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Amu Hinamori sat next to Ikuto Tsukiyomi, a 17 year old whom her mother and father were going to adopt, in the pews of the church. Her vision was filled with black clothing and her ears filled with desperate wails. Her deceased parents lie in a double casket, holding hands, with lilies on their chests. They died a week ago, when Amu, Ikuto, and her parents got in a accident while coming home from picking Ikuto up from the orphanage. Amu and Ikuto was unharmed, but her parents died on the scene. Amu didn't blame him, because now he was all she had left.

Tears blurred her vision, and sobs racked through her body. Ikuto noticed this and pulled her into his lap. She gripped his shirt tightly, as he caressed her hair. It was hard to believe that her hair was naturally pink, but his hair was a deep blue, so he had no room to talk.

"I-I-Ikuto!" She sobbed into his black T-shirt, the fabric soft on skin.

"I'm sorry it was my fault that they-" Ikuto was interupted.

"No! It wasn't..." she stared into his dark blue eyes, her amber ones searching his soul." But I'm worried about where we'll stay..." she looked down, worriedly.

"I'm..." Ikuto started, but sighed.

"your what?" Amu looked back up at him.

" I'm almost 18... We can live in your old house..." he trailed off as they moved to the conference room. the funeral was over.

"Ikuto." A tall, fat, and balding man stood in front of them.

" What?" Ikuto gripped Amu's hand tighter, glaring at the man.

" What do you plan on doing with the girl?" He gestures toward Amu, who hardened her gaze into a glare.

"'the girl'? I am 14, not just ' the girl'. I can do what I want. And do you know what I want? I want you to leave me alone before you piss me off." She gripped Ikuto's hand harder, frowning.

The man ignored her. " If you want, I can adopt you guys. I've been in the need of someone to do the housework." The man sneered at the two.

" Ha ha! Thanks, but no thanks. We're going to live in the Hinamori house." Ikuto pulled Amu over to him and patted her head." We're old enough to make our own decisions."

" What, do you justb want to whore off with each-" Ikuto slapped him, hard.

" Please do not use that language in front of Amu." Ikuto's voice was dripping with sarcasm.

" Y-YOU BRAT!" The man grabbed Ikuto by his shirt, getting in his face. The man was seething.

" Please stop." Amu whispered.

" What?" Ikuto and the man said in unison, turning to face her.

" Please stop... hurting Ikuto!" She shoved the man away from him and her both.

" Were going home now." And with that Ikuto pulled Amu out of the doors, toward home.

~ 2 years later~

Amu slowly opened her eyes, suddenly VERY warm. She turned her head to the side and then sighed at Ikuto's sleeping face. It had became a habit of his to hug her while he was sleeping because he got cold easily. She smiled at his peaceful face, his hair disheveled. She pulled a lock of his deep blue hair between her fingers and pulled. he swatted her hand away and groaned. The blankets got pulled away from his torso slightly and she studied his chisled chest and perfected 6 pack abs.

' I've never really noticed, but he's very hansome.' Amu thought, blushing vaguely.

" Am I really that sexy?" Ikuto opened his eyes, smirking as he stared at Amu's even redder face.

" No, Uh, I-I was just..." Amu's voice trailed off, not finding an answer.

Ikuto smiled as Amu fumbled, Knocking on her head once, softly with his knuckles. " Silly girl, I was playing."

" Well, I'll go make breakfast." Amu stood up, smoothing what she slept in , which was a pink shirt that said ' Amu Hinamori' with red hearts all over and Red boxers, with pink hearts all over.

" Amu, are you wearing my valentines day boxers...?" Ikuto sat up, yawning.

" Uh, n-no..." Amu inched back, denying the obvious.

" Amu..." Ikuto crouched.

" I-Ikuto?"

Ikuto pounced and Amu ran, dodging him by the skin of her teeth. Amy tried to dodge again, but she wasn't so lucky that time. Ikuto grabbed her. He started running his fingers down her sides, tickling her mercilessly.

