, I'm okay. Please don't worry about me. And I guess there's nothing I could do about that anymore. Thanks for helping, by the way. Thank you. I guess we should stop seducing the ice price. He would never be seduced, his heart would never be seduced. Bye."

I pressed the end button, dialing Mami's number. "Mami? It's night already but-um sorry for keeping you wait. I know I wasn't answering your messages. Well, um-ah how did it go? How did it go? It went quite well. I think. Yeah, that's what I think. You know, your plan was great it's just that maybe it's not meant to work for me. I mean-uh, maybe there's a different approach for every person. It just didn't work on him. I guess that would be it. That's it. Yeah. I'll just move on. That's what I should do. He told me that-" no I couldn't say it. "I think I just have to give up on him. Bye!" I throw my phone on top of my bed. I need to give up on my feelings for him.

"Ehem?" Mami glares at him. "Well, all thanks to me-" she points herself "that cold guy would notice your hidden beauty."

"Thank you so much. I'll do what I can. You guys have been so much help. I just hope that this one would work."

It's surprising that the one who my parents say my future husband is Katase-kun. I know him. He's somehow popular in school because of his looks and above average grades. Some would say that he is perfect, some would just agree somehow. As for me, he is just a normal person. He is very kind. I remember he helped us out on one of our school events. And next school year? After this season? We would be classmates.

"You know, I'm not rushing things between us. I mean, we could just stay friends." He smiles, showing off his kindest smile.

"Thank you." For now, it's only Katase-kun that I could talk to. I think he's the only one I could put my trust to since I am forbidden to see my previous friends. I missed them, but I can't be with them anymore. Besides, Ran is rumored to be dating Rei. "My heart just got broken. I love someone, but he doesn't love me-"

"Who in the world wouldn't love you Aya-chan? Tell me. The ice prince, huh?"

"When I first saw him? Right then, my heart tells me that I know him. That in that instant? I saw our future together. I saw a life that I wanted in him. It's not love at first sight. He was kind, but then he changed. He used to accompany me home after our lunch with the gang or after his interviews but then everything changed when I planned to confess on him. I mistook his kindness for something else."

"I'll help you forget about him."


"Marry me."

"What are you saying?" I gulp.

"You may not know this, but I'm wealthy. After highschool, marry me and we'll have the life you wanted. I've been in love with you for so long. The first time I saw you? Right then, I told myself that this simple girl is the one I would like to marry one day."

"We're still young-"

"Right now, yes. That's why I'm saying that we should get married after highschool-"


"Besides, both our parents want us to get married. Are we not a future couple?"

"It's too early to be talking about this. A lot of things will happen, you know. Nothing is certain, you might not like me anymore after a year. Let us not decide about this now."

"Got it."

My phone lights up, someone is calling. It's Mami. "Yes? Yes, I'm fine. I'm doing fine. I don't know. My heart is pounding, I can't breathe. Do I realy look good? What? Oh. Thanks. I noted what you guys told me. What? Um-ah yes, I'm guilty about that. I just need some notes, you see!" When the driver signals I immediately ended our conversation. "Mami, I'm so nervous right now. Gee. I'm already here, I've got to go. Wish me positive things. Thank you! Bye!" I breathe in and out. I'm gonna be just fine!

When someone opens the door, I didn't manage to be calm. Come on, I have to confident. I hop out, praying that I will not make any mistake. I step on a red carpet. How long should I walk? I glance from where I am standing all the way up, finding a long stair before me. Seriously? And then there were cameras everywhere, as if I am attending an awards night in the U.S.A.

Where could he be? No, I should not look or him. He should see me first. I would tell him that I was invited by the host f this party which is a friend of Mami! Right! Actually, the host was Mami's friend and he was asked to present me as his long-time friend. I hope I could play the part later. The walk was long, I feel thirsty. I took a glass from the bar. When asked what to drink, I didn't know what to answer. I just smiled. Now, what? "Give me the most special drink you have." I hope I didn't appear innocent about drinks. I accepted the glass, "thanks."

