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Please note, there will be a significant time skip after the Tri-wizard Tournament.


As Sofina pulled Harry past the surface of the water, he immediately saw Voldemort who stood at the edge of the water. His brows were deeply wrinkled and his lips were pursed into a severe line as his right hand clenched around his wand and he kept glancing back and forth between the watch in his hand and the surface of the water. Seeing Harry break the surface, he immediate pointed his wand toward him and Harry felt a great force dragging him towards Voldemort.

Voldemort took Harry into his arms and wrapped a huge, soft, warm woolen blanket around him, then put him onto a conjured sofa, not giving Harry time to say a word, even if it was his name, bottles of potions were immediately placed in front of Harry. A certain someone's threatening gaze silently tried to intimidated Harry into consuming all of them and Harry could only hold his nose and swallow each one. Next Voldemort rushed to shoot drying and warming charms out of his wand, one after the other, Harry was almost dizzy as he watched the man's bustling form. After less than three minutes, Harry was dry and warm from head to toe, so warm he was even finding the blanket wrapped around him a little stifling.

Sofina was the last champion to complete the task and her score was also the lowest, only 45 points, James and Richard were once again head to head with 49 points each, now it was up to the last task, which would be held on June 27th, to determine the final victor.

That evening, Harry once again slept in Voldemort's quarters. Once again, Voldemort was the dominant aggressor, after several "warnings" Harry didn't dare try for dominance anymore in their lovemaking.

He didn't understand why Voldemort was so desperate for him, as though Harry would disappear any minute, the man's thrusts were so powerful and passionate he could only hold tightly to Voldemort' shoulders, worried that he would slide right off the bed otherwise, he could only take much needed breaths when Voldemort infrequently released him between commanding kisses to prevent himself from passing out from lack of oxygen. What was the man angry about now? That was Harry's last thought before he passed out after Voldemort shot his essence into Harry's body.

Carefully pulling out of Harry's body, he took his kittenish, adorable lover into the bathroom and bathed him, then he applied potions to his abused opening and passage to prevent soreness when he woke the next morning, finally he gently massaged the fatigued muscles for thirty minutes before he laid down and pulled Harry into his arms before falling asleep- the whole process took over an hour but Voldemort was so gentle that he did not disturb Harry's sweet slumber.

The potion allowing them to breathe under water was only effective for two hours, but everyone seemed to expect that the champions would be able to rescue their target within the time limit- Sofina almost failed in this, when she brought Harry to the surface the two hours had just passed. What if that stupid bint had been just a little slower? What would have happened to Harry, unable to breathe under water and without a wand? What if that idiotic woman had given up in the middle of the task? What would have happened to Harry, tied to a statue and without a wand, waiting for rescue? Those merpeople didn't care if a wizard lived or died.

The two questions were like two whips striking repeatedly at Voldemort's heart, filling him with guilt. When the Goblet had first chosen Harry as Sofina Marceau's target, he had agreed to Harry's inclusion, thinking back it was like he was confunded, no matter how powerful Harry was, what could he do underwater, unable to breathe and without a wand? That lake housed the giant squid and grindylows!

Even though he was been a little paranoid in these thoughts- Richard and James Potter had both been there underwater and they would not have left Harry there without any safety measures, but he still had not been able to control his thoughts from wandering to other scenarios, those frightening, maddening scenarios lingered in his mind even now. He had left Harry's side twice and both time Harry had faced life-threatening danger, even though he had come out safe both times, did that really mean Voldemort was guilt-free? Why did he have to leave Harry's side instead of staying with him? Why did he always leave? For work? For his ambitions? Did any of these damned things compare to Harry? Hadn't he sworn to always love him, care for him and protect him- was this caring, loving and protecting?

Voldemort involuntarily tightened his arms, Harry, still deeply asleep, murmured soft complaints but leaned docilely even further into his embrace, rubbed his face against Voldemort's chest, and went back to sleep, he looked completely adorable, like a purring kitten curled up in his master's arms. Free of the barrettes, the short black hair was messy yet unimaginably soft, Voldemort couldn't stop himself from carding his finger though it, the soft, silky strands falling silently from his fingers. Voldemort's heart softened and filled with tenderness and gentle love.

"I will never let go of your hand again Harry."

June was approaching and the atmosphere at Hogwarts was getting more and more tense, not only because of the coming decider of the Tri-wizard Tournament, but also because of the OWL and NEWT exams. This time the exams are being held three days early to accommodate the Tournament, ensuring that the champions will be able to devote their attention to the third task after having already completed their exams, it was also arranged that the Bulgarian and French examiners were invited to Hogwarts, both to administer the exams to the Durmstrang and Beauxbatons students, and to watch the final task of the Tournament.

In the past Harry could have been said to have dropped out of Hogwarts as he had not taken his NEWT exams, this time he was able to complete his NEWTs and fulfill one of his dreams. But the tenseness and helplessness he felt over the exams had also caused him to hassle Voldemort endlessly.

On June 27th the third and final task of the Tournament, a maze, was held. Harry watched from the stands, relieved and gratified as James walked out with the Goblet held high in the air, Hogwarts had won.

On July 1st, Harry took his graduation certificate from Dumbledore's hands, he had graduated.

On July 30th, Harry received his NEWTs results, nine Os, meaning that his dream of becoming a St. Mungos healer was now a reality.

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Harry felt the sheets beside him, they were still warm, telling him that Voldemort had left not long ago. Harry morosely wondered whether he would see the man when he got back tonight.

Get out of bed, bathe, change, go downstairs for breakfast.

[Good morning Nagini.] Harry offered the giant snake a lighthearted greeting, she tangled around him dotingly, her bright red tongue tickling his palm, cheering him immensely from his low spirits.

[Good morning Harry, have you seen Voldy?] Nagini released Harry and slithered over to her own tray which held a large bowl of milk and two slices of just grilled beef.

Harry twisted his lips, [No, I haven't. He seems to have just left.] He lazily pushed the salad around his own silver plate.

[He seems to be quite busy recently.] Nagini cocked her head innocently, as though completely unaware of anything unusual.

[He is always busy Nagini.] Harry corrected Nagini in a deliberately placid tone, [He is just more busy recently.] He sighed a little.

The man and snake stared at each other for several seconds then looked away. What will come will come, no one would be able to stop it.

