Title: Partners
Author: Cindy Ryan
Category: post ep "Ames brothers"

Doc Soto now understood the term splitting headache. He felt like his skull was split down the middle. He sat by the bank of computers trying to concentrate on the screen.
Trying and failing miserably.
Concussions sucked.
All Doc wanted to do was crawl into bed and forget this nightmare of a night had occurred. However according to the paramedics sleep was bad for concussions. Unless you had somebody to wake you up every two hours.
Which he didn't.

As the computer screens swam in front of him Doc closed his eyes and leaned gingerly back in the chair. Footfalls penetrated Doc's hearing. He didn't have to open his eyes to know who it was.
After months on Alcatraz Doc knew Rebecca's footsteps anywhere.


"Not so loud; headache, remember?"Soto replied wearily as he opened his eyes and turned to face his partner.

Bruises from her fight with the Ames brothers were starting to show on Rebecca's delicate features. It still killed Diego that he hadn't been able to protect her more.
That if he hadn't been so curious initially to what the tech was doing Rebecca would've been home snug and warm in her bed.
Not nearly getting killed by the '63rs of Alcatraz.

Rebecca placed a gentle hand on Doc's right shoulder. "You should be in the hospital...get a CT scan."

"Paramedics cleared me."Soto countered.

Madsen produced a fresh ice pack and placed it gingerly on the back of Doc's head.

"Ow."Soto groaned as a fresh spike of pain surfaced from the contact.

"Sorry. Why don't you get some sleep? There's a cot in one of the conference rooms."Rebecca suggested.

Doc shook his head and winced. "Paramedics said to stay awake."

"Just need somebody to wake you every two hours."Rebecca replied quietly. "I got that covered."

"Yeah?"Soto asked hopefully he really was tired..

Rebecca smiled. "What partners are for. Least I can do in return for you saving my life tonight. Get some rest, Doc."

"Okay."Doc replied as he stood pausing as the room spun briefly. "Only four hours though...you should rest too."

"Deal, then I'll buy breakfast."

"You're on."