A/N – So basically I am one of the mods in a Klaroline drabble request blog on tumblr, and I thought of posting some of the drabbles that I had written from the blog here, so these are two drabbles from there. I hope you like and let me know what you think!

Prompt : Elevator smut and Klaus and Caroline stuck in an elevator.

This is AU/AH

Caroline is certain she has the worst luck on the planet (perhaps she's killed puppies or something more cuter in a past life) when two catastrophes occur in a space of three minutes. One; she wrestles her way through a throng of crowd into the closing elevator, sliding in through the small gap straight into the smirking face of Klaus Mikaelson. Second; after appropriating him an adequate amount of scoffs and glares, she resolutely huffs and turns away from him, when the lights start to flicker and the elevator goes pitch black as it comes to a sudden screechy halt somewhere in between the 26th and 25th floor.

And as if the fright of falling to your impending death wasn't enough; when the hazy, obnoxious, red emergency light turns on, she's half wrapped around him, her fingers digging into his arms and her head scrunched into his neck. His arms are all too happy to round around her tiny frame, one far too close to her backside for comfort. And when she realizes she isn't dying, dead or going to die – she pushes away from him, shoving him a little too violently.

And the motherfucker's still smirking.

"That was quite a fright wasn't it?" he quips, mimicking her actions and leaning against the opposite wall.

"Nope" she quips back, popping the 'p' and feigning calmness whereas her heart is only just beginning to slow down "I wasn't afraid."

"Clearly," he chides, sarcasm dripping from every silky smooth accented syllable and fuck him and his fucking accent. She pays him no heed and stupidly hopes for a signal in her phone, and once again confirms she has the worst luck ever – she forgot her phone in her office.

"This has happened before. Don't worry, maintenance will sort it out soon" Klaus assures her and she flashes him a fake smile, the uneasiness evident in her body language "But since we're here, why don't we make the most of it?"

She doesn't miss the implications in his tone, or the blatant quirk of his brows as he appraises her from head to toe and all of a sudden she's conscious of herself. Straightening her white silk blouse and smoothening the lines of her grey pencil skirt, she flicks her hair behind her shoulders and huffs out a reply, "Or we could spend it in peaceful silence?"

Her suggestion is thoroughly ignored as he slides a few steps closer to her "How's the Brent case going?"

Her chest puffs with pride as a small hint of a smile creeps up on her pink lips, "Very well. His lying snitch of a wife won't get a penny out of him."

Klaus' brows rise even higher at the confidence in her words, "So, you covered up his Brazilian keep in Montreal then?"

"Brazi-keep? What? Brazillian who? Huh?" she mumbles, blinking furiously "What?"

"You don't know?" he enunciates every single word, disbelief clear in his tone.

"You're lying," she digresses, crossing her arms over her chest and fixing him with a furious gaze. How dare he try to mess with her head?

"I wish. If I have to hear him talk about her once more, he's going to end up with a golf club lodged in a very uncomfortable place."

"He lied to me!" she hisses, throwing her hands in the air and pushing off the wall "I can't believe he never told me, even when I expressly told him…"

"Clients lie, Caroline." Klaus chastised, watching her pace furiously inside the small enclosure "Do you even remember anything of what I taught you that day?"

Her cheeks heat up at the mere mention of that day and she halts her incessant pacing, backing up against the wall again and putting some much needed space between them, she does her best to pretend like that day brings up no buried desires within her. "Well, in my defense, you did very little teaching that day."

"Oh! I remember" He hisses in response, the infuriating smirk turning into a pure vulgar one, his husky and indicative voice entices a shiver down her spine, making her push herself against the wall and gulp nervously.

If this was a bad porno – this would be about the time they would start the uhm you know… activities.

"I remember that day very well," he adds in a whisper, just because he can, and he loves to see the way she purses her lips and lowers her gaze as her cheeks flush red. He isn't lying though, he does remember that day very well, down to every dirty little detail.

She tries to think of anything but the scandalous images invading her mind, but all she can think of the feel of his big, strong hands grazing her thigh, his rough stubble leaving a trail of red marks from her neck to the valley between her breasts to the inside of her thighs, his rebel tongue and teeth nipping and taunting every inch of her body, his lips claiming her from her mouth to her nipples to her core, the way the leather of the backseat felt under her back, squeaking in response to his feverous hips, the way he bit her ear lobe just as she unraveled around him.

