This is the story that goes on from Coming Down With Something, as Platyborg and his family have challenges to deal with, along with new beginnings to deal with.

But the virus rears it's head once again, but they'll help him cope with it.

I hope the people that enjoyed the last story enjoy this one.

A month had passed, since everything had happened, but Platyborg was annoyed waking up early, as he and Alt Doof were going to the doctor's for a check up, but knew it was important, but sighed rubbing sleep from his eyes as they were almost at the O.W.C.A but Alt Doof had been worried.

"Things will be fine, as he looks better." Perry told him.

Alt Doof relaxed, as he arrived, but he and Platyborg entered but headed for the infimary, but Platyborg was anxious, as he wasn't a fan of hospitals or doctors

"It'll be okay, dude.

At least Kiki doesn't know, right?" he said as Platyborg nodded.

But Alt Doof watched, as they were doing tests on Platyborg, but the one eyed man was watching nervously, but Perry understood silently watching.

The head doctor wanted to talk with Alt Doof outside for a while.

Platyborg wondered what they wanted, as he was peeking through the window of the closed door, but saw Alt Doof looked anxious, but wondered what the doctor had said.

He then saw the door open, as Alt Doof came back in, but smiled seeing Platyborg.

"Let's go, dude." he said.

Platyborg was happy, hearing that as they left but were going to Doof's place for breakfast, but he noticed that h8is uncle was quiet, as they were driving there.

"i'm fine, bro.

Let's just go." he said.

"So, how was the check-up, Platyborgie?" Yuna asked.

She and Platyborg were in his room with Luna, as the others weren't up besides them and the Doofs.

Platyborg noticed his sister was very happy, now that Kimiko wasn't around.

"Dad fed her to a Goozim, Platyborgie." Yuna said jokingly.

He knew it was a joke, but smiled, knowing their humour was different, like the Doofs, but Platyborg yawned, as he was sleepy, but Yuna saw him get back into bed, but she didn't mind, as she was watching TV, but had promised her brother not to tell Kiki, about him being at the doctor's.

She knew that Kiki wanted to help him, but understood.

"i'll be right back, Luna." she said.

She was going to get more dokkelberries from the kitchen, to keep her Goozim friend quiet, so her brother could sleep, but saw Luna in the kitchen, eating dookelberries, as Doof had given her a bowlful.

"Your Dad seems very worried, about Platyborg." Doof told her.

"I know, Uncle D.

Platyborgie was quiet, when he came back.

He's sleeping right now, which was why I wanted to feed Luna." she replied.

But he knew the doctor had told Alt Doof, the virus might relapse, and that scared him but Doof knew he and the others would help him.

Yuna smiled, seeing Luna eating the mail.

Doof sighed, as he knew the Goozim didn't mean it.

But they heard footsteps, seeing Future Platyborg up, but wanted to help make breakfast, as Yuna was curious to see this unfold, but Alt Doof smiled, at this, knowing that he needed to be postive.

He then went to sleep for a while, as being up early made him cranky.