Johnny Vs Alucard?

Chapter 1

Haha I had a few people ask and or demand another story involving Jem and Nny. I'm happy to oblige by the way, I love my Oc Jem which is sort of a way to say I love myself ooh narcissism! I hate that! Haha but anyway she can always put up with Nny's antics and stuff. It actually took me a while to think of a story for this but I try not to disappoint my readers. Your reviews are like candy to me! Now ONWARD TO THE BATTLE FIELD!

(Jem's POV)

"Johnny!" Jem called from Nny's basement, yet again she found herself strapped to some strange device. "Hey Johnny! I know you like doing this and I don't mind ya doin' it, but I gotta tell ya babe it's makin it hard to fall asleep in your house!"

She had yet again slept over at Johnny's, it had been a long time since he revived and since he had killed Jimmy the wanna-Nny. At the moment Jem had no idea where he was, she huffed.

"Johnny! Come on my wrists are startin to hurt." She whined, she really hated it when he left her down there. It was like he forgot she was strapped down to the walls. She was about to try and wiggle free when she heard footsteps coming down, the sounds soon gave way to Johnny's face, shyly peeking out from behind the door.

"Jem you've been really whiny lately, what's up with that?" he asked, his face from the nose up showing. Jem narrowed her eyes.

"My editor, she's been naggin me about my insanity project." She explained dryly. "I've hit a bit of a wall."

"Wall? You mean like mine?" Johnny asked stepping forward.

"Nah this is way scarier." Jem laughed. "Can ya let me down now?"

Johnny nodded taking out a knife and slashing the leather straps that held her to the wall. Jem rubbed her wrists absent mindedly. She then looked back up at the wall and grinned.

"Hey ever thought of using those restraints for something other than torture?" she asked slyly. Johnny gave her a puzzled look.

"What else could they be used for?" he asked. She laughed.

"Wow never mind Nny." Jem said giving him a look. She looked at him for a while before she felt the idea sink in. the look on his face was priceless.

"Relax Johnny I'm only kidding." She said in a softer tone, "I'm not into that kind of stuff anyway."

"Anyway babe like I was saying, I don't mind you tying me up to stuff but it's making it harder and harder to sleep in your house." She said as she cracked her back.

"You could always do what I do and not sleep." Johnny offered, Jem looked up at him.

"But I like sleeping, sleeping means dreaming, and dreaming mean I could have a nightmare, and a nightmare means I could have some cool stuff for project insanity." She explained to him.

(Nny's POV)

Johnny looked down at the short artist, he couldn't believe the reasoning she had just given him. Sleeping wasn't a big thing with him so he didn't quite get it, on top of that she said she enjoyed nightmares. Had those voices really done a number on her mind? Jem must have noticed his awkward gaze.

"What? Somethin' wrong Nny?" she asked him, Johnny shook his head.

"Say you know you talk a lot about your editor, is he that bad?" he asked. Jem shook her head.

"Nah, she's a real worrier, I like to make her sweat now and then about my books. However now I've got a real problem, I've got nothing and we have a deadline." She told him Johnny gave her a sly grin.

"Deadline?" he asked, putting a hand on her shoulder.

"Not that kind of deadline." Jem said, Johnny pouted. Well that sucked.

"So what now?" he asked, Jem looked up at him, then face palmed.

"I have no sodding clue; these guys at the publishing company are gonna be royally tiffed if I don't hurry up with this." She said, Johnny got an idea.

"Where's this publishing company?" he asked, Jem narrowed her eyes.

"No Johnny."

"But you don't even-"

"I Know you Johnny, I know when you've got a bloody plan babe." She said. Johnny stuck his tongue out.

"You're no fun." He said childishly.

"If you kill them I won't be able to stay in that house next door." Jem said, Johnny watched as she walked past him. He really couldn't believe how someone like her could stand to live in a world like that, but then again he remembered crazy, hearing voices Jem. She was no fun at all.

"Say Jem…" he began Jem looked back at him through her newly fixed blue tinted glasses.

"Jes?" she asked, she had a habit of replacing her Y's with J's, Johnny wasn't sure why however.

"You haven't been…you know…" he asked, Jem looked at him for a minute before she answered.

"Cutting myself? No, don't worry about that; I'm way far away from ever going back to that habit again." She finally said as she began to finger through her hair, it had gotten a bit longer, barely touching her shoulders. Johnny thought it was kinda cool looking how long it was, whereas his was still that weird antennae looking style he wasn't sure if he did or reviving did. Now he just wished she'd dye it back to her normal colors; black just wasn't her anymore.

"That's good; I don't like that side of you." He said. Jem smirked.

"Meh, it's ruining my pretty wrists anyway." She said then walked up, "I'm gonna go to my house and check my e-mails."

Once Jem had left Johnny went to go torture yet another victim, he was a redneck looking guy with a flannel shirt, and shaved head. Johnny looked at him with distaste.

