Back to Bones. A new multi-chapter story, mainly AU. I'm entering a new territory, something that's been lingering in my mind for a while now. If you're curious enough to find out where I'm daring to dwell follow me along this journey. Enjoy the reading.

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In the break of dawn a feminine silhouette walked through the silent corridors of the building, her rubber soles softening the sound of her footsteps as she headed for the back entrance. She turned the key noiselessly not to disturb anybody and let herself out on the terrace overlooking the back yard.

She took a deep breath and inhaled the chilly air of the early morning pulling the collar of her cardigan all the way up to protect her throat from the breeze that welcomed her together with the first chirping of the birds.

She went down the steps and took the lane leading to the tool shed. She unlocked the door and moved into the small room which smelled of wood, soil and mold. She put on her gardening apron with tools and shoved her gloves into one of the pockets then changed her shoes for some more fit rubber boots, grabbed a spade, a hoe and the bucket full of vegetable and herb seeds she intended to plant that day.

As she reached the piece of land she had chosen to work on she kept her eyes straight ahead of her never breaking contact with the outstanding display offered by the awakening sky.

Darkness was quickly fading away to give place to an incredible palette of warm colors as if God had decided to turn the early hours of the new day into his best work of art.

She stilled as the first golden rays pierced the horizon and she let herself melt in the beauty surrounding her. She just loved being there, alone with herself and the magnificence of the creation. A feeling of peace with the world would come and fill her whole being, the ice that had enveloped her heart gradually melting away.

She was finally coming to terms with the pain that had torn her apart, accepting it to simply go on living her new life.

She had found spirituality in her garden, it had been her new beginning, something she knew, deep down inside, would never let her down.

The recent rain had made the soil soft and pliable and she smiled thinking that by noon all the seeds in the bucket would rest in the humid dark-colored layer under her feet. She set up a steady pace as the hoe broke up the wet clods.

Suddenly she heard a dull noise as the metal tool hit something under the surface.

A stone – she thought – trying to pull it out without success. She knelt and started digging with her hands till she felt something thin and smooth.

Definitely not a stone.

She kept digging and when she sensed the ground was loose enough she slowly pulled again.

As the white shape emerged in her hands a myriad of images stormed through her mind bringing back the memories of a past she had painfully learned to bury.


It was definitely a ring tone.

Booth groaned and reached out to get his cell phone from the night stand. The display of the alarm clock showed 6:50.

On a Saturday morning!

"Damn it!" He cursed. He let it ring and covered his head with the pillow. Whoever it was he'd get tired soon enough, he thought.

Only it didn't.

"Booth" he answered in a low tone.

"Good morning sir" - he saluted hearing his boss' voice on the other end of the line - "of course I was asleep, sir... I'm off duty actually." he stated trying not to think about the massive headache he felt coming because of the booze he had the night before and the lack of sleep since he had sneaked into bed at past three in the morning.

"Yes, I have plans... I'm supposed to spend the weekend with my son, why?" he asked placing his forearm over his eyes. The light piercing through the window was just too much to bear.

"What?" he asked. "I can't believe there's no other agent to investigate the case..."

Booth paused.

"Urgent... what do you mean it's urgent?" he insisted. He was getting rather annoyed and needed a valid explanation for this.

"And delicate?" on top of that he said to himself.

Another pause.

"I see sir. I'll be there as soon as possible. Bye."

Hell! he thought staring at the ceiling still holding the cell phone in his hand. He hit one of the speed dials and waited.

She was not going to like this at all.

"Hi Rebecca. I know...sorry to wake you up. Listen I can't take Parker today, don't know about tomorrow yet."

He pulled the phone away from his ear.

"What do you mean you had your plans? I had mine too... you know? and I really wanted to have my son over the weekend. Just... don't get mad OK? It's work and it's damn urgent. I have to go now. Talk to you later right? Thanks Bec. Bye."

Booth dropped the cell phone beside him, rubbed his still sleepy eyes then stretched his arms above his head.

He could hardly manage to drag his body out of bed.

Pulling himself together he got up and reached the bathroom, turned on the water, got rid of his clothes and stepped into the hot spray. He bent his head on his chest letting the scolding-hot shower relieve some of the tension he had accumulated. He knew the minute he'd felt the water hit his skin he would be absolutely powerless against the awakening of his body.

"Shit!" he let out looking at his lower belly. He couldn't possibly go there like this. Of all the places on earth... he said to himself.

He lathered his arms and chest then let his hand slid slowly down toward his aching self.

He closed his eyes and sighed.


At 7:40 Booth placed his bag into the trunk, climbed on the driver's seat and set the navigator. Then he buckled his safety belt and turned on the engine.

It was going to be a long drive.

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