Ikamsu! Rowdyruff Boys

Prologue: Utopia

The city of New Townsville, a gleaming metropolis!

Two months have passed since the demon, Kare, was defeated. Since then, the vibrant city has been enjoying a time of peace and prosperity. Meanwhile, three young heroines continue to watch over the city and defend its streets from the forces of evil.

Chapter 1: Enter the Powerpuff Girls

CRASH! A building toppled over. Panicked citizens ran for their lives as a huge robot rose from the rubble. The machine rose up two stories tall on four spider-like legs. One of its two tentacle-like claws snagged a middle-aged store clerk, and brought him close to the robot's central domed command module. The terrified man whimpered as he came face-to-face with its operator: one very enraged Mojo Jojo.

"Mojo!" the ape snarled. "How dare you deceive me! Your little sign promised 30 yen for the bananas!"

The man shook with fright. "B-b-but that was only f-f-for two kilograms," he stammered, "You had way more than that."

Mojo growled; the robot shook the man. "Don't mess me! There was no such restriction!" the chimp said, "I will not be cheated by this money-sucking heathen. You will pay for lying to Mojo Jojo!"

Mojo pulled a lever, and the robot flung the man into the air.

The poor clerk screamed as he sailed helplessly past building after building. Darkness engulfed him, a tall building looming in front of his path. The man closed his eyes and braced for the impact that would surely kill him!

"Dear Kami! Somebody save me!"

"Balloon Popper!"

Suddenly, a giant bubble appeared before him, and like a giant airbag, it caught the man in a great embrace, slowly deforming to absorb his momentum. Then, the store clerk fell from the bubble and into a pair of waiting arms.

Dazed and confused, he glanced up and met the eyes of a young girl, no older than fourteen. Her eyes shown like sapphire and her blond hair curled into two pretty pigtails.

"Are you alright, oji-san?" the girl asked.

Joy and relief overwhelmed the old man. Tears appeared in his eyes, and he threw his arms around the young Powerpuff girl's shoulders.

"I'm saved!" he cried, "Thank you! Thank you for saving me!"

The blond girl sighed happily, patting the shaking man on the shoulder. Descending to a safe place, she let the man go before rejoining her friends.


"Mojo-jo-jo-jo" the chimp cackled as he commanded his robot to quickly steal bushels of grocery and sweet pastries.

"A little something for the return trip," thought Mojo Jojo as he filled the robot's hull with pillaged goods.

Suddenly there came a cry of "Swing Sonic", and huge bolt of energy plowed into the robot, denting its exterior. Mojo reeled from the attack and turn to face his assailants: Hyper Blossom, Rolling Bubbles, and Power Buttercup.

"We are the lovely fighting legends of science," they cried, "Powerpuff Girls Z!"

"Mojo!" growled the ape, "Powerpuff Girls die!"

The chimp pulled a lever, and its arms flung a piece of concrete in their direction.

"Watch out!" shouted Buttercup. The trio scattered, quickly dodging the flying debris.

"Oh Mojo! Will you just stop?" Blossom cried, "You're putting everyone in danger!"

Mojo sneered. "Urusei! These swindlers cheated me out of my money, and they will suffer from my wrath!"

Suddenly, the robot lifted its arm and lashed out towards a crowd of onlookers. People screamed and ran for their lives, leaving behind a terrified little boy.

"Shimata!" shouted Blossom.

"Oh no!" cried Bubbles

Crash! Clouds of dust billowed from where the arm landed. Onlookers watched helplessly… not knowing what to expect. When the dust settled, everyone gasped. The little boy was okay! The toddler opened his eyes and gaped. Before him stood Buttercup, blocking the arm with nothing but her two hands.

She let out a sigh of relief "Whoo! That was close," She turned her head around and beamed at the little boy. "You okay little guy?" she asked.

The boy nodded; his mother quickly retrieved him from danger.

"Thank you so much!" cried the mother, "You save my little boy."

Buttercup chuckled. "Just doing my job, o-ni-san."

Once the pair were out of harm's way, Buttercup turned back to face the robot. Her cheerful demeanor froze into an icy glare.

"Mojo," growled the girl, radiating killing intent, "If you had so much as hurt a single hair on that little boy's head, I would have beat you so hard you won't be able to move for years!"

With all her super strength, Buttercup twisted off the offending tentacle, leaving behind a mangled stump.

"Now Blossom!"

"Right" came the reply, "Strawberry Shoot!"

The red puff flung out her yo-yo, wrapping around the robot's legs. Blossom then pulled hard, and the legs crumpled together.

"Bubble Champaign!" cried Bubbles. She waved her bubble wand around and a swarm of bubbles pummeled the robot, inflicting critical damage to the robot's legs and remaining arm. Without support or any other means of raising itself, the robot collapsed to the ground. Trapped its operator could only watch as his robot suffered attack after attack. Then, a large yellow hammer appeared in Buttercup's hand and she slammed it to the ground.

"Graviton Drive!"

The powerful attack tore through the now mangled wreck of a robot, leaving a gaping hole in its body. The robot sputtered and sparkled, and it blew itself up.

