Chapter 3.

'Only you would buy a new car from a dealership that's clear across the other side of the city.' Jill said as she slid onto the booth seat in the diner Cate had directed them to.

'Hey, I'm buying you breakfast at my favourite restaurant to thank you for driving me there.' Cate said defending herself.

'It's a diner Cate.' Jill pouted.

'Yes but my favourite one and any way, you love diners!' Cate beamed her best winning smile to Jill who rolled her eyes before beginning to smile as she read through the menu.

'I think I'll have the fully loaded breakfast with all the works.' Cate said as she pointed to her option on the menu. Jill looked it over and nodded.

'Make that for two.' Jill said as Cate got the attention of the waitress and ordered their meals. The waitress noted the order then poured the Angels a cup of coffee each.

'Your food will be along soon ladies.' She smiled turning back to the kitchen.

'So...' Jill started looking down to her coffee cup stirring in the sweetener. 'You and Riley...'

'Me and Riley…' Cate repeated smirking as Jill looked to her from under her eyebrows.

'What's that like?' Jill beamed devilishly to her. Cate laughed to herself as she blew on her coffee.

'How do you mean Jill? I'm sure I don't know what you mean.' Cate teased. Jill reached across to her shoving Cate's arm.

'Come on!' Jill pleaded smirking still. Cate laughed as she took a sip of her coffee. Looking out the window to the side of them Cate thought for a moment and then returned to Jill.

'It's a lot of fun.' Cate smiled.

'More, I want more than that!' Jill demanded.

'A lady reveals nothing Jill.' Cate said dancing around the conversation.

'Ladies? We're not ladies Cate, we're Angels now spill!'

'Well…' Cate said about to begin

'Two large breakfasts all the works.' The waitress interrupted as she set their plates in front of them, the Angels thanked her as she left them alone again.

'You were saying?' Jill prompted.

'I was?' Cate teased.

'Come on Fox, I want all the details.' Jill said a serious look on her face as she navigated through her plate of food deciding where to start. Cate chuckled at her friend; they sat chatting as Cate dished as many details she felt was appropriate to share with her friend in such a public place, even if there were only five other people in the diner.

'So just how serious is this relationship then?' Jill asked as the pair headed back to her car.

'Well, there's only one direction I see it heading.' Cate explained as she stood by the passenger door waiting for Jill to unlock it.

'Down the aisle?' Jill asked starting the engine.

'I think so; we've talked about our future together, what we want and such.'

'Oh Cate that's great, I'm so happy for you. Riley is a great guy, the perfect match for you.' Jill said smiling but even from where Cate was sat beside Jill she could see and hear the slight sadness within her friends voice, even in her smile.

'What about you Jill?' Cate asked turning slightly to her.

'What about me?' Jill asked glancing to Cate.

'There's no one…'

'No there's no one.' Jill interrupted quickly.

'It's been a few years now Jill.' Cate said carefully, knowing the area she was treading in was a delicate one.

'Five years Cate, nearly six.' Jill stated her hand gripping the top of the steering wheel tighter, until her knuckles turned white. Cate watched her friend and felt for her, the man she loved and was intending to marry was murdered in front of her.

'Steve was a special man.' Cate said as she looked down to her hands then out the window to the road.

'If you could have met him you'd understand how special.'

'What about Damien?' Cate asked meaning Damien Roth, a jewel thief Jill had gotten close to through two cases the Angels had worked involving him.

'It wasn't the same; there were elements about him, qualities maybe that I loved. He was a romantic and I liked that a lot but it wasn't love, it couldn't have been.'

'Have you given up Jill?' Cate asked turning back to Jill. Jill was silent thinking over the question.

'Didn't you for a time?' Jill countered.

'I did yeah. With everything that has happened in the last couple of years I didn't think I wanted to include any one in my life romantically. I didn't want to be hurt again.' Cate admitted. 'Problem is Jill, it gets lonely being alone and I grew tired of travelling all over and coming home to an empty house.'

'You could have got yourself a dog!' Jill smirked.

'Something else that would have been left on its own for too long, any way Marcus wouldn't let me get one.' Cate sighed. 'At least Riley can look after himself when I'm not around.'

'True and he doesn't have a cold wet nose either.' Jill teased, Cate laughed as they drove on.

'How do you think Cate and Jill are getting on?' Kris quietly asked Kelly as they prepared more drinks for themselves.

'Better than us I should think.' Kelly replied pouring water into a glass. 'What do you think to this one?' She asked quietly as she knelt down to the fridge taking out a small dish of sliced lemons and limes. Bosley had taken their new candidate for a tour around the office whilst Julie had taken herself to the ladies yet again; the baby was resting on the bladder today.