"Weeeellll hello there!" he said, the man glared at him.

"Let me out of here ya little prick! I have things to do!" the man said, Johnny frowned.

"Yeah as much as I'd just love to do that, I'm gonna not do that." He said then picked up a table saw and grinned. "Instead I'm gonna saw your legs off!"

(Jem's POV)

As Jem left Johnny's house she noticed someone standing at her door step, she cocked an eyebrow.

"Can I help you?" she asked, the man was wearing glasses and a business suit, and he was holding a clip board.

"Ah yes do you know the person who lives here?" he asked, Jem narrowed her eyes.

"You're lookin' at her." She said, the man gave her a strange look.

"Are your parents home?" he asked.

"Listen buddy I know I'm short but for Lilith sake, I'm twenty one thank you." She said rather harshly. The man tugged at his shirt collar nervously. Oh yeah whatever this guy was gonna sell she wasn't gonna be buying it.

"Say your address it's 666, isn't that the sign of the devil?" he asked, Jem narrowed her eyes.

"Do I look like a devil to you?" she asked, the man flinched.

"No I suppose not. Say would you mind taking a survey?" he asked, was this guy serious? Jem walked past him unlocking her door.

"I'm actually really busy-"

"Oh it wouldn't take long! Just a few minutes I promise." He said, Jem sighed, then turned.

"Fine sure whaddya wanna know?" she asked feigning excitement.

"Well what are your thoughts on murder?" he asked, Jem leaned on her door. He was kidding right? What the heck kind of question was that?

"Depends on the murder." She said vaguely. The man wrote some things down.

"Ok what about the murders lately? What do you think of those?" he asked. Jem let out a frustrated sigh.

"Are you for real guy? Man you're wasting my time. I don't care they don't affect me personally, I suppose the little punks deserved it anyway." She said.

"Oh my…"the man said, Jem narrowed her eyes and grinned looking at the man in the business suit.

"Oh and a word of advice I wouldn't go asking the guy next door about it either." She said then went inside slamming the door in the man's face. As she made her way up the stairs to her room, where her computer sat, she heard her phone ring. Jem cocked an eyebrow, it wasn't very often she got phone calls.

"Hello, Jem Residence." she said answering the phone, there was a loud scream on the other line.

"Well speak of the devil, hello Miss editor lady.*" Jem laughed, she could always tell when it was Miss Riza, her editor, she would scream into the phone when she called. Jem should probably stop messing with her so much.

"Jem you know my name is Riza Hawthorn, not Miss editor lady." Riza said on the other line. Jem pouted.

"I know but that's not cute at all." She said, Riza screamed again.

"You know we have a deadline right? Where's insanity project A?" she asked, Jem bit her tongue.

"Uh yeah about that…" she began.

"It's not done is it?" Riza asked, Jem could hear the strain in her voice.

"Well it's….almost finished. I've just hit a bit of a wall." She said.

"Almost isn't done! You know Sakura Press won't take late entries!" Riza shrieked, Jem nodded.

"Yes I know, but don't worry I've been doing some brain storming." She explained going into her kitchen and grabbing a pop from the fridge.

"Well hurry up, I'm on my way over to your house now." Riza said, Jem did a spit take and went wide eyed.

"What? No don't come here!" Jem shouted. "and since when do you have a cellphone?"

"Too late I'm already pulling into your drive way, and I've always had one, you're the one who refuses to get-." Riza said. Jem hung up the phone, cutting Riza off, she ran to the door opening it to see a tall woman, she had light brown hair pulled back into a bun, glasses and blue eyes.

"Hey you hung up on me." Riza said, Jem stared at her editor wide eyed. "What happened to your face?"

"Nothing, Riza why are you here?" Jem asked a bit panic toned.

"To check up on you, since your relatives don't do it I figured I would; besides that we have business to discuss." Riza said walking in, Jem stared after her.

"Right, but you know don't have to do that, you're coming all the way from Pittsburg for nothing." She said, shutting the door and running up to Riza, she was much taller than Jem was.

"Don't be silly, besides I needed to get away from the office anyway." Riza said.

"So you came here? What's the matter with…" Jem began then heard a scream coming from outside, followed by a sickening snap and pop sound.

"What was that?" Riza asked, they went to the window and saw the man that was previously at Jem's house outside Johnny's house, in a bloody heap on the pavement. Riza stared wide eyed and freaked, Jem shook her head; she had warned the guy not to bother him.

"That, Miss editor lady, would be my boyfriend." Jem said, to a wide eyed and scared editor lady.

Well that's chapter one, what do you think? I mentioned Miss Riza in the last story but she was more of a reference. What do you think of her so far? I really hope that when I do become a mangaka I have an editor like her. I would have so much fun with her(or him) it's not funny. Haha, anyway review please. Your reviews are like sweet candy! Yay.