After finishing breakfast, Harry put on muggle attire then rode the subway, then walked to Purge and Dowse, Ltd., to the ugly dummy dressed in outdated clothing he said, "Harry Potter, Healer." When the dummy nodded to indicate its confirmation, he crossed the storefront and entered St. Mungo's Hosptial for Magical Maladies and Injuries. Walking pass the increasing number of people waiting in the front hall, he came to the staff room at the end of the first floor, an entire wall of the room was covered with portraits of healers, Harry found his own portrait and tapped the date plaque underneath it with his wand, notifying everyone in the hospital that he was at work. On the way he was greeted by many witches and wizards, "Good morning Harry." From a colleague who had join the hospital more than a year ago. "Good morning Head Healer Potter." This from a new staff member who had joined St. Mungo's less than a year ago. "Good morning Healer Potter." This from a patient. Harry smiled at and greeted all of them in return.

After leaving the staff room through a set of double doors, Harry arrived in front of the magical elevator. Six months ago, when he became Head Healer, he had strongly recommended that the newly invented elevator, which functioned much like its muggle equivalent but was run on magic, be installed, he couldn't bear the agony of walking up and down seven flights of stairs numerous times everyday anymore. He tapped the elevator with his wand and entered the lift after the doors slid open, tapping the number 7 on the control panel, the elevator shot upwards then stopped with a ding as the number 7 on the panel dimmed.

After exiting the elevator, Harry opened the third door on the left. On the door was a bronze plaque which read "707 Head Healer's Office", this was Harry's office. He changed out of his muggles clothes and put on his white healer robes in the changing room and when he came out he saw seven or eight paper planes on his half-oval desk. These were requests for Harry's consultation today, status reports on Harry's existing patients and lists of items requiring his attention. Harry sat in the comfortable, wide and soft sofa, which was covered with an afghan, to quickly read through the messages. First was today's list of patients and their statuses, Harry marked the names with the more serious conditions then refolded the paper planes and tossed them into the air, thee wavered back out the way they came in. Next he read through the items requiring his input today, finding nothing that really required his personal attention, he refolded the planes and sent them away as is, he believed that his smart secretary Rose Cox would know what to do. Finally, he looked through the ones detailing the condition of his existing patients, some were recovering well while others weren't, having gotten the gist from the messages, he put the parchment into his pocket and rode the elevator back down. He will see his patients first, then he will go on his rounds.

It has been three years since Harry's graduation and many things had happened in the intervening years, Voldemort had dissolved the uncle/nephew bond between he and Harry and they two had come out to the public as a couple, Harry had become a St. Mungo's Healer and had risen to the level of Head Healer with his superior healing ability, wonderful technique and kind nature, Harry had killed Peter Pettigrew- a decision that had puzzled Voldemort to no end, James and Lily had become engaged and planned to marry in six months, under Voldemort's recommendation Snape had become the DADA Professor at Hogwarts, Lucius had become a member of the Wizengamot as well as taken over some of the management of his family's businesses and last month Harry had gone to his and Narcissa's wedding.

Time flies by so quickly.

When Harry returned to the staff room, two of the intern Healers under him were already waiting there for him, "Head Healer Potter, the patients are waiting for us in their rooms on their respective levels."

"Alright then, let us go see them."

Another hectic yet fulfilling day had begun.


After seeing his patients, doing his rounds, eating lunch, giving more consultations, and doing more rounds, it was 16:30, time for afternoon tea. After becoming the Head Healer, Harry was no longer required to do additional shifts or overtime so his afternoon tea usually lasted around half an hour, as a way to pass the last of his time before he left work for the day.

Warm sunlight, rare for London, permeated the entire room, soft, soothing music accompanied the clear voice of the vocalist as the sound drifted through the air, his whole body was relaxed into the dragonhide sofa as he ate some delicious cookies and drank a strong tea with milk, sweeping away the toils of the day.

At 17:00, Harry changed back into his muggle attire and prepared to return home when he ran into Stelly Moore, Director of the hospital. Rather than ran into, perhaps it was more appropriate to say that she was waiting for Harry in front of his office. "Harry, do you mind delaying your departure for a couple of minutes?" She asked with a kindly smile.

"Of course not Madam Director, I'm happy to be of assistance. Is there something you require?"

Director Moore's kindly smile faded away and her round, plump face became more solemn and stern than Harry had ever seen, "Harry, is everything… normal, with Mr. Voldemort?"

The air around them suddenly seemed to heat up and become unbearably stifling, even the breeze that wafted around them became suffocating and sweat began to seep through the back of Harry's shirt.

Director Moore remained unconcerned even at seeing Harry's eyes becoming increasingly guarded, "I have no wish to probe for any sort of information or clues, I would just like to have some clue as to when the war might be likely to start, so that St. Mungo's can make the necessary preparations to perform our healing duties without being overrun." Her expression was both sorrowful and resolute as her voice grew lower, "The Order of the Phoenix has already started to make preparations for war, I would think the Death Eaters are also doing the same."

Harry lowered his eyes and shook his head, "I don't know Madam Director. I never involve myself in those matters and Voldy never discusses them with me."

Director Moore gave Harry a deep look rife with meaning as she smiled enigmatically, "Ah, that's right, it was inappropriate of me to ask that question given your nature." She paused, "In the centuries since St. Mungo's was established, the hospital has gone through countless wars, but Harry, every side of all the wars have had nothing but praise for St. Mungo's. Do you know why?"

"… Because St. Mungo's always maintains neutrality Madam Director, this is also why I wanted to come to work at St. Mungo's." Harry's reply was calm, his tone firm.

Director Moore was obviously very happy with Harry's reply and gave him a kind, maternal smile, patting Harry's shoulder, "Harry, you are the youngest Head Healer in the history of St. Mungo's, in the future you are also very likely to become the youngest Deputy Director or even Director of the hospital, I have faith in this. When I made the decision to make you Head Healer, it was not your powerful background, nor your worldwide reputation that convinced me, it was your superior ability as a healer, your tireless, studious attitude, your calm and resilience, these are the qualities that a first class healer must have but they are also the hardest for anyone to possess and excel at, but you have done so and done so very well. In this past year, your work has not disappointed me and I am very pleased, I am proud to have had you as a student.

Even while he was lying on their huge bed in Voldemort Manor, Director Moore's words kept running through Harry's mind, he had a bad feeling about this.

The first thing Voldemort saw when he came out of the bathroom was Harry staring fixedly at the bed canopy, thinking about who knows what. He pulled all the clothing off Harry's body and covered his naked body with his own and asked offhand, "What are you thinking about baby?" Though his thoughts were really only consumed by Harry pale, smooth body, outstretched beneath him.

