"Yoshimori!" A bloody scream echoes throughout the whole campus of Karasumori following a loud thud. A boy in a blue distinct kimono lies bleeding on the cold pavement, fluttering slowly, his eyes struggles hard to keep his consciousness, but the thick pool of blood that oozes from his deep chest wound prevents him. A running quickly to his side is a girl, worry & fear in her eyes, she calls out his name each second. Tears began to form, her body trembles at the sight of his friend, but she holds her composure & keeps them intact. "To-ki-ne…" the boy whispers her name weakly, he is trying to reach for her, but his mind is quickly slipping away. "Hang in there Yoshi. Hang in there." She speaks. Quickly untying the cloth that holds her sleeves intact, placing them gently on the boy's wound, hoping it would stop the bleeding. "Stay awake Yoshi!" she loudly called, seeing the boy drifting away. "Tokine!" shouted a spirit dog, alerting the kekkaishi.

A swift strike penetrated her skin! Quickly pain ran throughout her body, deep cuts form on her back, and blood began flowing freely from it. Still, her mind is on the boy lying not far from her, who's fighting hard for dear life. "I have to get out of here." She thought, standing quickly from her fall and aiming a kekkai on the ayakashi. "Ketsu!" she motions, as a barrier of green appears on the tail of this dragon like monster. "Metsu!" again she speaks, causing the barrier to break, and explode on the place she aimed at. She catches the attention of the ayakashi, who now in anger is running towards her."That's it, follow me." Her mind repeatedly speaks. She runs quickly at the back of the school, where again she creates a barrier on the air in which she leaps on making it her platform. "Ketsu!" she aims for the monster's head. But with a powerful strike, the barrier shatters into pieces. "I am not strong enough." She thought in frustration, "Yoshimori is strong… but this time I have to save him." She reminded herself. "I have to finish this quick."

"Ketsu! Ketsu! Ketsu!" she formed 3 barriers entrapping the ayakashi's head, and another to trap its right claw. The ayakashi growls in anger forcing itself to break free. One barrier got destroyed, then another. Quickly, Tokine shouts "Metsu!" causing the last two on the head to explode. It wounded the ayakashi, but it wasn't enough to kill. "HONEY!" calls her spirit dog, but the ayakashi, in anger attacks her and more wounds formed on her snow white skin. Tokine falls from a defenseless height, twisting her ankle in the process. "Ketsu! Ketsu! Ketsu!" ignoring the pain, she continues her battle. Barrier after barrier appears around the ayakashi, trapping it in them. And with a swift move, Tokine orders them to explode. The ayakashi howls in pain, anger over coming it. The treacherous monster thrashes around, aiming a deadly hit for its tormentor.

Tokine got hit once, twice, with all her might she tries hard to protect herself from the hits & at the same time aim to kill the monster. Tokine draws a giant barrier covering half of the ayakashi's body from head to its stomach, as quick as the barrier was formed; the ayakashi manages to hit the lady kekkaishi, sending her flying near the almost unconscious boy. Being reminded of the need to destroy the ayakashi, Tokine with all her might ignores all pain and gave the final signal, "METSU!" she shouts, a loud explosion echoes throughout the school. The ayakashi's remains falls flat on the cold ground. Tokine raise her tenketsu & absorbs the explosion with the dead ayakashi's parts. Silence finally fills the area; and fatigue overcame her body. She trembles, her knees are about to give up, but she quickly remembers the other kekkaishi that needs her care.

Immediately, she gathers herself & ran to where the boy lies. Drawing nearer to the site, she gasps at the sight that greets her. Peacefully the boy lies, as if he's asleep, but his chest isn't moving, not a single sign of him breathing. The boy's face is pale and lifeless, beside him, his spirit dog howls in sadness, its eyes filled with pain & grief. Tokine fell on her knees, now unable to hold the tears that streamed down her face. Shakily she reaches for the boy's face, caressing it softly, whispering his name. But not a single twitch gives enlighten her spirit. Worry comes upon her, she begins shaking the boy. "Yoshi…. Wake up…" like a small girl she calls, louder & louder each second, her shakes becoming more vigorous. "Yoshi…." She whimpers. "Tokine…." Her dog spoke. "Tokine, Yoshi is-" "No! shut up! He won't die that easily!" she cuts, fear & hesitation visible in her trembling voice. "Yoshimori!" she shouts, hoping that the boy would open his eyes & greet her with a cocky smile, but not a single sign of life was shown.

"Yoshimori!" she almost screams, but then a movement was sensed. It wasn't Yoshimori's, it came from behind the trees. Noticing a pair of violet orbs observing her territory, she shouts, "Who's there!" preparing for any attack that may come her way. "Hold it young lady; I'm not here for you. I'm here for him." A voice gives her an answer.