Shaking her head abruptly, she clears her throat and notices the way he's looking at her. The smirk and mirth are gone, replaces by something so primal and animalistic that it makes her thighs press together. She almost averts her gaze when he probes out his tongue to lick his lips, but she can't - literally can't turn away from him and before she knows it he's barely an inch from her face.

"Imagine my surprise when I hear little Caroline Forbes got a job at my firm" he drawls into her face, eyes curiously watching the way her chest heaves and her hands curls behind her back, like she's afraid they'll do something rash.

"First of all, I never was and never will be little," she tell him, hating the term even when he had called her that all those years ago, she may have been a law student but she was not little, "And second, this is not your firm. You are just a partner."

"Please, this firm would tank without me," he dismisses, the arrogance in his words and voice doing nothing to suppress her arousal.

"You know I do remember that day," she jibes, anger suddenly competing with the other dominant emotion "I remember that you have a massive…"

"So you do remember our little car ride. I bet you couldn't stop thinking about me," he's even closer as he says this, his full lips ghosting over hers, his fingers curling around a strand of her hair and pushing it behind her ear, making sure to scrape his knuckles over her warm cheek. "I bet you remember how loud I made you scream, the ways I bent your glorious body…"

"Ego" she mutters under her breath, too captivated by the way his lips moved and his hands gently running up and down her arms to form a proper sentence "I was… massive ego"

Thoroughly ignoring her nonsensical ramblings and realizing that he had the same effect on her that she did on him, Klaus stepped closer to her, his hands resting on her waist. Smirking impishly, he lowered his head and brushed his nose along her jaw "I still have scars on my back. Sharp little talons you got there."

He buries his face in her neck, smiling victoriously as a whimper leaves her at his words. He can feel the battle raging within her as she moves against him, whether to push him away or entice him he wasn't sure. She was right in trapping her hands behind her back, because as soon as the words left his mouth – she was a goner. Pride be damned, her hands fly from behind her back and twist into his curls and yank his face to hers. She can't quite control her moan when their lips finally meet, she's been trying to recollect how they felt since he's brought up that day. Were they soft? Or rough? Warm or cold? Tender or passionate?

She's forgotten that they were all of the above, the way his lips moved against hers, teasing her in the beginning and then engulfing her lower lip between them, nipping and sucking at it. He could be drawing the very life from her soul, but if that was how he did it, then she wouldn't care. Her head tilts involuntarily, allowing him to kiss her deeper, his tongue clashing with hers, rough and smooth battling against each other. His hands are still as quick as she remembers it, for in the time she's rendered catatonic by his sinful lips; his hands have sneaked under her skirt to cup her through her panties.

And she's positively embarrassed at how soaked they are and he's positively delighted by how soaked they are. She can hear him laugh softly as she gasps away from his lips at the feel of him rubbing her over her underwear, the rough material adding to the sweet torture as it scrapped against her bundle of nerves. He's relentless; guiding his middle finger over her slit, reveling in the way she grinds her hips against his finger, silently begging him to take it further. She directs his head to her neck, moving her head to one side to allow him to nip and suck at her tender skin. His fingers pick up the speed, driven by her whimpers and his own demanding erection; he tugs her underwear down to her ankles and finds her dripping centre with his all too eager fingers. Her hands find his shoulders, nails digging through the material of his suit as he slips two fingers inside her and rubs the pad of his thumb over her clit.

When his mouth reaches over her clothed breast, taking it into his mouth and sucking and biting through her silk blouse, she's had enough, just about enough. Her hands find the front of his jeans, cupping and stroking him until he stills in his movements and withdraws his fingers from inside her and faces her. She can tell he wants her to look at him with the way his eyes are screaming for her full attention, and she gives it. Under the gaudy red light, his lust consumed face looks more handsome than she could have imagined. Her breath hitches and another wave of ache riles through her when he lifts his fingers to his mouth, licking and sucking the remnants of her juices from them "Mmmm," he muses "Just as I remember!"

She knows she's never going to be the same. No other man will be able to infuriate and arouse her this badly, he's ruined her for all other men, and something tells her that's exactly what he wants.