Harry watched silently as the man moved over his body, after a moment, a question popped out of his mouth, "Voldy, when is the war going to start?"

Voldemort lifted his head in surprise and joy, "Harry, since when are you interested in such things? I am of course happy that you want to know. The preparations are almost complete, in…"

Harry covered Voldemort's mouth with his hand, stopping him from continuing, "I changed my mind, I'd rather not know any of it." His arms wound around Voldemort's neck as he smiled sweetly, "It's been two weeks since the last time, don't you miss me?"

"Oh… Voldy… there, right there… harder… harder… oh… that feels so good…"

Harry was kneeling on the bed with Voldemort behind him, thrusting heavily into his silken passage, Voldemort's each powerful, deep thrust caused him to let out loud moans. Another powerful thrust pushed Harry over the edge, causing his inner muscles to spasm and contract, the movements of his fiery, silken walls caressing Voldemort's cock, pushing him to his own climax.

"I love you Harry." "I love you too Voldy."


"It's cloudy with some drizzle…" The muggle television in the living room was broadcasting the London weather report and the world seemed to be at peace. That afternoon, the sky over Voldemort Manor was covered by dark clouds that appeared ready to break out into rain at any moment. Harry walked up to the window and couldn't help feeling gloomy after looking at the overcast sky.

Almost six months had passed since his talk with Director Moore, the Death Eaters and the Order of the Phoenix were still just moving their troops around and making preparations, and the beginning of the war seemed to be quite distant, this almost drove Harry, who had been apprehensive ever since that conversation, crazy. Sometimes he almost wished that the war would begin right away so that he would no longer need to be on pins and needles.

An owl flew in the open window, carrying with it a short letter to Harry, Director Moore wanted to see him at St. Mungo's in half an hour as she had an important announcement to make. Harry frowned deeply, today was his day off and for the last three years he had not been called in to work on this day, but now…

In thirty minutes, Harry had arrived at the hospital, but he found the large staff room completely filled, every healer and employee was present. Director Moore waved him over and indicated that he should sit next to her.

Harry walked over as he heard her say, "I asked everyone to be here today to announce several things. The first is that Head Healer Harry Potter has been promoted to the position of Deputy Director of St. Mungo's Hospital as of today, he will also be taking over the duties of the Director, secondly, the position of Head Healer will be taken by Allan Fielding, thirdly and finally, I would like to announce my resignation from the position of Director of St. Mungo's Hospital."

If the first piece of news surprised Harry, the third and final announcement absolutely astonished him. He noticed that everyone present demonstrated a similar level of astonishment as he, it seems that Director Moore had not notified anyone of her intentions beforehand.

"Harry, as Acting Director, please say a few words to everyone." Director Moore patted Harry's shoulder as she looked at him with encouragement.

Harry could only comply, steeling himself to say whatever words he could come up with at the spur of the moment, "Greetings everyone, I am Harry Potter and I will be taking over the duties of the Director from today… I hope you will all work with me in dedicating ourselves to ushering in another glorious chapter in the already incredible history of St. Mungo's Hospital." Harry was shocked at his own eloquence in his currently rather bemused state, he was surprised that he was actually able to speak clearly instead of standing there like a dolt.

After this, he looked towards Director Moore, habitually awaiting further instructions, she only smiled, "You are the Acting Director Harry."

"Rose, please take care of the necessary procedures, I will take care of any necessary items when I come to work tomorrow. Well then… this meeting is adjourned."

The wizards and witches all left, completely bemused, only Stelly Moore and Harry remaining behind.

"Director Moore… Madam, I think we need to talk." Harry immediately said.

Stelly Moore agreed, "We can go to your office."

At the seventh floor, Harry opened the door to room 707, "Please Direct… Madam."

Stelly shook her head, "Harry, that is not your office, that is now Allan's office, he is the Head Healer now. You are the Deputy Director and Acting Director, your office is that one." She pointed to room 701 at the end of the hall, the Director's Office.

Harry felt quite awkward sitting behind the desk in the Director's chair. He fully believed in his own abilities and potential to become St. Mungo's youngest Deputy Director and even Director, but not like this, not after he had only worked for less than three years. Such a rapid and abnormal rise only served to make him feel strange and disquieted. "Madam Stelly, why have you suddenly made such an absurd decision, I thought you loved being a healer? Or have you encountered some problem or trouble? If there is anything I can do for you, I would do my best to provide assistance."

Stelly waved her hands dismissively, "I have sufficient reason to resign from the post of Director, this is also why I need to speak with you." She paused for a moment to gather her thoughts, "St. Mungo's is neutral. No matter which side its employees may lean towards, be they the Order of the Phoenix or the Death Eaters, once inside St. Mungo's, they must be neutral, without even a shred of personal leanings or preferences."

Harry listened quietly, he was beginning to understand.

"But right now, I find that I am leaning heavily towards one side, of course, this would not affect my impartiality in treating patients, but- I have decided to join the side that I support and fight for my strongly held beliefs, thus I must resign from my post."


"Originally, I had wanted to promote you directly to the post of Director, after all, your abilities are sufficient for the post. But taking into account your less than extensive experience, promoting you to such an extent might offend many of the more experienced healers, so I made you Deputy Director as well as Acting Director, you are well qualified for this post and there is nothing they can say about your promotion. Allan is an honest man, dedicated to his work and he will be a great help to you, if you are uncertain about anything in the future, you may discuss it with him. I believe that, after the war, if you are still willing to stay at St. Mungo's, there will be no objections to you becoming Director."

Stelly's words silenced Harry for a long moment, "I… am very grateful for your belief in me and my abilities, but… have you been considering this for a long time?"

"Yes, but I only made my decision several days ago."

"…Is it because the war is about to begin?" Harry doesn't want to think this way, but the facts are giving him no choice.

Stelly admitted this without any hesitation, "War is imminent, the fighting might break out at any moment."

"Then, we will need to make preparations for war right away?" Harry's thoughts were a jumble, he had never done such things before, nor had he really understood the running of St. Mungo's even though he had worked here for three years, how could he do such detailed and extensive work impeccably?

Stelly chuckled in a kindly manner, "Don't worry, there's no rush, you can begin tomorrow. War will not break out tomorrow, nor in the next three to five days. But it will be necessary to make detailed and comprehensive preparations in the time you have. In truth, the preparations you will need to make at this moment are not too numerous, it is when war has broken out that things will be more hectic Harry, you will have to be prepared for this."

The next morning, three people were sitting in Harry's new office, Harry, Allan and Rose. Allan was fifty-five years old with a head of short, curly red hair and pale grey, solemn and sincere eyes, he was 187 cm in height and he weighed 269 pounds, he was a kindly, portly gentleman.