Where is that guy? Maybe I should practice on some people before I could get to him. Right! I spotted a guy, obviously he's coming my way. Should I speak with this guy even if I am not interested? Well? I need some practice anyway.

"Hey-" From up close, I realized that it was Mami's friend! The host himself!

I blink my eyes twice, not knowing what to say. Why does he look so gorgeous in person? "Hey, um-" okay so the pretenses should begin now. "Mami couldn't come-"

"Yes," he nods his head. "She didn't tell me that you are this beautiful. I could be more than your long-time friend as she says." His eyes were sparkling and yet I don't feel anything.

"This place is nice-" I changed the topic.

"Well, how about you stay here for tonight?"

What should I say? "Don't be silly."

He grabs my hand "well then, I've got to show you something that will make you want to stay here."

Where are we going? When entered the ballroom everyone was looking on us. I feel so embarrassed. We ascended a staircase, I bit my lip. People would think that we're more than just friends.

"Hey, who is with you? I never met her-" a beautiful tall blonde girl blocks our way.

"She's someone special to me-" he looks at me then smiles. "Off we go-"

I hear the lady curse. She might be one of this guy's lovers. "Where are we-" then he opens a wide door. "Is this?" I couldn't believe where I am. I feel like I'm in a Disney movie. This is like a fairytale. This is like Jasmine's castle, where Aladdin kissed her by the terrace. From here, I could see the whole city and its bright lights. And up there? I look up. There are billion of stars. "Thank you for bringing me here-" I could here the orchestra play from the ballroom.

"May I do the honor to dance with you, my princess? You wouldn't reject me, would you?"


"Well?" His eyes were pleading.

"Okay." I nodded.

"Shall we?" His hand gestured for the door. "Let's dance on the ballroom-"

"What?" I thought we would dance here. He brought me to the dance floor, where everyone stared at me. I can read the expression on their faces, some seem to ask who I am and some are just annoyed, especially the women. Come on, I would not take him from all of you. You could have him if you like. I look at the person I'm dancing with, but I'd admit that he's handsome. He's like a prince that's why this place suits him. His hair is golden brown, his eyes were emerald, and he was white. Where is he from?

"Did you know that I am in search for a bride?"

I shake my head. "This early?"

"I'm twenty-four."

"That's young-"

"No, that's old. I need to have my son soon, I'm telling you. My parents are just so keen to see their future grandchildren."

"You can have anyone you want-"

"That's not true." He stirs me for the first time.

"What made you say that?" I can't believe that I can talk and dance at the same time.

"I just know. I know everything about women here by the way."

I bow, the kind of bow we do when dancing then the next would be waltz. He take my hand to his chest, we are not stopping right? Because if we stop dancing people would gossip about us. "I believe we should continue the dance-" I smile at him.

"Including you. I know everything about you, where you came, what you were. You could be the perfect match for me, and my parents would approve of it."

Eh? "Are you serious? We just met-"

He shakes his head. "No-" he pulls me very closer to him "I was one of those you dated before, you just didn't recognize me."

I look at his emerald eyes with shock. "What are you saying?"

"I was the one who paid you the most."

My head suddenly ached. "Please I'm tired, I want to take a seat somewhere. You're mistaken. This is the first time I've seen you, and don' enter the picture. I'm here for someone else."

"Good luck with that-" before he releases me, I feel the sudden touch of his lips on my forehead "goodnight, my princess."

I didn't know how I get here. If this water is potable, I would drink it. But this fountain's water isn't. I watch my reflection, to me I don't look any different. I am still me. The same old me.

"That was a good show, you had back there-" the cold, deep and manly voice. It's Otohata-kun! "You look good together."

My heart raced. I sat by the fountain, not speaking. What should I say? Shouldn't the seducing start now? But I was weakened by the sudden turn of events. What can I do? How should I begin with the plan? It's now or never! This is my last chance.

"I didn't know you were acquainted with that guy-"

"Maybe you just don't know me." Where did it come from? "I mean," I stand up finding a slight of confusion on his face. "I have a lot of friends, did you think you, Yuuya-kun, Tatsuki and the gang are the only friends I have? Well, you're wrong."

