And here it is - the end.

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At about the same time as the Battle of London, unnoticed by the eyes of the galaxy, a company of Alliance troops, backed up by an N7 team, stormed Minuteman Station.

In a textbook operation, they silenced the base's security and captured key scientists and Intel with the loss of just three men.

Here, they discovered plans for 'Project: Styx'. For weeks, the best scientists of the Alliance and their allies scrutinised every detail, and found something truly shocking. Cerberus reverse engineering of Reaper tech had advanced much further then previously thought.

Detailed schematics of a 'miniature Mass Relay' were produced, along with evidence that at least one had been assembled. Further, references to Styx being part of a wider Operation Ascendance were revealed.

Admiral Hackett ordered that all information on Operation Ascendance must be recovered at all costs…


Mankind had never set foot on the planet. No Council race had scouted it out. There were no charts revealing its location. It was a complete secret.

Yet despite the Council's lack of knowledge, this planet teemed with life. Insects crawled over its soils. Lizards and birds inhabited the trees and rocks. The animals, mostly marsupials, covered all of its three continents.

Most importantly, the side of the planet facing away from the sun was covered in dots of light. A full civilization had grown of this planet, without anyone ever noticing.

But the outer galaxy was about to come to this planet, whether they liked it or not.

For it was this day when a bright shining light erupted in the stars above, and a battered but operational frigate burst into the system.

Her name was Normandy.

And there we go. I fully intend a sequel eventually, but I was hoping for an ending that was still open but presented an end, if you will. In any case, Normandy is still fully operational and fueled, since no-one's been travelling between solar systems recently. So at very least, no-one is stranded.

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