"Given Director Moore's words, what we need to do now is to go into War Preparation Mode in secret." Allan said.

"Um, do you mean that St. Mungo's already has set procedures for war?" Harry was unfamiliar with the term Allan mentioned.

Allan slapped his forehead in reaction, "Oh Merlin, I forgot that you are still unaware of these things. On the top shelf of the book case is a book… "St. Mungo's War Time Manual", right, that was it, on page 79 the war time preparations are listed, you may look it up there."

Harry took the book that Rose had retrieved for him, turning immediately to page 79 and reading it with the curious Rose. "Secret Restoration of the Passage of Wartime Peace… what is the Passage of Wartime Peace Allan?" Rose asked.

"That's St. Mungo's back door."

"St. Mungo's has a back door?" Harry and Rose asked at the same time. Rose was genuinely shocked, in the years that she has worked at St. Mungo's, she has never heard that there was a back door to the hospital, Harry's surprise however, was feigned, he was of course aware of this back door as he had used the Passage of Wartime Peace many times in his past war.

"Don't be so surprised! What hospital wouldn't have a back door?" Allan puffed out his chest and rotund belly to express his ire over being interrupted by two youngsters, as he continued to berate them paternally, "Every hospital has a back door, but at St. Mungo's, our back door has a special purpose, it is not just for people to escape through."

Harry and Rose listened attentively.

"St. Mungo's back door is connected to a five hundred meter long tunnel, it is paved with pale blue tiles painted with the St. Mungo's emblem, a wand crossed with a bone to make a cross. The roof of the tunnel is deep blue, this is the Passage of Wartime Peace."

Rose immediately interjected, "But why have Harry and I not heard of this passage Mr. Fielding?"

Allan chuckled, "Silly girl, how many years have we been living in peace? During peace time only the Directors of St. Mungo's learn of such things. It is only due to my decades of friendship with Stelly and the current deteriorating conditions that I have heard her mention the passage occasionally. Don't mistake my words for familiarity as I myself have never seen this passage."

"Then why do we need to open it again in secret? Everybody knows that war is about to break out." Rose asked.

""About to break out" is not the same has actually having started. The Passage means that war is imminent or already here, but at this moment neither side has openly declared war, opening the passage publicly would cause panic in the populace and would not benefit the magical world one bit. It is only when one or both sides have declared war that we can openly declare the opening of the Passage."

Allan nodded approvingly at Harry's words, "Harry is right, I have nothing further to add."


"Alright then, what is the actual function of the Passage of Wartime Peace?" Rose continued her questions. The name of the passage was quite imposing, would the function be just as meaningful?

This stumped Allan, "I'm not sure, only the Director is qualified to know this."

Harry turned the next page, "It's written here." He read out loud, "When war breaks out, if the wounded of either side of the conflict require healing at St. Mungo's, they must enter the hospital through the Passage of Wartime Peace. From the moment any witch or wizard enters this tunnel they may not attack others in any way, anyone who goes against this rule will be sent to Azkaban, serious offenders who cause injury, disability or death shall be sentenced to the Dementor's kiss."

… "That's it?" Rose said disbelievingly.

"That's it."

"Then I have another question." Rose's face was incredulous as she continued. "I find this rule very unreasonable and possible unenforceable. Firstly, although we will of course station wizards in the passage, but once a fight breaks out, how effective will a few wizards be? In such a narrow area it would just make things worse. If there's a fight, we can't very well ask the healers and medi-wizards treating the wounded to leave their patients to take care of the fighting can we? Secondly, even if we catch the offenders, Azkaban will be in the hands of one side or the other by then, would it be possible for us to ask them to have their own people sent to Azkaban or even be given the Dementor's kiss?"

Rose's questions highlighted the crux of the matter, pointing out the precarious situation they would be facing in the future. But in the eyes of Harry, who was well-experienced in matters of war, these were not valid problems. During war time, the Passage as well as all the buildings of St. Mungo's enter a warded status, only allowing St. Mungo's healers and employees to work magic, this is related to their St. Mungo's uniform robes as they negate all anti-magic wards, as to how and why, Harry was up to now unaware. As well, St. Mungo's will have their own contingent of Aurors protecting the hospital- this would take care of Rose's first concern. Rose's second concern was one that also intrigued Harry once upon a time. In his past, Voldemort had control of Azkaban, but all the Death Eaters sent there by St. Mungo's still had to serve their sentences. To his queries, Professor McGonagall had once replied, "A hospital that could stand for hundreds of years must have its own strengths and power, one should not underestimate it just because it appears harmless. Neutral is in truth another force, in certain respects, it might be the most powerful force." Not well versed in politics, Harry had only vaguely understood these words, Hermione understood completely but did not deign to explained it to Harry.

Allan waved his hands, "Rose, don't worry. What we are discussing now are the secrets of St. Mungo's over many centuries, this is something that only the Director should know. But as Stelly had not informed Harry of these things before she left, you and I will have to find out what the war time procedures are and how to put them in place, then we will have to do whatever is within our power, as to why those things should be done, how they could be possible, and how to do the most important things, Stelly will definitely tell Harry in secret, if, after careful consideration, Harry deems it necessary that we should know these things, he will tell us, don't you think?"

"… you're right Mr. Fielding." Rose had to admit that Allan's words were reasonable. If these secrets were at the level of the Director of the Hospital, as a mere secretary, she naturally does not need to know their details.

"Harry, apart from the opening of the Passage, is there anything else that needs to be done?"

"Yes. We need to copy the "St. Mungo's Neutrality Act" and try to post it at a visible spot in every room, as well as on every wall of the first floor entrance hall, post ten copies inside the passage. Also, covertly increase the number of wards and beds… as well as increase the number of staff. When the war starts, our current number of healers will not be enough, we must recruit new healers and staff both from the magical schools and the public."

Allan rubbed his chin, troubled, "Recruitment might have to wait until after the war starts, otherwise we would have no excuse to lower the recruitment standards. It seems that we will be extremely busy and overworked in the early stages of the war."

When Harry returned home from work, he found an owl delivering a letter from Stelly. On the parchment was written a long spell, used to activate the Passage of Wartime Peace, it also detailed the anti-magic wards used during times of war, the Passage was paved with anti-magic tiles, but St. Mungo's anti-magic tiles also had a neutralizing layer that could be de-activated with a special potion, finally she wrote, "During times of war, the thing that wizards need the most is healers, and the best healers in the world are at St. Mungo's. That which we rely on the most and as a final resort, is the wisdom and efforts of our elders, located in the basement."


