That time of year. Thanksgiving. It couldn't be. No. No. NO. Sandi carefully applied the last bits of makeup to her eyes before darting nervously at her bedroom door, a feign of terror running through her veins. Any moment now her mother would miserably call her down to claim that the guests had arrived for their Thanksgiving supper, a common tradition that her father Tom had religiously held every year in conjunction with his brother. Yet somehow, it was always held at her house, and she had no idea why.

"Sandi!" Linda called up from the downstairs as the guests had arrived, "Don't forget to bring that spray we talked about." She was referring to a perfume she had picked up at the store earlier that morning - something that would mask the body odor of her disgusting uncle.

Shuddering at the thought of her uncle's body odor, Sandi picked up the perfume and took a deep breath, preparing to embark in the horribleness that was; Thanksgiving with the Griffins.

Sandi stood nervously on the steps, looking downward at the newely arrived guests. She hated to talk to uncool, unpopular people more than getting a hang nail and her cousins were the empitome of such. Actually, her whole family pretty much was, except the baby. There was something unusual about the baby that made Thanksgiving worth sticking around for. He had some really good advice everytime he'd come over - and despite being one or something, if it wasn't for him...

"Hey Sandi..." A girl about the same age as Sandi in a pink knit cap smiled, "What's new?" The girl leaned up against the staircase as Sandi stared uncomfortably, watching her family mix and mingle awkwardly. "Yeah, so..." She started talking cooly, trying to keep up with the unsolicited coolness of her much cooler, much prettier cousin, "I met a guy."

One-eigth listening, the rest of her just spacing out, Sandi nodded, "Uh, cool." It's not that she didn't care it's just that she... didn't care. Her cousin Meg was not even fun to compare herself to, not like Quinn or something. Meg couldn't get any guy even if she wanted to and well, that was just weird. Sandi couldn't even understand how people like Meg could leave the house dressed or looking like... THAT.

"His name is Mark." She continued in, just talking as if Sandi had all ears on her and was paying a ton of attention.

Yet she wasn't paying any attention and didn't care at all by now, what she did care about was that heavy breathing she heard next to her on the steps, the heavy breathing of a slightly asthmatic, overweight... "CHRIS!" She hopped up a few more stairs, wanting to get away from her cousin as fast as she could, "Go away!"

Chris Griffin turned and looked up at his cousin. Ever since he was seven he had had the deepest crush on her. Her silky smooth hair, her deep soothing voice, her all out beauty and fashionable looks...

"Now, now Chris." Her uncle Peter stepped in coming over to the stairs, "You don't want this to be like that time we accidentally..."

Sandi watched as Peter and Chris nearly froze in vacancy, staring into nothingness, as if they were day dreaming about something. It was the weirdest thing...

"That was cool, dad." Chris laughed at his father and headed down the stairs towards the other family members.

Peter laughed, rejoining the rest of the family, leaving Sandi in much confusion.