"What made you say what you thought I think?"


"I didn't know you could have a new guy in an instant. I underestimated what you can do. So, are you one of those women flocking for him for his fortune and fame? Are you in line to be his wife? Or should I say mistress?"

"Yes, I'm one those. And I could be his wife, besides he asked about it. Happy?" I nodded. "Of course, you're more than happy just so I would be chasing after you. So, that I would not be of burden to you, right? Don't worry, if our marriage pushed through? You will no longer carry weight."

"I'm gonna be the happiest, but what's the proof that he will choose you among all the women out there? You will just be his mistress. You could never win one's heart."

"I'm not going to win his heart like how I tried to do to you, I'll win him in another way!" What am I saying? Why am I so bitter? I am supposed to attract him to me, not to have a fight! "I'm sorry for saying that."


"Why did you walk down here?"

"Am I not allowed to be here?"

"Why do you answer in question?"

"I just came here to have some fresh air, that's all. And besides, I was here first. You suddenly appeared, exiting from the ballroom as if you're in a movie."

What? Did I make such an appearance to him? And I didn't notice that he is here. I removed my shoes.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"I'm gonna take a walk-" the plan is aborted! I am so nuts! I walked through the woods, passing through the knee-high grasses. I could hear the forest birds from above me. It could be creepy but I don't want to be anywhere else but here. Instead of walking back in at the ballroom, I don't want to see the people's scrutinizing eyes. And I can't face Otohata-kun, I believe our plan is somehow not right. My heart is telling me not to do it. Wait, am I hearing it right? Could that be a waterfall? I ran as fast as I can, finding it a minute after. Is this man made or natural? Anyway, it doesn't matter. I could see the water because of the moon, which just happen to be noticeable at this hour. It's a full moon tonight. What a lovely sight, for a romantic evening. By I am here, all by myself. I raise my gown up to my knees, screaming afterwards. "Gee, this is cold!" I've never been this close to nature. I feel as if I'm the only one alive in the world, and that this whole land is mine.

I hear footsteps approaching, as I embrace myself. Who could that be? My shoes drop on the water, "ah-" I couldn't sense where it is coming from. What should I do? Run! When I look back, I see the shadowy figure coming my way. Is this the end of me? Someone help me! I thought this is a safe place! I slip on the water. Now my dress is all ruined! When the stranger stops before me, I pleaded. "Don't hurt me, I beg you."

"What? Hey? Aya?"

"Oh," I look up to see the host of the party. "Thank goodness, it's you!" I was really scared that I embraced him. I ignored the tears falling down on my cheeks. "I thought I'm going to die."

"I've been looking for you-"

"You scared me."

"What are you doing here anyway? Mami would kill me, you know."

"I was just walking-"

"Walking? Why are you sweating? Did I really scare you that much?"

I nodded. "Yeah."

He embraces me back. "You know, Mami is right you are very very different. I'll help you get that guy, I swear."

"You don't have to, I already aborted the plan."

He freed himself. "What are you talking about, you've come this far. He is still there, you have to go with it. Isn't this the last chance you have? If you can't have him after this, then you could give up on him. Don't miss this chance. I'll back you up!" He winks then taps my head.

"Then what should I do? I'm already messed up right now-"

"Will do a real quick fix, we need to enter the back door. I think my sister has a spare dress which you could wear-"

"Thanks-" we ran swiftly. "Why are you helping me?"

"You see, I'm a close friend of Mami. And we were lovers before-"

"What you said a while ago, is it true?"

"What is true?"

He stops from running, so did I.

"That we dated before?"

"Yes." He nodded. "But don't worry I won't get in the way of you and that guy." Smiling, he pulls my hand to run.

I smile back. It feels so good to know that there are people helping me on this quest to win his heart.

He told me to stay at the room near the back entrance, when he got back he handed me a beautiful gown. "Get dressed-"

I stared at him.

"Now or he might leave."

I nodded. "Thanks!"