"Harry, Harry."

A familiar and dear voice rang in his ear, waking an unwilling Harry who rubbed his eyes fuzzily as he asked, "Voldy, what's the matter?" It was 2:05 in the morning.

Voldemort lifted him and apologetically replied, "Harry, I'm afraid that you cannot sleep any longer tonight."

Harry's attention was instantly caught, driving away the bulk of his drowsiness, Voldemort's words brought one thing to mind.

"Right now, in the west side of muggle London on L Street, a hundred of my followers are battling with members of the Order of the Phoenix, the battle should end in about twenty minutes. I will declare war to the entire magical world at that time." Voldemort's crimson eyes were sparkling, after the interminable wait, he could finally take the first step towards fulfilling his long awaited goals.

The concise words were like a bucket of cold water poured over Harry's head, immediately driving the remaining drowsiness from his system. His body felt chilled but his heart seemed to be on fire. No matter how conflicted and undecided he had felt, reality had made his choice for him, war had broken out and as the Deputy Director and Acting Director of St. Mungo's, there were things that he had to do.

He jumped off Voldemort' lap and rushed to the fireplace, throwing in some floo powder, he stuck his head into the flames and yelled, "No. 43 A Street!" Very quickly he saw a four poster bed with pale gold curtains, "Rose, I need to speak with you!"

After some rustling from behind the curtain, Rose walked towards the floo, dressed in a robe she asked Harry in surprise, "What is it Harry? Why are you in such a rush to talk to me?"

"Listen Rose, call in all of St. Mungo's healers and staff, they must all be in the front hall on the first floor in ten minutes. Any wizards not present in ten minutes will be fired and will never be employed by St. Mungo's again." Harry was glad to see the enlightened expression on Rose's face, he further confirmed her speculation, "Dear Rose, the war has started."

After informing Rose of the situation, Harry rushed into the bathroom, rushing back out after five minutes. Walking towards the floo, he did not forget to kiss Voldemort on the cheek before he left, "Bye dear, I'll try to come back home soon."

Voldemort muttered, "You shouldn't have joined St. Mungo's Harry, you would have had a much more leisurely time at the Ministry of Magic."

Harry waved his hand dismissively at Voldemort, rejecting the thinly veiled suggestion, throwing some floo powder into the floo, he clearly said, "St. Mungo's Hospital." This might be the last time he used the floo network before the end of the war.

Harry didn't like using the floo because every time he was so dizzy he became nauseous. If it wasn't for the anti-apparition wards on Voldemort Manor, and that the time it would take for him to fly to St. Mungo's on his firebolt was so much longer than using the floo, he would never resort to such a method of transport. When he crawled out of the floo, completely disoriented, he was almost hit by Lily, who was following closely behind him.

"Harry, what is it?" Lily was panting as she asked, "Why are you calling all the healers and staff together in such a rush is it…" She was a shrewd person, even though James tried his best to keep her out of things, there were too many people in James' group and the slightest carelessness would leave clues, so she was more aware than most as to what was going on.

Harry gave a strained smile, "You'll know soon enough Lily."

Within the appointed time, all St. Mungo's healers and staff had arrived, there were a total of 100 healers and 30 other staff. Some of them were baffled, some understanding, some were worried and some excited. Harry transfigured a small wooden stage and stood on it with Rose, the sounds of murmuring immediately disappeared.

Harry solemnly swept his gaze over the entire hall, only after confirming that all the wizards were paying attention did he begin, "Ladies, gentlemen, I called you all here today to announce something important, the war has begun."

This news turned all the wizards on their ears, they looked at each other, not wanting to believe what they had heard. One witch frankly questioned Harry's words, "Harry, do you have any proof? War… this is big, you can't just go and say something like that!"

Harry nodded gravely, his voice lowered, "Mina, it's true. I believe that the Wizarding Wireless will be announcing this within several minutes, as well as- Voldemort's declaration of War."

These words convinced all the doubters. The entire wizarding world knew the nature of Harry's relationship with Voldemort, with Harry's words that Voldemort will be declaring war, there was no further possibility of a mistake.

Harry continued, "Therefore, St. Mungo's Hospital has now entered war time status, we have our own battles to fight. But before that, I must make this clear to all of you, St. Mungo's is neutral and will not lean towards either side in the war. Accordingly, no matter which side each of you agree with in your hearts, as long as you are within St. Mungo's, you must remain neutral. You may do whatever you like with your time outside of work, but the moment you step inside St. Mungo's, you must consider everyone equally with no preferential treatment or prejudice whatsoever, no matter if a patient killed your parents, spouse, children, siblings or friends, you must do your best to save them without delay. That is the professional and ethical code of all St. Mungo's healers and employees. At the same time, you must do your best to protect the confidentiality of your patients until the war ends. If any wizard here believes that he or she cannot do this, you may leave within the next thirty seconds, otherwise, any contravention after today will cause even the lightest offender to be sent to Azkaban."

Some wizards left without hesitation, some left after some consideration, but some decided to stay after considering the facts. Within half a minute, there were 73 healers and 26 staff left.


This number was much higher than the minimum Harry had expected, he was especially pleased that all the senior healers had elected to stay. "As you have all decided to stay, this means that you have accepted what I have asked of you, I hope that you will all remember the choice you made today." He paused, "I, Harry Potter, am very glad to have the honor of working with all of you, I looked forward to working together with all of you in the coming times and to fighting side by side."

Allan responded to Harry on behalf of all the other wizards, "As you said Harry, that is our job, and our professional ethics, it is what we should be doing. We are St. Mungo's healers and our job is to do our best to help every patient."

Harry nodded approvingly, he tapped some parchment with his wand then waved it, two pieces of parchment appeared in the hands of every witch and wizard. "Healers, in your hands is a list of all the wards you are responsible for, currently it is three times the number it was before the war, in future that is sure to increase, the second is your roster, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, we must ensure that there are sufficient healers at St. Mungo's at all times. Staff, in your hands are your duties and your roster. Also, from today, everyone should be prepared for overtime to be necessary." He lifted his wrist to glance at his muggle watch, 2:23, very soon the first patients will be arriving. "Alright, that's all for now. Healers should proceed to their posts, the two healers on duty in the emergency ward will proceed with Allan and I to open the Passage of Wartime Peace. Rose," He turned to her, "Inform the staff of their duties and try to have all the preparations completed before the injured arrive." He took a vial of potion out of his pocket and passed it to Rose, "This task I want you to complete personally. Put one drop on the floor of every room then put the remaining potion in the locker in my office." He instructed carefully, Rose nodded back confidently. "Don't worry Harry, it will be done."

