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Chapter 9: Amu's Pregnant?!

The little plus sign on the pregnancy test stared up at her. She was scared. Scared of having a baby, scared of what Ikuto might think.

Tears filled Amu's eyes at the thought of Ikuto's reaction. W...what if he doesn't want a child? What would I do? All of a sudden the door opened, revealing a worried Ikuto. His eyes widened as he saw the tears in Amu's eyes.

"Amu, What's the matter?" Ikuto walked over to Amu and gathered her up in his arms.

" I-I'm pregnant. What are we going to do? Do you even want to have a child?" Amu was falling into hysteria and jumping to conclusions. She sobbed into Ikuto's chest. Then, Ikuto lifted Amu's head up by her chin, and kissed her tenderly and kissed away her tears.

" I love you, Amu, and I love the baby too. If your okay with it, then I'd love to have a child, but only as long as it was with you. Your the only person I will ever love, and that I'll ever want to be with. You are my everything." Ikuto's arms tightened around Amu ans she stared into his eyes. Then Amu's face broke into a happy smile.

" You are my everything too, Ikuto. I love you." She stood on her tip-toes and Ikuto dipped his head to kiss her again. After the kiss, Amu hugged Ikuto tight. " I love you so much."

Ikuto picked Amu up, and brought her to the couch, where they snuggled together. They were comfortable in each others presence. They kissed, and it felt like their first.

~six months later~

Amu ate a pickle with peanut butter on it, a weird combination thought up by her weird cravings. She didn't like strait up pickles, but it didn't taste as bad as she thought it would. She was six months pregnant, and showing. She laid a hand on her stomach and felt the baby kick. She giggled at the weird sensation caused by it. All of a sudden, hands closed over her amber eyes.

" Guess Who?" A deep, rich voice murmured into Amu's ear.

" Ikuto, Get off of my eyes, you idiot!" Amu giggled, then turned around when Ikuto removed his hands, and kissed him softly. Ikuto made a sound in his throat and kissed Amu back. He nibbled on Amu's lip, and she opened her mouth, Inviting him inside. Their tongues wrestled, and fought for dominance, but Ikuto's won. They both pulled away, gasping for breath.

" Amu, you... You have an ultrasound today. Get dressed, and we'll go." Amu giggled, then padded up the stairs to her and Ikuto's now shared bedroom. They planned on making Amu's old bedroom into a nursery for the new baby.

When Amu made it up the stairs, she slipped on a pair of white mid-thigh length shorts, knee-high red socks with a black lace trim, and a red, flowy maternity shirt. She also slid on a pair of red converse. She put her hair into pigtails, and clipped her signature 'X' clips onto them. She looked into the mirror and smiled. She looked pretty darn good, If she didn't say so herself. She went back downstairs, and Her and Ikuto made their way to the hospital.

~At the Hospital~

They waited in the waiting room, holding hands. When a nurse came out and called her name, Amu and Ikuto followed her into the ultrasound room. The woman pulled Amu's shirt up, and tucked a towel into the waist of Amu's shorts so they wouldn't get dirty. Then, the woman pulled a tube of gel out of a warmer and squeezed some along the top of the device.

The gel was warm on Amu's skin as the woman looked for the baby. She started labeling parts of the baby after she found a good place where you could see the baby well. Then, the woman asked a question.

" Well, the baby is healthy, and would you like to know your baby's gender?" The woman smiled warmly.

Amu glanced over at Ikuto, and after receiving an encouraging smile from him, she nodded. " yes, please."

The woman smiled again as she opened her mouth to speak. " It's a... Boy!" she Smiled widely.

" Ikuto... did you hear that? Were having a baby boy!" Amu giggled happily and reached up and hugged Ikuto. She then placed a short kiss on his lips.

" Congrats!" The nurse smiled as she wiped the gel from Amu's large stomach and pulled her shirt down.

" Mhmm!" Ikuto helped the beaming Amu up, smiling. Then, they left the hospital with a grinning Amu, and a happy Ikuto. Soon enough, they made it home.

~At home~

" Ikuto, What will we name him?" Amu lied next to Ikuto on the bed, staring at the ceiling. Ikuto glanced over at her.

" Hmmm... I want something unique." Ikuto replied.

" How about... Yoru?" Amu Smiled widely as she remembered the name that she had been wanting to name her first baby boy since she was younger.

" It sounds perfect." Ikuto Smiled and gave Amu a long kiss on the lips.

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