'Oh I don't know Kel, this one seems better than the rest, a little raw perhaps.'

'So was Julie when she first started with us,' Kelly noted dropping slices of lemon and lime into the water glass. 'and she's turned out all right.'

'I know, I know.' Kris sighed; she grew more and more tired of this interview process as each prospective new Angel came through the door. Each of the young women were intelligent, well trained, some recommended to them from other agencies or even the police force they just weren't Julie or any of the other past Angels.

'We're not going to find another Julie or Sabrina, Kris we have to find a new Angel someone who isn't like the others but has her own unique quality.' Kelly explained setting drinks out on the coffee table.

'I know, just like we all have or had.' Kris sighed again flopping down on to the sofa. 'May be number seven will be the one, lucky number seven?' Kris questioned looking to Kelly.

'It really isn't number six is it?' Both Angels shook their heads. 'Well we'd better give Bosley the sign and move on to the next.' Kelly was the one to sigh this time as she crossed off prospective Angel number six from their list. 'Lauren Andrews.' Kelly read out from the file in front of her, Kris picked up the duplicate file from her possible stack to read along with Kelly. 'She has some strong qualities, good with a gun, strong hand to hand combat skills, she knows two other languages.'

'Now that would come in handy.' Kris noted nodding her head reading on. 'She's had some training with the police force as well as the navy, doesn't look like either one stuck though.' Kelly murmured an agreement to Kris.

'I wonder why neither one worked out for her?' Kelly asked aloud. 'We'll just have to ask when she comes in.' Kelly decided shutting the file.

'What time is she coming in?' Kris asked looking to her watch.

'3.30 I think Bosley scheduled.' Kelly replied looking through the papers on Bosley's desk looking for his time sheet with all the interviewees on it.

'Well at least that gives us time to go out for lunch.' Kris smiled slightly.

'After this morning I need to get outside for some air.' Kelly said leaning back in Bosley's desk chair.

'Is everything OK Kel?' Kris asked tilting her to one side as she did. Kelly looked so tired; Kris had noticed it especially over the last couple of days. Kris hadn't mentioned anything before but right now whilst the room was quiet; it felt like the right time. Kelly looked to Kris and smiled sweetly.

'I'm fine Kris, just a bad night's sleep that's all.' Kelly explained it wasn't a lie she thought, not exactly anyway.

'How many bad nights' sleep?' Kris continued she knew Kelly's dodging techniques too well. Before Kelly could think of a lie Bosley walked back into the room with the prospective Angel by his side.

'And that's the entire building.' Bosley finished as he stood to the side of his desk looking to Kelly and then Kris. 'So Amanda, we have all your information and we shall be in touch soon, we still have others yet to meet you understand.' Bosley explained as he led Amanda back towards the door. The short brunette woman nodded as she answered Bosley.

'Oh of course Mr. Bosley, I look forward to hearing from you; it was lovely to meet you all.' Amanda waved back to Kelly and Kris who acknowledged her departure with goodbyes. With that the young woman left.

'Amanda's gone?' Julie asked as she wondered back in to the room slowly lowering herself down into the armchair at the front of Bosley's desk.

'She has.' Bosley answered taking his seat behind his desk back from Kelly who joined Kris on the sofa.

'But she's not the one is she?' Julie asked looking to her friends who both lowered their heads. 'Guys come on, you're going to have to pick one sooner or later.'

'Sooner preferably.' Bosley added agreeing with Julie. Kris and Kelly looked to one another then back to Bosley and Julie. Scratching the side her of head Kris replied.

'Look we will choose someone, we will.'

'In fact we're looking forward to meeting Lauren Andrews next, but first we're heading out for fresh air and lunch. Do you want to join us?' Kelly offered to which both Bosley and Julie declined.

'Thanks but Marcus is on his way in to have lunch with me.' Julie smiled.

'And I have enough paperwork to see me through the next month.' Bosley explained opening his right hand desk drawer pulling out files and forms.

'Well alright then, we'll be back in plenty of time for Ms. Andrews, we'll see you then.' Kelly smiled motioning for Kris to join her as they swiftly left the office.

'So how does she handle?' Max, a large bearded man in oil stained overalls asked Cate as she and Jill wondered back into the pit garage where cars were being worked on. Cate looked up to Max beaming.

'Amazing Max, might need a little tweaking here and there but she handles like a dream.' Cate gushed.

'Did you get a turn Jill?' Max asked wiping his hands on the red rag he pulled from his back pocket.

'Just and Cate's right, a great ride.'

'Hey, Miss Munroe!' Both Angel's looked up to the young voice that called out to Jill. A young man who looked no more than 17 rushed along to meet Jill. His brown hair hidden by the baseball cap he wore backwards, oil smudges to the sides of the blue cap matching the blue of his overalls.