Harry turned on the Wizarding Wireless in the hall, then he led Allan and the two on duty healers Jo and Fred to the back door of St. Mungo's, officially opening the Passage and preparing to receive the first visitors.

At 2:25, the midnight show, "Muggle Castaway" was suddenly interrupted, the voice of the most popular host of the Wizarding Wireless, Ketty, came on. Ketty had a wonderful voice, sweet, clear, almost as attractive as a siren, that's why she was deeply loved by the wizarding public. But at this time her voice was dry and raspy, completely different to her usual dulcet tones, it sounded empty and colorless.

"Ladies, gentlemen, loyal listeners of the Wizarding Wireless, we are about to make a most important announcement. At 2:05 this morning, on L Street in the west side of Muggle London, the Death Eaters and the Order of the Phoenix engaged in vigorous fighting, the battle lasted for around twenty minutes and resulted in 18 fatalities and 45 injured. For a more detailed report, please join us for the 6:30 news report."

Harry silently calculated, the number of fatalities was not too high, of course, this could be because both sides have yet to deploy their best fighters. Far behind him, Jo and Fred exchanged a terrified glance, their already tight backs becoming even stiffer.

"Next, Mr. Voldemort will be making an announcement." Ketty continued in a rasp.

Voldemort's speech was powerful and concise, while containing a hint of bloodlust, "Wizards of the magical world, I hereby announce that from today, for the honor and pride of all wizardkind, for a brighter and more wonderful future of the magical world, my followers and I will sweep away all obstacles in our path. We will conquer the muggle world, protect the dignity of all wizardkind and lead the magical world into a new, brilliant future."

At 2:27 patients began to arrive via the Passage. Some of the wizards and witches had apparated or flown to the hospital on their own while others were brought by their comrades. Some covered their faces with the hoods of their cloaks while others walked in brazenly. At war time, the Passages was bisected by a wall, to ensure that neither side could see the faces of patients from the other side, symbols hung on the entrance of each side of the passage- a skull with a serpent coming of the its gaping jaw and a phoenix in flight, at the end of the tunnel were four healers, Harry and Jo were on the Death Eater side and Allan and Fred were on the Order of the Phoenix side, after preliminary treatment the patients were transferred directly inside St. Mungo's using magic, maximizing the privacy of both sides.

The wizards arrived almost at the same time, immediately overcrowding the normally wide passage, luckily they lined up in an orderly fashion. The patients were transferred inside the hospital after simple treatment and the responsible healers made discreet marks as to where they should be relocated for further treatment in accordance with patient confidentiality.

The first wave of patients were not too gravely injured and after emergency treatment Harry and Allan returned to the hall. At this time, the hall was filled with bustling people, not only the recently arrived patients but the patients already at the hospital were also getting out of their beds to see what the fuss was all about, some asked to shorten their stay and others asked to be discharged immediately.

"I preferred the St. Mungo's of before." Allan murmured.


During the 6:30 morning news announcement, Dumbledore made his own declaration of war, it was also announced that during the battle earlier that morning, the Death Eaters had 7 fatalities and 20 injured. After that a flood of owls carried Ministry printed booklets to the public, some of the contents Harry had seen in his past, such as minor personal protection spells, instructions for underage wizards on appartition, advice not to leave home for no reason, etc., the bulk of the patients diligently read through the entire booklet.

After this was a steady flow of patients, it was only with this that Harry learnt that there had been five skirmishes in that one day, affecting numerous innocent civilians, three children under the age of ten staggered in with their parents for treatment.

"How could these people do these things, even harming children!" Lily was holding a young wizarding child, upset that he had been hit in the arm during a fight between adult wizards, the child sobbed softly. His parents were still being treated in the intensive trauma room so it was unclear which side had caused his injuries, the Death Eaters or the Order.

Harry sat down beside Lily, gently watching her movements, as more harsh and cold words came out of his mouth, "That is what war is Lily, in war the weak and the young are often the most grievously wounded. The adults are usually too consumed by their fighting to be concerned over the protection of the children, children can only try to grow stronger and minimize their chance of being injured." That is also the only way children will be able to protect themselves.

"Then why must we have war? Why must we indulge ourselves and disregard everything but our pursuit of our own desires?" Lily growled softly in frustration, in her mind Voldemort was an irredeemably evil man.

Harry lowered his eyes, why must there be war? There were many reason, different viewpoints, ways of thinking, targets and goals… the two leaders each had their own steadfast reasons, and if compromise was not possible then they can only attempt to destroy each other. "Where there are people there are conflicts, when conflicts cannot be resolved they lead to war, this is an unavoidable fact. Neither Voldemort nor Dumbledore were satisfied with the status quo. They are both domineering people and the existence of the other is a thorn in the side to them, a thorn that they must remove. The only difference between them is that Voldy is more used to taking the offensive while Mr. Dumbledore is more accustomed to reacting." To achieve true peace, one of the two must fall and not rise again, otherwise the neither of them would be willing to exist while the other was around. He did not notice that he had used the word "domineering" to describe Dumbledore, this was an aspect that Voldemort often attributed to the Headmaster of Hogwarts.

Lily sneaked a glance at Harry and muttered inaudibly, "No, Headmaster Dumbledore is not like that." Harry must have been with Voldemort for too long and been deceived, that was the only reason he would see the Headmaster like that. Headmaster Dumbledore is a kind, forgiving and gentle elder.

Harry was not supposed to be on duty until the coming Monday, so although the war broke out today, he did not need to be on duty, after working until 9:00 in the eving and seeing nothing further that needed his attention, he apparated to a location near Voldemort Manor. Riding a carriage back to the Manor, he was welcomed home by Voldemort, who put his arm around Harry's shoulders and concernedly asked, "Have you had dinner yet?"

Harry nodded then shook his head, "I ate some but there were just too many patients."

"Are you tired?" Voldemort entered the dining room with Harry and indicated to the house elves that they should bring dinner.

Enjoying the massage Voldemort was giving him, Harry was almost falling asleep where he sat, "Of course I'm tired, how could I not be? The number of patients we had today was more than the number we had in the entire last week."

When the house elves bought dinner, Harry wolfed down the food, not even bothering with the manners that had been learned during his time in Slytherin House. He was starving as he had only eaten a slice of bread and a salad since noon that day, for dinner he had only had a glass of pumpkin juice, his stomach was way past empty.