"Mojooooooooooo!" The Ape cried as he launched himself out of the exploding machine.

"I will remember this, you hear me? I'll get you back next time! Powerpuff Girls Z!"

And then he was gone, disappeared over the crowded skyline.

The crowds cheered and danced as once again, the day was saved thanks to the Powerpuff Girls.

Blossom sighed, "Well girls, it looks like's another job well done, ne?"


"You bet!"

"Anyways, let's head back to the lab. The professor must be waiting for us."

And so, with a last farewell to the people, the three girls took to the sky.

Never once did they notice three shadows lurking on a nearby rooftop.

"As to be expected of the Powerpuff Girls," said one of the shadows, "They're really good."

On the rooftops of a neighboring building, three fourteen year-old boys lounged on the rooftop of a nearby building. One redheaded boy sat on the roof watching the thinning crowd. Next to him lay his two friends. One boy with green eyes and black hair tied to a wolf's tail and other had blue eyes and blond hair, a little darker than Bubble's. The redhead wore a scarlet nylon jacket and navy colored slacks with yellow zippers at the knees. Also on his head was a crimson baseball cap. His companions had on similar sets of clothing, but their jackets were colored differently: the blond had a navy blue jacket, and the brunette had a forest green one. Each boy also wore black fingerless gloves.

The green-eye boy yawned.

"Can't say the same for monkey brain, Mojo got his butt handed to him, and for what? A couple of bananas?" he scoffed, "So troublesome!"

"It can't be helped you know," the blonde said, "Old Mojo is so full of hot air, I think he'd burst if he doesn't let off some steam every now and again."

The redhead yawned. He stood up and started stretching out his muscles.

"Alright guys, enough sitting around. It's time we get a move on."

His comrades groaned in protest.

"Come on, Brick!" the black-haired boy groaned, "It's so nice up here; can't we stay a little longer?"

"I second that" cried the blonde.

Brick shook his head. "You know I'd love to, Butch," he said, "but we've a schedule to keep, and the boss will tune our asses up if we're late again. You remember the last time, don't you?"

All three collectively shuddered.

"Troublesome woman," Butch groused, "alright, alright, let's go Boomer."

The blonde nodded. He and Butch stood up and stretched. Then, the trio turned to the edge of the building.

"One the count of three … One…two…three!"

With Brick leading the way, the Rowdyruff Boys broke into a sprint. Coming to the ledge, the trio quickly leaped over to the adjacent building and vaulted over a low railing in their path. Upon landing, they continued on foot running across the tarred surface. From rooftop to rooftop, the three raced across the city, leaving behind three fading contrails of red, green, and blue.

Professor Utonium's laboratory lay on a grassy knoll overlooking New Townsville bay. The professor himself had just turned off a moniter when Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup flew in the door.

"We're back!" the three cried in unison. The Professor beamed.

"Welcome back, girls! Great job today."

As soon as the three disengaged their powers, they collapsed onto the couch with a tired sigh.

"What a day," Kaoru said, "First the Amoeba Boys were mucking up downtown, and then there's Mojo Jojo wrecking Main Street. Man, I'm beat!"

"The monsters seem fairly active recently," Miyako remarked, "Why just yesterday there were three monster sightings."

Ken nodded, "They're probably celebrating because they have their power back. Plus, with Kare gone, the monsters feel a little more freedom."

"Ma, it's nothing we can't handle," Kaoru yawned.

"Indeed, you've all been amazing protectors of our humble city."

Echoing footsteps caught the three girls' attention. They looked up and found the mayor himself descending from the level above. Together, they sprang from their seats and bowed reverently.

"Mr. Mayor, it is an honor to see you," they chorus.

Mayor Mayer beamed. "I thank you, but I think it is I that is honored to see all of you. Once again, I am in your dept, as is the rest of the city.

"Now, there are some new arrangements for you, come next week," continued the mayor, "Professor Utonium why don't you fill them in on the details?"

"Yes sir," Replied the professor.

The three girls exchanged worried glances with each other.

"Girls, Ken, and Peach," the professor continued, "Starting tomorrow I will out of town for at least a month, if not longer."

"Why?" cried Ken, "where are you going?"

The professor sighed. "I will be off to New Citiesville to participate in a very important convention," he sighed, "This is enormously important to me."

"What about me and Peach?" asked Ken, "Papa – I mean, Professor – can't I go to the convention with you?"

The professor shook his head. "I'm sorry, son. The executives strictly forbid any presence of children in the convention."

"But I'm your son and apprentice." Ken protested.

"I know," Utonium sighed, "But rules are rules, and I can't do much about it." Seeing his son's somber faced, the professor sighed and carefully knelt down before him.

"Besides," he continued, "I need someone I can trust to take care of everything while I'm gone."

Ken looked at her father with surprise. The professor beamed.

"I'm entrusting the lab and the Powerpuff girls to you. Can I count on you to keep everything in order?"

Ken blushed. "You bet papa – I-I mean professor!" he stammered.

"But what about all your other duties?" asked Momoko, "What about us?"