And from then on it's all a blur; a blur or skin against skin, moans against moans and she's never felt more alive than she does when he sinks into her, filling her to the hilt. Not even giving her a chance to adjust to his size before he's pumping in and out of her sporadically, his fingers marking her hips as he tightly grips her around him, her heels digging into his ass and marking him with every thrust of his hips. She gives him a new set of scars as her nails-talons- claw at his back, the deeper he pistons into her the deeper her nails scrap into the muscles of his back, drawing blood and making him hiss at the sting. His stubble renews it path down her torso, scratching over her throat column until it turns red and moving down to her chest, scrapping the soft underside of her breasts and making her arch into his mouth.

And when she finally tumbles over the cliff, she clings to him desperately and remembers how she'd felt all those years ago – special. She was merely a bright eyed 3rd year law student when she met him; the handsome, charming and successful lawyer, and he'd given her exactly what she needed at that point – hope. Without any words, he'd made her feel more special than anyone ever had and she'd been missing it for all those years. The way he whispers her name when he reaches his own release makes her heart ache in anguish and longing, such painful longing that she doesn't want to have to wait three more years to hear her name from his lips.

And when he pulls out of her and chastely kisses her lips, the fear sets in – maybe this is all she gets; a quick, spontaneous moment once every blue moon, but it's not what she wants. But she won't be the one to wear her heart on her sleeve and have her hopes crushed, so she purses her lips and pulls her underwear back up, watching from under her lashes as he fixes his clothes back on.

"How about I work with you on the Brent case?" he innocently asks, brushing the rogue tendrils off her face "I've always wanted to have a go at him."

She smiles and nods her head "That wouldn't be so bad."

And she's about to do it, ask him if this can be more than a one-time thing; she's not a ditsy student anymore, she's an upcoming associate and just as she's about to say the words, the elevator dings back into action. Hurling down towards the ground floor, it takes her sudden inspiration with it. He says nothing as he stands with his hands behind his back, watching her with a sly smile and when the doors open he starts to walk out, and she can barely control the dismayed look on her face.

"How about we discuss the case over dinner?" He asks, flashing her a mischievous smile, scattering the grey storm of doom clouding her heart and she smiles back, nodding her head and walking out with him.

"But I'm still the lead, so your place is under me. Understood?" she waves a threatening finger in his face and the ghost of a small breaks out on her face.

"I think I can work with that. In fact, I think I would rather enjoy it"

Prompt: Caroline makes a witch cast a spell and now she can read Klaus's mind. And his thoughts are all about her etc.

When the idea was propositioned to her, she had an inkling that it would go terribly wrong – and not the murderer-on-a-rampage-hide-your-daughters kind of wrong, more like the my-pants-just-split-in-the-middle-of-the-mall-someone-help-me kind of wrong. But she could never have foreseen it going so wrong. It was quite simple really; Damon and Stefan were convinced Klaus was hiding something from them, so they needed to know everything there was to know if they were putting up precious Elena's life at risk. And there was no way they could just stroll in and force Klaus to tell them the truth, so without discussing any other possible options they jumped to one which involved her being bait – as always.

And here she was; under Bonnie's spell – one which allowed her to witness Klaus's thoughts when she was asleep, and she was about to force herself to fall asleep so she could peak into the mind of the monster. She didn't like being bait, but she couldn't deny that she was probably the only one Klaus wouldn't kill if he found out. And that was if he was in a good mood. Caroline reclined on her bed and pulled the covers on her as Stefan closed the blinds. Crinkling her nose at him when he sat down by the edge of the bed, she quipped "I can't sleep when you're sitting there. Go outside you creep!"

Smirking and rolling his eyes Stefan left the room just as slumber began to take over her. She had been told it was going to be like a dream, only it wouldn't be dream but a projection of what he was thinking at that point. Blackness covered her sight at first, nothing visible at all before light started to break through the darkness – and she could begin to tell where she was. It looked like a living room; a posh one at that, so she safely assumed it was at his mansion, and she was right as she could see Klaus standing by the easel, a tumbler of scotch by his side as he painted wildly. His eyes narrowed and determined and his brows pulled together as he sucked his bottom lip into his mouth, tilting his head from side to side as he devoted his complete attention onto the painting.