" Ha Ha! I-Ikuto, Stop!" Amu giggled, gasping for air, and trying to wrench his hands from her sides. Then she headbutted him.

" Ow ow OW!" Ikuto screamed holding his now red forehead. " you little BRAT!"

" You're only 3 years older than me, weirdo!" Amu jumped up and pulled ikuto up with her, and ruffled his deep blue hair. " to say sorry for injuring your best feature, french toast, waffles, or pancakes?"

Ikuto jumped up and started screaming: " PANCAKES! COME ON PANCAKES!"

" What a kid." Amu muttered, but Ikuto didn't hear her.

Then Amu grabbed Ikuto's hand, then pulled him into the kitchen with her. The kitchen was top notch, with all of the latest appliances. What could Ikuto say, it was Amu's passion.

Then Amu let go of his hand and started getting pancake mix and and chocolate chips. Cocolate chip pancakes was Ikuto's favorite. After making the batter, she poured it into a deep blue sauce pan, and repeated the process. She made about 12, Ikuto getting 8, her 4. She doused the pancakes in syrup and set Ikuto's infront of him, and then sat down with her own.

" Fattie." Amu muttered." I'm not fat!" Ikuto ate a pancake all in one bite.

" yeah right" Amu muttered again, cutting her pancakes into fourths, then popping one into her mouth.

" So what are you doing today?" Ikuto asked Amu with his mouth full.

" Nothing." She replied.

" so you want to... go to the amusement park with me today?" Ikuto asked her, swallowing the pancake.

" What, like a date?" Amu asked, teasing him.

" Wh-Wha, Amu?" Ikuto blushed, puzzledly.

" Oh, nothing, nothing. I would love to go." Amu grinned eating the last piece of her pancakes. " When are we going?"

" Now."

" N-now? But I Have nothing to wear, st all, Ikuto!" Amu whined and flailed her arms.

" Don't worry, I came prepared." Ikuto handed her a white box, tied together with a dark blue ribbon.

' Ikuto and his blue.' Amu sighed inwardly.

Amu untied the ribbon and opened the box. Inside, there was a blue, knee length sundress, two hairclips shaped like an 'X' (like the ones amu wears in the series, the thick ones), and blue strappy sandals.

" I... Ikuto, I love it!" Amu jumped up and gave Ikuto a big hug and a kiss inches from his mouth, then pulled away, smiling widely.

" Hey are you wearing panties or just my valentines day boxers?" Ikuto asked all of a sudden.

" Panties...?" Amu cocked her head, blushing and confused.

" A bra?" Ikuto asked.

" Yes...?" Amu blushed even redder.

" Okay, then close your eyes, I'm going to turn you into a modern day Cinderella." Ikuto smiled as Amu closed her eyes timidly, blushing. She felt Ikuto pulling her shirt over her head and the boxers down her legs. She blushed even harder, then, after a moment, felt the soft fabric of the sundress go down her body, and then heard some rustling.

" Keep your eyes closed..." Ikuto murmered in her ear as she felt a soft touch on her eyelids, cheeks, then a firmer touch on her lips. As the feeling passed, Amu's eyes shot open, and she saw Ikuto setting her feet into the sandals. " I-Ikuto?"

" I said don't open your eyes..." Ikuto sighted as he reached beside him, and then handed her a beautiful mirror as he finished fastening her shoes.

The mirror was dark blue blue, with lilies carved into it's metal surface, the handle smooth and glittery, But it wasn't the mirror that got her. It was the image Inside the reflective glass that got her. She saw a beautiful girl, one with pink, full lips, rosy cheeks and dark blue eyelids. And her hair. She didn't even notice Ikuto messing with it. her naturally pink hair was in pigtails, the blue 'X' clips were in front of her hair, on both sides of her bangs. Then Ikuto appeared in the appeared in the reflective glass behind Amu.

" Are you ready for our date?" Ikuto grinned as it was Amu's turn for her face to turn red.

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© 2012-2013. Heather Boone.
I do not own Shugo Chara!or any of the characters created by Peach Pit, but I do own the idea/plot/storyline of this story.