"Don't worry girls," the mayor chimed in, "All your duties will be supervised by my very excellent niece. And as for you, Ken, you will stay with her while your father is away. I can assure you she will take good care you."

"Who is your granddaughter, Mr. Mayor?" asked Miyako.

The mayor winked. "It's a secret," he said, "Tomorrow bright and early, you will all come by my office; you'll find out then."

Suddenly, Ms. Bellum walked in the lab. "Mr. Mayor," she said, "you have a conference today at eight."

"Thank you, Ms. Bellum," replied the mayor, "Right! I must be off. Have a good afternoon, and I'll see you tomorrow."

Quickly, He and Ms Bellum left the Lab. Leaving the rest in deep thought.

Suddenly, there came a low growl, and everyone turned their attention to Momoko. Chuckling nervously, the girl covered her empty stomach.

"Gomen, gomen! I guess I'm a little hungry, right now." She said.

The girl hopped to her feet and made for the door.

"I'm heading off to Sakurako-san's. Does anyone want to come with me?"

Miyako shook her head. "Sorry, Momoko-san, I have some errands to run before the stores close."

"Me too, I'm supposed to meet with my dad," Kaoru checked her watch and gasped, "Almost five minutes ago!"

The two girls quickly scrambled from their seats and hurried towards the door.

"By professor!" cried Miyako

"Ja-ne!" said Kaoru

"I'll bring you some dango tomorrow!" said Momoko."

Ken, his father, and Peach stood by the doorway and watched as the three girls disappeared behind the gates.

"Will Momoko really bring some dango?" asked peach.

"Hmm, I guess she will try," Utonium said.

"Yeah," Ken chuckled, "But I don't think they'll survive the trip."

Laughing, the three quickly retreated back into the Laboratory, leaving the door to close on its own.

…Meanwhile, in another part of the city…

"Which floor was her apartment on?"

"Uh… I think it was the sixth."

"No, no I'm sure it was the fifth."


Brick, Boomer, and Butch stood on the overhang of ten-story apartment, gazing up the main tower looming before them. Boomer sighed.

"This isn't getting us anywhere," he said, "We need to call the boss."

Butch stared at him incredulously. "Are you nuts? We'll be butchered alive!"

"Yeah, but if we're not there in thirty seconds, she'll chew us out anyway."

Butch groaned, "This is getting more and more troublesome! We need more time!"

"No, we need a plan," Brick said, "Boomer, Butch, I want you to climb up to each room and look inside. It can't be that hard to find her flat."

"Okay," Boomer said, but before he could move step, Butch grabbed him.

"Hold on," he said, "Brick, what are you going to do?"

"Me? I'll be right here waiting for you guys," Brick said haughtily, "After all, a leader like me have to watch out for you guys."

"Don't joke. Why do you we have to do everything?"

"What's the matter, sloth?" Brick smirked, "Can't handle a little work?"

Butch bristled. "Who are you calling sloth you sweet toothed pig?"

Akira sweat-dropped. "Guys…"

"You want to fight?"


"Bring it on, leader-boy!"



"You're wrists are beeping."

And, all the color drained from the boys' faces.

Slowly, Brick lifted his forearm and slid the sleeve to reveal a watch-like device on their wrists. The device consisted of a black, silicone-like cuff that enveloped around each person's forearm, and an array of buttons surrounding a large, circular structure, kind of like the dial of a watch. The central structure consisted of a raised, domed lid colored red and a bold yellow letter "R". Each boy had similar devices, except the dial was colored green, and blue for Butch, and Boomer, respectively. Brick gulped, the dial was pulsing light through the lid and emitting a regular beeping noise, meaning someone was trying to contact someone. For some reason this phenomenon was freaking the boys out.

"Open it," Brick said to Butch.

"Me? Why don't you do it, you're the leader."

With a shaky finger, Brick carefully pressed a button and the lid opened like a clam-shell. Inside were a tiny display, loudspeaker, and a microphone. Gingerly, Brick brought his lips close to what was the microphone.


"WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU, ANO BAKA?" shouted a feminine voice.

"W-w-we're at the apartment, now, we just need your room

And suddenly, the voice turned

"Well, then I suppose you should've asked earlier, shouldn't you? I live on the top floor, penthouse 1001. Now if you don't get here in the next sixty seconds, I'm stripping your powers for a week!"

"Y-yes ma'am."

Forty-five seconds later the boys had scaled their way up the side of the apartment building and reached the balcony of their boss's home.

"We're here," Brick spoke into his little device.

"Leave the package by the doorway," said the voice, "I'll pick it up later."

"Yes, ma'am," Brick said.

"Good work boys," The voice continued, "Meanwhile, you're all free to go, but be alert. I could call on you at any time."

Butch took off his back pack and produced a portfolio of document.

"I hope there enough evidence to convict him." commented Brick.

"I don't think there's need to worry," Butch said, "This case is in the bag."

Boomer placed the portfolio under a flower pot to keep it from flying away. Then he put his hands behind his head and then joined Brick and Butch at the balcony, admiring the concrete jungle that lay before them. He sighed with relief.

"It's a good life we live, guys."

"The best; may it never change."

"And may it never change us."

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