Caroline frowned, not knowing how this was supposed to work. Just as she was pondering on this, the sound of his throaty chuckle filled the room – but his lips hadn't moved an inch. And then she realized it, he was laughing to himself in his head; this is how she could hear and know what he was thinking. She moved from her place by the entrance to stand behind him, looking over his shoulder at his painting.

It was... her.

She looked devastatingly beautiful; her blonde waves flowing over her face, the blue sky and bright sun behind her making her hair sparkle, her eyes darkened and wide, the veins under them breaking her skin and marring her perfect face, her mouth open as her fangs protruded out, her lips and chin smeared in blood and a single tear rolling down her cheek.

Her breath hitched as she studied the image ahead of her, all thoughts of her reason to be here flew out of her head as she stepped closer, her chest almost touching his back as she admired his work, while Klaus did the same, a proud twinkle in his eyes as he bought the glass to his lips. She looked so intriguing; a monster and yet so human; deformed and yet so beautiful. He had shown her what she had always wanted to know, he had shown her that even at her darkest she still wouldn't lose herself.

She watched with anticipation as he moved to scribble something at the right corner of the painting.

Shining even at...-

"What the hell!" Caroline exclaimed as she suddenly woke up, springing up in her bed and glaring at Bonnie "Why did you break the spell?". She was frustrated she didn't get to see what Klaus wrote under her painting.

As it turns out it wasn't safe to be under the spell for too long, so Bonnie woke her up and they planned to try again a few hours later; hoping to get useful information this time. So a few hours later she found herself floating in that darkness again as an image started to form in her head.

She was in a bathroom it seemed, her hands landed on the tiles of the washbasin as she straightened up and turned to her side, wondering why she was in a bathroom when she saw Klaus – in the shower, naked.

Holy shit! She turned around with a squeak she was thankful Klaus couldn't hear. This was not part of the deal! There was no nudity warning given or she wouldn't have signed up for this show. But it was too late now, she was standing in a steamy, smoky bathroom with a naked Klaus as he cleaned himself, and the noises that he was making made it literally, physically impossible for her to not turn around and look at him. And just as she had suspected; his hands were focused on the junction between his thighs, his elbows moving forward and back as he pleasured himself, moving his hands in tandem over his erection as a grunt escaped from his throat and he tilted his head back.

This was all too much, and just as she was about to run away and smack Damon on the head for making her do this – the darkness enveloped her again, before bringing her to a blurry, hazy image – a mess of limbs and muffled sounds.

What was happening? What is this? A dream within a dream?

When did this become fucking Inception?

She didn't have time to dwell on this further as a desperate moan pierced the air – her moan, or the her that Klaus was imagining. She was spread out under him, in some fancy bed with blood red sheet as he moved his head over her stomach, prodding his tongue out to taste her skin, sucking and kissing until he dipped his head into the dip of her hips, his breath ghosting over her core as he lapped his ragged tongue over her moist slit, smirking proudly as she –imagined her- something moaned loudly and twisted her fingers in his hair, bucking her hips into his mouth and arching her back into the air. She was positively embarrassed of her moaning when his hands came up to cup her breasts, squeezing the soft mounds and tugging mercilessly at the hardened peaks, driving her livid with want.

This was so wrong, so so so wrong and yet so hot that she couldn't tear her eyes away from the pair. Watching in fascination as she writhed and shivered under his ministrations, whining and whimpering his name, begging and pleading him to just take her already. And then somehow in the midst of her lust filled haze she realized that Klaus had been thinking of this – her under him, writhing and moaning his name while he pleasured himself, and as much as it should disgust her, it made her flush as heat flowed through her body.

Before she could turn her attention back to the sweaty bodies ahead of her, she felt herself being pulled back into consciousness and this time she positively yelled as she woke up, "Bonnie NO!"

"Uhm..." Stefan swayed on his feet, uncertainty clouding his face as he looked at Caroline , "You – uhm, you were making some... weird noises," he aided his words by shaking his hands in a comical motion.

Gulping nervously as her cheeks burned from the sudden flow of blood, Caroline lowered her head and pulled the covers closer to her body, downright petrified of whatever noises she had been making.

Damon sneered as he pulled Stefan and Bonnie to the door "Maybe Blondie wasn't the best person to get a tour of Klaus's mind – she got a little too distracted."