When we descended the stairs, everyone hushes. Is it because I changed my gown? Or is t because of something else? "Do I look terrible?"

He whispers in my ear, his right hand is on my waist. "No, you're the most beautiful tonight."

"What's with the hand?"

"You'll see."

Whatever. I searched for him in the crowd, "where could-"

"Spotted-" he speaks on my ear.

Really? Should I? I smiled at him, all the while leaning my head on his shoulder. This is crazy.

"You're not convincing-" he said in a low voice that only us could hear.

"Then how can I be-" how can I sound like that?

"Think of me as him-" he deeply looked into my eyes. "Think as if I'm the one you love."

I nodded. "I'll try."

The host asks me to dance for the second time, what is he up to? I can't believe Otohata-kun is still here. "I wonder why he is still here-"

"For the party after this formal event-"

"You don't mean he's the dj?" As a reply, he nodded. "Did Mami do this all for me?" I wanted to cry, did she hire Otohata-kun for this? Then, I can't give up! I can't back out!

When the party begun, Otohata-kun started with his work. The host pulled me to the dance floor. No way! I don't know this kind of dance! And why are the lights so dim? What are these kind of lights blinking for? I can't see much!

"You know you've got to dance to keep up with these party people-"

"I can't hear you-"

In a loud voice, "I said you have to dance!"


"Yes! Like this," he danced.

No, I won't dance like that! "Could I just dance the waltz?"

"Why aren't you dancing?"

"I-I can't dance like that-" I shook my head, he pulls me closer to him as if we're a couple. "What is this? What are you doing?"

"Aya, take this-" where did it come from?

"I-I don't drink much-"

"You have to-"

I have to? I accepted the drink. "O-okay, cheers then!" I drink it in one shot.

"Wow, I-I"

I look at his lips, trying to read what he is telling me. I can't hear his voice. I don't understand a thing. "W-wah? Whar rar ru zsheyin?" My vision becomes blurry. I close my eyes. What is going on? And why is it that the world is revolving? The sounds become mute, I can only hear my heartbeat. Something is burning, I know. The world around me is burning! Or am I in a dessert? I feel thirsty, my throat is ablaze. Why am I feeling this way? When I open my eyes, I find a glass on his hand. I grab it from his grip and drank it all, hoping that I will be back to normal. I'm going to be fine. This is just a headache. I couldn't back out now! I have to go with the plan! I force my eyes to open. Who am I with? Who is this guy in front of me? Just when I thought my vision went back to normal, it comes back. The pain in my head and in my heart, and why am I seeing my past? Why am I seeing Otohata-kun? I couldn't take this any longer! Otohata-kun!

Did I pass out? Is that a dream? Opening my eyes, I struggle to move my body. Why is it so cold? The window is open, it must be the fresh air from the outside. I tuck myself under the white sheets, scanning the semi-dark room. I want to get back to sleep, wanting to regain energy. Why do I feel exhausted? I am drained, but why? What did I do to be physically and emotionally worn out? Wait a minute. The window is open? I never leave my windows open! I stare back at my blanket. When did I ever change my bed sheets? White? Seriously? I have always been using pink! Where am I! I am definitely not in my room! I cover my whole self with the blanket, it smells like the ocean which means that I am – oh-em-gee! I am in his room!

Last night, I got drunk. I think I'm remembering some of it. It all happened last night? This is ridiculous! I shut my eyes, the things that happened appear in a fast forward way.

I hear someone opens a sliding door from somewhere. I didn't dare reveal myself, that I'm already awake.

"I know you're awake."

I jump when he closes the door.

"We could do much of this or beyond what we did, but it wouldn't change a thing. Seducing me won't work."

Am I being obvious of my intention? Then, I'll take that as a challenge! "I am not seducing you!" I sat up, still holding the blanket to cover myself.

"Liar," he throws the notebook on my lap. "Could you explain that?"

"I believe you just succeeded in seducing me, but let's end it right now. You are not to speak to me from here on. I don't want to see you."

That's it? Why is it that even if I wanted to cry, I can't? Am I running out of tears?



End of


by cold summer night




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