Hi, some of you may recognize this story from Crownofglory's page, as she mentioned already, this HP fic was originally written in Chinese and Crownofglory had translated around a quarter of it. The link for the original story is below:

http :/ / www. jjwxc. net / onebook . php? novelid= 257980

I originally learned of this fic when I read the fic "Schooled" by Wyrdsmith (which is hilarious by the way and highly recommended) being Chinese my self I went and had a look at both Crownofglory's partially translated fic and the original, finding that I liked the fic and also wanting to do something for Wyrdsmith as well as others who left reviews hoping to read the fic in its entirety, I decided to finish the translation (I read a lot of fanfic and I rarely have the chance to repay any authors so this was a good opportunity for me to give something back to the fanfic community).

I sent a PM to crownofglory but have yet to receive a reply back so I decide to go ahead with the project. I debated whether I should continue on from where Crownofglory stopped or start from the beginning myself and in the end I decided it would be best to start from the beginning so I can really familiarize myself with the whole story. Also I didn't want to read someone else's translations then try to imitate their style or continue it halfway (I had only read chapters 1-10 of Crownofglory's translation anyway).

I have currently reached chapter 16-20 (about a quarter of what Crownofglory had done) and I hope to be able to post at least chapters 1-20 (I am grouping the chapters in 10s so they will be posted 1-10, 11-20, etc.) during this weekend. As I have never posted anything on before, please bear with me if the formats etc. get a little messed up.


Spells/Latin or Written text/letters