'Hi Jimmy.' Jill acknowledged the young man.

'You're back, great, so can we take the car out now?' Jimmy asked fidgeting with his baseball cap lifting it slightly then pushing it back down again.

'I don't know Jimmy I checked out your report card earlier this morning, your grades have slipped kid, and aren't you still on probation after last week's little incident?' Jill questioned folding her arms across her chest. Jimmy shoved his hands in to his pockets hanging his head.

'Yeah.' He replied glumly. Jill smirked a little looking to Cate who watched beside Max smirking herself as she watched her friend.

'Tell you what Jimmy I'll take you out on the track.' Jill started; the young man lifted his head, smile beaming with excitement. 'Oh don't get too excited, I'll be driving, you can be my passenger and tell me what's been happening to cause your grades to slip. Deal?' Jimmy's smile slipped a little.

'Deal.' The young man agreed.

'OK. Go check out the car and let the track chief know we'll be heading out.' Jill explained. Jimmy nodded and headed off back through the garage. Cate wondered over to Jill nudging her as she stood beside her.

'Tough love huh teach?' Cate smirked.

'It works I tell ya.' Jill replied.

'Certainly does, this programme you two ladies has set up here has really helped out these kids a lot. They're starting to find a goal to their lives, it's great to see.' Max said as he picked up some tools and headed back to the cars.

'Jill, oh Jill good you're back.' Cate and Jill turned to a young woman's voice that came from behind them.

'Oh hi Amy. Caitlin Fox, meet Amy Lincoln, Amy, Caitlin Fox.' Cate held her hand out to Amy who smiled in return taking Cate's hand and shaking it.

'Nice to meet you Amy.' Cate smiled.

'Amy looks after the books, all the accounting making sure everything's in its place. Which reminds me, Amy can you gather up the books for Cate?'

'Uh sure.' Amy replied uncertain, looking between Cate and Jill.

'It's nothing to worry about Amy, when I'm home I like to check over everything.' Cate explained with a reassuring smile.

'She's controlling that way.' Jill teased grabbing Cate by the shoulders both Angels laughing.

'Of course Ms. Fox, where would you like me to put them?' Amy offered being very official as she did.

'On my desk in my office would be great, thanks Amy. I'm about to head up to make some calls so just drop them in when you have them together.'

'How far would you like me to go back?'

'If you go from April up until now that would be really great thanks.' Cate smiled as Amy turned and headed back to her side office next to Jill's. 'Get the feeling I'm stepping on some toes there.' Cate said to Jill as she watched the young woman walk back to her office.

'Well you've been gone a while this time round Wild Cat so people just don't know your ways.' Jill smirked as she nudged Cate's arm. 'Are you coming out to watch us on the track?'

'I don't think so Jill, I've got a stack of books and paperwork to get through and I've seen you on the track I don't know how many times.' Cate explained as she took off her jacket folding it over her arms.

'Fine,' Jill pouted 'but you're missing out!' Jill laughed as she walked off through the garage. Cate smirked watching her friend bounce off towards a group of mechanics before turning herself and heading towards her office.

'I think these are all of the books you've asked for Ms. Fox' Amy said as she approached Cate's office struggling with the piles of books in her arms.

'Let me help you with those and call me Cate OK?' Cate smiled to Amy taking half of the books from her then turning and unlocking the door to her office. 'Just set them down there, thanks Amy.' Cate nodded to the chair at the side of her desk which was already crowded with files and papers. 'I see Jill's been adding to my list of things to do.' Cate said smiling, looking to Amy who in turn looked to Cate un-amused.

'Jill's been very busy the last few months, taking part in several charity races, hosting half of them here.' Amy stood straight folding her arms across her chest, defensively.

'I know that Amy. Who do you think signed off using the track and everything else here for the functions?' Cate said calmly as she sat on the edge of her desk dropping her hands down to her lap. 'Thank you for bringing me the accounts, I really do appreciate it.' Cate said as she stood walking round to the chair at her desk. Amy dropped her arms beginning to leave the office. 'Amy, I'm not checking up on you by going through the accounts here. I check the accounts of all of my businesses, I have to, and it's nothing personal.' Cate finished as she sat down. Amy nodded and left the room. Cate sighed watching her go then groaned as she looked again to the paperwork on her desk. 'I really got the bad end of the deal here.' Cate sighed picking up the first file in front of her. Before she could settle into her work Cate was disturbed again.

'Cate.' Cate looked up to the male voice.

'What is it Max?'

'I think you'd better come out to the track. Something's wrong.' Max explained as he started to turn back, rushing as he did. Cate dropped the file, pushed her chair back from the desk and rushed out after him.