Chapter 1.

Kelly absently paced as she waited outside the airport for her sister. Cate had been away for a few months running back and forth between her businesses spending time at her motel checking in on everyone signing papers, the usual things she did when she was there. Then she would head back to Nashville to the bar she owned and ran with her younger brother Scotty who just so happened to be hopping between L.A and Nashville as he was currently dating one of Kelly's best friends Kris and things were good, better than good.

Kelly stood still for a moment as others swirled around her when the sliding doors opened to the front of the airport and the latest arrivals began to pour out. Kelly stood up on the tips of her toes to see her sister spotting Cate Kelly waved manically at her calling out to her. Cate looked round quickly to the sound of her sister's voice calling to her, she waved to Kelly before heading towards her.

Kelly was practically bouncing as Cate came towards her, the crowd of people in front of her began to swarm though, crowds of people came from no where, Kelly peered over them to find Cate who smiled broadly to her waving again. Something was wrong, Kelly could feel it, something wasn't right. Cold air seemed to blow across Kelly's right side her hair flying across her eyes, pushing her hair away Kelly tried hard to spot Cate again. Cate walked happily along sun shining still smiling towards Kelly. Impatiently Kelly waited for her sister to join her, for such a short distance it seemed to be taking for ever, then Kelly felt it again, something was wrong, suddenly a loud cracking noise filled the air. Kelly looked around quickly to see where the noise had come from; she was the only one though as the people surrounding her continued on as if they hadn't heard the noise. Kelly looked for Cate again; she had stopped walking and stood still. Kelly looked to her wondering why she had stopped, Cate looked down to her chest, Kelly's eyes followed dark crimson began to stain Cate's shirt she put her hand to her chest then held it up to Kelly, blood pouring thick and fast. Cate fell to her knees as Kelly rushed forward pushing through the crowds of people none of them stopping to help all of them continuing to walk around Cate as she slipped down to the ground. Kelly fell down beside Cate scooping her up into her arms pressing her hand onto her wound. Cate cried in pain but all Kelly could hear was the noise of the traffic and crowds around her. Kelly shouted at people to help them but no one paid them any attention turning her attention back to her sister she found Cate gone in her place was a long stemmed single red rose. Kelly looked all around for Cate but she was nowhere to be seen, nowhere.

Kelly woke with a start looking up to the ceiling of her room. Turning her attention to her to her alarm clock. 4.30am another couple of hours and she'd be getting up for the workday. Rolling on her side, her back to the clock Kelly tried to fall back asleep again. These nightmares had been coming in thick and fast the last few weeks and Kelly saw no end in sight for the next few weeks to come, she just hoped no one, especially her sister, would notice that she wasn't quite at the top of her game.