It's dark; I guess you could describe it as dreary really. She can hear the rain pounding on the roof.

She's standing outside his door; she doesn't know how this will end, in tragedy most likely. They've played this cat and mouse game for too long, she the mouse and he the cat. All she wants is to feel whole again. She's normally not like this, she's been drinking. It's like the time with the PTSD; every corner she turns she feels as if someone is watching her, she rasps on his door.

"Coming," a way too cheery Castle calls.

She knows Martha is out somewhere, and almost grateful that Alexis is gone off to college now. Neither of them need to see her like this, she doesn't even want Castle seeing her like this.

He opens the door, and automatically smells the alcohol that's drowning out her usual fruity smell.

"Kate, what's wrong?" his cheery voice from before now a sullen monotone dripping with worry.

"Come inside." He moves out of her way and motions her through the door.

"Castle, I lied. I'm a filthy liar, and I know that you are going to hate me." She was now at the point of tears. She knew that Castle knew exactly what she was talking about.

"Kate, you lied about what?" He knew, and he was hurt, but he wanted to hear her say it.

"The day that I was shot….I heard…..I heard you tell me that you love me, and then I lied when you asked me. Twice." She had stopped crying and was looking him straight in the eyes now. "I lied because I didn't know if you said it for sure, and I didn't want to say it and then everything be ruined, because that's we work. I didn't want to lose you, but then I realized that you really did say it and it just scared me even further, but I'm done playing games, you need to know the truth."

"I don't know what to say, actually I believe that I've said all that I need to say Kate. This is your game now, you can either keep playing or shut me out, the decision is yours. You know where I stand."

Her body chose that exact moment to give out, the world around her darkened and he barely caught her before she hit the floor.