"Is it good?" Voldemort asked with a smile.

"Delicious." Harry nodded emphatically and said through a mouthful of food.

"Then have some more." Voldemort waved a hand at the house elves who bought another platter of steak. He continued to smile as he watched Harry eating ravenously. "Being a healer is hard work isn't it Harry?"

Harry nodded.

"You can't eat on time and the work is strenuous."

Harry nodded again as he rubbed his eyes, he was getting a little sleepy, as soon as he finished this plate of food he was going to take a bath then go to bed.

"And then you have to endure the complaints and nagging of patients' families."

Harry continued to nod. Such things had come up many times before and would keep happening in the future. He really was quite tired, perhaps he should go straight to bed?

"So it would be better if you resigned right?" Voldemort said, "A job at the Ministry would be much less hectic, at least there shouldn't be too much work before the war ends."

These words immediately woke Harry, "No Voldy, I love this job."


[Someone's coming Harry.] After Harry moved into the Director's office, he had hung a painting of a giant snake lazily sunning himself behind the door, it was so lazy it wouldn't even raise its head even a little when informing Harry that he had visitors. After around ten seconds, Allan pushed open the door and came into the room, a thick pile of parchments in his hand. "Harry, the recruitment list for new healers has been confirmed, fifty in total. This is their information, please have a look."

Harry took the parchments and exclaimed in shock, "Fifty? That's not a lot. Don't be too stringent, we are in war time conditions after all."

Allan's smile was not a happy one, "Too stringent? You only have to look at the information to know whether we are being stringent."

Harry flipped through the information on the new healers, his brows knotting more and more as his dissatisfaction grew. From the details, Allan's recruitment efforts were far from stringent, nor were they at St. Mungo's usual standards, instead the standards had been lowered quite a bit, maybe too much. Of the fifty new recruits, only six had obtained more than seven Os in their NEWTs, and only one had achieved nine Os. It was fortunate that none of the candidates had gotten lower than Es in their results otherwise Harry would have been really upset.

"Allan, what's going on? Why have the standards been lowered so much?"

Allan waved his hands helplessly to indicate that the situation was out of his control. "It was not my intention, usually candidates with such results would not even be considered. But with the war we are really shorthanded, you asked me to recruit sixty people and in the week that the recruitment advertisements have gone out, only these fifty are vaguely acceptable. I believe that these candidates will work out alright, apart from the six with outstanding results, there are seven or eight more who have worked in the medical field in the past, just in lesser grade hospitals. I propose that we put these ten or so people in special training to at least provide some relief to our staff shortage issues, after all, this all came about because we are far too shorthanded."

"Alright." Harry sighed deeply as he picked up his quill and signed his name on each piece of parchment, indicating his approval to hire these candidates. As Allan had said, there was nothing they could do, St. Mungo's was shorthanded and the number of patients coming in were increasing every day, these last two days, even injured muggles had started appearing, these muggles had never come in contact with magic before and once they are wounded or attacked, their injuries are usually much worse than those of magical folk. Under these circumstances, even one more healer would mean more chance of being treated for the patients, it would also decrease the pressure on the hospital overall. But still, Harry was not quite happy with the situation, continuing his queries as he signed, "Allan, even though working in St. Mungo's might not be as desirable as working at the Ministry, it is still a highly paid, stable job that has always been highly sought after by graduating students, why is the situation so bad this year? This reflects badly on me as the Acting Director."

Allan shrugged, accompanying his works with exaggerated gestures, "Young people, always hot-blooded, passionate, willing to give up a promising career to pursue and fight for their ideals. I looked into it, of the fifty students with the highest graduating results this year, almost all joined one side of the war or the other, the only one that didn't join came to us."

"Well aren't we honored." Harry replied dryly, he remembered that the graduate in question was a Gryffindor, how rare. "Let him learn under you Allan, I have too much to take care of each day and will not have sufficient time to instruct him, let's not let his training lag."

"Of course!" Allan was very glad to hear this as he had high hopes for this recruit.

That morning, Harry saw Lily in the entrance hall when he arrived at St. Mungo's, her large eyes were filled with laughter and her face was filled with joy. The moment she saw Harry she handed him an invitation, "Harry, I'm getting married on November 12th, I hope you will attend the ceremony."

"Wonderful! This is great news! Don't worry, I will definitely arrive on time to attend the ceremony." Harry was truly happy for Lily. His father and mother were finally getting married, he put aside his remaining worries, at least his birth was now guaranteed. But if he wanted to keep both his parents safe until the end of the war, he would still need to be diligently.

However, in the depths of his mind, a faint fear began to appear. If Lily got pregnant and gave birth to little Harry Potter, then what would happen to him- Harry Potter from the future? He had gone back in the past before with Hermione but that was only for several hours, and it wasn't to a time before he had been born. Also, the way he appeared in this time was rather strange and could not easily be explained through any theory, magical or muggle. He had read countless books on time magic and theories on time and also questioned Voldemort about it in a roundabout manner, but had found out nothing of use. No one seemed to know about that strange corridor and it was as though it had never existed, but it did exist, Harry was sure of this as he himself was the proof of its existence.


On the ninth evening after the start of the war, Snape visited St. Mungo's unexpectedly, his appearance was a pleasant surprise for Harry. The last time he and Snape had met had been two weeks ago, but it felt like more than half a century had passed. He welcomed his friend exuberantly, "Severus, what brought you here? Have you been well?"

Snape hugged Harry back, a little stiffly but carefully returning Harry's show of happiness and affection. Since their graduation, Harry had become a St. Mungo's healer and Snape had stayed at Hogwarts and taken over Voldemort's position as the DADA Professor, he and Harry usually saw each other every week or two, to show his happiness at seeing his good friend as well as how much he missed him, Harry would give Snape a very warm hug every time they met. As a Slytherin who paid great attention to social etiquette, Snape was not in the habit of having close bodily contact with other wizards, that was a Gryffindor custom, so the first time Harry gave him a hug he was stiff as a board. At the beginning he had tried to convince Harry to stop greeting him in such a decidedly non-Slytherin manner, but he found that his words fell on deaf ears, he would say whatever he wanted but Harry would do whatever HE wanted, not only that, but Harry had once complained that Snape was too cold to him. "I am hugging you so warmly to convey how much I missed you, not only do you not respond, but you look like someone is torturing you, as though I am the only one of us that feels our friendship is important!" Seeing his best and most steadfast friend complaining to him in such an upset manner, Snape could only give in and do as Harry wanted.

