If she started to count the number of times she had almost left when he chose that exact moment to suddenly start rambling once again, she was certain she would be counting somewhere near the vicinity of infinity.

She had come here looking for Klaus, to apologize... well not exactly apologize, more like to tell him that she didn't know the plan had been to try to kill them. She was just trying to help Elena. Instead she ran into another original, the youngest and as handsome as his other brothers. She wondered what it was about these originals and their handsomeness... she had practically whimpered when she saw Elijah all dapper in his suit; then there was Klaus in his suit and all the feelings that had collecte... And then there was Kol, like a younger Elijah lounging on the sofa with a tequila bottle in one hand and a Whiskey bottle in the other.

She made a move to get off the couch and sprint like Usain Fucking Blot, but like tradition he chose that exact moment to speak.

"You think a 1000 years should be enough to see everything, to know everything, to know life. But oh no! I get surprised like never before, I thought I knew all the highs and lows of life" his forehead crinkled as he pondered his own words and then added while waving a finger in her face and wiggling his eyebrows "Well not all the lows... but definitely all the highs, I've always done only amazing things..."

"What like massacre and mayhem?" she butt in, crossing her arms. If she was going to have to listen to his rant then she was going to get her opinion in as well.

"Yes" he agreed unabashedly "And sex too" he added with a mischievous glint, fixing his gaze strictly on the abundant cleavage her dress provided.

She scoffed and gaped at his staring, wondering if he would kill her if she punched his shoulder in protest.

"My eyes are up here?" she said bitchily

"Oh good!" he said giddily turning to look at her better "Are we having an anatomy lesson. Beautiful eyes really, but I'm more interested in what's below the navel..."

She wasn't so surprised this time and just rolled her eyes saying "Can I go now?"

He didn't say a word so she took it as her cue to leave, but before she even had one foot on the carpet he started again.

"I thought I had seen betrayal from that brother of mine you're hoping is going to bend you over, I clearly didn't know what betrayal was" he spat venomously

"Ah what... I do not want, who do you... how can you... Excuse me?" she hissed angrily making an attempt to wrestle the bottle from his hand, suddenly feeling heat flowing through her at his words.

"Who knew my mother... my mother, the woman who gave birth to me would want to kill me" he said softly, his eyes glazed over and Caroline stopped in her attempt to take the alcohol from him, their hands entwined on the tequila bottle as he continued to stare into the fire "I actually felt sorry for Niklaus, when he finally thought mother had forgiven him... but she was just lulling us into a trap" he added with a small laugh.

Caroline didn't quite know what to say to that, so she went for the sassiest thing she could come up with.

"Oh Boo-Hoo! You and your mama drama. My dad tortured me for hours, tried to fix me, change what I am and turn me back into his little girl"

He turned to look at her with raised brows, his lips pursed into a small smile he relinquished his hold on the tequila and within a split second the bottle was wrapped around her lips as she took a generous sip.

Once that and another bottle were finished

"And he hated what I am so damn much that he preferred to die than become like me, stay with me. And you know the funny thing..." she hiccupped holding the empty bottle to her like a float "He didn't even want me when I was human or vampire... then what the hell am I supposed to become? Fairy Godmother?" she asked seriously while Kol tried to stop her from opening another tequila bottle.

"Why are we talking about you? We were talking about me?" he said angrily "Let go of the bottle" he added in a warning and when she just shook her head, he pulled harder which resulted in the bottle breaking coz of all that supernatural strength, dousing them in tequila which made Caroline squeal in glee.

"Can we get back to my problems?" he demanded while she expertly licked the tequila off her hand and wrist, causing him to arch a brow.

"Want to lick mine?" he asked devilishly with a quirk of his eyebrows, before she could respond or kick him between the legs they both turned to see someone walk into the room.

"Oh Kol what have you done to her?" Klaus asked thunderously absorbing the scene before him.

"Well we were just swapping stories of our wonderful parentage, and then she got nice and drunk and I was just asking her if she wanted to lick my..."

"KOL!" Klaus exclaimed angrily while Caroline just blinked rapidly

"...Hands... hands Nik" Kol continued with a smug grin on his face, holding up his tequila drenched hands

"I should probably leave" Caroline said timidly grabbing her jacket, thoroughly avoiding Klaus's questioning glare.

"You should get her drunk Nik" Kol said wisely as they watched Caroline trying to push her hand through her jacket, which was taking considerable time "She's very unaware of where people's hands are when she's drunk"

Caroline gasped as her jacket fell to the floor, and Klaus ran a hand down his face in frustration.

"Excuse my brother Caroline... he doesn't know how to talk to women" Klaus said embarrassed

"Thanks for cheering me up Blondie" Kol said as started to leave "We should do this again sometime. I already know you like to drink, does that also mean..."

"KOL" Klaus thundered again

"...you like to swallow"

Klaus whipped a book at his head; he merely flicked it away with his hand.

"No worries" Kol said undeterred by Klaus's dagger looks or Caroline's blank looks "We'll find out next time"