"Everything has been fine and going smoothly."

"Then why have you come to me?" Harry immediately added, "Are you busy? If so, we can talk now in the Staff Room, if not, wait for me and we can talk over dinner after my shift."

Looking at the multitude of people bustling around the halls, then looking at Rose, who was obviously waiting for Harry nearby, Snape replied, "I'm already off work and am not busy so we can talk over dinner later."

"Alright, you can wait for me in the Staff Room, we'll leave together after my shift."

Snape made his way to the sixth floor while Harry took care of the huge pile of paperwork that Rose had brought him before going up to the seventh floor and entering his office, where he found Hedwig and asked her to deliver a note to Voldemort for him, telling him not to wait for him as he would be going out, reminding him to eat on time and take care of himself and so on.

After his shift ended, Harry and Snape left St. Mungo's at eight in the evening. Prior to this they had spent some time discussing where they should go for dinner, Snape wanted to go to Diagon Alley as they would not need to wear muggle attire there, but Harry preferred B Street in muggle London as things were not as quiet and deserted there. Finally Snape lost the argument and had to put on the muggle clothing that Harry kept in his office before they made their way to muggle London. This was a high end business district in London and many of the magical world's most prestigious shops were also located here. As the flames of war had not yet reached muggle London to any great extent, most of the residents of the city were unaware that a fierce war that also had great impact on them was going on right next to them and escalating, this area was not as deserted and depressing as Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade. The two of them entered an opulent hotel decorated in a clearly Slytherin style, asked for a private room and took the menu brought to them personally by the manager of the hotel.

At he was on duty the next day, Harry refrained from any heavy drinking, only ordering some mead mixed with pear juice, Snape, unexpectedly, ordered a whole bottle of fire whiskey, shocking Harry.

"Severus, are you crazy! Don't you have to work tomorrow?" Even though the war had begun, the major magical schools should not have ceased classes yet.

"Yes, but…"

"Give him a glass of fire whiskey, thank you." Harry stopped Snape's words and gave the manager Snape's order himself.

After seeing to it that many steaming dishes covered the table, the manager led the serving staff out after bowing deeply, leaving the two good friends alone in the huge room.

Harry took a sip of the mead, which he silently savored, not wanting to beat around the bush, he asked outright, "Talk to me Severus, what is bothering you?"


Harry asked this based on two reasons, one, every time Snape contacted him, it was either via owl or the two-way mirror, he had never come to St. Mungo's in person before to visit Harry, this was because Snape understood that a healer's job was hectic and Harry would not be likely to have much time to see him in private. Secondly, like Harry, Snape never drank heavily when he had work the next day, nor did he drink as a rule, but his actions just prior indicated that Snape wanted to get drunk.

Snape had by now realized that his actions had given too much away and took a sip of his own drink. His slanted eyes were as dark as the deepest night, seeming to swallow all light. "This evening at seven there was a war meeting, it did not last long and only one topic was discussed, our honored leader very quickly made a suggestion that soon became an order, it will be the headline of tomorrow's "Daily Prophet", do you know what this order is?"

Harry shrugged, "I didn't attend the meeting Severus."

"It is a prohibition on selling the Wolfsbane potion." Snape said slowly.

Harry stilled in surprise as he thought immediately of Remus, "Then can you not supply Lupin with Wolfsbane anymore?" He can of course guess at Snape's difficulties, he tapped the table with his finger in varying tempo, slow then fast, then slow again, "There should not be a problem with Lupin being the sole exception, I will talk to Voldy as well, I think he will agree to this." With so many werewolves on his side, Voldemort shouldn't quibble over Lupin, who is just one out of many.

Snape shook his head gravely, "Harry, it's not that simple. You don't know the wolfsbane potion, it has a serious side effect."

Side effect? Harry's eyes widened in surprise, how could there be a side effect to the greatest invention of the twentieth century? He had never heard anything about this before. "What side effect?"

Snape looked around cautiously, to be sure he raised his wand and cast a series of spells at the door that Harry had already spelled locked and silenced, including a silencing charm, a locking charm and a charm to ward off interruptions, firmly ensuring that no third party will learn of their conversation in this room. He lowered his voice as he replied, "I discovered this flaw when I delved into improving the wolfsbane potion. At the time I experimented on many werewolves, on one occasion, as there were simply too many, I only gave the potion to a portion of the werewolves. When I arrived in the laboratory the next day, I found that those who were not given the potion were abnormally aggressive and vicious, they also had increased strength, one of them had even bitten through the steel cage with his teeth! If I hadn't gotten there in time, those werewolves might have escaped." His hands were trembling, as though he was back in that dangerous room in that terrifying moment, then he grabbed his glass with his shaking hand and finished the entire drink in one gulp, the fiery feeling causing his body to tremble as he coughed from the burn in his throat, it took more than a minute before he recovered his voice. "The thing that bothered me most was not that. There were several werewolves who had been given the potion locked in with those who weren't, when I arrived the next day, those who had taken the potion had been killed by the others."

At Snape's words, Harry grew alarmingly pale until his face was as white as winter snow. He wanted to speak but the words would not make it past the lump in his throat, he pinched his own thigh to called back his wits with the sharp pain. "It… wasn't a coincidence?"

"To confirm this, I did more than a hundred experiments on both wolves and werewolves over a year, the results were indisputable. The reactions of werewolves were even greater than those of wolves, stopping the potion causes the strength of wolves to increase more than threefold, in werewolves the increase is at least five times, and their transformation extends from the usual two days of the full moon to a full week after the full moon."

"Do they attack indiscriminately, or are they directed?"

Snape was silent for a moment, Harry did not rush him, instead silently waiting for his friend's reply. "In the beginning it was indiscriminate, but later…"

Harry understood, the improved wolfsbane must have some ingredient that prevents the transformed werewolves from attacking the Death Eaters. "Then Remus' potion…" Harry swallowed back his question as the answer was already apparent.

"In truth, master did not ask me to stop providing the potion to Lupin." Snape didn't dare look at Harry and kept his eyes lowered, "Instead he asked me to provide sufficient quantities to him in a timely manner, to ensure that the Order of the Phoenix believes Lupin to be harmless."

Harry's finger went back to tapping the table unconsciously, "Then, will there be any exceptions to the prohibition on selling the wolfsbane potion?"

Snape lifted his eyes, "All those who join the Death Eaters will be provided with the potion free of charge. With good performance, they will be awarded with an extra month's supply, those who perform unsatisfactorily will be ejected from our side."